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ARMSTRONG, AMM2 Harold C. (Deceased) c/o His Son Tim Armstrong tima@nc.rr.com "...My name is Tim Armstrong and my father may have served with you during World War II. He served in VP-55, VP-74, VP-212, VPB-111, VH-4, Hedron 14-2, and FAW-14 from 1940 till 1946. He served in the Africa and the Pacific theaters. His name is AMM2 Harold C. Armstrong. He passed away when I was seven so I really don't know much about his military service. I am just starting to do some research and could use your help. I was a surface sailor (STG1) from 1977 till 1987. Any info or contacts you can provide would be great!! Thanks for your help..." [19MAR2001]

BUTTS, LT Joseph W. "...MILITARY RECORD OF LIEUTENANT JOSEPH W. BUTTS, A-V(N), USNR (RETIRED) - June 17, 1941, Enlisted in US Naval Air Corp. as a Seaman 1st Class in Pueblo, CO. Sent to U.S. Naval Reserve Aviation Base, Oakland Airport, Oakland CA. Soloed in N3N Aircraft. Remained on base till July 23, 1941. Sent to U.S. Naval Air Training Base, Corpus Christi, TX. Appointed Seaman Second Class V-5 on September 23, 1941. Named an Aviation Cadet on October 11, 1941. Appointed Ensign June 12, 1942. With designation Naval Aviator A-V(N). Operational training was in OS2U type seaplanes. Ordered to report to scouting squadron VS-1-D7, NAS Banana River, Florida. On June 27, 1942. We did antisubmarine and ship identification patrols off the coast of Florida. On January 5, 1943 I was ordered to the U.S.S. Iowa Aviation Unit, NAS Floyd Bennett Field, New York. We were to outfit the unit with OS2U-3 aircraft, which we ferried from Norfolk, VA. We trained personnel for the U.S.S. Iowa, which was being built in the New York shipyards. On February 19, 1943, I was ordered to the U.S.S South Dakota Aviation Unit, and remained aboard ship until September 10, 1944, A total of nineteen months. I went from Ensign to full Lieutenant, and Senior Aviator aboard. During this period we were attached to the British Fleet in Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands, Scotland, with code name "H.M.S. Black Prince" to disguise our identity. We operated out of Iceland attempting to lure the Von Terpitz (German Pocket Battleship), out of its Norway fjord. In this endeavor we crossed the Artic Circle shadowing a convoy of ships to Spitzbergen, Norway. No luck! We then went to the Pacific, and were involved in the bombardments of Nauru Island, (Gilbert Islands), Ponape (Caroline Islands), Roi-Namur (Marshall Islands), and Saipan (Mariana Islands). We were also involved in the Mariana Turkey Shoot, where we took a 500-pound armor-piercing bomb dropped by a Japanese "Judy dive bomber", which we shot down. Detached from the U.S.S. South Dakota on September 10, 1944, and spent 15 days with a Utility Squadron on NAS Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, flying B-26 tow planes, towing targets for the 5 inch guns on the destroyers for target practice. Assigned to Naval Air Operational Training at NAS Jacksonville, Florida for temporary duty in multi engine aircraft on September 26, 1944. Assigned to Naval Air Operational Training at NAS Pensacola, Florida flying PBY aircraft, November 23, 1944. Assigned to NAS Banana River, Florida for flight training in PBM aircraft, on February 26, 1945. Designated Patrol Plane Commander, May 23, 1945. Assigned to VPB-99 squadron for training my crew. Attached to VPB-100 MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii as a Mariner combat replacement crew, on August 14, 1945. On August 30, 1945, assigned VPB-17 in (NS Sangley Point, Philippines) Cavite, Philippines. We then were ordered to Shanghai, China, and operated from a seaplane tender on the Whangpoo River. We made daily flights on a squadron schedule to Hong Kong south, and to Singtao, China, over to Jinsen, Korea north. We flew cargo, military personnel, and what have you on a daily basis. On January 30, 1946 I was assigned to VPB-212, at Oak Harbor, WA, as flight officer. On May 17, 1946 the squadron was deactivated, and I was released from active duty, and placed on reserve status..." Contributed by EASTMAN, Jack G. vsnavy.org@westnet.com.au WebSite: VSNAVY http://www.vsnavy.org/ [19MAR2006]

