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Newsletter VP-48, VPMS-8 and VPB-208 Reunion Association Newsletter

Formally "NAS Trinidad, British West Indies" Association
Contributed by Don Barrett barrett@ozarkisp.net
Secretary of the Association

Welcome Aboard!

The Association includes VPB-208, VPMS-8, and VP-48 (all the same squadron which changed names while in NAS Trinidad, British West Indies) for the period of 1946 to 1950. We also include the personnel who were stationed at NAS Trinidad, British West Indies during that period, as well as FASRON-105 and the Marine Corps Detachment. I am the Secretary-Treasurer and handle most all of the association business. The Reunion is held yearly on the first weekend in October and the location changes each year. This year (1998) the Reunion will be held in Tampa Florida on 1 October to 4 October. In 1999 we will be returning to Trinidad.

If you have any questions, please contact Franklin (Don) Barrett at barrett@ozarkisp.net

Stay tuned for more information!

"Formally the VPB-208, VPMS-8 and VP-48 Association"