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AEMMER, Frederick J. c/o Frederick J. Aemmer, Jr. Shipmate Pix faemmer@aol.com "...My Father, Frederick Aemmer, served with VPB-210 Crew 3..." [20OCT2007]

ENSLEY, Kenneth E. c/o his Daughter Linda Ensley Henline Shipmate Pix chenl99290@charter.net "...My Father, Kenneth E. Ensley, served with VPB-210..." [12APR2007]

FITSGERALD, AOM2 Orville (Deceased) c/o Jim Snyder iacomus@centurytel.net "...AOM2 Orville Fitsgerald served with VP-210 at NAS Bermuda from July 1943 to October 1944. Orville died several years ago. His widow, Racine, wants to tell her grandchildren what he did in the Navy. Any information you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks..." [16FEB2003]

Memorial Picture "...GRACE, Donald Forrest...My Father, Donald Forrest Grace, passed away on February 6, 2009. Dad flew for VP-210 and various other squdrons in the Caribbean. Also was air gunner on OS2U off USS Albemarle (AV-5) that went one on one against a U-boat which nearly killed him it did Kill the pilot. WW II enlist veteran air combat crew member with three gold stars on combat wings Steven Grace s_grace@att.net..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 15FEB2009 | 26MAR2000]

HILLIGER, Harold James davehilliger@yahoo.com "...I served with VP/VPB-210 (pilot) during most of WWII. I still have some pieces from the July 1st, 1943 mishap which killed several of my friends. The PBM actually hit a patrol boat on a high speed takeoff run in the dark. I wonder if anyone is still around as I am 91 this month July 2010. I would love to hear from any former Shipmates..." [14JUL2010]

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