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AGEE, AZCS Mike Retired mike.agee@boeing.com "...I served with VP-48 from 1970-1974 as an AZ3 & AZ2. I served with VP-45 from 1979-1983 as an AZ1..." [25JUN2007]

ALLES, Todd J. buckeyeta@gmail.com "...I served with VP-45 (10DEC66-08DEC68) as aircrewman, second wrench, and FE on Crew's 11 and 3 with deployments to NAS Bermuda and the NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal and one to NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada. I am still in contact with two Shipmates, Greg Megas who now lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Al Mates who I just ran across in Hazlet, N.J. I would like to know if anyone knows the whereabouts or how to contact Jerry McGee, last known address in JAX, Fla., Jonathan Sink from Manchester, N.H., Tom Marsiak from Uniontown, N.J., or Buck Jones, last known adress is Meridian, Ms..." [E-Mail Updated 15JAN2020 | 09JAN2000]

ARNOLD, G. M. "Jerry" nana4892@comcast.net "...I had the good fortune to serve with VP-45 from May 1962 to December 1964 as crew member on P5s and P-3s. George Boucher was a Shipmate on the P-3 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida and I have forgotten the crew number. I remember Stan Jacon from those days. Also those lost in NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada (SEE: In Memorial for lost friends Air Tragedy at Argentia; Recovery Ops Continue 17NOV64). But for the grace of God it were us..." [08AUG2008]

AURIEMMA, John jboy@gwi.net "...I served with VP-45 from 1971-1975, VP-30 from 1975-1977, ComFairKef from 1979-1981, VP-10 from 1982-1984, VT-28 from 1984-1986, ComFairKEF from 1987-1989, and NAS Brunswick, Maine from 1989-1992..." [21NOV2002]

BABINS, SCPO Stuart A. Retired stu3558@gmail.com "...I served with VP-45 (1959-1961), VP-56 (1961-1963), VP-10 (1965-1968), VP-26 (1968-1970), VX-1 (1970-1973), VP-45 (1975-1978), VX-1 (1978-1982), FAW-1 Detachment NSF Diego Garcia (1982-1983) ASMOD and ASWOC..." [E-Mail Updated 01JAN2017 | E-Mail Updated 12AUG2011 | E-Mail Updated 04MAY2006 | E-Mail Updated 23DEC2004 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 19MAY2004 | BIO Updated 28JAN2002 | E-Mail Updated 21OCT2001 | E-Mail Updated 25MAY2000 | Updated 15FEB98]

BALTRIP, Rodney rodney.baltrip@wang.com "...I served with VP-45 and VP-30 as an AT3/CDI/SUPV. I was so happy to see a site where people like me can still re-live some of the best times of my life (Puerto Rico, Panama, and Honduras). FLY HIGH PELICANS!..." [21FEB99]

BANKO, Phillip DES70003@aol.com "...I served in VP-45 '63-'65 as a airman in the supply dept. I din'nt know how much fun and experience I was getting at this time and what great people I had the pleasure to meet. I wouldn't give a dollar to do it again but I won't take a million dollars to forget it either. Great time in my life and I often remember all the good times had during the two years in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Everyone felt the impact of the crash in Newfoundland and the lost of personal friends. Again great experience and good Shipmates..." [03MAR99]

BARBEE, ATCS(AC) Stephen N. Retired stephenbarbee@comcast.net "...VP-21 ('67-'69 decommissioning), VP-44 ('69-'71), NAMTRA ('72-'75), VP-45 ('75-'78), Commander, Patrol Wing Five (CPW-5) ('78-'81), VP-26 ('81-'84), BUPERS ('84-'88). Recently heard of the web page and appreciate someone talking the initiative and having the courage to develop such a page. I love reading the stories, especially from Shipmates I've served with in the respective squadrons. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and I will try to respond..." [E-Mail Updated 13APR2005 | 05NOV98]

BARBOUR, CDR Rick Retired reb@cise.cmu.edu "...I served with VP-10 1971-1974, and VP-45 1982-1984. Many fond memories..." [17JAN2000]

BARKER, Bill billbariz@msn.com "...I was a radio operator in VP-45 on Crew 22 from 1969 to 1972. I worked in the Communications Center during the NS Rota, Spain deployment from late 1969 to July of 1970. Also made the NAS Sigonella, Sicily deployment in 1971 and the NS Rota, Spain / NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal deployment in 1972. I went to NAS Memphis, Tennessee in 1972 for "AVIB" school and then did a tour as an instructor at AVA school in the radar phase working for ATC Buchanan. Went to VP-23 in March of 1975 and stayed there until April of 1977 flying as a radio operator on CAC-12..." [E-Mail Updated 16MAR2003 | 29APR2001]

Memorial Picture "...BARNETT, CDR Gordon Richard Retired...BARNETT, CDR Gordon Richard USN (Ret) CO VP-4 1962 - 1963 passed away 28 Jan 2014. Gordon R. Barnett joined the Navy in 1942. After earning his wings and commissioning, he served as a pilot with VC-15, VT-97, VT-44 and VX-1. Later assignments included tours in VP-21 and VP-45. Graduation from General Line School at Newport was followed by a tour as an instructor at the Aerial Mine Warfare School, Yorktown, Virginia. A tour on the staff of Commander Fleet Air Wings, U.S. Atlantic Fleet as Aerial Mining Officer and Advanced Undersea Weapons Officer followed. After a tour at the training command at NAS Pensacola, Florida, he reported in 1957 to Commander Service Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet as Allowance/Complement Officer for the Pacific Fleet. In March 1959 his career in ASW patrol plane aviation was renewed with a tour as Administrative Officer of VP-28 followed by a tour as Executive Officer of VP-31 and culminated by a tour as Commanding Officer of VP-4. He retired shortly after completing that tour. A celebration of his life was held at 10:00am on 8 Feb 2014 at the Alamo City Church, 6500 IH 35N, San Antonio, TX 78218..." Contributed by Larry Hames (VP-4 Veterans Assn Database Manager) database@vp4association.com [08APR2014]

BARRETT, YN2 Don donald1barrett@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-45 from February 1984 to March 1986. Would be interested in hearing from squadron mates who served with me. To those who were in the squadron during that time, "thanks for making it a memorable and positive experience." I am now a "Fed" with the Department of Justice, and would like to hear from anyone who recognizes my name. Also, if anyone has a contact reference for Jim Wheeler, Richard Lodge, or any blackshoe who served during that time - drop a note. "VP duty is the best duty, and we all know why."..." [E-Mail Updated 04SEP2004 | E-Mail Updated 28DEC2001 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 02JUL99 | 13APR98]

BARRON, PN2 David dbarron740@att.net "...I served with VP-45 from 1973 through 1976 as a PNSA up through PN2. Great and lasting memories of the squadron and its personnel, and the deployments to NAS Sigonella, Sicilyand NAS Keflavik, Iceland. I recognize some of the names on the Pelicans page and hopefully will contact them as time permits. I reenlisted, transferred, and served a few months with the Naval Recruiting District in Albuquerque, New Mexico but then was medically discharged. Most of my 4 years, 7 months, and 29 days of active duty were spent with VP-45. But who's counting? Since my discharge, I worked for the Air Force and for the past 23 years for the Army, as a civil servant (Supervisory Technical Writer-Editor managing a lessons learned office for the Air Defense Artillery School at Fort Bliss, TX). But Anchors Aweigh will always betray my favorite service..." [E-Mail Updated 26JUN2008 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 27JUN2007 | 16OCT2001]

BELMONTE, Frank fbelmonte@snet.net "...I served with VP-45 from 1955 to 1957 in NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone and NAS Bermuda. Currently living in Simsbury, Ct. Would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [23DEC2000]

BENITEZ, Benny F. orionusn@yahoo.com "...I have been in the Navy both active and reserve for over 17 years. served with "The Swordsmen" of VF-32 at NAS Oceana from 1982-1985. Upon leaving active duty I found my calling within the VP community in 1991 when I affliated with Patron 64 at WG. In 1993 I went aircrew I have flown on P-3B's and currently on -C's and have close to 875 hours.I have flown with VP-8, VP-10, VP-30, VP-45, VP-92, and VP-66 since 1993. Being a 15 year veteran of the commerical airline industry, I am able to get around the country and offer my services to other TAR VP Sqd. that are short on (In-Flight) AO's. I have been selected for NATOPS "Blue Card" instructor by CNARF currently working toward that qual. I guess that about it, I hope this helps you. Should you have any other further questions please do not hesitate to contact me..." [22JAN2000]

BERG, William E. (Bill) billb@nehalemtel.net "...I served with VP-45, NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone from 1953 through 1956. I was an AT assigned to 1-Boat. I stumbled across this site recently and it really brings back memories. What a pleasant surprise to find messages on this site from Shipmates trying to get a hold of me. I have made contact with Gerald Green and are waiting for a response from Ken Gold, and would encourage others from VP-45 who served in the 1953 to 1956 time frame to contact us/me. It would be fun and interesting re-establishing our friendships..." [15JUN2000]

BERSLEY, AE LeRoy insp243@yahoo.com "...After Basic and A school (AE), I was stationed at NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan (AIMD) from August 1978 to February 1980 then VP-45 (deployments to NAS Bermuda and NAS Sigonella, Sicily) at NAS Jacksonville, Florida until I left the military in July 1982..." [29JUN2009]

Memorial Picture "...BINNS, LT Thomas Lee...Sadly I must report that Tom passed away January 8, 2016. Tom was easily the tallest and one of the best VP-45 P5M pilots during our NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone days, flying the P5M-1 with EE on the tails. Tom will be missed at each Reunion..." Contributed by GOLD, AT3 Ken goldkr@att.net [27JUL2016]

BLACKMON, AO1 Timothy Timmisan@aol.com "...I served in VA-122, VA-146 prior to joining the VP community. I was stationed in VP-50 from 1974 to 1978. I then transfered to VP-31. I remained at VP-31 until I seprated from the navy in September 1980. Two years later I rejoined the navy and had a 2 year tour in HS-1. Finally in 1984 I was transfered to VP-45 where I remained until I retired in 1990. I would enjoy hearing from some of my old squadron Shipmates..." [23APR99]

BLASCHKA, Damain C. "Blash" damian_blaschka@msn.com "...I served with VP-45 (1984-1989) and flew as a NATOPS SS-3. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 26JUN2010 | 10OCT2002]

BODEN, AMH1 (AW) Pete Retired pboden19@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-11 from December 1988 to May 1994 and a tour with VP-44 from April 1982 to October 1985. I am currently serving with VP-45 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida...I retired 3 years ago and have continued seeing more of the world than I thought I would. I work for a Mechanical Contractor and have enjoyed those perdiem checks that we have heard of but never seen. If your browsing the boards give me a shout..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 08JAN2007 | 29JAN2000]

BOGGS, John johnandteri@cox.net "...I served with VA-122, VP-45, VP-31, VP-22, NAS Fallon, Nevada, and VP-40. Loved the Navy, Civlant not the same..." [17MAY2004]

BONENFANT, AMCS (AW/NAC) Raymond P. Retired Shipmate PixCirca 2003 raymondpb@aol.com "...RTC Great Lakes August 1980 company 264. After a sea tour in VS-22 and a shore tour in VA-174 both at NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida, I received orders to VP-5 home ported at NAS Jacksonville, Florida where I served from 1987 to 1993 as an Airframes CDI, QAR and Instructor FE. In 1993 I was transferred across the street to NAMTRADET MTU 1011 and taught P-3 Airframes and FE Systems. In 1996 I transferred back across the street to hanger 1000 again but this time to VP-45 where I had the privilege of being advanced to Chief Petty Officer. I continued serving as an Instructor FE, Airframes QAR and as the Airframes Branch CPO while also obtaining my first Maintenance Control Safe for Flight qualification. In 1999 I transferred to Force Aircraft Test Squadron (VX-20) at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland where I became multiple platform Safe for Flight qualified while continuing to stay current as a P-3 FE. In 2001 I transferred to the Naval Test Wings Atlantic where I served as a Wing Maintenance Logistics Chief until I transfer to VP-46 home ported out of NAS Whidbey Island, Washington in 2003. I finished my 26 year career serving as a FE, Maintenance Control Supervisor, QA Supervisor and Line Division LCPO..." [02MAR2010]

BOOKHAMER, CDR Robert Harry [Deceased] C/O His Son Robert "Bob" Bookhamer rbookhamer@earthlink.net "...Dad became a Radioman on the USS Brooks (a four stacker Destroyer that went to the UK under lend lease). He was then assigned to the first crew on the Light Cruiser, USS Phoenix. where he became a radioman/gunner in the backseat of the SOC-3 Curtiss "Seagull". During this tour he was accepted into the NAP (Enlisted Pilot Program). He was very proud of the fact that he made it through Pensacola without a "down" on any of his training flights in the N3N, N2S and SNJ. After the war he went to NAS Norfolk, Virginia to fly R4Ds in VR-2. For sometime he flew Adm. Bellinger (The Head of the Naval Bureau of Aeronautics). At that time he was a Lt. (jg) Aircraft Commander. He then attended several schools, such as the Naval Officer's Line School. He went on to attend George Washington University under the Five Term Program. With this, he became a permanent Officer in the Regular Navy. Various tours of duty followed including the Naval War College in Newport R.I. In 1958 he was assigned to Olatha, KS where he checked out in the F9F " Cougar". He then took Command of VU-10 in GTMO after which he went to NAS Moffett Field, California where he flew the C-121G (MATS). He finally ended up in San Diego, Coronado as a Staff Officer coordinating Air Operations with the Amphibious Staff College. He retired in 1967 as an O-5 (Aviator with over 7500 hours). While assigned to the C-121G Navy MATS Squadron he flew numerous flights into Viet Nam. We were one of the few father and son teams flying into NAM at the same time...He started out as an Enlisted Pilot flying ASW missions in the venerable PBY "Catalina". He used to joke about the ZP Blink squadrons and wondered how the Germans would ever handle an attack by a Blimp. My Dad later flew the PV1 "Ventura", the PBM "Mariner"and after the war he flew the P5M "Marlin"for a few years. His last Patrol Squadron was VP-45 flying out of NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone. He got his commission during the war and after 31 years (he was a "Mustang") he retired in San Diego as an O-5 Commander...He passed away in June of 1984 due to Kidney failure..." [11NOV2000]

BOOTHE, CAPTAIN Timothy E. http://www.ncts.navy.mil/homepages/vx-1/cocframe.htm "...A graduate of the University of Georgia, Captain Tim Boothe was commissioned in 1982 through Aviation Officer Candidate School and designated a Naval Aviator in 1983. His first assignment was in VP-40, NAS Moffett Field, California, where he was an Aircraft Commander, Instructor Pilot and Mission Commander. From 1986 to 1990, Captain Boothe was assigned to VP-31, a Fleet Replacement Squadron, as an Instructor Pilot, Aviation Safety Officer and Maintenance Quality Assurance Officer. He then joined VPU-2, NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, where he served as an Aircraft Commander, Mission Commander, and Training and NATOPS Officer. In 1991, Captain Boothe returned to NAS Moffett Field, California as Aide for Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Pacific. He then reported to USS NIMITZ (CVN-68) as Operations Administration Officer. There he qualified as Officer of the Deck (Underway) and earned Surface Warfare Officer designation. In 1994 Captain Boothe joined VP-45, NAS Jacksonville, Florida, as Administration Officer and Maintenance Officer. He reported to the CNO Staff, Navy Special Programs Division (N89), Washington, DC, in 1995 as a Division Head and Requirements Officer. Captain Boothe returned to NAS Jacksonville, Florida, March 1998, as Executive Officer of VP-30, the P-3 Fleet Replacement Squadron with 30 aircraft and over 1,100 staff and students. From June 1999 to June 2001, he served as Executive Officer and Commanding Officer of VP-5, NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Captain Boothe reported to the Naval Air Systems Command (VX-1), July 2001, as P-3 Assistant Program Manager, Logistics. In September 2003, he became the Deputy Program Manager, P-3 Update III Program for Program Management, Air (PMA) 290..." [14FEB2005]

BOUCHER, George Orionmac@Amerion.com "...I served with VP-45 from May 1962 to March 1965 (Jez and radio) ending up on Mr Sherrouse's crew. Is anybody out there besides Bill Bryan? Boots? Bugs? Arnie? Jerry? Or? Or? Or? Write..." [02AUG2002]

BOWLING, Charles J. "Bumble" Retired ehcampbell@worldnet.att.net"...Served in VP-45 from 82-88 when subs were our business and business was good, VX-1 from 88-91 and CV-67 ASMOD from 91-95. Doing the BIG RIG thing in Florida these days. Missing the flying!..."

BOYD, CDR Austin W. Retired austin.w.boyd@saic.com "...I served in VP-23 at NAS Brunswick, Maine from October 81 to May 84, as part of the Seahawk legacy ( NS Rota, Spain - NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal, 82, NAS Bermuda, 83, Grenada and ElSalvador, 83). Understand VP-23 went away eventually, like many others of my old squadrons. I showed up at VP-23 after a stint as an instructor at NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida, so I was one of a very few 3P LTs in the service for a while. From VP-23 on to the Postgraduate School for a masters in Space Engineering, and then via VP-31 at NAS Moffett Field, California to serve in NMPC Sea Duty Component and support the Dallas Det. After 3 years in the Dallas organization, and many trips to NAS Point Mugu, California, I shipped over to department head tour with VP-45 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida ( NS Rota, Spain - NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal 90, Desert Shield 90-91). From NAS Jacksonville, Florida, on to Washington to disappear into the Pentagon as a COmmander and run Navy SATCOM programs and space policy at Naval Space Command. Three trips through the RAG (VP-30, VP-31, VP-30), 10 squadrons counting RAG and instructing. Now retired and working for SAIC in Huntsville, AL, and enjoying the new life as an engineer..." [04FEB2002]

BOYER, AMHC Lewis J. lewis.boyer@att.net "...I served with VP-45 (1956-1958), NAS Midway Island, VR-21 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, VR-1 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, VW-4,NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, NAS Atlanta, Georgia, NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey and back to NAS Atlanta, Georgia to retirement in 1977..." [29MAR2012]

Memorial Picture "...BOZARD, Roger Gary...My Father, Roger Gary Bozard, served with VP-45 Crew 10 as a ATN3 from 1970 to 1971. He passed away suddenly on June 13, 2003 - he was only 56 years old. Since the time of his death, I have gone through a lot of pictures of his time in the Navy, and was wondering if anyone out there remembers him. He was an exceptional Father, husband, and friend to all. I would love to hear your stories or memories if you have any. Thanks!...Javan Addy caddy@sc.rr.com..." [06SEP2004]

BOZARD, ATN3 Roger G. Peanutxx@AOL.COM "...I was an ATN3 on Crew 10 in VP-45 in 1970-1971 . I would like to hear from anyone that was there during that time. Over and Out - Fineart 10..." [12JAN99]

BOZIN, REAR ADMIRAL Stanley D. http://www.chinfo.navy.mil/navpalib/people/flags/biographies/bozinsd.html "...Rear Adm. Stanley D. Bozin, a native of Union, New Jersey, graduated from Rutgers College of Engineering at New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering. He received his commission in November of 1974 through the Aviation Reserve Officer Candidate Program and was designated a Naval Aviator in December 1975. Following flight training, he reported to VP-48 at NAS Moffett Field, California. Achieving designation as a Patrol Plane Commander, Mission Commander and Instructor Pilot, he deployed to NAS Adak, Alaska and NAS Misawa, Japan. While attached to VP-48, he served as Communications Officer, AW Division Officer, Schedules Officer, Flight Officer and Assistant Operations Officer. In October 1979, Rear Adm. Bozin reported to the Naval Air Development Center in Warminster, Pennsylvania. There he served as the Schedules Officer, Test and Evaluation Project Support Officer and Aircraft Maintenance Department Head. While attached to Naval Air Development Center he flew all variants of the P3C aircraft, and also qualified as Plane Commander and Instructor Pilot in the UC-27 aircraft. Rear Adm. Bozin was then ordered to the USS Coral Sea as the Assistant Navigator in January 1983. He deployed with the "Ageless Warrior" on the "around the world cruise" and homeport change from Alameda, California to Norfolk, Virginia. In June 1985, Rear Adm. Bozin reported to the Naval Postgraduate School at Monterey, California. Upon graduation in December 1986, he received a Master of Science Degree in Financial Management. Following refresher training. Rear Adm. Bozin reported to VP-45 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida in May 1987. During his tour, he served as Maintenance Officer, Mission Commander and Instructor Pilot deploying to NAS Sigonella, Sicily. In January 1989, Rear Adm. Bozin reported to the Office of Chief of Naval Operations, Air Warfare (OP-OS), as the lead Naval Aircraft Procurement Program and Budget Analyst. In May 1991, he reported to VP-24 on deployment in NAS Keflavik, Iceland as the Executive Officer. In May 1992, he assumed command of VP-24 and deployed to NAS Sigonella, Sicily in October 1992. While in NAS Sigonella, Sicily, Rear Adm.(sel) Bozin was assigned as Commander, Task Group 67.1. On deployment, the squadron worked closely with the USS John F. Kennedy Battle Group and participated in OPERATIONS DESERT CALM, MARITIME MONITOR/GUARD, RESTORE HOPE and ASSURED VICTOR. In June 1993, Rear Adm. Bozin reported to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (FM&C), as the Assistant to the Appropriations Matters Office. He was assigned as the lead liaison for all Navy Research, Development, Test and Evaluation programs between Congressional Appropriations committees and senior navy leadership. On August 15, 1996, Rear Adm. Bozin assumed command of CPW-10 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. In addition to his Wing Commander training oversight responsibilities, he also assumed the operational duties as Commander, Task Group 12.1. In June 1998, he was assigned to the J8 Directorate of the Joint Staff as the Division Chief for the Sea, Air, Space, Superiority Assessment Division. He provided assessments as directed by the Joint Requirements Oversight Council and reported to the Chairman of the Joint Staff. The Chairman used this information in communications with the Secretary of Defense on budget preparation and issues. In May 2000, Rear Adm. Bozin reported to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (FM&C), as the Head of the Appropriations Matters Office. Rear Adm. Bozin has been awarded the Defense Superior Service Medal, two Legion of Merit Medals, two Meritorious Service Medals, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, and various other unit awards..." [24JUN2003]

BRETTON, Joe son2golf2@aol.com "...I served with VP-45 (1968 to 1976) and VP-22 (1980 to 1984). I live in Jackson, MS now and would like to hear from any of the gang from the good old days..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 25DEC2007 | 05MAY98]

Memorial Picture "...BREWER, ATC Landon J. "Jack" Jr...My father, Landon J. Brewer, Jr. served with VP-45, VW-11, VP-7 and VAQ-134. He had a full career in the Navy, retiring in January 1975. After retirement, he enjoyed a full life hunting and fishing in his beloved Arkansas hills until his untimely passing on Dec 25, 2008 due to a long battle with cancer. He was laid to rest with full military honors in Six Mile Cemetary in his home town of Hatfield, AR on December 31st, 2008. Landon E. (Gene) Brewer landon.brewer@navy.mil..." [06AUG2009]

BREWER, ATC Landon J."Jack" Jr. Retired jbrewerjr@alltel.net "...I was in VP-45 from May57 thru Dec58. Was 1st Radio on LN-7 (LT `Sky` King, PPC) from Aug57 thru Dec58. Any of you old hands remember the great big sharks mouth on our bow?? Definitly was not regulation! Anyway, I went on to serve with VW-11 NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada, VP-7 NAS Jacksonville, Florida, VAQ-134 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington I and 2 instructor tours at Naval Air Testical Twisting Center, Memphis. Retired Jan75. Sure like to hear from my old Shipmates..." [02FEB99]

BROVAN, Lyle L. lbrovan@tds.net "...Like to find the crew I was in back in 1970-1971. The name of the crew was Crew 23 (VP-45)..." [01NOV2000]

BROWN, CDR Duane L. Retired Bzelbob@aol.com "...Completed PreFlt Nov '65. joined VP-45 Jan '67 remained thru Dec 69. All time spent in P-3A aircraft with deployments to NAS Bermuda Jul -Dec 67; NS Sangley Point, Philippines Dec '68 June '69. Was number two for departure behind the P-3A we left on NAS Adak, Alaska. Went on to VP-30 for NFO Instructor tour at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, tours in ASWOC/TSC NAS Keflavik, Iceland and ASWOC/TSC NAS Jacksonville, Florida an Dept Head tour in Maint at VP-49 flying in P-3Cs. A really good plane. I was an aviator at heart. Got all my pilot certificates while still on active duty and since retirement have been employed as a Pilot Examiner by the FAA for the last 11 years. Conduct Private through ATP tests as well as a lot of different Rating exams in both single and multi eng aircraft.Look me up on the FAA WEB site PIlot Examiner listing if you need a pilot. Being a pilot is sure a lot easier than NFO work! Left the Navy with about 4500 NFO P-3 hours an since have 2000 Pilot hours in L-188s flying Cargo for the Military (Log Air) and now have conducted more than 2000 flight examinations, and have a Single Pilot Air Taxi Certificate, am cheif pilot for small FAR 141 flight school. Look forward to hearing from former Patron members..." [05OCT2001]

BROXSON, CWO4 Joe Retired Cwojoe@aol.com "...Served with VP-45 from 68-70 as AT/AW then went to FAETULANT det Jax. Back to VP-45 in 71 after FAETULANT decommissioned. Left VP-45 in 77 as AW! to CPW-5 in NAS Brunswick, Maine to set up the EW program for the P-3C. Made Chief in 79 and commissioned to CWO-2 in 81. Did my token sea tour on the USS Forrestal from 81-83 then to CPW-11. After CPW-11 (83-86) went to ASWOC Bermuda (87-90) and was there during the big Spring-X's and the sinking of the "bad guy" east of Bermuda. After Bermuda, went back to ASWOC NAS Jacksonville, Florida (90-91) and then took a TAD assignment to ASU NSA Bahrain (airport manager-92). Rather than recieving orders for two years decided it was time to hang it up. As you get older, those 12 hour watches become quite an undertaking. Retired in Oct. 93 as CWO-4 and never looked back. Had a great time and career. Met some super people and wouldn't trade my 28 years for anything. Currently have a son going through "JO" school and hope and pray he enjoys it as much as I did. Can't look back, working in Real Estate with my wife here in Jax and plan on being here for a while. Look forward to hearing from some of the VP'ers I worked with..." [17NOV99]

BRUCE, Bob bobbruce@comcast.net "...I served with VP-56 from 1972 through 1975 and VP-45 from 1975 through 1978..." [E-Mail Updated 06OCT2003 | E-Mail Updated 14OCT2002 | 18JUL2000]

BRUNDAGE, LCDR/AMHC Joe joeslonghorns@earthlink.net "...I served with VP-67 1972-74 P2V F/E (FCPC), VP-68 1974-79 P-3 F/E, VP-62 1979-80 P-3 F/E and VP-45 1981-1984 MMCO. Had lots of engines go sour in P2s. Once had a triple engine fire in a P2, one recip and both jets, at night. P-3 was like a palace after the P2. Really missed the flying after I got commissioned. F/E is the best job there is..." [12MAR2005]

BRYAN, AWC Bill Retired goodroosterjunior@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-30 (1961), VP-45 (1962 to 1964 - Decommissioned the last P5M on the East Coast), VP-8 (1964 to 1966), VP-30 (1966 to 1969 - made Chief in 1969), VP-48 (1969 to 1974), VP-31 (1974 to 1977), and retired October 1. 1977. Moved back to home state of Virginia and stayed there for one year, then to Cedar Rapids, Iowa where I worked as a test tech for Rockwell International (the old Collins Radio Co - which was the primary HF radio used on P5's and P-3's). I got laid off from Rockwell in 1981, then worked as a Field Service Engineer for the Associated Press in Iowa for 7 years and back to Richmond, Virginia for one year. Left the AP in 1990 and did a variety of jobs for about 5 years, including a little woodworking shop where I made clocks for specialty orders and crafts shows. Moved to Tappahannock (on the Rappahannock River) in 1994, got divorced in 1999, remarried in 2001 and my wife and I live in Tappahannock, but not on the river anymore and we have a small business making custom caps and t-shirts. (We provide 5% of all orders from our VP-Navy web-site back to VP-Navy). Would love to hear from all former Shipmates. P5M's and P-3's were a big part of my life for many years..." WebSite: B & D Custom Caps & Tees http://www.vpnavy.com/luckydog.html [E-Mail Updated 04NOV2003 | BIO Updated 16JUL2003 | E-Mail Updated 18NOV2002 | E-Mail Updated 22MAY2002 | WebSite Updated 30DEC2000 | E-Mail Updated 11JAN99]

Memorial Picture "...BRYANT, Raymond Jr...My Father, Lcdr/Ret Raymond Bryant Jr. (VP-8, VP-45, and VP-48), went to be with The Lord on December 6, 2001. We wrote in his medicine book by his bedside "11:30AM Goodbye Dad We Love You, Linda, Susan, Paula, and Wanda." Thank you and God Bless all of You. Wanda Raye Bryant daughter #5 sound@albemarlenet.com..." [29JAN2002]

BRYANT, LCDR Raymond Jr. [Deceased) c/o Wanda (Raye) BRYANT, daughter #5 sound@albemarlenet.com "...My Dad passed away December 6, 2001. His career began as an enlisted sailor in 1948 at NAS Bermuda. He was ATC at Kansas and (I believe) he then was involved with PBY's. He was promoted to the Officer ranks in Texas where I was born. This was followed by flight training in Florida (where else) ;-). All his time was spent with at P3 stations. He served in San Diego 1960-1964, NAS Patuxent River, Maryland 1964-1967, NAS Norfolk, Virginia 1967, and retired in 1974. I remember names like Dave Stromberg and Jack Rennie. I would like Dad's friends to write him as he has had a massive stroke and I feel this may help. Additional Information Provided [22JUN98]: I found the pilot logs VP-45 10-17-47 TO 3-31-53, VP-8 4-23-53 TO 3-31-55, VP-48 6-26-61 TO 8-24-64, WSJ might be a "T" here (PAX-RIVER) 9-21-64 TO 7-31-67, FCPCLANT 8 8-67 TO RETIREMENT 1974...." [Updated 29JAN2002 | 20JUN98]

BUCHANAN, AW1 Chuck Retired Chuck@inline.com "...1982-1990 VP-4 Barbers Pt. Hi. and 1994-1997 VP-45, Jacksonville Fl...."

