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MishapsMISHAPs: 12 JAN 44 A/C: PBM-3S Marina Location: AT SEA OFF NAF ARATU, BRAZIL Strike: Yes DEATHS: 5/KILLED, 5/SERIOUS BUNO: 6644 Cause: TAKE-OFF ACCIDENT, BOMB EXPLODED ON WING Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [25MAR98]

MishapsMISHAPs: 31 AUG 44 A/C: PBM-3S Marina Location: ARATU-SOLANT Strike: Yes BUNO: 6726 Cause: COLLISION WITH OBSTACLE Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [25MAR98]

MishapsMISHAPs: 21 NOV 44 A/C: PBM-3S Marina Location: Strike: Yes BUNO: 01669 Cause: Nite training flight near 12-48S 38-08W, crashed at sea unknown cause Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [26SEP98]

Crew Missing

LT Mobert M. Lind - Pilot
LT(jg) John A. Carroll
ENS Edmund F. Burke
ARM2c Edward A. Crawford
AMM3c Henry D. Pungan, Jr.
AOM1c Thomas F. Poquette
AMM1c George R.Ruth
ARM3c Samuel B.Tiptor

UPDATE "...The Secretary Of The Navy Letter..." Contributed by Frederick A. Caroll burkesnh@msn.com Nephew of LT(jg) John Anthony Carroll

LTjg CarrollLTjg Carroll
"...First photo is my Uncle John and the second photo is Uncle John and may be Robert H. Lind. The back of the photo's are dated August 1944..."

29 December 1945

Mr. and Mrs. Glen W. Yakes

My Dear Mr. and Mrs. Yakes:

Your son, Lieutenant (junior grade) John Anthony Caroll, United States Naval Reserve, has been carried on the official records of the Navy Department in the status of missing as of 21 November 1944. The plane your son was aboard departed from NAF Natal, Brazil, on a routine night training flight to Aratu, Bahia, Brazil. An unexpected storm struck Aratu approximately seventeen minutes ahead of the estimated time of arrival of the plane. The unfavorable weather conditions continued for about two hours. A message was sent to the plane indicating that the base was temporarily closed and that they should not attempt a landing. All attempts to contact the plane were unsuccessful. Thorough search operation were donducted by all squadrons in the area, but no trace of your son could be found.

In view of the strong probability that the plane in which your son was flying crashed at sea due to unfavorable weather conditions, and that he lost his life as a result thereof, because the area where the probable crash occurred was known and was available to a prompt and exhaustive search which was made without success, and in view of the length of time that has elapsed since he was reported to be missing, I am reluctantly forced to the conclusion that he is deceased. In compliance with Section 5 Public Law 490, 77th Congress, as amended, the death of your son is, for the purpose of termination of pay and allowances, settlement of accounts, and payment of death gratuities, presumed to have occurred on 22 November 1945, which is the day following the expiration of twleve months in the mssing status.

I know what little solace the formal and written word can be to help to meet the burden of your loss, but in spite of that knowledge, I cannot refrain from saying very simply, that I am sorry. It is hoped that you may find comfort in the thought that your son gave his life for his country, upholding the highest traditions of the Navy.

Sincerely yours,
Signed James Forrestal[07MAY2001]

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