Memorial Picture Shipmate PixCirca 2009 "...CAIRNS, Irving...My father, Irving Cairns, passed away peacefully on January 16th, 2012. Dad served with VP-212, VP-HL-12 and VP-29..." Contributed by Family Member jcairnsflaherty@gmail.com [Updated PIX 23JAN2012 | 22JAN2012]


Memorial Picture "...FLEMING, CDR Douglas Riley Shipmate Pix...CDR FLEMING passed away January 21, 2016, just four days short of his 94th birthday. CDR FLEMING attended WTS Kalamazoo, Michigan (03FEB43-01MAY43) Pre Flight-Training, commissioned an ENSIGN (01AUG44) and appointed Naval Aviator at NAS Pensacola, Florida, served with VPB-212 (12JUN45-16OCT45), USNAS Ottumwa, Iowa (01NOV43-01FEB44) Priminary Flight Training, NAS Pensacola, Florida (01FEB44-22AUG44) Basic and Advanced Flight Training, NAS Banana River, Florida (12SEP44-21NOV44) Operational Training, COMFAIRLANT (21NOV44-19DEC44), VP-32 and VPB-211 (19DEC44-12JUN45). Flew (pilot) aboard the PBM, PBM and received the American Theater - World War II Victory Medal. Posted with permission of CDR FLEMING's wife Nancy Kincaid nancyk764@verizon.net..." Contributed by Kevin C. Brennan kateandkevin@gmail.com [23MAY2016]

Memorial Picture "...FULLER, ATC Richard Sears...My Dad enlisted on December 19th, 1941 at Natick Massachusetts (right after WWII started on December 7th, 1941), graduated Boot Camp (02/1942), Radio School (03/1942) at NAAS Corry Field, Pensacola, Florida, Chief of Naval Air Intermediate Flight Training Command (07/1943) flying (crew) aboard the DC-2 and DC-3, Training Squadron Special Projects School for Air (05/1944), FAW-6 (07/1944) Radio Maintenance School, N.A.F.G.S So. Field NAS North Island, San Diego, California, Aviation Free Gunnery Unit in San Diego (Aug 1944), F.A.W.C Radar School (09/1944) and S.P.S.A San Clemente Island, CA. Dad noted in his logbook "My only sea duty was done aboard a 4 stocker and yard oiler to and from San Clemente Island . Transportation only!" Dad then attened NAS Minneapolis, Minnesota (11/1944) Line Maintenance School, VB-4 OTU-4 (02/1945) at NAS Pensacola, Florida and NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida (Instructor), FAW-6 (07/1945) and VPB-212 (10/1945) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington flying the PBM. On October 1946 through 1950 Dad began flying the Aleutian Islands patrols in PB5Y-2 out of NAS Kodiak, Alaska, Dutch Harbor, NAF Amchitka, Alaska to NAS Attu, Alaska and Tanaga. Dad then served with VP-27 until its disestablishment (01/1950) and reported to VP-6 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island (04/1950-1952) assigned to VIP Transport Unit flying as Radio/Radar Operator on the R4D(DC-3). VIP's Dad flew with during his tour at the Naval War College: Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King (CNO from 1942-1945), General Shepherd (Commandant USMC),Admiral Kirk (Ex Ambassador to Russia), General Bill Donavon,Senator Margaret G. Smith (ME), Vice Air Marshall Huddleston (RAF),Vice Admiral Connelly (President of Naval War College), Vice Admiral Johnson (Joint American/Mexican Defense Board), Rear Admiral Read (NC4), Rear Admiral White, Rear Admiral Murrey (CNAT), Rear Admiral Wellman (COMDESRON THREE) and Rear Admiral SS Murray (COMSUB FLEET). Dad noted in his logbook, "Start my second two thousand hours". VP-46 (10/1952-02/1955) from NAS North Island, San Diego, California to NAS Pearl Harbor, Hawaii as far out as Kwajalein and the Phillipines. Dad then attended AT "A" School (02/1955) at NAS Memphis, Tennessee, VP-9 (03/1956) at NAS Alameda, California, NAS Memphis, Tennessee (07/1957) (Instructor) an back to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. 04 October 1961 at 10:04 AM, dad retired as ATC Naval Aircrewman NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, having flown 4450 total hours. Dad flew aboard R2D-1, R50-2, R50-6, R4D-4, SNB-2, PB4Y-1, PBM-5, PB4Y-2, P2V-2, R4D-5, R4D-6, PBM-5, P5M-1 and the P2V-7..." Contributed by AWOC Jason M. LACEY jasonlacey74@hotmail.com [18NOV2013]