BUNDY, Mark vetter73@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-45 from 1977-1979. I made 1 deployment to NAS Keflavik, Iceland and 2 to NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I worked on the line and in GSE I would love to hear from any of my Shipmates and talk about some very good times while we were in the greatest squadron in the Navy..." [24JAN2002]

BURDAN, AD1 John gatorjohn@cfl.rr.com "...I served with VP-5 from 1977 to 1983. Joined the deployment at NAS Sigonella, Sicily as a wet behind the ears mechanic and left as a FE (many thanks to Chief Welch). Transfered to AIMD NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida for a short time then back to VP-45. Have many fond memories of all the great people and places. I am currently managing the Fire Alarm and Security maintenance contract at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS)..." [14FEB2010]

BURGESS, Richard R. rburgess@navyleague.org "...Managing Editor of Seapower Magazine, published by the Navy League of the United States. Reports on all U.S. Navy subjects and naval aviation at large. Retired Naval Flight Officer. Commissioned through NROTC in 1975. Flew in P-3 maritime patrol aircraft for VP-9 and VP-45; staff officer for Commander Carrier Group 4; training officer for USS George Washington; intelligence analyst at Defense Intelligence Agency; and editor of Naval Aviation News. Editor of two books: U.S. Naval Aviation (2001) and The Naval Aviation Guide (5th ed., 1996). Co-author of two books: P-3 Orion in Action (2004) and US Navy A-1 Skyraider Units of the Vietnam War (publishing in 2009). Author of numerous articles on naval aviation history and the Soviet Navy. Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence, Defense Intelligence College, 1983. Bachelor of Aviation Management, Auburn University, 1975. Graduate studies in military history, Old Dominion University, 1996-1997..." [E-Mail/BIO UPdated 12SEP2008 | 11JUN2003]

BURNS, AO1 Barnie ao1p3fe@yahoo.com "...I have been in VP aviation from July 1973 to April 1988 doing inflight Ord duties out of NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Had alot of fun with VP's VP-24, VP-16, VP-5, VP-45, VP-56, and VP-49. Then out for 8 years and sure missed the flying. Returned in August 1988 to fly with VP-62, still in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Went Flight Engineer in 1999 and now am attached to VP-94 here in NAS New Orleans, Louisiana. Couldn't begin to describe the times (both good and bad) I had in the trusty P-3. She always brought me home, sometimes with less than 4 engines, but still brought me home. Wouldn't trade pratforms for anything! Am looking forward to swapping sea stories with old Shipmates. Remember...IYAOYAS!..." [05MAR2003]

BURNS, AW2 Stephen M. hoverdub@charter.net "...After aircrew training with VP-30, I served proudly with VP-45 from late 1970 until mid-1972. I was an AW-3 Radar Operator with Alpha Crew 30. I took an early-out for school when VP-45 transitioned to P-3C's. During my tour, we deployed to NAS Sigonella, Sicily, NS Rota, Spain and NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal and I logged just over 1000 hours in P-3A's. After leaving the squadron, I joined VP-92 in NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts as a weekend warrior and SP2H Aircrewnman until my discharge in early 1975 as an AW-2. I would like to hear from my former Shipmates. I'm in the corporate helicopter aviation business now but have a strong affection for the VP Navy and the aircraft we flew..." [10MAY2009]

BUTLER, PR1 Tom Retired pr1usn1@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-45 from 1969 to 1971 and VP-4 from 1973 to 1977 (Av/Equip Shop). Remember well AME1 Anderson, PR1 Smokey Wiggins and AME2 Cal "The human Torque Wrench" Tucker. Retired in Jan 1990 from NATTC NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey as an Instructor at PR "C" School..." [30AUG2009]

BUTLER, Thomas J. tjbutler24@yahoo.com "...Served with VP-45 from '57 to '59, flight crew on LN-6 and LN-10. Currently living in Whispering Pines NC. Would like to hear from old Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 04MAR2009 | 14FEB98]

CALDWELL, Charles "Chuck" cbc222.cald@gmail.com "...I served with VP-1 and VP-45. Pilot and Crew 3 PPC August 1963 - July 1965. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 02JUN2018 | E-Mail Updated 02SEP2007 | 00XX97]

Memorial Picture Shipmate Pix "...CALL, Larry William...My Dad, Larry William Call, passed away January 17th, 2013. Dad served in the United States Navy from 1955 until his retirement in 1974, in Squadrons VP-45 and VP-30. He served two tours in the Vietnam War. After his retirement from the Navy, Larry became a rail car electrician with the Washington DC Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, retiring after 21 years. He was a member of the Hughesville American Legion #238, the Waldorf VFW #8810, the Mechanicsville Moose Lodge #495 and the Lexington Park Fleet Reserve #093. Dad enjoyed long drives in the country and sitting down by the water, with one of his favorite spots being Point Lookout in Scotland, Maryland. He loved vintage cars and enjoyed going to Bert's Diner whenever they had a car show. He loved to listen to bluegrass, country, jazz and classical music, as well as listening to talk radio. One of his favorite pastimes was debating politics with his family and friends. Dad instilled his love of knowledge and reading to all his children, as well as the desire to stay current with world events and politics. He enjoyed taking a sailing class at St. Mary's College as he felt a "sailor should really learn how to sail a boat". Dad also had a fondness for practical jokes and was extremely witty. I would love to hear from any of Dad's former Shipmates..." Contributed by Lisa Montbriand lisamontbriand@verizon.net [23JAN2013]

CAMERON, Kerry D. cameronj@smartisp.com "...First tour with VP-45 (1970-1973), then to VX-1 (1973-1976). Did the ship thing on IKE (1977-1978), then to VP-31 (1979-1981), then VP-48 (1981-1983), then to ASWOC NAS Adak, Alaska as OIC (1983-1986). Departed the VP Navy to work for the Joint Chiefs of Staff until retirement in 1991. Would appreciate any updates from past Shipmates. Question for you. Did you ever entertain the thought of developing an additional package that includes the ASWOCs? They were an important part of the VP way of life and would be an interesting package of folks if it could be done. Thanks..." [04FEB2000]

CAMPBELL, AT1(NAC) Scott Retired BREDALBANE@aol.com "...Very nice site. My squadrons were VP-67, VP-45, VP-5 and VP-30. I have 4,611 hours of "wheels up, heels up"..." [14JAN98]

CARPENTER, CDR John H. "Carp" Retired carpentj@georgetown.edu "...I served with VP-56 from (06/1975-06/1978, VP-4 Detachment Special Projects / VPU-2 (07/1981-07/1983) (Plankholder), VP-45 (08/1985-11/1987), NAS Sigonella, Sicily (07/1990-05/1993) and retired in July 1994..." [E-Mail Updated 21MAR2014 | E-Mail Updated 17JUN2010 | 17JUN98]

Memorial Picture "...CARRIGAN, Paul E...With very heavy heart I report that my brother Paul E. Carrigan (the black Irishman of the Aleutian Airdales) passed away June 22.2001. Paul died in the VA hospital in Seattle from lung cancer..." Contributed by his Brother Ralph O. Carrigan rocarr28@comcast.net [16JUL2001]

CARRIGAN, Paul E. "The Black Irishman" (Deceased) c/o His Brother Ralph O. Carrigan rocarr28@comcast.net "...Paul E. Carrigan (died June 22,2001) ex Chief Aerographer's Mate USN. Paul flew as a Fleet Air Wing Four Aerographer and a qualified combat aircrewman with VP-41, VP-42, VP-43, VP-45, VP-62, VP-131, VP-135, VP-136, and VP-139. Paul accumulated over two thousand flying hours in PBYs, PBY 5 As, PV-1 Venturas and PV-2 Harpoons. The author also served in the USS Casco (AVP-12), USS Hulbert AVD-6, USS Williamson (AVP-15)USS Gillis AVD-12, USS Indianapolis CA-35, USS S-35 S type Submarine (1923), and USS Lexington CV-2 (prior to Aleutian posting). Paul authored a book titled: "The Flying, Fighting Weathermen Of Patrol Wing Four" The book includes the two day bombing of Dutch Harbor by Japanese carrier planes. The continuous bombing of the Island of Kiska by the most unconventional dive bomber, The PBY Catalina and The Empire Express to Paramushiro. These three spiral bound volumes contain 868 pages covering World War II as it was fought in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. These are the adventures of a seventeen year old enlisted man as he grows up in the next three years in this very cold corner of hell. . The book is available from the author's brother. And is printed as it was left due to the author's illness and death. Cost: $45.00 (postage included). Please contact Ralph O. Carrigan rocarr28@comcast.net or send a $45.00 check (postage included) to Ralph O. Carrigan, 5 Cutlass Way, Waretown, NJ 08758...I can now supply The Flying, Fighting Weathermen of Patrol Wing Four on a CD. The cost including postage is $25.00. Contact Ralph O. Carrigan rocarr28@comcast.net..." [BIO Updated 03JUL2003 | BIO Updated 02SEP2002 | 17OCT2002]

CARTER, AVCM Robert J. (JERRY) Retired JERRNELLE@AOL.COM "...Served with VP-45 in NAS Bermuda 1958-1960. A lot of fond memories of this assignment with the P5M Marlins. Also served with HS-1, HS-3, NAMTD, HM-12, NS Roosevelt Roads, PR and cruised on the Albemarle, Randolph, Wasp, Yorktown, Iwa Jimo and Inchon. Would like to hear from Shipmates from VP-45. That was a long time ago and I don't remember a lot of names, but I did recognize some on the web site. Bob Lightcap, Tim Timmons, Ernie Weeks, Don Dawson, Jack Dockery are some that come to mind..." [07JUL98]

CARTHEN, AVCM Roy B. Retired roycar@outlook.com "...I entered in February 1941 and served with VP-55, VP-56, VP-74, VP-45, VP-49, VP-84, etc. and retired October 1963. In NAS Keflavik, Iceland in 1941 with the Geo B. Badger for the trip and with VP-55 at that time to December 1941. Came back in l942 with VP-84 in NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada and NAS Keflavik, Iceland. VP-84 was the top submarine sinking squadron in WW2 and I was with Lt Milliard when we got the first submarine. He went on to get a second one and is now deceased. I entered as a RM3 with my first promotion and then they started aviation rates and I became a ARM2 and eventually a chief radio tech and later AVCM as maintenance chief and leading chief in VP-49 in NAS Bermuda. Some of us in VP-84 have met, had one Reunion in Pensacola. While in NAS Keflavik, Iceland, a german submarine was captured, the crew was turned over to a Norwegian group and I believe they were killed. The capture was by a navy plane and assisted by a navy ship with the submarine being brought into Iceland. A book listing all the sub activity by VP-84 has been written and all the sub kills are listed therein. I would like to hear from anyone and especially anyone who remembers the capture of the sub in the fall of l941...The truth is that the sub was captured by the English and brought to the south shore of Iceland where they worked on it. The crew was interred as POW and all but one of these was turned over to Germans at the end of the war. The one man tried to escape and was killed. The story went on to say the name was changed and it became a British submarine, BUT, I had seen the sub and it was brought into fjord near Reyjkavik and apparently this was not a known partof the situation. Also, we found that two US planes were on the scene when it was captured but it was noted that the British were the oneswho captured it... Thanks for such a great job you have done..." [E-Mail Updated 13NOV2013 | E-Mail Updated 13MAR2012 | E-Mail Updated 03DEC2005 | E-Mail Updated 28JUL2003 | BIO Updated 28JUL2003 | E-Mail Updated 01SEP2001 | 15SEP2000]

CASSELL, Gary gdcassell@netzero.com "...I served with VP-45 from 1969 to 1972..." [12JAN2007]

CECELONES, AW2 Gary wvcecelones@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-45 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida..." [02NOV2015]


CHASE, REV ADR2 Wayne shiloh@integrityol.com "...I served in VP-45 from 62-65 and flew as Plane Captain on the P5M and Flight Engineer on the P-3A. I would very much like to get in contact with others from the squadron of that era..." [08JUN98]

CHESLEY, CDR James F. (JIM) c/o his Daughter twobythec@worldnet.att.net "...I am writing for my Father who does not have a computer yet. But he will when his Granddaughter is online! To the point Dad loved flying P5M. We lived in Bermuda around 1961-1963. It was a very ahappy time for our family! If anyone from those times would like to get in touch with my parents, please e-mail me. Jim and Marie are living in Patuxent River, Maryland. Happy, healthy, and loving retired life...I know my Dad flew the P5M with VP-49 in NAS Bermuda. I think he flew P2's with VP-45 and I think he was in VP-5, not sure what he flew with them..." [22JUN99]

CHRISTENSEN, Bruce D. Chris_bg@bellsouth.net "...I was a product of the 4x6 program and served with VP-45X2/ VP-94 from 2/67 thru 2/73. I was discharged as an ADR1 and served in many positions during that time. I enjoyed my with aircraft and later obtained a license and ratings that I had to give up because of hypertension. I would welcome hearing from anyone who served with the squadron during that period..." [01DEC99]

CIFRANIK, Michael Skitzcifranik@webtv.net "...Served in VP-45 from 96-97. Looking for anyone I served with..." [05SEP98]

CLARK, AXCS Monte Retired mrclark@arn.net "...I served in 3 different VP squadrons. I was an aircrewman with VP-45 from 1965 until the fall of 1970. I was a radio and radar operator, and all three sensor positions. I also served in VP-4 from Jul 75 until May 78 as Maint. CPO and Div. CPO. Then to VP-30 in NAS Jacksonville, Florida as Maint. CPO until retirement 29 Feb 80. I also flew as an airborne CIC operator (scope dope) with AEWBarRonPac out of NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. Then to AT school and VP-30 as radio operator on P2V's and P5M's. Would like to hear from any shipmates I served with during my career..." [E-Mail Updated 04DEC98 | 23JAN98]

CLARKE, CDR Tom Retired frederic.clarke@navy.mil "...Served as a pilot with VP-18, VP-24, VP-30, VP-45, and TSC NAS Keflavik, Iceland. Broke ranks and flew Herks with VR-24 and NATC NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. Retired and flew a Convair 880 for a while and am now a contractor pilot flying C-130 and P-3 for Naval Force Aircraft Test Squadron at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. Work as assistant Ops when not flying! C301-757-3317 or DSN 757-3317..." [E-Mail Updated 21SEP2004]

CLOUTIER, Second Mech. Kevin "Cloot" kevclout@hotmail.com "...VP-45 1973-1975. Looking for others who served with me in NAS Jacksonville, Florida, NAS Sigonella, Sicily, AND NAS Keflavik, Iceland. Give me a shout. I'd love to hear from you..." [E-Mail Updated 26OCT2002 | 19FEB2001]

CLOVEN, AW2 Richard "Space" trlrprkcon@cox.net "...I served with VP-45 (1978) with a deployment to NAS Sigonella, Sicily..." [17MAY2013]

COCKROFT, CAPTAIN Irving G. "Moe" Retired fireball152@gmail.com "...I served with VC-19, VF-152 aboard the USS Coral Sea (CVB-43) as Flight Operations Officer, VP-45 (1955-1957) at NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone, Armed Forces Staff College (1958) at Norfolk, VA, VP-40 (1958-1960) as XO/CO and moved squadron to NS Sangley Point, Philippines, Commander-IN-Chief, U.S. PACific FLeet (CINCPACFLT) Staff (1960-1963), COMmander of NAVal Forces MARianas (COMNAVMAR) Staff (1964-1967), CDR San Francisco DCAS Region 12 (1968-1972), CO Navy Marine Corp Reserve Unit NAS Alameda, California (1972-1973) and retired January 1973..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 12FEB2016 | 05MAY2006]

COLE, AVCM James E. "Jim" jamesecole@bellsouth.net "...I served with VP-56 from February 1967 to October 1972 (P2V7, P-3B Radio and P-3C IFT), NAMTD 1011 NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and NAS Jacksonville, Florida from November 1972 to June 1976 (Instructor for P-3C WST/IFT and backup P-3C Data Handling), VP-45 from June 1976 to September 1980 (P-3C IFT, Assistant NATOPS and QAR) and retired in 1986 after broadening my career in the Attack community. I worked for government contracting with Harris Corp. and LSI until going to NADEP NAS Jacksonville, Florida in January 1995 where I managed the P-3 PAC/PAI technical publications until retiring May 30, 2008..." [BIO Updated 28APR2009 | E-Mail Updated 17JUN2005 | E-Mail Updated 24NOV2001 | BIO Updated 02MAR99]

COLE, AWCM Ron Retired ron_cole@ntsc.navy.mil "...VP-1 OCT61-DEC63, VP-45 JAN64-MAR66, VP-47 OCT67-NOV69, ASCAC USS Kitty Hawk '71-'73, and TSC/ASWOC NAS Sigonella, Sicily '79-'81..." [09JUL98]

COOLEDGE, CDR Scott P. Shipmate Pix http://www.naswi.navy.mil/vp-46/co.html "...Commander Cooledge is a native of Portland Maine and a 1985 graduate of Maine Maritime Academy. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Nautical Science and his United States Coast Guard Mates License Unlimited Tonnage all Oceans. After a year of working in the merchant fleet CDR Cooledge attended Aviation Officer Candidate School and was commissioned an Ensign in July of 1986. He then attended flight training and was designated a Naval Flight Officer in September 1987 and later a Naval Aviator in August 1991. His first sea going assignment was with VP-11 where he served as an Instructor Tactical Coordinator, Mission Commander and the Squadron Tactics Officer, deploying to NAS Keflavik, Iceland and NAS Sigonella, Sicily. Following his first sea tour as a Naval Flight Officer CDR Cooledge was selected for a pilot transition and returned to the training command in September 1990, earning his pilot wings in August of 1991. He completed his next sea tour in VP-16 where he served as an Instructor Pilot, Mission Commander and the Squadron Pilot NATOPS Officer, deploying to NAS Keflavik, Iceland, NS Roosevelt Roads, PR, and Panama. His next assignment was aboard the USS John F. Kennedy where he served as a Catapult and Arresting gear Officer and the ships V-2 Divison Officer, deploying to the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf. CDR Cooledge then completed his Dept Head tour with VP-45 where he served as the Squadron Operations Officer, Instructor Pilot and Mission Commander, deploying to NS Roosevelt Roads, PR and Panama. CDR Cooledge's most recent assignment was a three-year tour serving as the Aircraft Carrier Placement Officer at the Naval Personnel Command in Millington TN where he was responsible for manning the 2200 plus officer billets aboard the US Navy's Aircraft Carriers. While attached to the Bureau of Personnel CDR Cooledge earned a Masters of Science Degree in Global Leadership from the University of San Diego. CDR Cooledge has logged over 4000 hours in the P-3 as both a Pilot and an NFO. He is the recipient of 3 Navy Commendation Medals as well as numerous unit commendations and awards..." [24APR2005]

COLVERT, CAPTAIN Bob 'Buoyking' Retired buoyking@mminternet.com "...I stumbled across this site and recognized many names from VP-47, VP-45 and NATC NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. I was in VP-47 from 1970-73 making deployments to NAHA Okinawa, NAS Adak, Alaska, and split to NAS Adak, Alaska/ NAS Agana, Guam. Testpilot school for NFO's at NATC and a tour 73-77 at WST/ASW Directorate then ConseventhFLT staff aboard the flagship got me up to 1979 when I joined VP-45 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. We made deployments to NAS Bermuda and NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I build trainers in Orlando for a while then did another tour at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland at Force Warfare. Washington in NAVAIR and five years as PMA -264 finished me off. I'm now in Seal Beach CA working for Boeing. Any Shipmates who have time can drop me a line..." [E-Mail Updated 16DEC99 | 24OCT99]

COMERFORD, AT2(AC) Bob prof.bob1@verizon.net "...I served with VP-45 (1960-1962) with deployments to NAS Bermuda and NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I am a 73 year old college professor in Rhode Island approaching retirement..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 16SEP2014 | 23SEP2004]

COTTON, CAPTAIN Lawrence S. Jr. http://www.cnrse.navy.mil/Leadership/cnrse_chief_of_staff.htm "...Captain Lawrence S. Cotton, Jr., was designated a Naval Flight Officer in August 1977. Captain Cotton reported for duty to VP-8 at NAS Brunswick, Maine, in January 1978, deploying to NAS Bermuda, NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal, and NS Rota, Spain. In January 1981, he reported to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, where he was the Action Officer responsible for Northern Europe and the United Kingdom. Captain Cotton attended the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, from January 1983 to June 1984, where he received a Master of Arts degree in National Security Affairs. He reported to USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65) in September 1984, as the Operations Administrative officer, serving also as a Tactical Action Officer (TAO), and deploying to the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans, and the Mediterranean Sea. Captain Cotton reported to the Naval War College at Newport, Rhode Island, in November 1986, where he attended the College of Naval Command and Staff and was the U.S. student at the Naval Staff College, graduating with distinction in December 1987. Reported to VP-45 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, in June 1988, and served as the Tactics Officer and Operations Officer, deploying to NAS Bermuda for the first deployment of the P-3C Update III aircraft in the Atlantic theater. Reported to the staff of Commander, Patrol Wings Atlantic, as the Tactics Officer in May 1990. Reported to VP-5 as the Executive Officer in July 1991, and assumed the duties of Commanding Officer in July 1992. During his tenure, the squadron deployed to NAS Keflavik, Iceland, and earned the Arnold J. Isbell Trophy for Antisubmarine Warfare Excellence and the Battle Efficiency Award. Captain Cotton reported to the Office of the Secretary of Defense in Washington, in July 1993, as the Country Director for Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. He served as the Chief of Staff, Commander Maritime Surveillance and Reconnaissance Forces U.S. SIXTHFLT (CTF-67) from July 1997 to August 1999 and participated in Operations NOBLE ANVIL and ALLIED FORCE, Kosovo operations. Subsequently, he reported to Commander, Task Force 84 as the Chief of Staff where he served from September 1999 to June 2000, and then guided NAS Key West, Florida as that installation's commanding officer from July 2000 through July 2003. In August 2003 he reported as Chief of Staff for Commander, Navy Region Southeast. Captain Cotton's awards include the Legion of Merit (2 awards), Bronze Star, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal with two Gold Stars, the Navy Achievement Medal, the Navy Expeditionary Medal, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and various unit ribbons..." [14FEB2005]

COVERT, John Fineart3@aol.com "...Crewed P5's with VP-45 out of NAS Bermuda through transition to P3's at NAS JAX. Great memories of great people..." [24DEC97]

COX, Eugene eugene.cox@sbcglobal.net "...I served with VP-45 NAS Bermuda from 1962 to 1966 (Boats Crew 10 with Less Duffield and P-3 Crew 8 with Mort Eckhouse) and VP-30 NAS Jacksonville, Florida (Detachment A) from 1966 to 1967 until discharge on June 1967. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 04JAN2009 | 15JUN2002]

CREATH, Tim timcreath@gmail.com "...I served with VW-4 (06/1972-04/1975), VP-45 (1975-1978) and VP-1 (1983-1986)..." [16MAR2014]

CRICHTON, Robert "Bob" bob101@bigriver.net "...I served with VP-45 at NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone from November 1954 to December 1956. After attending the FAW-11 Radio School, I was assigned as a crew member on the PBM-1 (EE-6). We moved from NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone to NAS Bermuda in September 1956..." [24FEB2010]

CROW, AXAN Jim jcrow@caltel.com "...I served as an AXAN aircrewman with VP-18 from 1967-68 and VP-45 from 1968-69. It was great seeing these pictures and logos and the aircraft of course..." [05NOV2001]

CUNNINGHAM, AWCM William S. "Spence" awcspenc@bellsouth.net "...I spent just shy of 9 years on active duty with VP-45 from 1982 to 1987 and made the NAS Sigonella, Sicily (1982), NS Rota, Spain / NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal (1983-1984) and NAS Bermuda (1986) deployments. Also participated in the "Battle of Bermuda" exercise in 1985. After that I transferred to VP-30 for instructor duty, where I had a hand in 2F140 WST acceptance, cementing the Update III track in place, and working the ill-fated P-7 project! From there, I separated and joined the Naval Reserve in August 1990 with VP-62. The Reserves has been good to me as I have advanced from an AW1 in 1990 to AWCM in 2001. At VP-62, I serve in the CMC's office as the "Gold Wing SEA" and SS-1 on Combat Aircrew Eight. On the outside, I am with LSI providing curriculum support to VP-30. I would love to hear from old "airmates" (nod to Terry Snyder) from VP-45 and VP-30!..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 04DEC2003 | 00XX97]

