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ReunionsREUNIONs: "...A montage of the NAS Trinidad Reunion (FASRON-105, VPMS-8, VP-34, VP-48, and VP-208) Group Memphis Reunion 9/26-9/29, 2002 and a picture of VP-34 attendees..." Contributed by Nick Farnett njf5@comcast.net [22NOV2002]
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VP-56 Roster Picture ThumbnailCamera
VP-56 Roster Picture ThumbnailCamera


ReunionsREUNIONs: "...We have a mini VP-34 reunion once or twice a year at a local hash house on East Little Creek Road. The group includes myself, C.W. [DUB] Shealey, John Neil ADC, H.R. [CHAMP] Chamberlain ADC, A.B. Beal AOC, John Seaman ATC , and Dewey Lipscombe ATC. Ken {RED] Hatter ALC. All live this area except Dewey on a visit from Charleston, SC. A few have passed away that had settled here : Pappy Worstein, Larry Cox, Sandy Sanders come to mind..." Contributed by Bill O'Neil [AB4FK- HAM RADIO Call] ab4fk@norfolk.infi.net WebSite: Flying Boat Amateur Radio Society http://www.qsl.net/ab4fk/fbars/[URL Updated 26 MAY 99 | Updated 17JAN98]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-34 Reunion ThumbnailCamera...VP-34 Mini Reunion 19 Apr. 1990 at the Belaire Pancake House in Norfolk VA. L to R; C.W. Shealey ATC, Champ Chamberlain ADC, Bill O'Neil ATC, John Neal ADC, Oscar Sande ADC (Deceased), Art Beal AOC...." Contributed by C. W. Shealey "Dub" cwshealey1@juno.com [23JAN98]

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