GRAHAM, J. B. "Junior" Jr. W5VXV@aol.com "...I joined VPB-212 in February 1945 at San Jaun, Puerto Rico. Went from there to NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island and Harvey Point, N.C. where we got new planes (PBM 6A's). From there to NAS Alameda, California then to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. I was a RM2 class. Our Crewchief was Hertz fron Long Island. 1st. Radioman was Jim Marshel from N.J., two Ordnancemen Reese from Pawtucket R.I. and one from by the name of Chasson from Boston, Ma..." [05NOV99]

Memorial Picture "...HAMES, Harry Edward...My Father, Harry Edward Hames, from Revere, Massachusetts served with VP-212 assigned to FAW-11 from May 1942 to October 1945. I would like to hear from anyone that served with my Father. Ellen K Davis daviel@peoplepc.com..." [03JUL2009]

LAMB, GARNICE glamb@searnet.com "...I JOINED VPB-212 AT NAS Harvey Point, Hertford, North Carolina IN EARLY 1945 THEN ON TO THE CARRIBEAN SEA FROM CUBA TO DUTCH AND BRITISH GUIANA..." [08JUL98]

LINCOLN, Nathan Russell Jr. http://www.usna.com/history/classof1940/L.htm "...Abe reported to SARATOGA at San Diego upon graduation, and remained on board until November, 1942, when he reported to New Orleans for flight training. In Pensacola, Abe stayed on as a flight instructor with several other classmates. While on Christmas leave before reporting to VPB-212 in Puerto Rico, Abe met Dorothy Ann Smith, of Traverse City, Michigan. Fate intervened with a nice assist in May, 1944, when Abe was ordered to a short anti-submarine warfare course at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island, and he enticed Dottie to leave Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY to visit him. Bachelorhood ended on that visit! Abe was C.O. when the squadron was ordered to NAS Norfolk, Virginia early in 1945 and then to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington for further training and WestPac deployment. Mary was born at Whidbey on February 2, 1946. In mid- 1946, Abe reported to ComFAir Seattle as Operations Officer and then went to sea as Operations Officer of ComCarDiv Three until June, 1948. Dottie moved to Coronado, CA, where Abe joined her occasionally. Jay's arrival July, 1948 balanced the family picture. Then followed three wonderful years at NAS North Island, San Diego, California. During this tour, Susan made her appearance - also on February 2, 1950 -- so both girls are ground hogs! Good luck held on as Abe then took command of Utility Squadron 7 in the San Diego area. This was followed by attendance at Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, in 1953, with subsequent assignment to the Pentagon. It was during this tour that Abe developed ulcers accompanied by certain other health problems. Abe insists it was not the strain or the tension of the job that brought on the ulcers, but fighting the traffic to and from the Pentagon. After a stint in the Naval Hospital at Bethesda and with health reasonably restored, Abe reported to ESSEX as Operations Officer. Another bout with the Medical Officers during this tour required a rather serious operation, but Abe snapped back to complete his shipboard tour. Next, Abe, Dottie and family enjoyed two and one-half wonderful years at NAS Memphis, Tennessee. This was followed by orders as C.O., NAS Kodiak, Alaska. Nature's rugged virgin beauty of Alaska completely captivated the Lincoln clan and Abe obtained a 5-acre tract at Twin Lakes on the Alaskan Peninsula. Abe and family left NAS Kodiak, Alaska in 1961 for a two year tour at the USNA as Head of the Math Department. His final tour was C.O., NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan, retiring in 1965 in Tempe, Arizona where he thoroughly enjoyed 15 years as a real estate broker. Health reasons (emphysema, diabetes, etc.) forced complete retirement in 1985 when the picture of Abe and Dottie was taken. However, on things that matter, God has been very, very kind. Abe says unbelievable Dottie is his 24 hour nurse. All three of their children have expressed and demonstrated their unqualified love. They have many wonderful, loving friends. Eight grandchildren and six great grandchildren have given them a clear, beautiful preview of what is in store for the World. All's well!..." [30JUN2003]