CURRY, ADC Jim Retired jimkitcurry1@comcast.net "...I was a Flight Engineer with VP-45 from 1981 to 1986 (mostly on Crew 2), FE Instructor with VP-30 from 1986 to 1989 where I retired as ADC. Currently flying as Flight Engineer on NOAA 42 Hurricane Hunter Aircraft at MacDill AFB..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 09NOV2003 | E-Mail Updated 22NOV99 | 27DEC98]

DASHER, AT1 Rick rickdasher@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-1 from 1984-1987 as a ground pounder AT. Went aircrew and served with VAQ-33 as an EP-3A/J IFT from 1988-1991. I transitioned to P-3C UIII and went to VP-45 from 1992-1995. I did an instructor tour at VP-30 from 1996-1999. Transfered to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii for a tour with VP-47 and will retire from there in 2003. Anybody who remembers me, drop me a line..." [03SEP2002]

DAVIES, Scott srdavies@flightline.com "...I was assigned to VP-45, NAS Jacksonville, Florida, from August 1985 to August 1989. I've recently tried to compile a list matching buno's with nose numbers of the nine aiarcraft assigned to the squadron during those years. I've gleaned some info from the photo's on your web site but still have a couple of holes in the list. Aside from my log books and personal photo's, I'm out of places to look. Any suggestions..." [02JAN2006]

DAVIS, ADR3 Gale B. cgdavis88@comcast.net "...Attended Basic Training (Bainbridge), Airman Prep School at NAS Norman, Oklahoma, VP-45 (12/1955-04/1957) at NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone. Squadron received moving orders while at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas training NAVCADs. Squadron mover to NAS Bermuda, summer of 1956, to cover with VP-49 the patroling of the Atlantic and the NATO coverage of the Suez Canal. I got transferred in the Spring of 1958 to the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVA-42). Left ship on Med cruise and discharged at NAS Norfolk, Virginia in June 1959. Now retired and disabled living in White River Junction, VT..." [14MAR2012]

DEAN, ADCS George R. Retired g.dean@comcast.net "...Served in VP-45 52-54. Flew as mech/Fe on crew 12. I was pleased to find a lot of names I recognize from then. Also had a great 2000 Reunion in Jax. We flew PBM5s2's. I had Lt Hunt and Lt Mould. Couldn't ask for better. Also Ens DeButts Rest of my flying time was in Connies about 6000 hrs. Was in VW-14, Matron 2 which was changed to BarsRon & finally AEW BarRonPac. Spent two tours chasing typhoons with VW-1 in NAS Agana, Guam. Was the last Power Plants CPO before the sqdn was absorbed into VQ-1, which was my last sqdn. Then went to NAS Agana, Guam. Retired in Memphis as ADCS in 74. Was wounded in DaNang, 1 Feb 71. Only "hero" VW-1 had, though operating in country for about 6 years. Currently barbering in Augusta, Ga. Got shot there, too, thru the shoulder on Christmas Eve, no less. I insisted on going after them cause I was NAVY TRAINED, but was restrained. Too old, I guess. Anyway, the time in VP-45 was about the best ever, anywhere. Smooth Sailing..." [E-Mail Updated 10FEB2002 | E-Mail Updated 01AUG2001 | 20MAR2001]

DEUTSCH, REAR ADMIRAL (Select) Kenneth William http://www.chinfo.navy.mil/navpalib/people/flags/biographies/deutschkw.html "...Rear Admiral (Select) Kenneth William Deutsch is a native of Burlington, Ill. He attended Illinois State University, graduating in June 1978, and received his commission in August 1978 through the Aviation Reserve Officer Candidate (AVROC) Program. In July 1979 Rear Adm. (sel) Deutsch was designated a Naval Flight Officer. In February of 1980, Rear Adm. (sel) Deutsch joined VP-16 and completed deployments to NAS Sigonella, Sicily; NAS Bermuda / NAS Cubi Point, Philippines; and NS Rota, Spain / NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal. Rear Adm. (sel) Deutsch reported in July 1983 to VP-30, the Fleet Replacement Squadron, where he served as Communications Officer, Tactical Training Team (TTT) Instructor, and NFO Training Officer. In July 1986, Rear Adm. (sel) Deutsch reported to Commander, Battle Force Seventh Fleet/Commander, Carrier Group Five, homeported in Cubi Point, R.P., where he served as Flag Secretary and Flag Lieutenant. While on board the staff, he qualified as Flag Tactical Action Officer and served on several flagships, including USS Midway (CV 41) and USS Ranger (CV 61). In September 1987 the Carrier Group Five staff became the first Joint Task Force Middle East staff. During this tour, Rear Adm. (sel) Deutsch served as Flag Lieutenant for the Commander, completing a six month deployment to the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean on board USS Long Beach (CGN 9) and USS Iowa (BB 61) during the Iran/Iraq War and Operation Earnest Will. Following his tour in the Philippines, he was assigned in August 1988 to the Bureau of Naval Personnel in Washington, D.C., where he served as the VP Shore and then Sea Detailer in the Aviation Assignment Branch. In November 1990, Rear Adm. (sel) Deutsch joined VP-5 where he served as Assistant Maintenance Officer and Maintenance Officer, completing a NS Rota, Spain / NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal deployment. Upon completion of this tour in February 1992, he reported to CPW-11 as Operations Officer until January, 1994. In April 1994, Rear Adm. (sel) Deutsch reported to VP-24 as the Executive Officer, completing a deployment to NAS Keflavik, Iceland, prior to the squadron's decommissioning in May 1995. He then reported to VP-45 as the Executive Officer and Commanding Officer, deploying to NS Roosevelt Roads, PR, and NAS Sigonella, Sicily. In June 1997 he reported to the Commander of Task Force Sixty Seven, homeported in NAF Naples, Italy, where he served as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations. Rear Adm. (sel) Deutsch assumed command of CRPW-5, homeported in NAS Brunswick, Maine, in May 1999. As Commodore, he directed the training and operations of four Patrol and Reconnaissance squadrons until his Change of Command in October, 2000. Rear Adm. (sel) Deutsch reported to The Joint Chiefs of Staff in October 2000 where he served as the Chief, Communications and Computer Networks Division, J6T, in the C4 Systems Directorate, J6. Following his selection for promotion to Rear Admiral (Lower Half), he reported to the OPNAV staff in October 2002 where he is currently serving as the Deputy for Resources and Requirements in the Space, Information Warfare, Command and Control Division, CNO N-61..." [22JUN2003]

DeWIRE, AW2 Michael mdewire@satx.rr.com "...I served with VP-45 from 1973 to 1977 as a AW2. I would love to hear from any former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 17APR2004 | 25AUG98]

DEYO, AWCS(AC/AWS) Ralph M. Retired Rotor-Head@msn.com "...Radar/MAD operator and changed to JEZ..."


DICKSON, AEC Dave Retired dicksondg@navair.navy.mil "...I was a career VP sailor, retiring as an AEC in January 1990. Starting in the VP-30 Electric Shop in 1970 and ending in the Maintenance Division of VP-16 in 1990. In between I was in VP-45, VX-1, VP-17, and Naval Air Development Center. The nine years in the electric shop was a great back ground for the P-3 and really helped me through flight engineer school in 1980. I'm currently working for Boeing on the F-18 Super Hornet program in the Maintenance Data Center as a Product Support Technician. I have many good memories of experiences and friends in the Navy and would like to hear from anyone who I was stationed with!..." [19DEC2000]

DISHMAN, CDR Robert B. http://www.cpw5.navy.mil/vp8/co.htm "...Raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Commander Robert B. Dishman attended the United States Naval Academy, graduating in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering while playing varsity baseball. He commenced flight training and received his wings of gold in August 1987. His first operational assignment was to VP-5 stationed at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. While assigned to VP-5, he achieved designation as Patrol Plane Commander, Mission Commander and Instructor Pilot and participated in deployments to NAS Sigonella, Sicily, Italy, NAS Bermuda, and split site NS Rota, Spain / Souda Bay, Crete during Desert Storm. In 1991, Commander Dishman was selected for the Naval Test Pilot School Cooperative Program. After completing an accelerated Aeronautical Engineering Master's program at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California, he reported to the Naval Test Pilot School in NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. While assigned to Test Pilot School, he flew over 20 different aircraft and received recognition for his final project on the Mirage 2000. Commander Dishman reported to the Naval Force Aircraft Test Squadron (VX-20) in 1993 as a Project Officer, NATOPS Officer and Quality Assurance Officer. During this tour, he was selected as Test Pilot of the Year in 1995. He returned to NAS Jacksonville, Florida in 1996 for duty with VP-45. During his tenure as Maintenance Officer, the squadron received the "Golden Wrench" Award. In July, 1998, Commander Dishman reported aboard the USS Coronado (AGF-11) for duty on Commander, THIRD Fleet staff. During this tour, Commander Dishman qualified as Battle Watch Captain and assisted in the development of the Web Centric ASW Network. In February 2000, Commander Dishman reported to the Fleet Replacement Squadron (VP-30), NAS Jacksonville, Florida and assumed the duties as the P-3 Fleet NATOPS Evaluator. Commander Dishman was subsequently selected for operational command and reported as the Executive Officer for VP-8 in May 2001 and is now Commanding Officer of VP-8. Commander Dishman's awards include the Air Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (three awards), the Naval and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (two awards) and other unit citations..." [19JUL2003]

DREHOFF, AOC(NAC/AW) Dan Retired aocretireddan94@hotmail.com "...I started flying P-3s in VX-1 (78-80), transfered to VP-24 (80-83), then Aircrew Ordnance instructor in VP-30 (83-86). Went back to sea duty in VP-45 (86-89). I flew with the best crews in the P-3 community and enjoyed working with some of the best AO's around. I stayed involved with the Patrol community as the LCPO of the Weapons Dept. at NAS Bermuda (89-92). Retired in 94 while attached to Naval Aviation Depot Operations Center (NADOC), NAS Patuxent River, Maryland..." [06AUG2001]

DUMAS, Edward L. EDumas1568@aol.com "...First VP tour as an ENS was in VP-5 from 1971 until 1974. Returned to the VP community in VP-30 from 1979 until 1982. Last VP tour was in VP-45 from 1982 until 1984. Retired 1992..."

EATON, David Retired dtn3558@cs.com "...I served in VP-4 from 75-81, VP-30 81-84, VP-45 84-85, a year off to rest up for part two 85-86, VP-44 86-90 (survived NAS Keflavik, Iceland), VP-8 90-92 then SERE 92-95 when I retired from active duty. Man I miss those crazy fun days and all the friends that are still out there somewhere. I would like to hear from you all..." [11JAN2001]

EALY, Tracy TJ-10@email.msn.com "...I was an AO1 in VP-45 from 1973 till 1977 and flew as the aviation ordnanceman. Looking for some crewmenbers ADC Pooh Bear Mitchell and ATC Dave Williams..." [27AUG98]

EFRAIMSON, CAPTAIN Allen Retired aefraimson@dbconsultinggroup.com "...Pelican Pride and Pelican Power never leave you! I did my Department Head tour with VP-45 from 1985 - 1988 then came back as the CO from 1991 - 1992. Would love to hear from anyone that cares! Also, does anyone know where Bob Hume would up? Probably somewhere in Tarheel country..." [21APR2003]

ENGLE, AT Alex (Ally) alex_engle@alumni.clemson.edu "...I was an AT in the VP community, stationed at NAS Jacksonville, Florida AIMD and VP-45..." [E-Mail Updated 04JAN2005 | 25JAN99]

FAAS, ARM3 Dan c/o Mr. Frank Holmes Shipmate PixCirca 1944 fholmes101@aol.com "...I retired from the Navy in Nov '68 & lived in Oak Harbor right outside NAS & they have had many FAW-4 Reunion at the CPO club & golf tournaments & I know some people in passing. I never went to the Reunions, but I would ask people who had attended. If they mentioned the "SCOUTS" NADA. I said that's how they treated us, so why would it be any different now. In fact. I just attended a reunion for Heavy Attack Squadron Ten, VAH-10. I was in it on the USS Constellation CVA-64 when the Viet Nam fiasco started in 1964. I also belong to the Fleet Reserve Association and (VP-45) Patron Forty Five Assn, an outfit I was in for 4 yrs. During the Korean affair NAS Norfolk, Virginia & NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone flying PBM-5s. I guess I've been in every sort of outfit imaginable. I started in PBYs, went to a VJ-3 outfit utility squadron, then to VS-48, to instructor duty in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas to NAS Memphis, Tennessee to VF-61 NAS Oceana, Va. We had F8F's made a North Atlantic Cruise on FDR straight deck. Came back and got F9Fs. They didn't rate any Aviation Radiomen & I got transferred to USS USS Valcour (AVP-55) as an RM TX to VP-45 PBM - shore duty NAS Boca Chica, Florida & flew in F3D's radar operator. Then to "B" school in Memphis - to Hawaii 56-59 VW-12 Early Warning Squadron, flew many 16 hour flights WV-2 (Constellations). Changed rate from AL1 to AT1 and got transferred to next hangar VP-6 and deployed to Japan for 7 months flying off Kaua & USSR measuring their radar & locating them & getting chased by MIG's. Every hop was 14-16 hours. Used the jets and the recips for take off, carried 4000 gallons of fuel. Shore duty again, a RAG outfit VAH-123. I was electronic shop chief, we had 30 A/C and lots of maintenance. I did fly for a while as a radioman in a P2V-3 till they got A3D2T's & A3D2Q's & A3D2P's (thats trainer/transport) "q" countermeasure & "P" photo plus basic A3D2. They called it shore duty - we had three shifts around the clock plus I was making carrier quals every month or so. Lets see Coral Sea CVA-43, Bon Homme Richard CVA-31, Ticonderoga CVA-14, Independence CVA-62, Lexington CV-16. More sea duty VAH-10 A3D2, could have flown as a crewman. By that time I had in 20 & declined -- let the young studs do that. Med 9 month cruise in '63 and 1 yr in '64 (Viet Nam) I was gone 30 mos out of a 3 year tour. When we came back from Viet Nam in 3 mos they sent our squadron to Air Group 1 on the FDR for a Med cruise. About that time my children were young teenagers & I figured I had enough of that BS so I got shore duty at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington in VAH-123 again. Formed VA-128 Light Attack with A-6s and the RAG outfit. I was Electronics shop Chief again & some BS. Going on carrier qual for pilots. They had beach dets and ship dets. Seemed like I always got the ship det. While on the FDR I was CAG Maintenance Chief. The ship was out of Mayport, Fla. When we went on carrier quals on the Independence, we flew to NAS Norfolk, Virginia to get aboard & the Lexington out of NAS Pensacola, Florida all the other carrier quals were out of NAS Alameda, California or NAS North Island, San Diego, California & Fleet Logistic A/C junk. Now they have nice jet transports. That's all behind now. I worked for the Navy for about 9 years as a electronic tech then the FAA and my wife and I went to Alaska over the Arctic Circle as a electronic tech. It was like living in the 20's and 30's, no TV and not much radio. We were at a place called Bettles Field a lot of local flying in small planes. I maintained equipment VHF for over the poles flights, they talked to Anchorage but was all keyed through our equipment. Also had TACAN & OMNI also had glide slope equipment. I had to maintain teletype equipment as an electronic tech. But the money was in the wage grade positions so when an opening came, I Tx to Juneau where I had the teletype shop. I took care of all the teletype in SE Alaska for the FAA & Weather Service. There were 8 people in Anchorage that took care of the rest of Alaska. So when I had 40 years service I quit. For a number of years we had a 5th wheel trailer and did the snow bird bit to Arizona & California, even went to Key West and Corpus Christi played a lot of golf. Had 2 children,daughter Sidney & Mark. Sid born in Panama, Mark in Memphis. Sid worked around the world in banking London, Jobere, Melbourne, Vienna, NYC. Then she decided to work out of Seattle. We sold our house out of Oak Harbor, Whidbey Is and we live with her. Mark lives in Reston, he is a heavy truck mechanic and has our two grand persons. Lets see who have I run into. There was a fellow named Bass in Dutch and he made Ens there. That was in 44-45. In '45 I went aboard the FDR and who should be the JOOD but Ens Bass. In the early 50s flew from NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone to NAS Norfolk, Virginia to go to a FAETU School & Fleet exercises & ran into "Scratch", we called him that, his name Gene Foreman AOM3/c, I know 3 incidents involving ordnance he had a hand in -- two in Dutch Harbor. I ran into Mr Mathwick in Memphis in 1955. He was a Commander and the Legal Officer. Also Burt Johnson - he was another radioman at Dutch. He got married while we were back to Seattle to train for the SBW4Es. I was his best man and I got married a week or so later and he was my best man. They came up and visited us a few years back. Also Bill Pietz, we visited them in Calif when we went there several times. I also ran into Pena AOM3/c in Corpus in 1946. Also ran into Ortega AM1/c , I'm sure he stayed in & retired. I have a lot of pictures (snapshots). I'm looking at a 8x10 of Det 3 Dutch Harbor. It was taken while Johnson, Peitz and I were back in Seattle. 14 EMs and 4 Officers and I have all the names on the back. I have a nice picture I think of an SBD Taxiing in blowing snow. I also have some of the new birds SBW4Es and the USS Teal AVP-5. In case you are wondering I didn't get to fly back with the planes, came back on the Teal - 65 normal complement, 250 VS48 people. Sleep where you can find a place. 19 days from Dutch Harbor. I slept in the main whale boat. I had a sleeping bag. Most people slept on army cots on the fan tail except we hit the tail end of a typhoon and everybody had to sleep inside. For a few days we only made 1 knot, a real rough ride. After we hit the inside passage they dropped the hook every night, didn't seem like they were in any gig hurry to get back. Say, I'm running out of spit. Maybe you can make some sense out of all this rambling..." [20JUN2005]

FANT, RMC Jack L. jfant612@cs.com "...From February 1970 to February 1974 I was the EastLantMed Air-to-Ground Communications expert and served with PATRON NS Rota, Spain through NavCommSta Spain. During 1972 I flew with VP-45 and VP-44 while I designed and made operational the secure teletype communications system for P3 A and B models in the EastLantMed area. Though I flew close to 2000 hours in P-3s my flight time was never logged which was a big disappointment to me as I thought I made a significant contribution to the ASW effort. I am still proud of my time with the various VP squadrons and still get a thrill out of seeing a P-3..." [28JAN2001]

FARRELL, Jerry jerryf@mail.ameritel.net "...I served in VP-19, 1968-69-70, VX-1, 1970, 74 and VP-45, 1974, 77..." [22JUN98]

FARRELL, ATC Patrick Retired pddgm@comcast.net "...I served with VP-49 (IFT) from April 1978 to August 1981. We made deployments to NAS Bermuda, NAS Sigonella, Sicily, NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal and NS Rota, Spain. I've run into a few WFWP (World Famous Woodpeckers) from time to time as I still reside in Jacksonville. I did a tour in VP-45 and VP-30 as well as NS Rota, Spain. Retired in 1993. Techie is in my blood. I own a Computer Business in Jacksonville today. I've sent some emails to the names I recognize. Would love to hear from others I was stationed with..." [20JUN2009]

FERGUSON, Roger D. rdferg@softhome.net "...I served with VPB-45 from 1944-1945 (the South America tour). If anyone from that era ever logs on, please get in touch. Flew first at NAF Belem, Brazil beginning July 11, 1944 and finally on to NAF Aratu, Bahia, Brazil on May 7, 1945. I was on the last PBY-5A (BUNO 46492) to leave NAF Belem, Brazil on May 27, 1945 and we arrived in NAS Norfolk, Virginia on June 2, 1945. The skipper, LCDR Binion, was the PPC on that final flight. Following breakup of PBY-5A Squadron VPB-45 in early June 1945, I reported for duty with VJ-16 in early July 1945 at NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. My first flight on July 12, 1945 was in JM-1 BuNo 66763 with LT Adam. VJ-16 was then commanded by LCDR V. Wright. Over the course of my duty with the squadron it had a wide variety of aircraft including OS2U (land), JM-1, JM-2, PBY-5A, SBD, FM-2, F6F, TBF, TBM and later JD-1. I never got to fly in a JD-1 that operated off of the new long runway across the bay. I spent time on detached duty at San Juan, Puerto Rico NAS from February 12, 1945 to May 5, 1945. My last Navy active duty flight as a pilot was on May 7, 1945 in F6F BuNo 79671. Living conditions at NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba were, by far, the very best of my short Navy stint. The food in the mess was outstanding and we had daily maid service in our very nice individual rooms. VJ-16 personnel, both officers and enlisted, were unbeatable. LCDR W. Wilder, Squadron CO flew me from NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to Miami on May 8, 1946 in JM-2 BuNo 91966 and I was discharged from active duty at Great Lakes, IL on or about May 12, 1946..." [E-Mail Updated 13JUL2003 | E-Mail Updated 07JUN2003 | E-Mail Updated 06MAR2003 | BIO Updated 26MAR2002 | 17AUG2000]

FICKLING, AWCS Richard Retired p3css1@aol.com "...I served in VP-45, VP-62, VP-60, VP-68 and a couple of ASWOC/TSC tours. Retired 12/94, the year before VP-68 Disestablished. Now employeed by Lockheed Martin as the Project Engineer for the acoustic subsystems - maritime programs. (P-3s & LAMPS MK III)...."

Memorial Picture "...FIELDS, AFCM Charlie...Charles E. Fields was born in Kenova West VA on 2 August 1933 attended Forest Dale, a four-room school through the eighth grade, then attended Ironton High School in Ironton Ohio, graduating in 1952. He joined the Navy in Ashland KY in 1952 and served 30 years (VP-18, VP-23, VP-30 and VP-45) retiring as a Master Chief in 1982. He attended several colleges while in the navy and finally after his retirement from the Navy received an associate's degree in education in 1984. He held several positions while working at the Naval Aviation depot Jacksonville and retired from civil service in 1999. He was a member of the FRA and the American Legion. He was a board member of the Jacksonville Seminole Club and served on the board and also as President of the Seminole Club of Clay County. He was a member and elder of St. Giles Presbyterian Church. He is survived by a loving wife of 53+ years, Mary Jo Fields (Jodi); sons, Charles Fields & wife, Elana of Jacksonville and Tony Fields & wife, Virginia of Brunswick, Maine; daughters, Deborah & husband, Brian Jones of Jacksonville and Donna & husband, David Crenshaw of Jacksonville; ten grandchildren, Billy Green, Amanda Fields, Anthony Fields, Jennifer Green, Michael Jones, Taelor Jones, Kilea Jones, Sarah Fields, Andrew Fields, Anthony Logan and David Crenshaw; three great-grandchildren, Kaylin Crenshaw, Mason Deloach and Seth Fields. Funeral services in celebration of his life will be held at 2:00 PM Tuesday, May 8th at St. Giles Presbyterian Church, 116 Foxridge Rd., Orange Park, FL with Pastor Roy C. Lewis officiating. Family and friends will gather prior at the church from 12:30-2:00 PM. Interment will follow at Riverside Memorial Park on Normandy Blvd. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Community Hospice of NE FL, 4266 Sunbeam Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32257. Please Sign the Guestbook @ Jacksonville.com..." Contributed by COLE, AVCM James E. "Jim" jamesecole@bellsouth.net [20SEP2010]

FIELDS, AFCM Charlie cefnole@aol.com "...First squadron VP-18 P2V-7A/C flew non stop from NAS Keflavik, Iceland to NAS Jacksonville, Florida with only one B/B tank installed. AW Howard was the plane Commander. Other tours in VP-30, VP-23, and my last squadron before retirement with 30 years service was VP-45 with P-3 A/C..." [13JUL2000]

FISCHER, Halsey hfischer@masseyburch.com "...VP-45 from 72-75. I only remember NAS Keflavik, Iceland!..." [10JAN2000]

FISHER, CAPTAIN Byron Retired BYRFISH@aol.com "...VP-45 (1976-79), VX-1 (1979-80), VP-4549 (SAU) (1980-83), VP-68 (1983-95). Former CO VP-68 (1993-95). Pilot, United Airlines, Washington, DC..." [E-Mail Updated 23MAR2002 | Updated 13SEP98 | 12MAR98]

FITE, CDR Richard T. http://www.navy.mil/homepages/vp-45/xofite.htm "...Commander Richard T. Fite was born in Washington D.C. the son of a career Air Force pilot. He graduated from Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio with a Bachelor of Administration degree in Political Science. Commander Fite received his commission in December 1985 through the Aviation Officer Candidate Program and was designated a Naval Flight Officer in April 1987. In October 1987, he reported to the "Golden Pelicans" of VP-44 at NAS Brunswick, Maine. Flying the P-3C Update II Orions, he deployed to NS Rota, Spain and NAS Keflavik, Iceland. During this tour he was designated as an Instructor Tacco and Mission Commander and served as Command Security Manager, Readiness Officer, NFO Training and Assistant Operations Officer. Commander Fite then reported to Navy Recruiting District, Columbus, Ohio in February 1991. He served as the Officer Programs Officer and was the 1992 "Officer Recruiter of the Year." In March 1993, Commander Fite was assigned as Aide and Flag Lieutenant to Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group Two. He qualified as Flag Tactical Action Officer and completed a deployment to the Mediterranean Sea and Arabian Gulf in support of operations DENY FLIGHT, SHARP GUARD, VIGILANT WARRIOR and SOUTHERN WATCH. Following his disassociated sea tour, Commander Fite reported to the Bureau of Naval Personnel in Washington D.C. in the Aviation Assignment Division as the VP Shore and Sea Detailer in March 1995. In July 1997, Commander Fite reported to the "Golden Swordsmen" of VP-47 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. During this tour he served as Tactics Officer, Administrative Officer, and Operations Officer and completed a quad site deployment to NSF Diego Garcia. Commander Fite then reported to Commander, Patrol Wings Pacific as Assistant Chief of Staff for Manpower in February, 1999. Additionally, he took on the role as Assistant Chief of Staff for Naval Activities upon the congressionally mandated closure of NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii and the staff's homeport shift to MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. In November 2000, Commander Fite was temporarily assigned in the Aviation Budget and Requirements Office on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations during the Quadrennial Defense Review assessment. In August 2001, he reported to the National War College at Ft McNair, Washington D.C. Upon graduation, he received a Masters of Science Degree in National Security Strategy. In April 2003, he reported to VP-45 as the Executive Officer. Commander Fite's personal awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, four Navy Commendation Medals, two Navy Achievement Medals and various campaign and unit awards..." [15JUN2003]

