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VP/VPB-26 Reunion 2009
October 4th to 7th, 2009

Mark Your Calendar Now!

34th Annual Reunion
October 2009
Portland, Maine

The 2008 Mariners of VP/VPB-26 Reunion was held in September in Rapid City, SD and a great time was had by all. This is a heads up notice to let fellow Shipmates know that the 34th Mariners of VP/VPB-26 Reunion in 2009 will be held in Portland, Maine from October 4-7. Further details will be coming out in future newsletters. You can contact me via e-mail in the meantime for additional information.

Contributed by BALOG, AE2 Gene bilgepump26@cfl.rr.com [10NOV2008]

UPDATE "...VPB/VP-26 just held it's 34th Reunion (SEE: The Mariners of VP/VPB-26) and it was held in Portland, Maine. We visited the NAS Brunswick, Maine (will shut down in March 2010) and saw all the changes made since so many of us served there years ago. What a shame to close down such an great base. Had about 110 attendees. Next years Reunion will be held in September in Syracuse, NY. Welcome to all former VPB/VP-26 Shipmates to join us. Contact me for further information. BALOG, AE2 Gene bilgepump26@cfl.rr.com..." [09OCT2009]

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