NYHOLT, Eli c/o John Nyholt 103flhx@att.net "...I served with VPB-206 and VPB-212..." [14MAR2016]

Memorial Picture "...PELLETIER, Normand Roger...I wanted to let you know that my father PO1 AAM1/C Normand Roger Pelletier passed away this Tuesday, June 8, 1999 of cardiac arrest at his home in Wilmington, NC. He has contributed to your pages many facts concerning the crash of my uncles plane near Iceland during WW2. My father spent much of his early years of service with VP-56, VP-212, VP-201 and patrol bombing squadron VPB-21, and VPB-2. He was very fond of your website and took me to it many times late at night when I would visit with him at his home. My thanks to you for your website as it is a memorial to all who have served in the VPNAVY. My thanks to the Navy and Marine color guard who were also supplied for his beautiful funeral. If you have any additional stories about my father and uncle, Lionel Pelletier, please pass them on. We are composing a scrapbook of facts and stories for both of these gentlemen. Please feel free to write me an email...Roger Lionel Pelletierpelle11@ibm.net..." [12JUN99]

SCHNEELOCH, Paul M. pschnee@triad.rr.com "...I was a PBM pilot in VP-212/VPB-212 from 1943 to 1945 and later recalled in 1952/53 in VP-56 flying PBM-5 and later transitioned to P5M-1 I also operated from the USS Thrush in Surinam the Dutch West Indies during WWII. Prior to the USS Thrush the USS Pelican was there. The USS Currituck (AV-7) was among my experiences during "Operation Springboard" in 1953. I am also a member of the " Mariner/Marlin Association " association which is a very large group of P-Boat people..." [19JUN2001]

TIBBETTS, ACRM James G. Retired sparks@fea.net "...Have been looking for years for a Shipmate who was with me in VPB-16 during 1944 in the central pacific. He is G.E. Shehane. ACRM VP-16 (PBM's) is having a Reunion in May 99. Believe he is from Georgia. Thanks much...Started out in PBMs at TTSA NAS Banana River, Florida. Went to VP-212, then to the forming of VP-16. Stayed with VP-16 from start to finish. Started in NAS Norfolk, Virginia, then to NAAS Harvey Point, North Carolina, Eagle Mountain Lake near Forth Worth, San Diego, San Francisco, Hawaii, NAS Tanapag Harbor, Saipan, Marianas Islands, Paulau and back to NAS Banana River, Florida to disband. Later VP-49 for my last tour in PBMs. Rate was ACRM throughout. Retired in 1956..." [BIO Updated 10DEC2001 | 28MAR99]

TUCKER, LT Roy P. https://naval-air.org/flightlog/moreinfo.asp?UID=1307 "...LT Roy P. Tucker, USNR NFL Number: 1307 Date of Birth: 12/9/1916 Date In: 2/17/1942 Date Out: 10/7/1945. City, State: Jackson, AL. Aircraft Flown: PBM-3C, PB4Y-1, SNJ. Ship or Unit: VP-212 and VPB-111. Pilot Desg.: Naval Aviator. Theaters, Campaigns, etc.: Atlantic/Pacific. Highest personal decoration or award: Air Medal (3). Significant Achievements: Dist. Flying Cross. 1,839 flight hours, training and combat. NAS Pensacola crash investigator. 1,st, 2nd, and patrol plane commander. Sqdn. VPB-111. In Memoriam? No..." [28NOV2005]

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