FITZGERALD, CDR William A. http://www.navy.mil/homepages/vp-45/cofitz.htm "...Commander Will Fitzgerald graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1985 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. He reported to VT-3 in NAS Pensacola, Florida for primary flight training and then to VT-31 in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas for intermediate and advanced flight training. In February 1987 he completed flight school on the Commodore's List with Distinction and was designated a Naval Aviator. In September 1987, he reported to the Red Lancers of VP-10 at NAS Brunswick, Maine. During this tour he earned his initial qualifications as Patrol Plane Commander, Mission Commander, Instructor Pilot, and Formation Pilot in the P-3C Update II.5 aircraft and completed deployments to NAS Keflavik, Iceland, NS Rota, Spain, and NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal. He served as the Human Resources Officer, Phase/Corrosion Branch Officer, Aircraft Division Officer, Quality Assurance Officer, and Pilot NATOPS Officer. Commander Fitzgerald next reported to the FRS, VP-30 in NAS Jacksonville, Florida, in February 1991 for instructor pilot duty. During this tour he served as PR/AME Branch Officer, Pilot Tactics Officer, Assistant Fleet IUT Officer, Fleet Formation Instructor Pilot, and Pilot IUT & Standardization Officer. In February 1994, Commander Fitzgerald was assigned to USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65) as a Catapult and Arresting Gear Officer. During this tour he served as V-4 Division Officer, V-2 Division Officer, and Air Department Administrative Officer. While aboard, he earned designation as Officer of the Deck (In-Port), Helicopter Control Officer, and Conning Officer Alongside. Commander Fitzgerald next reported to the staff of the Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet in April 1996. He served in the Plans and Policy Directorate (N5) as the Deputy Director for Plans and Policy for the North Atlantic, Western and Central Europe. In April 1997, Commander Fitzgerald reported to the Golden Swordsmen of VP-47 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. He served as the Safety/NATOPS Officer and Operations Officer during a West Pac deployment to NSF Diego Garcia and the Arabian Gulf. In June of 1998, Commander Fitzgerald reported to the OPNAV staff at the Pentagon as the Deputy Executive Assistant to the Director, Air Warfare (N88). In July 2000, following his Pentagon tour, Commander Fitzgerald attended the National Defense University, Industrial College of the Armed Forces and received a Masters of Science degree in National Resource Strategy. In March 2002, he reported to VP-45 as the Executive Officer. He assumed command of VP-45 in April 2003. Commander Fitzgerald is authorized to wear the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal (four awards), Navy Achievement Medal (two awards), the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal as well as various service and unit awards..." [15JUN2003]

FLOYD, CDR Tim B. "Pink" Retired timothy.b.floyd@lmco.com "...I served with VP-19 (Big Red) from July 1981 to October 1984, USS Enterprise (CVN-65) from March 1987 to July 1989, Navy War College from July 1989 to September 1990, VP-45 (Pelicans) from September 1991 to July 1993, OPNAV (N889) from July 1993 to January 1996, NAVAIR from February 1996 to 2001, and retired out of NAVAIR as the Deputy, P-3 International Programs in May 2001. I have been with Lockheed Martin since June 2001 as Lockheed Martin's Mission System Program Manager for the P-3 (Multimission Maritime Aircraft) replacement program. Hello to all of my old friends that may read this. Please feel free to write me at my e-mail. Pink..." [E-Mail/BIO Updatd 18MAY2004 | BIO Updated 20JUL2000 | E-Mail Updated 05OCT98 | 19DEC97]

FORD, Michael whtmtns7861@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-45 from the Spring of 1980 through the Fall of 1983. This included a NAS Bermuda deployment and two NAS Sigonella, Sicily deployments. I was a sensor station three operator on CAC's 1 and 2. Would love to here from anyone who served in the squadron during my tenure, especially any one from the AW division. I'm planning on attending the Patron Four Five (VP-45/VP-205/VP-MS-5) Association Reunion in Jacksonville in September and would be interested in hearing from any AW's who may want to attend or have location information on other members of our shop. I have had limited communication with ex-AW's McGinley, Steil, Mead, Polley and Hampson. Those were great days and we did important work..no regrets..." [14FEB2008]

FOSTER, AT Ron ronfster@aol.com "...I served with VP-17 (1968-1970), VQ-1 (1974-1977) with Crew-36, VQ-2 (1978-1981) worked in Special Projects and VP-45 (1982-1985) with CAC-5..." [E-Mail Updated 20OCT2011 | 04NOV97]

FRANZ, Ted RCMService@aol.com "...I joined VP-30 upon graduation from AFTA at NATTC, Memphis in November of '77. Yeah, I know, rent-a-crow. I completed WST/IFT training in May of '78. I met VP-45 in Sigonella that month, and returned to JAX with the squadron in July. I assumed the duties as CAC-5 IFT in August of '78 and remained with that crew until my departure from the squadron in May of '82. I did two more Sig deployments, as well as a stint to NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan as part of a three aircraft detachment from October to December '80. Joined the rest of the squadron in Bermuda from December '80 to March '81. I was the squadron's IFT position NATOPS Instructor from February '81 to May '82. After VP-45, I spent three years at NATC, Pax River, MD with the Anti-Submarine Aircraft Test Directorate as a Master QAR. Departed the NAV in May of '85. I presently reside in South Florida and own a business dealing with the procurement of federal government contracts..." [Updated E-Mail 16JUN99 | 12NOV97]

FUTCH, Ralph F. rfutch21@aol.com "...I served with VP-5 from 1982 - 1985 with some of the most terrific people I have ever gotten to know. Sure miss those times! They all still hold a special place in my heart. Sara, Lee, Jed, Crack, Wade, Chuckie, Kitty, and the rest. Just finished tours with VP-45 and VP-16. Love that VP Navy! I am now stationed at AIMD NS Mayport, Florida. Getting close to the end of my Navy days. Hope to hear from ya'll..." [12JUL2002]

GAGNE, AD2 Patrick patrickgagne@gmail.com "...I served with VP-45 (P-3's) with a deployment to NAS Bermuda in 1987. I had many hours logged sleeping on the raft by the starboard wing window. I remember some great meals and a lot of card playing in the back of those big old birds..." [17JUN2009]

GALLOWAY, LT Jere F. Retired frankgalloway@home.com "...I served with VP-45 as an aircrewman on the P5M. I was an AO2 serving as chief cook, bouy maker on the first try and the chief photographer. Too bad that NOB Bermuda is not around any more..." [11AUG99]

GARDNER, Gary R. Retired ggardner5486@bellsouth.net "...Started out in VP-30 as a tron at NAS Jacksonville, Florida flying in P2V5s and P2V7s 62-65. Then went to VP-45 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, mostly worked in the tron locker on nights working on P-3As 65-68. From there, I went to VX-1 at NAS Key West flying on P-3s and working in Avionics and QA 68-72. From the warm waters of Key West I went to the cold north of NAS Brunswick, Maine for duty with VP-8. Made several deployments as the in-flight tech on crews 11 & 12. Had the Rod-man as TACCO with Dunbar Lawson as PPC for two years. (They could find them when no one else could.) I was there from 72 until 78. From NAS Brunswick, Maine I went to NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and back to VX-1 until I retired in 80. Stayed in the Pax River area as a contractor and civil servent until 1994 when the government saw fit to move me to the Charleston, SC area and SPAWAR..." [E-Mail Updated 22AUG2007 | 03NOV2001]

GARUTI, Rob rrgaruti@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-45 from April 1986 to April 1989. I'm looking for anyone who worked in the AW Shop. I would like to hear from you..." [E-Mail Updated 12APR2009 | 16JAN2001]

GAYDOS, Michael golfingmaster20022001@yahoo.com "...Attended AO "A" School (1968) in NAS Jacksonville, Florida, VP-30 (1968-1969) at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, VP-45 (1970-1971) with deployments to NS Rota, Spain and NAS Sigonella, Sicily flying with Crew-10. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [15AUG2017]

GETCHELL, Robert A. Retired bbg2@msn.com "...Hi fellow "Airdales." I'm a 20 year Navy retired guy. Some of my best times were spent aboard Neptunes. I transitioned to P-3 and it just wasn't the same. I served VP-7, VP-45, VP-5 from 1967 to 1973. I'd like to meet anyone who was at NAS Jacksonville, Florida during that time. I'd like any Reunion information as well. May God richly bless all of you for your dedicated service. Bravo-Zulu..." [07SEP2003]

GIBSON, ATC(AW/NAC/MTS) Les Retired lesg45@yahoo.com "...I would love to hear from any of my old Shipmates from my days as an IFT with VP-45 (1978 to 1981), VP-48 (1984 to 1988) and VP-26 (1992 to 1994). Also, anyone who may remember me from NATC NAS Patuxent River, Maryland ('81-'84) and NAMTGD 1012 (1988 to 1991). Here's the best to all of you!..." [E-Mail Updated 16JAN2004 | E-Mail Updated 30JUN2000 | 05DEC99]

GILL, AX3 Ray raygill2@juno.com "...I was an AX-3 in VP-45 from 1968 to 1970. A great squadron. Many fond memories..." [07JUL2002]

GLENN, AT Allen E. aglenn@eaglesystemsinc.net "...I served with VP-45 from 1975 to 1977, VXN-8 from 1977 to 1980, VP-44 from 1980 to 1983, CPW-5 from 1983 to 1986 and VP-11 from 1986 to 1990. I was an AT ground pounder. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 18OCT2009 | 31AUG97]

GOLD, AT3 Ken goldkr@att.net "...I served with VP-45 (1954-09/1956) at NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone. I was an AT (radio and radar and ECM) on 1-Boat for most of my time in the squadron. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 27JUL2016 | 13APR2000]

GOLDER, Tom tvgold1@msn.com "...I served with VP-45 (02/1965-02/1967) as PPC Crew-4 (Training Officer) and VX-1 (06/1970-11/1973) as RLDO, Admin Officer and Operations Officer..." [14JAN2015]

GONYON, Tony QKSTNG@aol.com "...Served VP-56 from Feb83 to Oct88!! Known as Gizmo!! Then VP-30 from Oct88 to Dec91 then NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal (TSC) from Mar-91 till Nov 92 then VP-45 from Nov92 till 96 then retired from VP-30 thanks to TERA! Miss everyone!!..." [25MAY99]

GOSA, AMCS Johnny M. "Mike" Retired jmgosa@hotmail.com "...I served with AIMD at NAS Jacksonville, Florida (1967), VP-45 (1970-1971), VP-48 (1971-1973) at NAS Moffett Field, California, VP-19 (1984-1987), VT-23, VT-24, VT-31, VR-24, VRC-30, NAS Sigonella, Sicily, CTW3 Staff at NAS Chase Field, Beeville, Texas and retired in 1991..." [E-Mail Updated 02MAY2013 | 20JUN2003]

GOSHORN, Don vprep@daccess.net "...VP-18 P2V7s 61-63, VP-30 IFT instructor 65-67 P-3A/B/C, VP-45 67-70 P-3A/B, VP-30 70-75 P-3C, WST/OFT Tech (civil service) 2F69D, 14B44, 2F87T, 14B35..NAESU Rep VP-5..VP-62 P-3C UDIII..presently with LSI on the P-3 AIP birds in tech pub creation..." [BIO Updated 15AUG98]

GOSS, Ernie ernieg@creighton.edu "...I served with VP-45 from 1965 to 1968 (NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada and NAS Jacksonville, Florida). I would be interested in hearing from former Shipmates..." [18AUG2003]

GOSS, AWC Tom Retired jtgoss@aol.com "...On 03/31/98, I completed 25 years of "VP" Naval Service. Started out with VP-24, then on to CPW-11, VP-45, FASO NAS Moffett Field, California, VP-46, CPWP, and VP-4. To all the men and women who I have served with and met throughout my career, I would just like to say thank you for your support, professionalism, and friendship. If your ever in Reno or just want to chat, drop me an e-mail and we can talk about old times. Best of luck to all and fly safe!..." [19APR98]

GRAHAM, CAPTAIN Genie K. (Gene) Retired gene.graham@mchsi.com "...My first tour of duty after flight training was VW-11 (1960 to 1962), all on Crew 3. Started flying at NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada but moved to NAS Keflavik, Iceland in 1961. Flew first operational flight out of NAS Keflavik, Iceland on July 1, 1961. Next came a tour with the "Flying Phantoms", VP-18 (1963 to 1965), Crew 3, 12, 5 and 9 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida and NS Roosevelt Roads, PR. After two years in Monterey, reported to VP-31 Det NORIS as Safety Officer (1967 to 1969). My tour in purgatory came on USS, Independence from 1969 to 1971 as Assistantt CIC and then CIC after boss was fired. On to the "Pelicans", VP-45, as ADMIN and OPS Officer (1972 to 1975) Crew 21. Finally made it into the P-3 community, brand new P-3C's by the way. A new airplane smells just like a new car. One year in DC at George Washington University for my MBA and back to NAS Jacksonville, Florida as XO of VP-30 (1976 to 1977). Next stop with "World Famous Batmen", VP-24 as XO/CO (1977 to 1979). After four years on OPNAV and SECNAV staff, retired as Captain in 1983. Payback is HELL, my son was NROTC and stayed in Navy for 9 years. Seems that everywhere he was stationed, someone was waiting with a "Genie K story". Not all of those would I have chosen to share with my son! Happily, I can say, he was not tainted. Second career was with EDS and I enjoyed it very much. Jerry Lynn, bless her heart, has stayed with me for 44 years and counting, and we have retired to Fairhope, AL. Stay in touch!..." [08APR2004]

GRANADE, LT Bill bgranade@ozline.net "...I started my VP training with VP-30 RAG, NAS Jacksonville, Florida summer of 1967 P2V-7E. Next to VP-7 NAS Jacksonville, Florida, early fall of 67. Moved thru the Nav, Co-pilot & made PPC with VP-7 in the spring of 1969; also, got married 3-7-69. Transferred to VP-45 NAS Jacksonville, Florida and made the annual Unitas 10 Cruise to South America, June to Dec 69. On returning to NAS Jacksonville, Florida tranfered to the reserves VP-62 NAS Jacksonville, Florida. After 6 months of civilian life returned to active duty in NAS Pensacola, Florida in June 70 as a Flight Instructor flying RC45-J (Twin Beech) at the Navy Photo School (NATTU). Released from active duty in June of 72. Still married to Cathy after all these years, one daughter,Holly 27. Retired from Baxter Healthcare after 19 years in Jan. 1999. Gone fishing..." [22MAY2001]

GRAY, AFCM Richard W. "Dick" Retired dickgray@brooksendway.com "...I served with NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey, VP-10, VP-11, VP-21, VP-23, VP-26, VP-30, VP-45, VQ-2, NAS Brunswick, Maine and NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I was an R4D and P2 Plane Captain, P-3 F/E, Maint. MCPO, and later did 5 CMC tours. The best to all my former Shipmates. Feel free to Email me..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 08APR2006 | 19FEB2004]

GREATHOUSE, Michael D. Renegade4@prodigy.net "...Pelicans from hell at NAS Sigonella, Sicily '87 in particular. I served in VP-45 from 84-89 as Com/Nav Tech AIMD. Would love to hear from some of you maniacs!..." [11JAN99]

GREEN, R. GERALD geraldgreen@prodigy.net "...I was attached to VP-45 during 1954 - 1956 while the squadron was based in NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone. While attached to VP-45, I spent an extended TAD assignment to FAW-ll Staff NAS Jacksonville, Florida. While in NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone, I was assigned to "4 Boat", and my Plane Captain was "Chief Scott", an individual that had a profound impact on my life and career. I do not remember the names of the PPC (Operations Officer, I believe), Co-Pilot, or Navigator, but I do remember several other crew members, Izzo, Gallo, Giovannato (all last names). Izzo was an AM and Gallo and Giovannato were AT along with myself and First Technician, Bill Meyers (?). Two shipmates in VP-45 whose memories are fond were Chcuk Butler (from Tennessee, I believe), and Bill Berg, a brilliant AT. I would be thrilled to hear from any of these shipmates or others from VP-45/FAW-ll that served during the 1954 - 1956 time frame. During those years VP-45 was equipped with P5M Martin Marlins. I remember VP-45 flying observation over Costa Rica and Nicarauga as designated by OAS, I believe. This would have most likely been in 1954. I loved the P5M and I enjoyed flying for the most part. Two aspects that I did not enjoy were rocket runs and "MAD" Compensation flights. Again, it would be great to hear from shipmates that served with VP-45/FAW-ll during my years..." [E-Mail Updated 16JUN2000 | 02DEC97]

HAMMONS, ATN3 Troy D. tdhammons@msn.com "...I served with VP-7 NAS Sigonella, Sicily from November 1968 thru February 1969, VP-45 Crew 30 NS Rota, Spain from February 1970 thru April 1970, and VP-45 Crew 30 NAS Sigonella, Sicily from October 1970 thru February 1971. I flew back from my first deployment in NAS Sigonella, Sicily on my late brothers' Crew (VP-7 Crew 2, AE2 Gary Hammons died of a heart attack 2-27-97). We made some fond memories together while we served our country..." [E-Mail Updated 13JUL2005 | 30JUN2002]

HANKINS, CDR Hankins, Doug Retired dhankin@exis.net "...VRC-50 (77-79), VP-45 (79-82), CVN-70 (82-84), VP-30 (85-87), VP-56 (87-89), NAMTRAGRUDET NAS Jacksonville, Florida OinC (89-91), CVN-65 (91-93). Hello to all Shipmates. Feel free to drop me a line..." [14MAY98]

HANSEN, Kenny khansen800@aol.com "...I was in VP-45 from 1984-1988 in Power Plants and in VP-16 from 1994-1998 as Maintenance Control Supervisor. Currently station at CTW-2 NAS Kingsville as Wing MMCPO..." [15FEB2000]

HARDIN, AMEC Mike "Mikey" ame1coonass@aol.com "...Hello fellow "PECKERS." I served with VP-49 from April 1990 to September 1993. From there I went to VP-30 and was there from September 1993 until December 1996. I'm now an AMEC currently serving with VP-45 here in sunny NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I will be tranfering to VP-30 in Mar 2001. It would be great to here from some of my "WORLD FAMOUS WOODPECKER PER DIEM MATES" Thank you..." [02JAN2001]

HARE, Richard richhare55@gmail.com "...I served with VP-24 (1981-1985) and VP-45 (1991-1995)..." [01JUL2015]

HARRAHILL, Kim kdlopp1@aol.com "...I was enlisted in VP-45 from May 93 until my discharge from service in Oct 96. I just wanted to say...Chief M. Dronkers and Chief Speiring ..you guys were right. I couldn't wait for the day of escape. If I never saw another P-3 skypig it would have been too soon. Until I actually left Jacksonville with the pigs behind. Now I miss them and all my friends....well some of them anyway.haha I saw a P-3 the other day while I was traveling and I was so proud. I told my boyfriend "Hey that's what I used to fix!" Ironic huh?..." [18AUG2000]

HART, Marshall "Frog" Retired jester.56@att.net "...I served with VP-45, VP-56, VP-49, VP-11 (deployment to NAS Sigonella, Sicily) and VP-10 (January 1991 to December 1995) as an Inflight Ordnaceman. I hope to visit NAS Jacksonville, Florida soon..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated | 04AUG2003]

HARTL, Robert fstop6342@aol.com "...I served with VP-45 (pilot) from 1966 to 1969. I was the normal copilot and a rated PPC on the NAS Adak, Alaska mishap on June 2, 1969. I am interested in getting in touch with LT William R. Dailey the TACCO on Crew-20 that was also on the aircraft that day..." [30JAN2010]

HARTLEY, PRCM (AW/SW/PJ) Gary B. HartleyGB@aol.com or fl1xacd@hotmail.com "...I was stationed in VP-45 from Aug 1976-Dec79, Apr-Jul 1992. VP-46 from Jul 1993 - Oct 1994. Presently CMC VP-45 until retirement. Look forward to hearing from anyone who was stationed with me at those times..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 22NOV2000 | 29SEP98]

HARVEY, AD1 Jim Retired jimharvey1@comcast.net "...Attached to NAS Brunswick, Maine from Apr 78 - Dec 81 working at AOMD. (Initially assigned to AIMD but Ops found out I was an ADR and they had a VERY sick C-1A & nobody to fix it!) Transferred to VP-45 in APR 82 catching up to them on deployment in NAS Sigonella, Sicily. Made another NAS Sigonella, Sicily and a NS Rota, Spain / NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal deployment with them. Transferred to VP-30 in August 89 running the Power Plants shop & subsequently going to QA as the LPO..." [27APR2005]

HARWELL, YN2 James jharwell@realtysouth.com "...I served with VP-45 from 1982 to 1986..." [04SEP2004]

HASKINS, Vice Admiral Michael D. Retired U. S. Naval Academy "...Vice Admiral Michael D. Haskins was born in Angels Camp, California. He graduated first in his class from the Naval Academy in June 1966 and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study history at the University of LaPlata, Argentina. Following his studies in Argentina and flight training, he received his wings in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, in September 1968. Vice Admiral Haskins reported to VP-49 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, and deployed twice to NAS Keflavik, Iceland. In July 1972, he was assigned to the Naval Academy, where he taught History of Seapower. In July 1973, he was selected as a Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Scholar. He attended Oxford University, England, where he received a Masters Degree in international relations and international economics. In December 1975 Vice Admiral Haskins reported to the staff of Commander, Cruiser-Destroyer Group TWELVE in Mayport, Florida, as Assistant Plans/Operations Officer. In July 1978, he was assigned to VP-45 in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. During the period, VP-45 deployed to NAS Sigonella, Sicily, and NAS Bermuda. Vice Admiral Haskins reported to CPW-2 staff as Training Officer in July 1980 and joined VP-22 as Executive Officer in May 1981. He served as Commanding Officer from May 1982 until June 1983. During this period, VP-22 deployed to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines and conducted detachment operations from NAS Agana, Guam. The squadron was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation for special operations. In June 1983, Vice Admiral Haskins assumed command of VP-1 where he served until May 1984. The squadron deployed to NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan, and was awarded the Arnold J. Isbell Trophy for Anti-Submarine Warfare excellence. In June 1984, he was assigned to the staff of Commander THIRD Fleet, where he served as the Current Operations Officer. In June 1985, he assumed command of VP-31, the West Coast P-3 Fleet Replacement Squadron, and served until July 1986. During this period, the squadron was awarded the CNO Safety Award. From August 1986 to March 1988, he was Deputy Director of the CNO Executive Panel (OP-00K) on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations. From June 1988 to July 1990, he was CPW-1 and Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Force SEVENTH Fleet. IN August 1990, he reported to the National War College and in December 1990, he became the 74th Commandant of Midshipmen at the Naval Academy. From August 1992 to August 1994 Vice Admiral Haskins served as Commander, Iceland Defense Force; Commander, Fleet Air, Keflavik; Island Commander, Iceland; and Commander, Iceland Anti-Submarine Warfare Group. While serving in Iceland, he was presented with the Order of the Falcon, Commander's Cross, by the President of Iceland. In October 1994, he assumed the position of Commander, Patrol Wings U.S. Atlantic Fleet and Commander, Task Force EIGHT FOUR. In addition to this assignment, he deployed to NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, from July to November 1995 as Commander, Joint Task Force ONE SIX ZERO in charge of Cuban and Haitian migrant operations. From June 1996 to July 1998, Vice Admiral Haskins served as Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Japan. He was awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver, by the Emperor of Japan. In August 1998, he reported to London, England, for duty as the Deputy Commander in Chief, U.S. Naval Forces, Europe. During his tenure, he additionally served as Deputy to Commander, Joint Task Force NOBLE ANVIL from March to July 1999 directing operations in the Kosovo conflict. From March to June 1999 he also served as COMFAIRMED/CTF 67. He reported to Washington, DC in July 2000 where he served as the Naval Inspector General until January 2003. He is currently the Distinguished Chair of Leadership at the United States Naval Academy. Vice Admiral Haskins' awards include the Distinguished Service Medal with Gold Star, Defense Superior Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, Legion of Merit with three Gold Stars, Meritorious Service Medal with Three Gold Stars, Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal, Joint Meritorious Unit Award, Navy Unit Commendation, Meritorious Unit Commendations, National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Kosovo Campaign Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, and NATO Medal..." [31MAY2003]

HAUCK, Al alhauck@telerama.lm.com "...I was a AMS2 with VP-45 from Sept 1969 to April 1972. Presently a Avionics Maintanence Control Foreman for US Airways. Interesting in hearing from anyone in the squadron around this time..." [28DEC98]

HAYDEN, AWC(AW/NAC) Brett Retired bldqhayden@comcast.net "...I served with VP-45 (1984-1987) at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, VP-68 (1987-1997) at NAF Andrews, Maryland and VP-92 (1997-2004) at NAS Brunswick, Maine..." [28JAN2017]

HAYES, Billy "Will" ouch1344@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-40 from 1980 to 1984, ASWOC NAS Bermuda from 1985 to 1988, USS Saratoga CV-60 (payback tour) from 1988 to 1990, VP-30 (Instructor tour) from 1990 to 1993, VP-49 from 1993 to 1994 (disestablishment), VP-45 from 1993 to 1996 VP-30 from 1996 to my retirement in 1999. The whole ball of wax as a SS-3, with a short but feeble attempt at the acoustic side, would love to hear from Shipmates I've had the pleasure to serve with along the way. I bounce between Jacksonville and South Carolina where I'm working with the railroad these days..." [10DEC2009]

HAYNES, Bill wahaynes@comcast.net "...I was in Naval Aviation from 1955 to 1959 and spent two years at NAS Bermuda flying as aircrew with VP-45 and VP-49. I was assigned to FASRON-111 which supported the two patrol squadrons and I flew with them, also. PBM, P5M, UF-1 aircraft. I have many photographs of aircraft, activities and the naval station I would be happy to share. Would also like to contact FASRON-111 folks who were stationed there at the time..." [13DEC2004]


HEBERT, Brian p3aw11@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-16 (1986-1994), VP-30 (1994-1998), VP-45 (1999-2002) with a wonderful year NSF Diego Garcia and the last 4 were spent at NAS Pensacola, Florida..." [21APR2010]

HENNIS, AMS Robert W. Retired bobthebuilder2@live.com "...I served with VP-45 from 1974 to 1976. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [03JAN2009]

HERLING, AE Gerald (Jerry) T. herling@powerweb.net "...I was assigned to VP-45 as an AE from December 1951 until April 1954. The squadron was stationed in NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone at that time. We had 12 PBM's and shared a hanger with a FASRON. I was then transferred to VF16 operating out of Oceana Virgina and was discharged in February 1955..." [29MAY2001]

HERRING, Paul pherring@woh.rr.com "...I served with VP-18 (1956-1960), VP-30 DetAlpha NAS Patuxent River, Maryland (1962-1964), VP-49 (1962-1965), 6003RD Support Squadron Taiwan (1965-1967), VP-30 NAS Patuxent River, Maryland (1967-1968), Monterey Post Graduate School (1969-1970), VP-45 (1971-1973), Second Fleet Staff (1974-1976), and Retired 1976. Enjoyed all of my flying time in the VPNAVY..." [30MAY2003]

HERRON, Dona C. (Huffman) foresthunter@casscomm.com "...I would like to hear from anyone who was in VP-45 from 1988 to Dec 1992. I am looking to contact a few friends as follows: Dave Hill, Randy Vogt, Don Howard, Rocky Payne, Goose, Tim Smith, Lisa Stegelman, and Karen Vogel..." [16AUG2001]

HILL, AT Gregory gahill@northnet.org "...I served with VP-45 (1959-1961) at NAS Bermuda. I was an Aviation Electronics Technician on the P5M flight crew captained by LCDR INGRAHAM. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [01FEB2013]

HOBEN, AW2 Rick ringgold207@yahoo.com "...I was a Sensor three for CAC-2 with VP-45 from 1983 to 1988 when we were at full strength (CPW-11 Crew of the Quarter). Our crew consisted of Mike Christianson (PPC), Dave Porter (TACCO), Mark Hampson (SS1), Spencer Cunningham (SS2), AD1 Rich Baker (FE), AD1 "WestPac" Dewey Floyd, Jack (2nd Mechanic), Dave Campbell (IFT), Jett Bell (NavCom) who became our TC after I helped him pass his board, and Jim Wheatley (AO). I would really like to hear from any or all of the men I was proud to serve with especially Bruce Getty, who kept Whining Chiefs Culbertson and Bull off my butt as long as he could. PS. I still keep snakes (that info for former roommates Rick Wynn and Al LaBella)..." [E-Mail Updated 29JUN2004 | E-Mail Updated 14APR2004 | 02APR2000]

HOBGOOD, CDR Bill Retired Shipmate PixCirca 1950 Shipmate PixCirca 1990 Shipmate PixCirca 2008 hobgood.bill@gmail.com "...Son of a Pearl Harbor survivor and career Naval Officer, I graduated from Texas A&M (Corps of Cadets) and was commissioned via the AVROC program in November 1969. Following Flight Training in VT-10, VT-29, VP-30, VP-45 for DIFOPS (remember that?) from 1971-1974, PPTC on Crew 13, RPS Custodian and ASW Training Officer. Staff duty with FAW-11 (later CPW-11) as ASW Officer followed. I worked for two of the finest officers I've known: CAPT Charlie Prindle and CDR Lynn Grafel. After "Black Shoe" training at CIC/TAO school at FCTCL Dam Neck in 1977, reported for Sea Duty with COMCRUDESGRU-8 at NAS Norfolk, Virginia. As Battle Group Air ASW Officer and TAO under RADMs Thor Hanson and Bob Walters, deployed on USS Biddle, USS Eisenhower and USS Independence. Graduated from Naval War College in 1980 and received orders to PACFLT at CPW-2 Hawaii from 80-81. Met, later to be VADM, Mike Haskins and worked for him in the Training Department until taking over Wing Admin. Dept Head tour followed with VP-6 (Ops Officer) 83-84. Next was another staff tour at CPW-1/CTF-72 in Japan as Current Ops under CDR John Brockley. I later took over the job of Task Force Operations Officer from 85-86. Finally got to come back the mainland for a brief tour in NAS Pensacola, Florida as ASO for TRAWING-SIX. How nice it was to have weekends off for a change. Then the BEST tour any NFO can have: CO/XO of VT-10 1988-1990. My final tour was as XO of NAS Moffett Field, California 90-91 under CAPT Tim Quigley. I am now living in the Cedar Park, Texas area (retired between jobs) and enjoying not having to go anywhere each day.first time since I was 5 years old. Would like old Shipmates to drop me a line. Especially looking for Bob Simril, Jim Shaddix, Curt Griffith, Bob Miles et al...DIRLAUTH..." [E-Mail Updated 15MAR2011 | BIO Updated 11JAN2010 | BIO/PIX Updated 16APR2008 | BIO/E-Mail Updated 17JAN2007 | BIO Updated 01NOV2005 | BIO/Pix Updated 28MAR2002 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 26JAN2000 | 18SEP97]

HOFFNER, Yo yosuzhoff@attbi.com "...I was a VP-45 Pelican from 1985 to 1989, and deployed to NAS Bermuda and NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I was on various detachments to NS Roosevelt Roads, PR, NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal, NAS Keflavik, Iceland, Kinloss and Machrihanish, Scotland, and the entire North Atlantic tour. Made some lifelong friends along the way, and a great admiration for the P-3 Orion..." [05MAR2003]

HOLBROOK, Scott (Vinny) vinnman@freewwweb.com "...VP-24 Batmen 88-93 deployed NAS Bermuda 88 NAS Sigonella, Sicily 89 Iceland 90-91 NAS Sigonella, Sicily 92 Faso Det NAS Jacksonville, Florida 93-96 back to hanger 1000 to VP-45 Pelicans From Hell deployed NAS Sigonella, Sicily 96 NAS Sigonella, Sicily 97-98 Getting a little sick of Sigonella! Looking for Diamond Dave and the Roth brothers (SEALS) from VP-24..." [10APR98]

HOOKER, AVCM Harry G. Retired HarryJudyH@aol.com "...Served with VP(HM) 13 in NAS Chincoteague, Virginia in 1957 - 1960 as an AT3/AT2. Deployed to Malta and NAS Sigonella, Sicily. Squadron redesignated as VP-24 and transferred to NAS Norfolk, Virginia. Commissioned VP-30 in June 1960. 1962-Transferred to VP-45 (P5Ms) in Bermuda as an AT/AX1, deployed to NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Moved to NAS Jacksonville, Florida with P-3s in 1963. Deployed to NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada in 1964 (AXC). Reassigned to VP-30 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida in 1966. Transferred to VP-44 at Patuxent River in 1968 (AXCS). Deployed to NAS Keflavik, Iceland and NAS Sigonella, Sicily. Squadron moved to NAS Brunswick, Maine in 1970, deployed to NAS Bermuda. Transferred to NAS Jacksonville, Florida in 1971, retired as AVCM in 1973. Currently live in Alachua, FL..." [23SEP2002]

HOTTON, CAPTAIN Randy Retired pilotyip@aol.com "...VP-45 Oct 68 to Oct 71. Made deployments to NS Sangley Point, Philippines where we flew in Operation Market Time. We flew over 100 hours per month. I was a XO's Navigator on Crew 20, loved the Cel Nav. Crashed on our airplane (June 2nd, 1969) LN-20 151363 in NAS Adak, Alaska on the way home. Was home four months and went into a split Det out of NS Rota, Spain, qualified a PPC came home for five months and back to the Med 6 months in NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I was given my own crew and airplane the last six months I was in the squadron. Went into Recruiting and was assigned to NRD NAF Detroit, Michigan, had my own T-34 and run around hte State of Michigan talking guys into being Navy pilots. Then I got orders to the career-enhancing billet, TSC Ops officer on the USS Enterprise for initial West Coast deployment of the S-3A. Qual OOD (U), TPC in the C-1A. Things didn't work out on the boat and I was forced out in 1977. Joined the reserves at NAF Detroit, Michigan and starting flying the P-3 again in VP-93, had a couple command tours in the reserves and retired as a Captain. What a fantastic adventure, I was truly a lucky guy to live through those experiences. In my civilian career I bounced around a bunch of airlines few people ever heard of. Flew the Electra for TransAmerican and Zantop. Thinking of putting together a Crew 20 reunion, if I can still find anyone besides the XO and Bob Hartl who was on Crew 20. 1968 to 1969. VP-2644 was disestablished in 1981 and became VP-2473. I served in VP-2644 from Aug 1977 until I transefered to VP-93 in 1981. Served as Training Officer and Operations Officer..." [BIO Updated 29APR2010 | 13MAR2010]

Memorial Picture "...HOWARD, Don...My son, AME1 (AW) Don Howard, died October 22, 2002. At the time he was with VFA-37 in NAS Norfolk, Virginia. He served with VP-45 from 1989 to 1991 as an AME2 before going to Japan and from there to NAS Fallon, Nevada before joining up with VFA-37. If those who knew him would share stories we his family would appreciate it...Martha mb102738@aol.com..." [08APR2004]

HOWELL, AWC Ken STOTAW2666@AOL.COM "...I served proudly with the Batmen (VP-24) from '81 to 85, then did time with VP-30, VP-45, RATCEN, VS-41 and now with FASO NAS Jacksonville, Florida. "The worst day in the air is still better than the best day on the ground!"..." [26FEB99]

HOWER, Loy "Howie" loyhower@usa.net "... current member of VP-40. Previously attached to VP-56, VP-45, and NADC (NAWCACDIVWAR)..."

HRISKO, CMC Mike mfhrisko@attbi.com "...I served with VP-45 from 1978-1980. I am presently the Command Master Chief with VP-5. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading new comments from our Patrol Squadron shipmates and friends...." [E-Mail Updated 13NOV2002 | 29SEP97]

HUBBARD, AX2 Johnny johnny.hubbard@experian.com "...VP-45, 7/75-12/79, AIMD WC-640 NAS Jacksonville, Florida, NAS Sigonella, Sicily, NAS Keflavik, Iceland..."

Memorial Picture "...HUME, David M...I am sending this to you to convey some sad news. My father, Captain David M. Hume passed away on August 27. His service in VP-45 was long and storied- including deployments in Bermuda (Gitmo) and Jacksonville, where as squadron CO between 10/62 and 12/65 he led the enormously successful (by his account) stint in Adak..." Contributed by his son John Hume dave_hume@email.msn.com [28AUG2001]

HUMPHREY, Dale humphrec@bellsouth.net "...I served with VP-45 from 1963 to 1967, VP-30 (P2's)from 1967 to 1968, VP-16 from 1971 to 1975, VP-30 (Instructor FE from 1975 to 1978, VP-56 (NATOPS FE) from 1978 to 1981 and VP-30 (Instructor FE) from 1981 to 1984. I would like to hear from any old Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 29OCT2006 | 00XX97]

Memorial Picture "...HUTCHINSON, AW1(AW) Robert "Hutch"...Robert M. Hutchinson, member of VP-45, VP-9 and ASWOC NAS Agana, Guam, passed away April 10, 2010..." Contributed by Carl Noble carl.noble@att.net [08SEP2010]

HUTCHINSON, AW1(AW) Robert "HUTCH" Retired rhutch@ite.net "...I served with VP-45 from 1973-1979; completed two NAS Sigonella, Sicily and two NAS Keflavik, Iceland deployments with a UNITAS XX??? in there somewhere. Flew on Crew 5 with AWCM Hemrick on my first NAS Sigonella, Sicily deployment in 1973, operating out of Souda Bay, Crete during the Arab/Israeli war. Also served with VP-9 "Golden Eagles" from 1982-1986 completing a NAS Keflavik, Iceland deployment and NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan deployment with Diego Garcia det. Like to hear from any Shipmates in VP-9 and VP-45 that served during that time..." [04OCT99]

IMHOF, P. J. "PJ" pjdaddypaddy@att.net "...I served with VAP-62, VAH-15 (3rd Crewman), VP-56, VP-45, NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey, HS-2, HT-8A, HT-18 and HC-1 Detachment 3..." [E-Mail Updated 07AUG2017 | E-Mail Updated 17MAY2011 | E-Mail Updated 30NOV2004 | E-Mail Updated 08FEB2003 | E-Mail Updated 12AUG98]

INGBER, Henry G. hingber@aol.com "...I served with VP-45 (1952-1954) at NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone as an AT crewmember and ZP-3 (1954-1955) at NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [14JAN2011]

INNES, Scott innesm@verizon.net "...It was good to see some old names that brought back some lasting memories. I served with VP-45 from 1986 to 1989, CPW-11 from 1989 to 1992, CV-66 from 1992 to 1996, CPW-11 from 1996 to 1999, TSC NS Roosevelt Roads, PR from 1999 to 2002, and CVN-69 2002 until retirement. Hope to hear form some old Shipmates one day..." [22SEP2004]

JACKSON, LCDR Andrew E. Ph.D. Retired p3cpilot@aol.com "....VP-6 ('76-'79), Ensign - Lieutenant. Qualified as Patrol Plane Navigator, Tactical Navigator, Tactical Coordiantor and Mission Commander. Flew with Crew 1 and Crew 11. Deployed to NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan and NAS Cubi Point, Philippines Served as Electric Branch Officer, Nuclear Safety Officer, and Assistant Maintenannce Officer. Completed NFO to Pilot Transition in March 1982. Served with VP-45 ('82-'85). Lieutenant - Lieutenant Commander. Qualified as PP3P, PP2P, Patrol Plane Commander and Mission Commander. Flew with Crew 3 and Crew 12. Deployed to NAS Sigonella, Sicily, and NS Rota, Spain, Spain/Lajes, Azores. Served as Assistant Command Services Officer, Assisstant Admin Officer, Training Officer, and Tactics Officer. P-3 Update IV Project Officer Naval Air Development Center Warminster, PA. ('85-'87), S-3/SH-60 Project Manager - Naval Training Systems Center Orlando, Florida ('87-'88). Retired October 1988. Currently at Arizona State University in Aeronautical Management Technology Department..." [E-Mail Updated 30JUN2005 | 28MAY98]

JACKSON, CDR Guy D. Shipmate PixCirca 2005 http://reserves.navy.mil/ "...CDR Guy D. Jackson, a native of Marietta, Georgia, received his commission from the United States Naval Academy in 1987. After basic aviation traing at NAS Pensacola and advanced navigator traing at Mather AFB, CA, he earned his Naval Flight Officer (NFO) wings in April 1989. He reported to NAS Jacksonville, Florida for Fleet replacement P-3C NFO training at VP-30; followed by his first Fleet tour with VP-45. At VP-45 he served as Assistant CMS Officer, Personnel Officer, AW Division Officer, NFO Training Officer, Instructor at the Navigator / Communicator (NAVCOMM) and Tactical Coordinator (TACCO) positions, and Training Department Head. Serving three years with VP-45, he deployed throughout the North Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea and Caribbean in the P-3C Update III. He returned to VP-30 as a Fleet Replacement Instructor in November 1992. While at "The Pro's Nest" he instructed in the P3C Update 2, Update 2.5 and Update 3. He also served as Aircrew Coordination Training (ACT) Officer, AE/AO Branch Officer and Instructor TACCO. In February 1995, CDR Jackson joined VP-62 leaving active duty service to pursue an MBA. He joined Coopers & Lybrand in 1996 working in the business assurance practice. In 1998 he took a position as Controller for a Caterpillar dealership. In 2001 he joined Southeast Atlantic Beverage as the Vice President of Finance and CFO. While serving in VP-62 he has held numerous billets including Assistant Operations Officer, AV/ARM Division Officer, Command Services Department Head, Administrative Officer, Maintenance Officer and Executive Assistant. In 1996, he was recognized by the Naval Reserve Association as the Jacksonville Area Naval Flight Officer of the Year. Commander Jackson has been designated Patrol Plane Tactical Coordinator, NAVCOMM Blue Card Evaluator, TACCO Blue Card Evaluator and Mission Commander. Commander Jackson was the Mission Commander for Combat Aircrew One, the first Reserve AIP crew and winner of the 2001 Liberty Bell ASW Excellence. He has participated in detachments to Iceland, Italy, Greece, Scotland, Australia, Panama, Ecuador, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Key West and Japan. His awards include the Navy Commendation Medal (two awards), the Navy Achievement Medal (three awards), and various other personal and unit awards and citations..." [16JUN2005]

JACKSON, ATC Ken Retired P3TRON@AOL.COM "...Did 20 years in P-3's VP-9 (64-66), VP-47 (68-69), VP-45 (70-74), VP-30 (75-76), VP-40 (77-80), and CPW-11(80-83). Retired in 83 as an ATC with over 7000 hours. Then played Tech Rep(TEX-REP) For VP-92, VP-94, VP-60, and VP-90. Love those P-3's. No greater feeling in the world than flying around with two spare engines. Love to Here from ya-all..." [13MAR98]

JACON, Stan stanjacon@wulfsden.com "...I was with VP-45 from August 1962 to May 1965. Crewed on both P5Ms, Crew 7, and on the P-3As, crew 8. Have some great memories of the people in the squadron at the time. I have a copy of VP-45 "62-63", and had good time finding faces to match the guys showing up on this site. Good memories!..." [12FEB2000]

JAMES, Melvin madgee@ev1.net "...I was in Burmada in the late 50's and early 60's in VP-45 and would like to find some of the old members of the unit just to see what they are doing..." [26JAN2000]

JOHNSON, Edward edjohn3408@gmail.com "...I served with RVAH-3 (1978-1979) at NAS Key West, Florida, NATC (1979-1981) at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, VP-10 (1981-1986), AIMD (1986-1989) at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, VP-56 (1989-1991), VP-45 (1991-1995) and Naval Research Laboratory FLighT SUPPort DETachment (NRLFLTSUPPDET) (1995-1998) at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland..." [11MAR2017]

JONES, LT Buck P. Retired bpj1927@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-45 (April 1963 to February 1970 and April 1979 to September 1981), VP-49, VP-62, VT-7 and AIMD Meridian, MS. I attended Aviation "P" School in NAS Norman, Oklahoma, OK, AMS "A" and "B" School in NAS Memphis, Tennessee, VP-30 P5M Plane Captain RAG, VP-30 Det "A" P-3 FE RAG, and Warrant Officer Academy NAS Pensacola, Florida. I retired in Sep 1981. I am currently President of the Patron Four Five Association (http://www.vp45association.org). The very best to all my former Shipmates..." [05FEB2010]

JOHNSON, AW2 Chuck chuck@IntNet.net "...Served w/ Pelicans '69-'72..."

JOHNSTON, David johnstonfarm@conninc.com "...Served with VP-45 from 1975 through 1979. My rate was AD3. Anybody from that time please e-mail me..." [04OCT99]

Memorial Picture "...JUDD, CPO Lawrence Lane...Lawrence Lane Judd, 51, passed away June 24, 2007. Born in Ocala, FL, he lived most of his life in Jacksonville, FL. He retired, with multiple commendations, as a Chief Petty Officer after 24 years of duty with the US Navy, serving with VP-5 (1977 to 1981), VP-45 (1984 to 1990) and VP-16 (1993 to 1996) as a P-3C IFT at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. He was preceded in death by Grandparents Bob & Edith Walker of Ocala, FL & Elic and Ethel Buchanan of El Paso, TX. He was a beloved son, father, brother, uncle, nephew and friend. He is survived by; wife of 2 years, Cynthia B. Judd; parents, Margaret Belle Baker of Ocala, FL and Marvin Lawrence Judd & his wife Carol Judd of Keizer, OR; , aunt, Andree (Frank) Meyers of Lockport NY, uncles Jim (Dot) Buchanan of Holly Hill, FL and Darrell Buchanan of El Paso, TX. Brothers, Mitchell (Kathy) Judd of Lufkin, TX & Dane (Karen) Judd of Chile; Judi Judd, mother of daughters, Miranda Witkowski & Jessica (Brennan) Perkins of Jacksonville, FL., step-daughters, Alyson & Jessica; granddaughter, Victoria; grandsons, Jackson, Tristan, and step grandson Evan; and numerous other relatives and close friends. A memorial service celebrating his life will be held, with full military honors, at 2:00 p.m. Friday, June 29th in the chapel of Hardage-Giddens Chapel Hills Funeral Home, 850 St. Johns Bluff Rd. Jacksonville, FL..." Contributed by Bruce Barney ibbarney@comcast.net [30JUN2007]

JUDD, Lane (Deceased 24JUN2007) lljudd@freewwweb.com "...P-3C In Flight Tech for 23 years at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. VP-5 from '77 to '81, VP-45 from '84 to '90, VP-16 from '93 to '96. Three tours at NAMTRADET NAS Jacksonville, Florida then retired May '99. 6000 flight hours is enough, but it was a great job with great people. To all the crewmates over the years (and there were many) I salute you and wish you well. What we shared both in the air and on liberty, few would believe!..." [21APR99]

KELLY, CDR Scott "Beaker" Retired scott.kelly@mindspring.com "...I served with VP-45 from 4/81 thru 5/84; NAV/COMM, TACCO, Mission Commander and NFO NATOPS evaluator. After VP-45, picked up an MSEE at the Naval Postgraduate School, then USS FORRESTAL (CV-59) as TAO and ASW Ops and Plans, then to NAVSEASYSCOM in Washington as a program manager in the Weapons and Combat Systems Engineering Directorate. I left active service as an LCDR in 1991 and entered the Navy Reserve. I was with TSC-0466/0966 through fall 94, then entered the Air Systems Program (and changed designator to AEDO) where I retired as a Commander in the fall of 2000. In real life, I'm a Senior Executive (partner) with Accenture in the Technology Consulting practice (still playing with computers after all these years), based out of Atlanta. Would be delighted to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 01APR2007 | 20FEB99]

KENNEDY, FRANK FKVR53@AOL.COM "...SERVED WITH VP-45 NOB NAS Bermuda 1960-1962. ANY OLD Shipmates OUT THERE?..." [18SEP98]

KENNON, ATC Dave Retired ldkennon@mindspring.com "...I served with VP-45 from 1976 to 1979 with deployments to NAS Keflavik, Iceland and NAS Sigonella, Sicily and VP-44 from 1983 to 1986 with deployments to NAS Sigonella, Sicily and NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal. First install of the S-3 ISAR radar system in a P-3..." [20MAY2011]

KEY, AEM3 Jack L. jockdoc@localnet.com "...Served in VP-45, NOB Bermuda, 1957, 58, 59, flying Martin P5M1 and P5M2's/sister squadron VP-49 (across hanger). Writing articles for local paper and would like any & all info from crew or pilots/maint. personnel. Any Personnel stationed at NOB at that time, Reunions, contacts, etc. Contact anytime over next year. Thanks. AEM3 (power panel, ECM, APS 44, MAD)..." [04JUN2005]

KING, Kenneth kenking@ecqual.net "...I was in VP-45 from 1951 to Sept. 1953. I'm from Massachusetts but am now working and living in Florida. I'd like to contact Bill Roth (NY), Mike Swingle (PA), Willie Knott (CT), George Drago(MI), Hank Merritt (IL), and anyone else from those days..." [02DEC99]

KING, William W. (Sky) roki@kona.net "...With fond memories I recall my tour at NOB NAS Bermuda as an Aviator in VP-45 (1957-60). It was the best of times and the worst of times. As the ever present Junior PPC I flew many a flight from sunset to dawn! A small price to pay for being in Paradise..." [06DEC98]

Memorial Picture "...KIRBY, AE1 Ed...Sad news to report. AE1 Ed Kirby passed away this morning 14 June after fighting cancer the past few years. Ed served with VP-9, VP-30, VP-45 and VX-1..." Contributed by Steven Wolf wolf648@gmail.com [25JUL2017]

KIRBY, Ed edkirby@writeme.com "...AE1 (forever) Ed Kirby, VP-9 CAC-5 from April 85 - Sept 88, "The Black Hole" NMPC/BUPERS Dallas Tx., VX-1 NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, & VP-45 here in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Hoping to go to 30 Sept 98 and retire behind the podium in VP-30 (Sept 2000). Since the next higher rank keeps eluding me. That's okay, it's been fun for the most part..." [28APR98]

KISSINGER, Bob bobevi@bellsouth.net "...Served in VP-45 from 74 to 77 as as P-3 Flight Engineer then on to the "Red Lancers" of VP-10 from 80 to 87. I retired in 1990 and have settled here in sunny Florida. It is great to see all the old Shipmates on the site. Drop me an email if you get a chance..." [06OCT98]

KRAENBRING, Viktor H. P3ss3KB@aol.com "...VP-45 1978-1980. Looking for the AW boys of that era. VanHallen and I are still in contact where is everybody else. Also, I am looking for Flight Enginer Wayne "Winney Face" Middleton and AO Cliff Rodam where are you guys..." [29JUN98]

KRAKOWSKI, AMS2 Grant E. gekr@att.net "...I served with VP-45 from 1968 to 1970. I was in Internal Security and in the Air Frames Shop. That was the old Red Datters. Let me know how I can get a VP-45 Hat! I had a great time in VP-45..." [E-Mail Updated 06MAY2011 | E-Mail Updated 18SEP2001 | E-Mail Updated 18DEC2000 | 20FEB98]

LaBELLA, Albert "Al" abnada@aol.com "...I served with VP-45 (1984-1988) as Sensor Three with CAC-12 with deployments to NS Rota, Spain/ NAF Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal, NAS Bermuda, and NAS Sigonella, Sicily, VX-1 (1988-1990) and VP-62 (1990-1993). I am still in the Army after 18 1/2 years and may even retire sometime in the future. Currently stationed at Fort Bragg, NC in the 18th Airborne Corps. I would love to hear from an former Pelicans or Friend me on Facebook..." [BIO Updated 14MAR2013 | BIO Updated 01JAN2005 | BIO Updated 30DEC98 | BIO Updated 05APR98 | 23FEB98]

LaBOMBARBE, Alan alan.labombarbe@evonik.com "...I served with VP-50 from 1986 and left just before the mid air (SEE: In Memorial for lost friends March 21st, 1991), NADC (Warminister) Johnsville, Pennsylvania and VP-45 where I finish my 10 years in 1996. I loved it and had a great time. I would love to swap some sea stories with former Shipmates..." [12MAR2008]

LANDERS, CDR James Shipmate Pix http://www.nol.navy.mil/homepages/vp-47/html/body_executive_officer.html "...A native of Caledonia, Mississippi, Commander Landers graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and was commissioned through the NROTC program in 1987. He began his Naval career as a Surface Warfare Officer serving as Gunnery Officer and Navigator aboard USS Vreeland (FF 1068) homeported in Mayport, FL. Completing Naval Flight Officer training in 1991, he reported to VP-45 where he qualified as P-3C UDIII Tactical Coordinator/Mission Commander and served as NFO Training Officer, Assistant Training Officer and Assistant Task Group Operations Officer. During this tour, he deployed with the Pelicans to NAS Keflavik, Iceland and NS Roosevelt Roads, PR and led numerous detachments, including to NAS Sigonella, Sicily in support of Operation Sharp Guard and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Storm. In 1995, he reported to VP-30 as a FRS Instructor, and was assigned to the CNO Fleet Projects Team where he performed duties as the first Aircraft Improvement Program (AIP) Fleet Introduction Officer. In this capacity he was instrumental in establishing the VP community's solid foundation for the most advanced mission system upgrade in Maritime Patrol Aircraft history. For his efforts with AIP Fleet Introduction, he was awarded the Association of Naval Aviation (ANA) Outstanding Achievement Award for Maritime Patrol (1997). Returning to sea duty in 1998, he reported to the MAD FOXES of VP-5 as Tactics Officer. Deployed to NAS Sigonella, Sicily, he led combat support surveillance missions over Bosnia, Herzegovina in support of Operation Deliberate Forge and Kosovo in support of Operation Eagle Eye. He served as Training Officer through a resource limited inter-deployment training cycle and as Operations and Task Group Operations Officer deployed to NS Roosevelt Roads, PR and NAS Keflavik, Iceland. Reporting to the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations in 2000, he served as the Air Anti-Submarine Warfare Programs Officer in the Anti-Submarine Warfare Requirements Division (N74). In this capacity, he contributed to programming and planning for critical war fighting improvements to ASW platforms and sensors. Transferring to U.S. Pacific Command in 2002, Commander Landers served as the Deputy Chief of the Joint Interagency Coordination Group for Counter Terrorism (JIACG/CT) in the Operations Directorate (J3). Among the notable achievements while at PACOM, he led the development of the Pacific Command's Regional Maritime Security Program and Southeast Asia Maritime Security (SEAMS) Initiative. CDR Landers is currently XO of VP-47. His personal decorations include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Joint Service Achievement Medal and Navy Achievement Medal..." [20APR2005]

LAUGHLIN, Blair hopeless10@juno.com "...I served in VP-45 Crew 8. 1959-61 VP-21 Crew 1 1961-63 & NAS Brunswick, Maine P2 1963-66..." [09MAR99]

LEE, AFCM Charles Retired crew23@tds.net "...I flew with VP-45 from 1969 to 1974 and VP-56 from 1978 to 1981 as a Flight Engineer..." [E-Mail Updated 21MAY2001 | 27DEC97]

Shipmate Request Removal [Listing Removed 13JAN2002 | 27DEC97]

LEWIS, AE1 Greggory Retired k9gkl@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-1 (1973-1976) TAD to AIMD and VP-45 (1980-1983) working in the AE shop and Quality Assurance. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [05SEP2021]

LIPOFSKY, ADC John D. Retired lipofsky@roadrunner.com "...Hello and Greetings, My last flying tour was with the Red Lancers of VP-10. I have also been in VP-44 (81-82& 89-decom) VP-8,(83-85) Commander, Patrol Wing Five (CPW-5),(82-83 & 85-89) VP-45 (77-81) (my first VP tour). FLew for 18 years and 7000+hrs then drove the admin div desk at AIMD NAS Brunswick, Maine. Drop a line and Say hello...I am currently teaching (4 1/2yrs) Industrial Arts and Technology (shop) at the local High School, the hours are awesome no 3am pre-flights in the snow to bounce" "Mon thru Fri 7:30 to 3:00, Saturdays, Sundays, Summers, and best of all Snow Days off..." [E-Mail Updated 16NOV2007 | BIO/E-Mail Updated 15APR2002 | 27JUN98]

Memorial Picture "...LOCEY, Robert A...Sad to report the death of Robert Locey. Bob passed away July 12, 2006 at the Maine Veterans Home in Scarborough, ME. Bob served with VP-45, VP-10, ATU-206, back to VP-10, VT-27, VP-11 and RVAW-111...WILSON, AT2 Robert T. Jr. helgasgardener@gmail.com..." [14JUL2006]

LOCEY, Robert A. Retired (Deceased) rlocey@maine.rr.com "...VP-45 1950 to 52, transferred to VP-10 52 to 56, then to ATU-206 (F9F's), back to VP-10 58 to 61 which I believe was with the first Unitis Operation. Was on Crew 5 with Lt Jerry Spitz as PPC with Gordy Day as co-pilot. Then with (Red Bird) Adams with Russ Mowery as co-pilot.Transf. to VT-27 at NAAS New New Iberia, Louisiana for shore duty. Then to VP-11 1962 to 1965, which included transition from P2V7's to P-3. Then final tour at NAS North Island, San Diego, California with RVAW-111 a Hawkeye training squadron till 1970 then transf to fleet reserve..." [Deceased Updated 14JUL2006 - E-Mail Updated 07JAN2002 | 17FEB2000]

LOUQUE, AO Darrell dlouque@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-45 (02/1972-05/1976) and flew with Crew- 22 and Crew-30. My PPC was LCDR Limonjelly on Crew- 22 and FE's were AD1 Fristad and AD1 McGeddigan..." [E-Mail Updated 06JAN2019 | 14SEP99]

LOWERY, AT2 Robert H. biga@cwv.net "...I am currently serving with VP-45..." [27NOV98]

LUDWIKOWSKI, CAPTAIN Joe Retired joelud@bellatlantic.net "...I was lucky enough to retire a Captain in 1999 after 24 great years. Even luckier to have been a part of the VP Navy. Served with some great leaders. My first C.O. was VADM Loftus. Many other good men all the way through. Started with VP-45. Became a TAR and served in VP-64, VP-92 and VP-30. Best two years of my career were spent as C.O. of RESASWTRACEN. All along, great enlisted sailors made the real difference. It was an honor to have served with them and to have been a part of the VP Navy!..." [16FEB2002]

LUKE, AW2 Kirby kluke6094@gmail.com "...I served with VP-45 (1990-1994) and flew with CAC-10 - best job I ever had!..." [E-Mail Updated 16NOV2011 | 27SEP2001]

LUSHER, AT2 Robert "Bobby" Shipmate Pix lusher60@gmail.com "...I served with VP-45 (1982-1984) AV/ARM at NAS Jacksonville, Florida with a deployment to NAS Sigonella, Sicily in 1983 and W/C 210..." [BIO/PIX Updated 08MAR2021 | 04MAR2021]

LYNCH, Steve slynch@lsijax.com "...I served with VP-30 (75-78), VP-45 (78-81), ASWOC Bermuda (81-84), VP-1 (84-88). That was last official P-3 tour. I don't count Force Warfare Pax River Md, since I was the DLCPO (Command Senior Chief). After NAS Patuxent River, Maryland it was on to a different world of HELO's, HS-15 (transition from SH-3 to SH-60F) and HSL-44 for my final tour..." [17DEC97]

LYTLE, James E. "...Would like to hear from any other flight crew or ground crew serving in VP-45, NAS Bermuda, during 1956-60. Address: 8122 Deer Forest, San Antonio, TX 78239, (210) 590-6797..." [20OCT99]

MADERE, PO3 Antoine J. a.madere13@fuse.net "...I served with VP-45 from July 1966 until August 1967 as an E-4 line mechanic..." [17DEC2007]

MADGETT, ATC(AW) Steve Retired BULLETT437@AOL.COM "...Served with VP-24 72-74, VP-45 77-80, 84-87, and VP-30 80-84. Saw some old friends here would like to see more..."

MARTENS, LCDR Jim jmart123@aol.com "...was AX1 in VP-49 1976-1980 and at NAMTRA Jax 1980-1982. First tour VP-45 1984-1987=TACCO VP-30 1987-1989=NFO INST VP-16 1995-1997=DEPT HD..."

MANCUSO, Tony c/o his son James Mancuso jejunabra@AOL.com "...My father, Tony flew P2V Neptunes during the early 1950s and this brought back some memories. I have been trying to look up his squadron VP-835 and I think he was in one other squadron, I think VP-45 when they flew this beautiful airplane.Does anyone have any info on either of these? I would like to get this to my Dad as sort of a memento of his P2 flying days. Thank you and keep'em flying..." [22SEP98]

MANN, ADC Mark A. Retired mmann1@yahoo.com "...I joined VP-5 in April, 1972 as an ADJAN. VP-5 was on deployment to NAS Sigonella, Sicily at the time. I was first assigned the duties of Duty Driver. In those months, I met many of the aircrew when I delivered food, coffee, and water to the flights. That led me to riding along on a tactical flight one day and I thought that was the neatest thing since sliced bread. Then I heard about the second mech program and started lobbying to be allowed to enter that program. I was allowed and when the squadron next deployed to NS Rota, Spain / NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal, I was there as a NATOPS qualified second mech. Another deployment back to NAS Sigonella, Sicily and then I was up for orders. Wanting to continue flying, I reported to VP-31 for FE school, where I finished #1 in my class. My next assignment was VP-6 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. From there, I went back to NAS Jacksonville, Florida and taught ground pounders at NAMTD1011. My next assignment was VP-30 FE refresher followed by VP-45. While at VP-45, my wife got really sick and I took a humanitarian transfer to NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Fortunately, she recovered quickly and I terminated my humanitarian status and reported to VP-16. When that tour ended, I reported to RTC Orlando and pushed boots for 3 years. After RTC, I went back west to VP-31 for another FE refresher course and on to VP-47. I retired from the Navy in 1993 and went to work for United Technologies Corporation's Pratt & Whitney Division and then on to their Hamilton Sunstrand (formerly Hamilton Standard) Division. I retired from there in 2013 and currently live in the Charlotte, NC area. I loved the VP community and everyone in it, and I loved flying the greatest airplane ever built...." [28FEB2019]

MARTELLO, CAPTAIN Charles P. http://www.naswi.navy.mil/cpw-10/commodores/martello.html "...Commodore CPW/CPRW-10 (Sept 2001 - Spring 2002) - Captain Charles P. Martello enlisted in the United States Navy in January 1973. Selected for the Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program (NESEP), he attended the University of Missouri, earning degrees in Chemistry and Biological Science and was commissioned an Ensign upon graduation in December 1980. Upon completion of flight school he was designated a Naval Flight Officer and was assigned to VP-45 in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. He qualified as Tactical Coordinator (TACCO), Instructor TACCO and Mission Commander and served as Assistant Communications Officer, Readiness Officer and Avionics Division Officer during deployments to the Mediterranean and Atlantic theaters. In July 1984, Captain Martello reported to VP-30, the Fleet Replacement Squadron for the Patrol Aviation community. Following qualification as an Instructor NFO, he was assigned to the Commander, Patrol Wing Atlantic Tactical Training Team (TTT) with responsibility for acoustics, ASW coordinated operations and battle group operations. Following his FRS tour, he reported to Commander Carrier Group FOUR in July 1987 as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Communications. He qualified as Tactical Action Officer (TAO) and served as a member of the ASW and Strike planning boards. Following this sea tour, Captain Martello attended the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, earning the degree of Master of Science in Financial Management. He returned to sea enroute to his Aviation Department Head tour serving aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) during the Persian Gulf War. Assigned to the Combat Direction Center (CDC), he served as the Surface Module coordinator, ASW Module coordinator and Mine Countermeasures coordinator. In October 1991 he reported to VP-16 as a Department Head, serving as Training Officer and Operations Officer, and completing deployments to the North Atlantic and Caribbean. He reported to the Staff of the Chief of Naval Operations, Special Programs Division, (OPNAV / N89) at the Pentagon in February 1994. Upon completion of this assignment he was selected for Joint Duty in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, supporting the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Space as the Deputy for Space Policy. Captain Martello reported to VP-16 as Executive Officer in March 1998 and assumed Command in February 1999. Under his Command, the squadron earned nominations for the Battle "E," CNO Aviation Safety Award and was the recipient of the Atlantic Fleet Arnold J. Isabel award for ASW excellence. Additionally, VP-16 was awarded the SIXTH Fleet "Hook'em" award for ASW performance during Operation TORCHLIGHT. Following squadron Command, Captain Martello was assigned to the Staff of the Secretary of the Navy in the Office of Program Appraisal. Captain Martello's awards include the Defense Superior Service Medal, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (2), Navy Commendation Medal (2), Navy Achievement Medal (3), and various theater and unit awards..." [30JUN2003]

MASSENBURG, REAR ADMIRAL Walter B. http://www.mid-atlantic-log.net/KeySpeaker.htm "...A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Rear Admiral Massenburg graduated from Washington and Jefferson College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Physics and was commissioned in November 1970. He commenced flight training in January 1971 and was designated a Naval Aviator the following November. After recruiting duty at Naval District, Pittsburgh as part of Operation Feedback, Rear Admiral Massenburg was detailed to VP-45 from August 1972 until January 1976. He participated in one Atlantic and two Mediterranean deployments while assigned as Legal Officer, ASW Attack Officer, Nuclear Weapons Training Officer, and Quality Assurance Officer. From February 1976 to June 1978, he served in VX-1, participating in the operational evaluation of the P-3C Update II, Harpoon Missile System, DICASS Sonobuoy and numerous detachments in support of special operations. While at VX-1, he obtained a Master of Science in Systems Management from the University of Southern California. In August 1978, Rear Admiral Massenburg reported to Naval Facility, Antigua, West Indies, as the Executive Officer. Two years later, in October 1980, he was assigned to VP-30 as the Team Leader of the COMPATWINGSLANT Tactical Training Team. In January 1983, he again reported to VP-45. During his tenure as the Operations Officer he deployed to NS Rota, Spain / NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal; the squadron was awarded the COMNAVAIRLANT Battle "E" award. Rear Admiral Massenburg was later selected as a member of the Chief of Naval Operations sponsored Antisubmarine Warfare Continuum (OP-113C) in the office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Manpower, Personnel and Training. In February 1986, he was assigned to the staff of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Air Warfare) as the Antisubmarine Warfare Aircraft Inventory Coordinator (OP-508C2). He reported to VP-6 as the Executive Officer in March 1987. Rear Admiral Massenburg commanded VP-6 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii from March 1988 until March 1989. During this time, the squadron deployed to NAS Adak, Alaska and participated in RIMPAC 88. Rear Admiral Massenburg subsequently attended the Naval War College where he received a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies, graduating with distinction in June 1990. He then served on the staff of the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff as the Branch Chief, Tactical Forces Branch in the Force Structure, Resources and Assessment Directorate (J-8). Rear Admiral Massenburg was selected as a Material Professional in May 1992 and completed the Program Management Course at the Defense Systems Management College, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Following his graduation, he reported to the Maritime Surveillance Aircraft Program Office as Deputy Program Manager for the P-3 Anti-Surface Warfare Improvement Program (AIP). In April 1995 he assumed command of the Maritime Surveillance Aircraft Program Office (PMA-290), responsibilities included: the acquisition, support, engineering, and logistics for all P-3, S-3, EP-3, ES-3, VP Special Projects, and Foreign Military Sales of the P-3 aircraft for fifteen countries. Rear Admiral Massenburg assumed the leadership and management responsibility of the Assistant Commander for Logistics (AIR-3.0) on 22 February 1999. Rear Admiral Massenburg's Decorations include the Legion of Merit with one Gold Star, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal with two Gold Stars and numerous campaign and service awards..." [24JUN2003]

MATES, Allen "...I was in VP-45 from September 1966 to August 1968. Would like to know what happened to the men of that era. I was A mechanic on the P-3. 38 Croman Ct., Hazlet, NJ 07730..." [04AUG99]

MAXWELL, Donald M. Gimpie1997@AOL.com "...I was in the Navy from September 22, 1954 until August 8, 1958. I was in VP-45. I'm trying to locate buddies or know of any Reunions concerning that squadon. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much..." [12APR2001]

MAY, Gerald c/o Daughter jcbluecreek@gmail.com "...My Father, Gerald May, VPB-45 FAW-6. Dad served in the U. S. Navy from September 5, 1942 to February 6, 1946. If you would like to communicate with my Dad - I will forward all messages..." [27FEB2010]

MAYS, Richard richhm@bellsouth.net "...I served wit VP-45 from 1967 through 1970..." [E-Mail Updated 09FEB2001 | 14DEC2000]

McCARTY, Raymond C RCMJ@USWEST.NET "...I served with VP-45 in NAS Bermuda 58 thru 59. It is one of my fondest memories. I fondly remember the long flights while I was serving as 2nd mech on LN3. It would be great to contact someone from that time from and the same flight crew..." [30DEC98]

McCLOUD, AT3 Michael mjmdem6@aol.com "...I served with VP-45 from March 1989 to April 92. I worked in the AIMD APS115 Radar Shop. Deployed to NAS Bermuda, NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal and NS Rota, Spain..." [E-Mail Updated 10AUG2006 | 25DEC98]

McCONNELL, Michael D. (DOC) nascarmike@budweiser.com "...Served in three VP Squadrons. VP-44 from 66-68 Crew 8 "The Eight Balls". VP-9 72-75 Avionics Shop and AIMD. VP-45 from 78-82 CAG-3 and QA. Also served at NAS Los Alamitos, California, FASO NAS Norfolk, Virginia, and NAS Jacksonville, Florida. And a tour as a "Black Shoe" USS Uvalde. 0518/1924..." [19MAY99]

McCOURT, John Francis "Jack" jmccourt78@comcast.net "...I served with the Pelicans of VP-45 (1980 to 1983) and the Mad Foxes of VP-5 (1990 to 1992). Never felt the adrenaline rush as much as on a low level prosecution with a "non-cooperative" target. Crew and squadron Shipmates were top notch. Miss the good old days. Being "active" is so much more fun than being "passive"..." [10SEP2008]

McCOY, LDO Chuck "Mac" Retired see.mccoy@gmail.com "...I served with VP-46, VP-48, VP-31, VP-28, VP-7 and VP-45. I was AT/AX Crewmember for most of my VP time. Later made WO and then LDO. Would dearly love to Locate ADC Gary Borjeson, AMC T.C. Deeny, CWO Jerry Cooper, LCDR Jim White and others who were in VP-31 from the time it moved to NAS Moffett Field, California in about 1964 to around 1968..." [E-Mail Updated 18APR2014 | E-Mail Updated 19MAY2002 | 04JUN2000]

McKINNEY, J. Michael mmckinne@navprgms.mar.lmco.com"...I'm a VP Sailor and a previous Lockheed P-3 Tech. Rep and I'm presently working in Lockheed Martin P-3 Engineering. My love of the P-3 began in 1973 when I got my first ride in one as an AT2. After that I received orders to VP-30 Pax River,MD to P-3B Weapons System Test (WST) school in 1974. Upon completion of Weapons System Test (WST) school I was assigned to VP-11 (1975)and starting working towards becoming an IFT. I was awarded my AC Wings after the 1975 Rota/ NAF Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal deployment. I made the subsequent deployment in 1976 to Bermuda/ NAF Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal. Nov.76 I was transferred to VP-30 for P-3C IFT school. I was then assigned to VP-45 in 1977 and deployed to Sicily in 1978, after which I got out of the Navy and went to work for Lockheed. As a Lockheed Tech. Rep.I was assigned to VP-46 (1979-1982), Royal Netherlands Navy (82-83) Royal Australian Air Force (84-86), VP-47 (86-87), VP-50 (87-88) Commander, Patrol Wing Five (CPW-5) (88-92) CPW-11 (92-93) and worked on the Korean Navy P-3C aircraft on the Lockheed flight line. Old shipmates please drop a line..."

McMULLEN, Terry tbirdmac@gmail.com "...I served with VP-45 from 1980 to 1983. Had a great time and would love to connect with some of my Shipmates again..." [14MAR2009]

MEADOWS, AO2 John depenman@aol.com "...I was in VP-45 from August 1971 to January 1973 as an AO2 and air crewman on Crew 22. I made the split deployment to the NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal and NS Rota, Spain from December 1971 to April 1972. I would love to hear from any members of my old crew or any of the guys from the AO shop. I still have my VP-45 Alpha Crew patch. It is framed and hanging on the wall of my office along with a picture of a VP-45 P-3 and my aircrew wings. Some things just stay with you!..." [08JUN2001]

MEANS, Jim jimmeansbusiness@windstream.net "...I served with VP-45 from 1969 to 1972. I served as Aircraft Division Officer and TC on the infamous Black Jack Crew 21, known far and wide for their ASW feats, and many other engagements that we all try to forget. My pilots included Paul Dikeman (who showed me what it was all about). Hank (Shank) Ford, Jim Love who broke my ankle just to say that he beat me in racquetball, the day before our beerjunkent to Holland. Jim Qurello who introduced me to Black Russans and Dusty Springfield. My first Nav was Snowshoes Capshaw - nuff said. Who could go wrong with aircrewmen like Don Goshorn, Bob Sykes, Griffen and Charley (The Dalton Boys) and Travier my top notch photographer. I was truly blessed..." [17MAY2007]

MERZ, AMSC Thomas n4kra_99@yahoo.com "...Checked aboard VP-45 in June 1968 and made the Western Pacfic cruise to NS Sangley Point, Philippines and U-Tapao Royal Thailand Air Force Base, Thailand, and the cruise to NS Rota, Spain. While on WestPac cruise we changed the Squadron logo from the Peligan to a modernized Logo. Fortunately it got changed back to the Peligan later on. Will send a photo of Patch in near future. Worked in Airframes and tool room as an AMS2. Checked aboard VP-62 as a plank owner in November 1970 and spent 5 years as airframes shop supervisor. Made AMS1 off last exam taken just before active enlistment ended. Made NS Rota, Spain active duty for training (ACDUTRA) with squadron for its first out of continental United States (CONUS) ACDUTRA. My wife came also, TAD as a AK. Made AMSC off exam taken just before leaving squadron in May 1975..." [04FEB2006]

MEYERRIECKS, CDR Brian J. http://members.tripod.com/~lph9/xobio.htm "...EXECUTIVE OFFICER, USS GUAM (LPH-9) - Commander Brian J. Meyerriecks is a native of Huntington, New York. He graduated from the University of Florida in June of 1975 and was commissioned as an Ensign through the Naval Aviation Officer Candidate program in Pensacola, Florida in October 1977. Following Navy Flight Training in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas he was retained as a Flight Instructor and assigned to VT-27. He taught initial flight training, precision aerobatics and formation flying in the T-28. His next tour of duty was with VP-17 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. He completed two deployment to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines and a split deployment to NAS Adak, Alaska and NSF Diego Garcia. He finished this tour as an Instructor Pilot and Mission Commander in the P-3 aircraft. In February 1984, Commander Meyerriecks reported to VP-31 at NAS Moffett Field, California as a Fleet Replacement Squadron Instructor Pilot. He assumed duties as Pilot NATOPS Officer and conducted the Patrol Plane Instructor Pilot Course, authored a Flight Training Guide for non-instructor pilots and developed a Defensive Flying seminar enhancing flight station safety. He completed this tour as the Commander, Naval Air Pacific, NATOPS Pilot Evaluator for the P-3 Aircraft. In November 1986, Commander Meyerriecks reported to the USS KITTY HAWK (CV 63) in San Diego, California as the ship's Communicatioins Officer. He deployed in 1987 for an around-the-world cruise where he earned qualifications as Underway Replenishment Conning Officer, Officer of the Deck Underway and Command Duty Officer Underway. In July 1989, Commander Meyerriecks reported to CPW-10 NAS Moffett Field, California to serve as Director of the Antisubmarine Warfare Operations Center. While assigned to Patrol Wing TEN he was selected as the 1989 Junior Officer of the Year by the Santa Clara Valley Council, Navy League of the United States. Commander Meyerriecks joined VP-48 in November 1990. There he served as Training Officer and deployed to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines. VP-48 was disestablished and subsequently he joined VP-40 as the Operation Officer and deployed to NAS Misawa, Japan along with numerous detachments to the Persian Gulf throughout Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM. In November 1991, Commander Meyerriecks reported to the Bureau of Naval Personnel in Washington, DC., as the VP Air Combat Placement Officer. He reported to VP-45 as Executive Officer in April 1994. In April 1995, Commander Meyerriecks took command of VP-45 and lead the "Pelicans" on a six month deployment to NS Roosevelt Roads, PR, operating throughout Central and South America, setting records in Drug Interdiction and Counter-Narcotics Operations. Commander Meyerriecks personal awards include two Meritorious Service Medals, Four Navy Commendation Medals, a Navy Achievement Medal and various unit campaign awards..." [05JUL2003]

MILFORD, Frank jwilliams1001@comcast.net "...I served with VP-45 (1969-1978) at NAS Jacksonville, Florida as a FE and at the same tim I was a FE Flight Instructor with VP-30..." [21JUL2011]

MINNICK, Ed eminnick@aol.com "...I was a PH2 in VP-45 from 75 to 79. Made two deployments to NAS Sigonella, Sicily and 1 to NAS Keflavik, Iceland. I was the BEQ MA the night the Kennedy and the Belnap collided. Woul like to hear from anybody in the squardron during that time frame. Was also in the surface Navy, PG-97 and AGP-1176. Now working for Lockheed Martin..." [10JUL98]

MITCHELL, LCDR(LDO) Douglas M. (Pooh Bear) Retired poohbearmit@aol.com "...Flight Engineer and CWO/LDO Maintenance Officer. I served as a F/E with VP-56 (1968-1971), VP-45 (1972-1975), VP-30 Instructor (1975-1978), VP-5 (1978-1981), CPW-11 (1981-1983) when I was selected to CWO-2, CPW-2 (1983-1985) got selected for LDO and transferred to VP-22 (1985-1988), VP-30 as MMCO (1988-1991), VP-49 (1991-1994) and retired from CPW-11 on 1 December 1994. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through the VP-Navy Shipmates summary and would love to hear from past crewmembers and maintenance personnel. Twenty-seven years in the P-3 Navy was definitely the highlight of my Thirty year career!!..." [E-Mail Updated 04APR2018 | 19FEB99]

MIZE, Brian bhmize@mindspring.com "...I was stationed in VP-45 from 88 to 91. I would like to track down my supervisor, PRC T. Schaefer (may be a PRCS by now!) If anyone has any knowledge of her location, please e-mail me and let me know. Thank you, Shipmates..." [23DEC97]

MAULSBY, J.D."Spud" spudpasofino@webtv.net "...Served in VW-2 56-59 as ACW / NAS Twin Cities, Minnesota as AC 67-69/VP-8 70-72 /FASO 73-76 /VP-45 77-79 /HS-11 80-82 /HS-1 82-85. Retired on 1 Jan. 85 own and operate a horse training and breeding operation in Florida would like to hear from any of my old running mates. I hope some of the old Willie Victor crew two are still around . Also would like to contact Phil Solem he could still be on active duty he recieved his commision in 72 or 73. I was known in VP-8 as Spud or The Bermuda Budda..." [16MAR98]

MONTGOMERY, CAPTAIN David L. Commander Reserve Patrol Wing "...Commander Reserve Patrol Wing - Captain Montgomery hails from Cypress Inn, Tennessee, graduating from Collinwood High School in 1971. He attended the University of Maryland and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1976. In 1978, he entered Aviation Officer Candidate School at NAS Pensacola, Florida and was designated a Naval Flight Officer in November 1979. Upon completion of flight training, his first assignment was with VP-45 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. In May 1983, he reported to VP-30 as an instructor for first and second tour Naval Flight Officers. In October 1985, he was selected for the Training and Administration of the Reserve (TAR) program and reported to Naval Air Reserve Memphis. Subsequent tours included VP-67 in NAS Memphis, Tennessee, VP-65 in NAS Point Mugu, California and then in June 1992 back to VP-67 where he served as Officer-In-Charge. Following this tour, he reported to Commander, Naval Air Reserve Force, New Orleans, Louisiana, serving as NATOPS Officer then as the VP Program Manager. In August 1996, Commander Montgomery reported to VP-64 as the Executive Officer and in May 1997 assumed the position of Commanding Officer. After the completion of his command tour Captain Montgomery reported to the Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF), Fort McNair, Washington, D.C. He graduated from ICAF with a Master of Science Degree in "National Resource Strategy" in June 1999. Following ICAF, he served as the Head Coordinator Naval Air Reserve, for the Director Air Warfare, on the staff of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Resources, Warfare Requirements, and Assessments) from July 1999 to July 2001..." [18JUN2003]

MOORE, CDR Dick Retired moore_richard@bah.com "...I would like to say hello to all those old squadron mates that I pissed off at one time or another. VP-30 (RAG) NAS Patuxent River, Maryland Jan-Jun '71, VP-45 NAS Jacksonville, Florida Jun '71- Sep '75, VP-93 Selfridge Apr'76-Mar'81, VP-92 NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts Mar'81-Nov'85, VP-68 Andrews AFB Nov'85-Mar'86, Navy Command Center NCC-106 Pentagon Mar'86-Jan'90, OP-06-106 Pentagon Jan'90-Aug'93. Recalled to Dessert Shield/Storm Aug'90-Jul'91 JCS Crisis Action Team..." [E-Mail Updated 30APR2001 | E-Mail Updated 29JUN2000 | E-Mail Updated 18DEC98 | 03SEP98]

MORAN, CAPTAIN William F. Shipmate Pix http://www.cprfp.navy.mil/BioCommodore.asp "...Captain William F. Moran was born in Nyack, New York and raised just north of New York City in a small town called Walden where he attended Valley Central High School. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1981 earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in English. Captain Moran reported to VP-44 in NAS Brunswick, Maine in May 1982 where he served as an Instructor Pilot, Educational Services Officer, Power Plants Branch Officer and Pilot Training Officer. After deployments of NAS Sigonella, Sicily and NS Rota, Spain / NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal, he reported to VP-30 in March 1986 for Instructor Duty. At VP-30, Captain Moran served as the Fleet Projects Officer and Pilot Training Officer, before taking orders to Commander Carrier Group SIX (CCG-6), Mayport, Florida as Flag Lieutenant. While on the Staff, he qualified as a Battle Group Tactical Watch Officer and completed a Mediterranean deployment aboard USS FORESTALL (CV-59) and a subsequent deployment to the Caribbean aboard numerous cruisers as part of the first deployment Staff in support of Counter Narcotics Operations (CTG-4.1). In January 1991, Captain Moran reported to CPW-11, NAS Jacksonville, Florida to serve as the Safety Officer and Assistant Maintenance Officer. In the summer of 1992, he reported to VP-45 for his Department Head tour deploying to NAS Keflavik, Iceland / NAS Sigonella, Sicily and serving as Safety/NATOPS and Operations Officer. In the spring of 1994, Captain Moran reported to VP-30 to assume duties as the Senior AIRLANT Evaluator and Model Manager for Maritime Patrol Aviation. Captain Moran reported to the Bureau of Naval Personnel, Washington DC in May 1995 to begin a two year tour as Assistant Washington Placement Officer before assuming duties as the Assistant Flag Detailer for a third and final year of duty at BUPERS. In May 1998, Captain Moran reported to VP-46 as Executive Officer and immediately deployed with the squadron to NAF Misawa, Japan / NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan. As Commanding Officer, he led the squadron on a deployment to NSF Diego Garcia, Masirah, Oman, and NSA Bahrain that included numerous detachments throughout FIFTH and SEVENTH Fleets. The squadron was recognized for its support for contingency operations, and its work with SLAM and Maverick Missile systems, mission planning, target folders and Maritime Interdiction Operations. Captain Moran served as Deputy Executive Assistant and Executive Assistant to Commander, U.S. Pacific Command, Camp Smith, Hawaii from July 2000 to July 2003, before returning to VP-30 for refresher training and follow-on duty as CPRW-2. His personal decorations include the Defense Superior Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (two awards) and Navy Commendation Medal (five awards)..." [20APR2005]

UPDATE "...The Senate confirmed Adm. Bill Moran to serve as the next Chief of Naval Operations sometime later this summer..." Contributed by CARROLL, AMEC Dennis P. Retired p3fe418yrs@gmail.com [23JUN2019]

MORRIS, AT3 Wayne "Linerat" linerat@ptdprolog.net "...I'm trying to get in touch with VP-45 in particular to some of my friends who are in the tron shop, engineers, and linemen just to keep in touch..." [19MAY99]

MULHOLLAND, RM2 Howard hmmul@aol.com "...I served in VP-45 from December 1968 until April 1971. Flew with several crews in Operation Market Time out of NS Sangley Point, Philippines, U-Tapao Royal Thailand Air Force Base, Thailand and NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. Also deployed with VP-45 Red Darters to NS Rota, Spain and NAS Sigonella, Sicily. Even though I was by rating a "black shoe", I will forever be a "brown shoe" aircrewman..." [07FEB2006]

MULKEY, ATCS "Sam" jsm_35@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-30 (twice), VP-45, VP-8 and VQ-2. Retired out of VP-30 and I am currently enjoying life as a P-3 NATEC Tech Rep in sunny NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Love to hear from some old friends...." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 25SEP2010 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 16SEP2002 | 16JUN99]

MULLEN, Mike "Moon" michmull@erols.com "...Flew in VP-8 (62-65), VP-10 (65-67), VP-30 (69-72), VP-45 (72-76), VX-1 (76-78) and back to VP-8 (78-79). Love to hear from those who may remember me..." [22MAY98]

MULLEN, LCDR Steven W. Retired swmullen@fedex.com "...I served with VP-45 (1969-1972) as AWAN-AW2, VP-45 (1974-1976) as AW2, VP-30 (1976-1979) as AW2/AW1, VP-45 (1979-1982) as AW1/AWC/LDO, USS Saratoga (CVA-60) (1982-1984) as ASW Module Officer, COMOCEANSYSPAC (COSP) (1985-1988) as Current Ops Officer, COMPATWING TWO (1988-1990) as ASWOC Officer, USS Ranger (CV-61) (1990-1992) as ASW Module Officer, ASUW Module Watch Officer/CDC Watch Officer (Desert Storm), NATTC NAS Millington, Tennessee TN AW 'A" School Officer/Avionics Department Head (1992-1995) and retired in 1995 after 25 years. Have been on corporate staff at FedEx Express past 18 years and retiring in June 2013. Moving to central Florida. Did 9 deployments during my 3 tours with VP-45 (exact dates escape me right now); NS Rota, Spain, NAS Sigonella, Sicily (5), NAS Keflavik, Iceland, NS Rota, Spain / NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal and NAS Bermuda..." [13FEB2013]

MURPHY, AE Lowell C. lowellcmurphy@drs-pct.com "...I served with both VP-45 and VP-49 at NAS Bermuda (1958-1961) as a crew member followed by AE "B" School..." [16NOV2010]

NABORS, AVCM (CMC) Bill nabdan@aol.com "...Hi Shipmates. I am finally getting adapted to RETIREMENT. Doris and I are doing fine. Just wanted to say to you to keep in the training mode, study the books so you can make rate. Kerry is doing fine has set a wedding date 5 Sept 98 to his high school sweetheart. I miss the people but I haven't missed the job. Home address is 833 Maplewood Dr. Sw., Leeds, Al. 35094. About 10 miles east of Birmingham off of I-20. Keep Smiling someday it will get better. CMC Nov 92-Aug 95. (Served with: VS-41, VT-7, VP-45, HS-7, VA-87, VA-15, VFA-15, VQ-3, NAMTD's AE "A" SCHOOL, VQ-1, VA-174, NAS Keflavik, Iceland, NAS Jacksonville, Florida, VW-1, and HS1...these aren't in order)..." [02MAY98]

NADEAU, MCPO Paul Retired nadeau.paul@gmail.com "...Joined VP-18 in 1964, assigned to Crew 4. Made usual mini-deployments to NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and an exciting UNITAS VII trip in 1966 with Crew 5. Still long for the smell of 115/145 Avgas in the morning! Nothing like the droning roar of those 3350's either! Left VP-18 in 1968 for a tour of shore duty at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, SAR duty in Helos (H34's, H2's), then Hueys. On to VP-45, with trips to NAS Sigonella, Sicily and NAS Keflavik, Iceland. On to NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, as the AIMD Maintenance Chief, but instead got selected as the Command Master Chief for NAS/NATC Patuxent River, Maryland for four years. Retired in 1979, flew with the Customs Air Wing for two years, then on to work at the NAVAIR Depot in NAS Jacksonville, Florida, where I'm stiil pluggin away. Stay in touch..." [30JAN2006]

NASH, CAPTAIN William P. U. S. Naval War College "...Captain Nash reported to the Joint Military Operations Department in July 2001 following a one year assignment as a Federal Executive Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, NY. He was commissioned through the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps in 1978 and designated as a Naval Aviator in 1979. His sea duty assignments include tours of duty in VP-45 as Aircraft Division Officer and NATOPS Pilot between 1980 and 1983; in USS Enterprise as Operations Administration Officer and Tactical Action Officer between 1986 and 1988; in VP-45 as Operations Officer between 1991 and 1992; and in VP-16 as Executive Officer and Commanding Officer between 1995 and 1997. Ashore, he served in VP-30 as Instructor Pilot and Commander, Patrol Wings Atlantic Tactical Training Team Pilot between 1983 and 1986; attended the Naval War College between 1988 and 1989; served in the Office of Defense Cooperation, London UK as Navy Programs Manager between 1992 and 1994; and served at United States Transportation Command, Scott AFB IL, as Strategic Planning Team Chief between 1997 and 2000. He holds a B.S.C degree in Accounting from the University of Louisville, KY (1978), a M.S. degree in Management from Salve Regina University (1990) and a M.A. degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College (1991)..." [31MAY2003]

NAVARRO, AKC(AW) J jnavarro1@prodigy.net "...I served with VP-45 from 1982-1986. I'd like to hear from Shipmates..." [06DEC98]

NEELY, ATC Russell L. russneely@hotmail.com "...Served was in VP5 from Oct'92-Oct'96...I've since been promoted to ATC and currently serving in VP-45..." [BIO/E-Mail Updated 02JAN2001 | 05JAN98]

NELSON, Frederick M. Jr. fredandsusan@att.net "...I attenended "A" School as a ATAN then went to VP-45 in NAS Bermuda then went to "B" School after NAS Key West, Florida (VX-1) after 2 1/2 years. Then went to AVIB7 then to VR-24 in NS Rota, Spain, after that I went to NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, then to VQ-1, then quit the Navy..." [12APR2007]

NETRO, Robert rjnetro@raex.com "...I served with VP-45 from May 1950 to May 1953. Started in NAS Norfolk, Virginia as a Midshipman aviator. Became a PPC as an Ensign while the squadron was in NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone. We had tremendous crews, and I have many fond memories..." [10SEP2002]

NEU, RM2 Joseph N. joeneu2003@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-45 from December 1968 to September 1970 as an Aircreman. Flew with Crew 11 on first deployment to WestPac. Many memories of flying missions in support of Operation Market Time from bases in NS Sangley Point, Philippines and Utapao, Thailand. Flew with Crew 31 on deployment to NS Rota, Spain with detachments in NAS Sigonella, Sicily and Crete. I see many names in Shipmates of guys I knew and flew with. Looking forward to hearing from anyone who was in the squadron during these times..." [E-Mail Updated 18MAY2004 | E-Mail Updated 03JUN2002 | 03MAY2002]

NEWMAN, George gnewman6@bellsouth.net "...I am looking for Dennis (Denny) Bisek. After receiving our wings in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, our first duty station was NAS Bermudaa. Dennis was in VP-49 and I was assigned to VP-45. I left NAS Bermuda in 1959 and have lost contact with him. If anyone knows anything about him, please contact me. Thanks..." [13JUN2003]

NULPH, Dale A. goose327@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-45 from 195 through 1976 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida and NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I had alot of great times and still have some terrific memories. Does anyone know what ever happened to "Budda" Bob Elliot or "Mac" McGuire? If you remember me write back. Oh what the hell write back anyway..." [19JUL2000]

NUNNALLY, Doug forcediver@aol.com "...I served as an AW (nonaccoustic) with VP-45 from 9/87 to 3/90. I'd be intersted in hearing from any of the members of crew 4 for the Bermuda deployment. LT Hollingsworth, LT Pollarollo, LT Ryan, LT Linder, AWC Rowe, AEC Driver, AW2 Blaschka... I can be reached via e-mail..." [17APR2001]

O'CONNOR, ADR1 Roy M. c/o His Daughter Linda O'Connor leoconnor@yahoo.com "...My dad, Roy M. O'Connor, served with VP-45 ( NAS Bermuda) as a Plane Captain/FE. From there he was sent to NAS Memphis, Tennessee. Also spent some interesting time with VR-24 in NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco. He is working on getting a computer so he can get in touch with old friends. Thanks!..." [28DEC2001]

ODOM, Steve Retired stephen1@frontiernet.net "...I served with VP-45 and VP-30 (1975-1978). Retired from navy in 1992 after 20 years..." [26SEP2012]

O'KEEFE, Bob bob01@bellsouth.net "...VP-45 1965-68. NAS Jacksonville, Florida. I'm a former Flight Engineer and crew chief. Would like to hear from some of the old RED DARTERS. Looking Foward to the Oct. 98 VP-45 Reunion in Pensacola, FL. Hope to hear from you soon..." [14MAY98]

ORMANOSKI, AW1 Jim aka SKI jormanoski@aol.com "...I served with VP-45 (87-91), VP-30 (91-93), VP-16 (93-99), and currently back with VP-30..." [19DEC99]

ORR, ATC Dae I. Retired odale@att.net "...I served with VP-45 joining them in NAS Bermuda in January of 1949 and back to NAS Norfolk, Virginia in 1950 and to NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone in 1951. I was transferred to tailhooks in 1953 and hated every minute of it. I made Chief AL (Aviation Electornicsman) in NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone in 1951..." [30OCT2003]

OSBORN, Jim p3ozman@aol.com "...I was in VP-19 from 89 to decom, VP-9 from 91 to 93, VP-45 from 93 to 97, currently with VP-66 in Willow Grove, Pa. I served as an IFT for all those squadrons...I am currently stationed in NAS Sigonella, Sicily at FMP MOCC MED as the maint supervisor..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 12JUL99]

PACIELLA, Frank "Pacman" pacmanusn@msn.com "...I served with VP-49 from 1989 to 1992 in airframes. After VP-49 I went to VFA-106 from 1992 to 1995 and onto VP-45 from 1995 to 1998 where I got out of the navy. I would love to hear from fellow Shipmates..." [24JUN2002]

PADILLA, AMHC Luis G. rico__padilla@hotmail.com "...I've served as a 8251 since 1989. I started my flying career at VP-31, graduated FE school and then move on to the VP-22 Blue Geese. After the Blue Geese closed their nest I moved on to The Pro's Nest VP-30 as an IFE, and then settled my feathers here at the Pelicans Nest VP-45. I still enjoy pushing those power levers and look forward to many more years to come. All fellow Blue Geese, Pro's Nest and Pelicans aircrew I send my salute. Long live the local 8251 association, we are few and proud and true professionals..." [14MAY99]

PALENSKY, AW Dan danpalensky@adelphia.net "...I served with VP-45 from 1976 to 1980 as an AW. Anyone remember HUK-12? Looking for all the old buddies. We deployed to NAS Keflavik, Iceland once and NAS Sigonella, Sicily twice as well as UNITAS XVII. Anyone living in the DC area that might want to fly to NAS Jacksonville, Florida for the Reunion, let me know..." [30JUN2004]

PATTERSON, CDR Robert "Bob" Retired Shipmate PixCirca 1991 bpatters1950@verizon.net "...Attended Avionics School (for future ATs and AEs - I became an AT) at NAS Memphis, Tennessee (1968), HT-8 at NAS Pensacola, Florida, VP-30 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, VP-45 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida and was accepted to the Naval Enlisted Scientific Education Program (NESEP). I attended the Naval Academy Prep school in Bainbridge, MD before attending NC State in Raleigh, NC (1971-1974), graduating with a BS in Computer Sciences, received my commission and completed NFO Flight School. I then served with VP-24 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida with deployments toNAS Keflavik, Iceland and NAS Sigonella, Sicily, Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey where I obtained a MS in Systems Technology (1979-1982), ASWOC at NAS Sigonella, Sicily (1984), Instructor Duty (Math Dept) at the US Naval Academy (1986) and VP-24 with deployments to NAS Sigonella, Sicily and NAS Bermuda. During the NAS Bermuda deployment my crew, with PPC Earl Byers, CDR (Ret) and Chris Ames ADM (Ret), was launched on a SAR effort in which they located a shipwrecked lady, Ms. BJ Watkins, several hundred miles north of the island. We were able to coordinate with a cargo ship, the Charolette Lyke, to have her spotted and rescued (SEE: VP-24 SAR Rescue of BJ Watkins 1988). Shortly after returning from NAS Bermuda in 1988 I received orders to the new US Transportation Command as Software Development Branch Chief until I retired in 1992. After leaving the Navy - I worked for Computer Sciences Corporation (20+ years) and now with Mantech, International Corp at Aberdeen Proving Grounds supporting the US Army's Software Engineering Center..." [05DEC2013]

PAYNE, YN Clinton cpayne41@msn.com "...I served with VP-45 from September 1959 until September 1961. I was a yeoman, working in the Personnel Office and later in the Operations Office. Its been a long while ago and I remember very few name, if someone remembers me I would be glad to hear from you. I will be retiring soon and just maybe I can make the next Reunion..." [26JAN2003]

Memorial Picture "...PAZZELLI, ATCS Joseph J. "Crazy Joe"...I must sadly report that ATCS Joseph J. Pazzelli (Crazy Joe) passed away suddenly on 17 July 2015. Joe served with NAS Patuxent River, Maryland (1970-1973), VP-45 (1973-1976), VX-1 (1976-1979), Naval Military Personnel Command (NMPC) S/D Det (1979-1982), VX-1 (1982-1985), VP-26 (1985-1989 and CIVLANT FLT-MIDWEST..." Contributed by GLENN, AT Allen E. aglenn@eaglesystemsinc.net [21JUL2015]

PENCE, AT1 KARL VAN kvp1961@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-17 from March 1994 to January 1995, when they decomm'ed (got orders there from VP-22). I thought they were joking saying that VP-17 was going to be decomm'ed too. VP-17 was and still is the best VP squadron that I've been in. I have served with VP-30, VP-44, VP-30, VP-22, VP-17, VP-9 (TAD), VP-47, VP-30, and currently with VP-45. Lost touch with alot of good people. If anyone knows me, or remembers me, lets chat..." [20JAN2001]

PETERSDORFF-REYNHART, Richard W. "Pete" Retired rnwplus3@qwest.net "...I started out with VP-30 from 1980 to 1982, VP-22 for some sun-n-fun in NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii from 1982 to 1985 and then the "real" fun began in VAQ-33. That had to have been the best damn duty a guy could get. I worked on the "Whale" for 8 great years, from 1986 to 1993 (disestablishment). Then on to NAS Jacksonville, Florida with VP-45, and a fun tour with Naval Air Maintenance Training Group Detachment (NAMTRAGRUDET) NAS Jacksonville, Florida. I retired from VP-45 in June 2000. I am currently working in Arizona for Intel, as a Indusrtial Waste Specialist. I would like to hear from my old Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 23SEP2007 | 26OCT2001]

PICARD, AE1(AW/NAC) Jay C. jay.picard@navy.mil "...I served with VP-30, VP-44 and VP-45. I served in the Navy from August 1976 to December 1993 and was awarded the National Defense Medal, Navy Expiditionary Medal and the Navy Good Conduct Award with 3 Bronze stars. I enjoyed being an AE and fixing the hard gripes on aircraft and training my junior troops. I also enjoyed the people with a few exceptions, no real regrets and still in civil service 34 years as an AE and loving it. To all AE's "keep 'em flying" may God bless all that serve and will serve. Just remember this: "Treat folks the way you want to be treated" and "Be fair in all your judgments" and " keep "Jesus Christ" first in your life and HE wil never forsake or leave you. You only have this life and have Fun!"..." [14MAY2010]

PIERCE, AWC Josh Retired pawpawpierce@charter.net "...I was a VP SAILOR for most of my 20 years. I served in VX-1, VP-18, VP-5, VP-30 and retired from VP-45. I started as an AT then AX,then AW and loved every minute of it. I retired as AWC in July 75 from VP-45 I would like to hear from Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 28DEC2004 | 12FEB2001]

PINCKNEY, AMS/AMH3 Raymond A. RAYERAYE@AOL.COM "...I served with VP-45 from 1965 through 1969 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. I would love to hear from any of the old crew. I flew on a P-3A LN-1 through 12 - Barracks N..." [11JAN2002]

POLLEY, Neil "Bird" eagletrash@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-45 (Acoustic Sensor) from 1980 to 1983. I am married (w/children) and owner of the Eagle Trash Service Inc. in Wichita, KS..." [17MAR2009]

Memorial Picture "...PRALL, LCDR Gary W. "Prowler" Shipmate Pix...I am the widowed wife of Gary W. Prall. Most knew him as "Prowler" or LT Gary W. Prall. Gary served with VP-49, VP-45, Tactical Support Center NS Roosevelt Roads, PR, ASWOC officer 7th Comfleet and NAS Fort Worth JRB. I am sorry to say that he passed away in May 20, 2003 of Melanoma Cancer. Intracranial pressure took him down just before the Melanoma did. I was 4 months pregnant w/our daughter Skylar. We live in Jacksonville, Fl. and would like to hear from former Shipmates. Christy L. Prall clprall@bellsouth.net..." [05JUN2010]

PRATT, Bob rpratty@verizon.net "...My twin brother Dick and I both served with VP-45 from August 1968 to June 3rd, 1972. He worked in Operations from day one and for my final 2 1/2 years I worked in the AI/Comunications office. We both made four deployments, the first being WestPac, then NS Rota, Spain, NAS Sigonella, Sicily, then back to NS Rota, Spain. We both played Softball for the Squadron under the management and coaching of Chief R. L. Brooks and Chief Jerry Stewart. I also played for the Base Softball team, and our Squadron Football Team. Fond memories of both officers and enlisted. It will be great hearing from anyone who served during this time. I am a member of the VP-45 Association and trying to get my brother to join..." [E-Mail Updated 28AUG2007 | E-Mail Updated 23MAR2003 | 18AUG2001]

Shipmate Requested Name Removal  [Shipmate Removed 18JAN2003 | 12JAN2003]

PREVATT, AW2 James W. jprevatt@tampabay.rr.com "...I served with VP-45 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. I was the squadron enlisted tactics instructor and Jezebel operator for Crew-22 in the Vietnam deployment to NS Sangley Point, Philippines and U-Tapao Royal Thailand Air Force Base, Thailand. Great experience with professional squadron personel. I was in the 2nd plane ready for take off in NAS Adak, Alaska when we lost a plane to an abort due to the smoke hatch opening sending fear and abort request..." [24DEC2016]

PRINDLE, CAPTAIN Brian Charles https://www.cnet.navy.mil/vp30home/capt_prindle_bio.htm "...Captain Prindle received a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Virginia and was commissioned through the NROTC program in May 1979. He was designated a Naval Aviator in July 1980. In addition, Captain Prindle earned a Master of Science in National Resource Strategy from National Defense University, The Industrial College of the Armed Forces in June 2001. Operationally, Captain Prindle served in VP-45, aboard the USS RANGER (CV61) as a Catapult and Arresting Gear Officer and V-2 Division Officer, as the Operations Officer in VP-11, ICEX 93 Officer-in-Charge for CPW-5, Chief Staff Officer for CPW-10, and commanded VP-46. Captain Prindle's shore assignments include VP-30 as an Instructor Pilot, and a second assignment serving as the Senior COMNAVAIRLANT NATOPS Evaluator and P-3C NATOPS Model Manager. Major Staff duty tours include Assistant for Officer Promotion Plans and Policy, and Special Assistant for Flag Matters, Bureau of Naval Personnel, and Program Analyst, Assessment Division (N81), Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. Additionally, Captain Prindle served on the Joint Staff (J8) as an Action Officer, CINC Liaison Office, Joint Requirements Division. While assigned to the Joint Staff, he completed the MIT Seminar XXI Fellow Program, Foreign Politics, International Relations and the National Interest. In August 2001 he assumed his current position as Commanding Officer, VP-30. Captain Prindle has been awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (three), Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (three), Joint Service Achievement Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, and various other service awards..." [15JUN2003]

RAITHEL, CAPTAIN Al Jr. Retired Araitheljr@aol.com "...A Naval Aviator,I trained in ATU-10/ATU-501 (PBM), FAETULANT (PBY/R4D), VP-23 (P2V-7), VP-31 (SP2H/P3A/P3B), and served as a Patrol Plane Commander in VP-45 [PBM and P5M-1](53-56), VX-6 [P2V-7 Ski](56-57), VP28 [SP2H and P-3A] (63-66), and served as XO/CO VP-47 [P-3B] (68-70). Served in ASW System Projects Office [Nav Mat PM-4](66-68) as Patrol Aircraft Plans Engineer during development of the P-3C..." [22FEB2000]


REES, Jeff lcdrrees@yahoo.com "...I served (flew the P-3) with VP-56, VP-45, VP-30, VP-8 and VT-27 (T-34 Instructor Pilot and as an A-Strike aboard USS Abraham Lincoln). I left active duty in 2000 for the airlines but was recalled 4 times after 9-11 serving at NORAD, HQ USSOUTHCOM and 4th Fleet. I retired from the Reserves in 2007..." [21JUN2012]

REIBER, John A. JARWANA@AOL.COM "...I was an AZ-3 With VP-45 in 1967-1969 in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Someone help me here...I believe it was Christmas of 1968 and a (I think I am correct) LCDR "Bro" Heinkel (name spell?) flew some squad members home for Christmas. We had just returned from NAS Bermuda and I was ready to get to my home in Marietta, GA. "Bro" said hop on board I need some flight time. We flew to Patterson AFB first to drop off some crew members and when we lined up to take off again an Air Force C-130 was showing off for us NAVY Boys and did a High Power Takeoff. Well, this set LCDR Heinkel off and of course everyone knows a C-130 has Allison T-56 power just like a P-3. Well not just like of course a C-130 does not have big paddles. Well anyway we rolled down the runway untill I thought we were going to run out of runway and ole "Bro" steady hollering "HANG ON REIBER,WE ARE GOING TO SHOW THE AIR FORCE WHAT A HIGH POWER TAKE OFF LOOKS LIKE". Well, from my seat (A jump seat right behind the left seat) when the right side guy finally hollered "ROTATE" all I could see was black smoke and the runway going away like we were going straignt up. Oh my Lord, what an experience..." [04MAY2000]

RESETAR, Richard Rich068@AOL.Com "...I was in VP-45, stationed in Bermuda from late 47 to early 1950. I think we moved to Norfolk in early 50. I would like to know if there are other people like me looking for former members of this squadron..." [03MAR2000]

RHOADS, Bill G. BGR101@aol.com "...From June 1966 until Sept 1969 I was a Flight Communicator on LN8 (151354) VP-45 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. I was one of the "Black shoe" " Radioman rate that flooded the VP squadrons during that time. I was a RM2, went to VP-30 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and on to VP-45 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida in 66. Received my wings in early 67 and aquired over 2400 hours as 1st tech and flight comm on LN8 and other aircraft. First PPC was LCDR R. W Steuben. and last PPC was LCDR Hollister. Flew with some really great people and a couple of not so great ones also. Deployed to BDA and Newfoundland. And NATO flight to Germany in 1967 and several "Q" flights to South America on single plane missions. Sadly I missed the VP-45 Reunion but hope to do the next one. I was a civilian pilot instructor when in squadron and flew out of the old Herlong Field. I also was lucky eneough to get lots of time as PIC on the P-3A and B and later was type rated in the L188 series aircraft. Bill G. Rhoads, President of Sparta Technical Security, LLC in Lexington, KY and Washington, DC. We do technical Surveillance Countermeasures work on a national basis..." [01DEC98]

RICKMAN, Eric rickmanem@earthlink.net "...Served with from 1993 to 1996..." [E-Mail Updated 08MAY2003]

RIDDLE, Steve s.riddle@ieee.org "...I served in VP-45 from September 59 to July 62. I was a very young electronics technician and following eight weeks at the Fleet Air Wing radio operator school in NAS Norfolk, Virginia spent the remainder of my time as an aircrewman on P5M's. The squadron was home based in NAS Bermuda. The squadron had P5M-1's that were later replaced with P5M-2's. During the time I was stationed there, the squadron lost one aircraft in a crash at sea during very high sea states. One aircraft also burned on the ramp. One incident I remember most is an open sea landing in the gulf between Key West and Havana. We lost an engine and when the drop tanks were released a fire ignited in the bombay under the remaining engine. The aircraft commander, I believe LCDR Hauser, made a precautionary open sea landing. The crew took to life rafts, but the fire went out and we returned with great difficulty to the aircraft and taxied into Key West. I am interested in hearing from anyone who was there during this time. One name I remember is Dave Vincent. He and his wife were at Bermuda during the time I was there..." [E-Mail Updated 17MAY2000 | 17MAY98]

RICH, CDR Brian C. Retired TIGGRICH@aol.com "...VP-45 was my first fleet squadron from 74-78. Did 2 NAS Sigonella, Sicily and a NAS Keflavik, Iceland - great flying and great crews. Tequila Two took all the top honors in Sig '78. Best two skippers - CDR Bill Pendley and CDR Steve Loftus - both later Admirals! Went to VX-1 from 78-79. Joined American Airlines in 79 while I was again flying P-3's for VP-66. Furlough by AA in '80 led me back into the Navy - flew LC-130 Hercs on the Ice from 82-84, then was the C-12 FRS Officer at NAS North Island, San Diego, California with VRC-30. Back to American in 1985, flew a few more hours in P-3's for VP-92 before moving onto Staff jobs. Made Captain with American in '90 - currently a Boeing 757/767 Captain flying Europe, South America & the Caribbean. Married another 0-5 in 1994 - CDR Janet Gandy USNR(ret)..." [06AUG98]

RHODES, Dusty 105603.1626@compuserve.com "...I enjoyed the VP-45 story entitled "One Flight Two Remembrances" as I was the nav on that crew that went down in Argentia. At the time I was on TAD on a sub out of Key West and had complained bitterly about the assignment. After the accident I really did not want to fly again but Cdr. Chapman came down to pick me up and made me fly the plane back to NAS Jacksonville, Florida, thankfully. I am about to retire from Delta as an instructor pilot and have had a law business in Marco Island since 1974..." [17MAR99]

RODRIGUEZ, CAPTAIN Bill Retired billrod1937@aol.com "...CO VP-45 1978 to 1979. I was fortunate to serve in VP-45 twice. First in NAS Bermuda flying P5s in 1962 to 1963 then transitioning to the P-3V-1 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. I returned to the squadron in 1977 for a tour as XO/CO. In between I served with VP-24 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland - one of the first P-3C squadrons. I stay in touch with many former Shipmates through the VP-45 Association. Carolyn and I are retired to Orange Park, FL and would love to hear from any former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 06AUG2006 | 31AUG2000]

ROGAL, CWO Joseph W. Retired rogal26@yahoo.com "...FASRON-102 was my first squadron after AT "A" School, arriving February 1956. Worked on ARC-27's in AT Shop. Remember having picture taken with shop personal when "Buz Sawyer" comic strip was to be discontinued by creator. Left to go to VA(AW)-33 in NAS Atlantic City, New Jersey. Air Crewman on AD5N Skyraider. Pilot LTjg Moser of Missouri(?). Made North Atlantic Cruise with Detachment 43 aboard USS Saratoga, and Med Cruise on the Sara in 1958 with Detachment 43. Left Squadron in Feb/Mar 1959 to go to VW-1 at NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey. Very memorable tour. Blimps were something else. In order to: AMD NS Rota, Spain, AMD NAS Brunswick, Maine, AT "B" School (made CPO while at AT "B" school), VP-45 NAS Jacksonville, Florida, deployed to NAS Bermuda and NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada. Made Warrant in VP-45 in 1968. Sent to EISO and NAILSC at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. Assigned to F14 Project. Left NAS Patuxent River, Maryland for NAS Miramar, Californiato help set up RAG (VF-124) and VF-2. Made first F-14 cruise to WestPac on Enterprise with VF-2. Left squadron in 1975 for last tour at ASO Philly. Retired in 1976. Good tours everyone of them. Anybody remember CWO L. O. Parks or CWO Ford (VP-45) or CDR Brantuas?..." [22JUN2005]

ROGERS, Gary grogers@aol.com "...I was in VP-45 fro 73-76. If anyone remembers "Bucco" give me a shout..."

ROWE, AE3 Bob R. browe32344@yahoo.com "...In VP-45 sometime in 1956 until 1958. Remember Joseph Kovalovichand a few others..." [26JAN2011]

ROWE, AWC John B. Jr. "JB" jbrowe30@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-45 (1975 to 1981), VP-30 (1981 to 1986), VP-45 (1986 to 1990) and VP-30 (1990 to 1994). I loved my time in the Navy since the only ships I saw were from the air..." [08NOV2007]

RUKES, Rick RRukes@msn.com "...Just wanted to say hi to everyone that I flew with in VP-45 from 76-79. Hope everyone is doing fine!..." [13OCT2001]

Shipmate Requested Name Removal  [Shipmate Removed 25FEB2003 | 01MAY2002]

RUSSELL, Edmund P. "Ed" edmund.russell@navy.mil "...I was an AE Second Mech in VP-22 Jan 74-May 79, VQ-2 Flight Engineer 1980-1982, and VP-45 from 05 Jan-86 to 31 Mar-89. Would like to hear from anyone...I teach at FASO DET JAX now. Will there be anymore reunions?..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 01AUG2007 | Updated 10FEB98]

Memorial Picture Shipmate Pix "...SABOL, AT2 David G...Please be advised that AT2 David G. Sabol passed away on July 30, 2013, aged 74 years. His Navy years (1956-62) were some of the best in his life. He served on the USS Intrepid (CVS-11), VP-45 as an AT on the P5M Aircraft (Boat 8-LN 7717) BUNO 127717. He was released from active service in 1960, joined reserve squadron VP-883 at NAS Olathe, Kansas. He was recalled to active duty for the Cuban Missile Crisis with VP-661, serving as a radioman/subhunter on the P2V aircraft. After deactivation he was a member of the USNR until 1966..." Contributed by George F. Sabol gfsabol2013@yahoo.com [26MAR2014]

SABOL, David Shipmate Pix dgstomp@juno.com "...Looking for aircrew members from VP-661 1961-1962 when were at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba during Cuban missle crisis. Especially LV4. Also crew members from VP-881/VP-882/VP-883 NAS Olathe, Kansas who went with me to join VP-661 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland...VP-45 USN aircrew NAS Bermuda - Radio, Radar, ECM, Julie, Sonar, Ordanance, qualified in P5M-1. Rate ATN2. 1958 - 1960...VP-883 NAS Olathe, Kansas reserve squadron 1960 - 1961 Radio, Radar, ECM, Ordanance, 2nd Mech qualified P2V-6 aircrew...VP-661 - recalled for Cuban missle crisis 1961 - 1962 Patuxent Rive and NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Radio, Radar, ECM, Julie, Ordanance, Jezebel qualified P2V-5FS & P2V-7 aircrew, rate AT1..." [E-Mail UPdated 23NOV2004 | 14SEP98]

SADLER, Kenneth [Sandy] ssadler@granis.net "...I was in VP-45, VP-24, VR-1, VR-3, FASRON 821, Mobile FASRON 121, NAS Dahlgren Proving Grounds, HT-8. I see some mates I know. I am new with this computer stuff. Keepem flying men..." [E-Mail Updated 22AUG2000 | 18AUG98]

SAENZ, Paul texastribe41@juno.com "...A Pelican (VP-45) from 1982 - 1985. Worked A.T. shop for a little bit. Contact me..." [11DEC2001]

SAKWA, AM3 Brian T. brian.sakwa@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-45 from June 6, 1998 to April 20, 2002. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [22APR2010]

SELIG, AO2 James A. jhselig@bbtel.com "...I was proud to serve in VP-45 from 1973 to 1977. I would like to hear from a few friends like AO1 James E Hayden and AO2 Dennis Eddings. I also served with VP-90 in NAS Glenview, Illinois from 1977 to 1981. I work now on Apache Helicopters as a civilian..." [BIO Updated 21OCT99 | 20OCT99]

SALTER, AW2(AW) Chuck saltydog@insightbb.com "...I served with VP-45 from October 1981 to October 1984 and VP-1 from December 1984 to January 1986. I would like to here from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 31JAN2007 | 15JAN2002]

SEARLES, LT(jg) Robert W. Retired bobtopsidesearles@gmail.com "...I served with VP squadrons for 27 years until I retire in 1970. I served with VP-2, VP-22, VP-23, VP-34, VP-44 and VP-45..." [E-Mail Updated 30OCT2010 | 29JUL2002]

SERIANNE, AE2(AW/NAC) David W. Superdave@ilnk.com "...Commands: VAQ-33, VP-49, VP-16, VP-45, and Presently at VP-30 as a FRS Flight Engineer Instructor. I would like here from others that I was stationed with..." [22APR98]

SHEA, CAPTAIN Bob robert.shea@business.wm.edu "...I've been fortunate to serve in many great squadrons: VP-45, VP-92, VP-60, VP-68 and VP-91, CRPWP, and VP-66 (CO). I'm currently a faculty member at the Naval War College..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 25JUL2005 | 09JUN98]

SIEGEL, AX3 Richard "Dick" dick_siegel@comcast.net "...I served with VP-45 (11/67-10/1969). I flew with Crew-23 as primary Radar/Mad and secondary Radios. Was aboard LN-20 as a passenger on June 2nd, 1969 at NAS Adak, Alaska along with about fifteen other guys. I guess we were all lucky (Aborted take-off - aircraft lost) that morning..." [09DEC2012]

SIGRIST, Bobby bobblue@sprintmail.com "...Hi there, I started with VP-49 (77-81); started flying in '81 with VP-30; Rolled to VP-45 (84-89), then did a tour in NAS Patuxent River, Maryland with VX-1 (89-91). Changed coasts with VP-46 until '93, did the "BATMENS" last deployment and rolled back to VP-30 and will enter the ranks of the FLT RES. on 22 May 98. IT HAS BEEN A BLAST, I regret nothing!!!..."

SIMMONS, Charles csimmons@tampabay.rr.com "...I served with VP-45 from 1980 through 1984. We deployed to NAS Bermuda and two trips to NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I was then assigned as an AT AIMD NAS Memphis, Tennessee. Great memories of AW Chris Rainwater, AT Neal Hammond Stone, AX Kevin Fletcher, AT Arnold George, and many more..." [20JAN2001]

SIMS, Walter Retired vpift@military.com "...I served three tours with VP-30 (1979 to 1981) and VP-30 FRAMP (1986 to 1990) IFT Instructor my last tour with VP-30 (1992 to 1995) Avionics Supervisor. I served with VP-8 (1983 to 1986), VP-45 (Desert Shield/Desert Storm) (1990 to 1993) NATOPS IFT Evaluator. I logged over 4,000 hours in the P-3A, P-3B, P-3C, P-3U/D I, P-3II, and P-3 U/D III. Most memorable times were 1984 UNITAS Detachment to South American. I enjoyed it all. I have no regrets. I retired in 1995..." [13FEB2006]

SINNETT, CAPTAIN (COMMODORE) Dennis J. Shipmate Pix http://www.cprw11.navy.mil/index.php?id=29&secid=8 "...Captain Sinnett is a native of Annapolis, MD, and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in May 1982, where he received his commission. Following flight training at VT-2 in Milton, FL, and VT-31 in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, he was designated a Naval Aviator in March 1984. Upon completion of FRS training with VP-30, Captain Sinnett joined VP-10 in September 1984. While attached to the "Red Lancers," he completed deployments to NAS Bermuda, NAS Keflavik, Iceland, and a split-site deployment to NS Rota, Spain, and NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal. Captain Sinnett reported for duty to Air Test and Evaluation Squadron ONE (VX-1), NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, in May 1988, where he served as Quality Assurance Division Officer, Assistant Maintenance Officer and Operational Test Director for various P-3C and H-60 projects. In August 1990, Captain Sinnett reported for duty onboard the USS SARATOGA (CV 60) based at Naval Station Mayport, FL, where he was assigned as Catapult and Arresting Gear Officer/V-2 Division Officer. While attached to SARATOGA, he participated in several fleet exercises, two Mediterranean deployments, Desert Shield and Desert Storm. In September 1992, Captain Sinnett reported for temporary duty on the staff of CPW-11, where he worked as Watch Officer and Assistant Operations Officer. In November 1993, Captain Sinnett reported to VP-46 for his Department Head tour. While assigned to the "Grey Knights," he made deployments to NAF Misawa, Japan, and NSF Diego Garcia. During his tour, he served as Safety/NATOPS Officer, Aircraft Maintenance Officer and Operations Officer. While attached to VP-46, he was selected as the Association of Naval Aviation's Pacific Fleet Maritime Patrol Aviator of the Year. In September 1995, Captain Sinnett reported for duty at CPW-11, where he served as Maintenance Officer and Operations Officer. In March 1999, Captain Sinnett reported to VP-45 as the Executive Officer and assumed command of the squadron in March 2000. While Commanding Officer, the squadron completed a deployment to NAS Sigonella, Sicily, participating in operations in Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Captain Sinnett reported to the Bureau of Naval Personnel in Millington, TN, in March 2001 where he served as the VP / VQ Commander detailer. In October 2002, Captain Sinnett reported to Commander, Naval Air Force, San Diego, CA, where he served as Executive Assistant to VADM Michael D. Malone until detaching in August 2004. He assumed command of CPRW-11 on 5 November 2004. He is authorized to wear the Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal with three gold stars, Strike/Flight Air Medal (numeral 1), Navy Commendation Medal with five gold stars and the Navy Achievement Medal, as well as various other unit, service and campaign decorations..." [12NOV2005]

SMITH, Charles L. avcmsmith@email.msn.com "...Served with: VP-28, CAC 7, 1961-63 AE3 VP-45, Maintenance, 1977-79 AECS VP-24, Maintenance, 1982-85 AVCM VP-16, Maintenance, 1985-87 AVCM Retired in 1990..." [17JAN99]

SMITH, Franklin Dewayne "Bubba and Frank" bubbathefelon@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-45 from September 1985 through May 1998. I currently live in Harriman, Tennessee. I would love to hear from Rachel Johnson or anyone who remembers me. I go by the nick name Bubba but most of you called me Frank. I worked in Airframes and went to NAS Sigonella, Sicily and also NAS Bermuda please drop me a line if you remember me..." [09JAN2009]

SMITH, Marion J. msmith5129@aol.com "...I joined VP-45 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida on the fourth of Jan, 1964. Thay had no airplanes at that time, the first P-3 (buno 151351 I think) came on board about 15 Jan. I made deployments to Argentia, Thule, NAF Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal, NAS Adak, Alaska, etc. and left there in Jan 1967. CO's were CDRs Collins, Hume, Chapman. Went to VT-2 as an instructor in the T-28 from 67 to Dec 69. I joined the Reserves after resigning my commission and flew with VP-62 from its begining. I was in VP-7F-2 or something like that before VP-62 was formed. I flew with the Broad Arrows until 1978 and was the PPC of Crew 7, without a doubt the best ASW crew in the Navy at that time. I enjoyed almost every flight hour and really enjoyed the men that I served with..."

SNEAD, REAR ADMIRAL Leonard A. "Swoose" (Deceased) http://www.lonesailor.org/2003/snead.htm "...Retired Rear Admiral Leonard A. "Swoose" Snead passed away on April 17th 2003. RADM Snead graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1946 and was initially ordered to the Light Cruiser USS Spokane. He was detached 2 1/2 years later for flight training at NAS Pensacola, Florida and received his wings in 1950. He served with VP-45 until 1953, returning to NAS Pensacola, Florida as a flight instructor. In 1956 he reported to the Staff, Commander Carrier Group 3 and was deployed to the Western Pacific for operations with the Seventh Fleet in the aircraft carriers USS Oriskany, USS Yorktown, USS Wasp, USS Hornet. In November 1957 he joined Heavy Attack Squadron 6 and again deployed to the Western Pacific in USS Ranger flying the Navy's long range nuclear delivery aircraft A-3D Skywarrior. In 1959 he reported to the Naval War College at Newport, R.I., as a student. He was next assigned to the Naval Air Test Center and attended the Naval Test Pilot School. He remained at the Test Center until July 1963 serving as a project pilot in the Flight Test Division and later as Head of the Flying Qualities and Performance Branch. In 1964 he assumed Command of Attack Squadron 75, the Navy's first fleet operational A-6A squadron. In 1965 he deployed to Vietnam and led the "Sunday Punchers" of VA-75 in strikes against targets in North and South Vietnam operating from the deck of USS Independence. In 1966 he transferred to Command of Attack Squadron 42 the A-6A training squadron. He next joined USS Independence as Operations Officer, and deployed to the Mediterranean Sea for unit and NATO exercises with the Sixth Fleet. From June 1967 to August 1969 he was the A-6A Aircraft Prpgram Coordinator in the office of the Chief of Naval Operations. He was next ordered to Command of the ammunition ship USS Diamond Head. In November 1970 he assumed Command of the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal and immediately deployed to the Mediterranean Sea for operations with the Sixth Fleet. RADM Snead has flown 55 different models of aircraft representing a broad spectrum of U.S. Navy, British and French aircraft and was closely associated with the development, testing and fleet introduction of the A-6A attack aircraft and the F-14 fighter aircraft. He is a life member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, and The Golden Eagles. RADM Snead retired from the Navy in 1976 after 30 years of commissioned service..." [25JUN2003]

SNYDER, Tom (Turtle) tomsnyder@flightline.com "...Served with VP-45 from September 1974 to Septempber 1977, joining during a NAS Keflavik, Icelanddeployment, living through NAS Sigonella, Sicily, Unitas and a full NAS Keflavik, Iceland again. I am now a Captain with Delta living in Georgia and leading a more normal life than my VP days..." [09JAN2001]

SPARGO, Glendon glspargo@gmail.com "...I served with VP-45 at NAS Bermuda from 1958 to 1960. I was a P5M Radioman and flew with Crew-5 and Crew-8..." [01DEC2009]

SPENCER, Larry J. lspencerretired@aol.com "...I noticed some names that look familiar. I served with VP-45 (1962 through 1964), in good ole NAS Bermuda. Those were the days of the Cuban Missile Blockade and the death of President Kennedy. All this brings back pleasent memories of hard work and good friends. I would like to hear from anyone from that time period, Bob and Barbara Fort, and any one interested in those days. Good luck to all and god bless all..." [25APR2000]

SPICER, Steven steve80984@yahoo.com "...I am currently serving with VP-45 and enjoying it..." [21JUN2002]

STANTON, CDR Don Retired skyblue07@comcast.net "...I served with VP-45 (1976-1979), NATOPS, VP-49 (1984-1986), Vanguard Airlines (Pilot B737), Tower Air (Pilot B737), Air Lines (Pilot 767ER, 757ER, B737 and B727), OSD and DoT. I am now retired in living in Arvada, Colorado..." [12OCT2016]

STEELE, Chris csteele1002@aol.com "...Looking for Shipmates I served with in VP-45 from 1993 to 1996. Looking to hear from Kim and Lisa..." [11OCT2003]

STEIL, Tim TJSteil@aol.com "...Hitched up in 1980, AW(a) school in Millington late 80, Aircrew school Jan 81, VP-30 1981, and then on the VP-45. I was a SS1/SS2 in VP-45 from 1981-1984. Served on CAC1,6, and 10. Did two back to back NAS Sigonella, Sicily deployments, went on the UNITAS tour to South America in between. Would love to hear from any old Shipmates -- especially AW's. What ever happened to Andy "The Gleeper" Breton, Frank ""400hz" Morris, Bill "The Weasel" McCoy, Mark McGinley, Mike "Moose" Ford, John Sorrels, Perry "Chilly" Bonds, and one of the hipper O's, Wes Gleason. Looking back, my P-3 days were some of the most formative years of my life. Only stayed for one tour, but still look back fondly today. In fact, just got my son a toy P-3 for Christmas. If anyone has an extra copy of the cruisebook from 83 -- the one I wrote the stupid poem in the beginning of (or was it the end?) Please contact me. Mine got stolen the day after they were delivered, and I would really like to be able to share some of this stuff with my kids. These days I'm in Chicago, making ends meet as a writer. Watch your Chicago Tribune for occassional articles, and my first book comes out at the end of the year. PS. If you e-mail, please stick something inthe subject line about VP-45 so I don't mistake it for spam and accidentally delete it..." [18FEB99]

STEVENSON, Jack jfsjack@comcast.net "...I was in VP-45 12/70-7/73 and made three deployments. Two to beautiful NAS Sigonella, Sicily and one to NS Rota, Spain. I came onboard as the PT3 who knew nothing about the Soviet fleet and within a week of being in NAS Sigonella, Sicily I was giving recognition lectures to all the flight crews. Trying to locate Darrell Rundell who I think was an AW or was it AO? Oh well, memory has begun to fade. Best wishes to all my Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 26FEB2007 | 02OCT2001]

STINESPRING, Winfred "Winnie" winstin@bellsouth.net "...Hey Shipmates. I would love to hear from you guys. I'm now retired in Jacksonville, Florida. I served with VP-1, VP-30, VP-56, VP-45, VP-30, VP-5 and retired out of Sea Control Wing. I went back to school and completed a Masters Degree. Lets hear from you guys..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 02JUL2007 | 30AUG98]

STOKES, RMC H. D. Retired scutnlady@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-45 from 1960 to 1961 including Detachment 7 - NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I would be interested in getting a squadron patch from that time frame if that is possible. Good Wind in Your Sails..." [20MAR2011]

SUAREZ, Martin martinsuarez1955@gmail.com "...I served with VP-45 with a deployment to NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I flew with CAC-7 during deployment to NAS Sigonella, Sicily (1981-1982)..." [12MAR2021]

SUTTON, ADJC Forrest S. Jr. Retired shipmates pix...circa May 1967...papa@forrestsutton.com "...I started with the VP's in November 1956 when I was ordered to VP-45 in Bermuda. What a beautiful island. While I served with VP-45 as second wiper, I worked in Power Plants for Chief Ray Fussell. I left Bermuda in May of 1959 for Shore duty and the training command. I was assigned to VP-5 In 1964 after the rag at VP-30. I was second wiper during my training on Capt Pates Crew. Great bunch of guys there. I took over as PC on crew 4 and stayed with them till we transition to the P3. I was with Crew 8 then with Bob May as the PPC and Lt Williams as PP2P. 1st Tech Anderson. I left VP-5 in September 1968 and reported to VX-1 where I flew P3's and ran into old friends from my past squadrons...Namely CDR Agnue from VP-45 Bermuda and AW1 Josh Pierce from VP-5. Plus lots of others. After I left VX-1 I went to the Tail hook navy for a couple of years before retiring in June 1974...Golly been retired now for 23 years....LOL...I just moved back to Beeville to retire. I November 1959 I arrived at NAS Chase Field, Beeville, Texas and was assigned to ATU-203. I was there it became VT-24. I left VT-24 28 November 1963 and went to VP-5 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. I came to Chase as and AD3 and left as an ADJ1. I retired from the Navy on 10 June 1974..." WebSite: http://www.forrestsutton.com [BIO Updated 18MAY2005 | E-Mail/WebSite Updated 02JAN99]

TAIT, AWC Robert S. Retired navcporetrt@gmail.com "...I served with VP-45, VP-67, VP-68, VP-94, NAS Albany, Georgia, NAS AIMD NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida, Strike Test Directorate at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and and retired in 1995. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 15AUG2017 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 22APR2003 | E-Mail Updated 12FEB99 | BIO Updated 11FEB99 | E-Mail Updated 23JUN98]

TAYLOR, Patty Lillpop pattypop_2000@yahoo.com "...I was stationed with VP-45 from Spring of 1975 until summer of 1977 and made two deployments with the squadron. One to NAS Keflavik, Iceland and one to NAS Sigonella, Sicily. Tons of good memories. I was the second girl assigned to the outfit along with Denise Galligan. My last name was Lillpop back then and was until I married a fellow Pelican. I later served time at NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida and NAS Jacksonville, Florida, but it was nothing near the experience of the VP-45. Hoping to hear from my big brothers from VP-45 1975-1977..." [11JAN2001]

TEBO, Kenneth M. http://www.lib.ecu.edu/SpclColl/ead/vault/frmvault/0620.body.html "...Kenneth M. Tebo was born in Marlborough, Massachusetts, in 1919. In 1936 he entered Admiral Farragut Academy (Pine Beach, New Jersey) and enlisted in the Naval Reserves in order to be able to compete for enrollment in the Naval Academy. He enrolled in the Academy in 1937 and graduated on February 7, 1941. Tebo served as an officer aboard the USS ROPER (DD147) on anti-submarine patrol along the Atlantic coast (1941-1942); attended gunnery school in Washington, D.C. (1942-1943); attended flight training in NAS Dallas, Texas, and NAS Pensacola, Florida, and received his wings; and served as Executive Officer of VP-45, which operated on anti-submarine patrols out of NAF Belem, Brazil. In 1945, he attended post-graduate school in aeronautical engineering, after which he served as Executive Officer for FASRON-117 in Hawaii, and anti-submarine warfare officer for FAW-2. During the Korean War, he served as aviation fleet readiness officer on the staff of the commander-in-chief of the Pacific Fleet. He then served as branch head (1953) for the Torpedo Research and Development Branch of the Bureau of Ordinance; was Commanding Officer of FASRON-101 at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island (1955-1957); and Executive Officer on the seaplane tender USS Albemarle (AV-5) (1957-1959). His final duty with the Navy was as head of the Program Evaluation Branch which analyzed the status of the Polaris nuclear submarine/missile project (1959-1961). Tebo retired from the Navy in 1961, after which he worked at General Motors (1961-1963) as director of program analysis, with the Midwest Research Institute (1963-1965) on Program Management Techniques, the Central Intelligence Agency (1965-1975) as program manager for scientific intelligence gathering, and at George Washington University in continuing engineering education (1975-1988)..." [12JUL2003]

TESTA, Antone c/o Family Member testa42002@yahoo.com "...My Father served with VP-45 from December 1952 till May 1955. Dad was incharge of powerplants for the first year. He made 1st Lt for the squadron and he was the PPC for the #12 boat. Would love to here back from anyone who he has not been in regular contact with..." [07SEP2002]

THOMAS, Walt rvfolks@earthlink.net "...I served in VP-45 from 64 - 67. I was part of the Avionics shop (AX1)until the first NAS Adak, Alaska deployment. At that time I became part of Crew 5 (LN-5 BuNo 151366). LCDR Bradley was PPC. I also served a tour in FASRON 111 (NOB Bermuda) Avionics 1959-1962 during the time when VP-49 & VP-45 were in P5M's (P5M-1 & P5M-2). Following FASRON 111 (AMD NAS Bermuda) I was assigned to FAETUPAC - NAS Norfolk, Virginia where I taught maintenance of ASA-16. I left the Navy in 1967 and have lost contact with most of my former Shipmates (but still have vivid memories) and would enjoy hearing from any of them..." [E-Mail Updated 02JUL2004 | 24APR99]

THOMPSON, AXCS Fred Retired fthompsom0944@embarqmail.com "...I served with VP-56 (AX) from 1964 to 1969 (Crew-6 - LQ-6 BUNO: 141235 and also 145915), VP-30 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland from 1969 to 1971 (P-3A, P-3B and P-3C Technician) and VP-45 from 1977 to 1980 as a IFT and was the Avionics Division Chief. In between some of the VP tours I was at TSC NAS Sigonella, Sicily, TSC NAS Brunswick, Maine and ASWOC NAS Jacksonville, Florida. I retired in December of 1981. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 10JAN2010 | E-Mail Updated 06MAR2005 | 14JAN99]

THWEATT, Troy TROYARD@aol.com "...I was a VP pilot in 1942 (VP-13) and in 1948-49 (VP-45)..." [29JUL2000]

TITUS, AOAN Kevin kvntitus5@gmail.com "...I served with VP-30 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and VP-45 NAS Jacksonville, Florida with deployments to NAS Sigonella, Sicily, NAS Keflavik, Iceland and NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [10SEP2014]

TRAVER, ASCS Douglas A. Retired dbtraver752@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-45 (1971-1974) and VP-24 (1987-1990). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [10AUG2012 | 11DEC2001]

TRIPP, ATCS Jerry Retired trippg748@roadrunner.com "...I served with VQ-2 (02/1956-08/1958) in the Avionics Shop and flew as a Radionman on the P4M's and later when we got the old P2V & the 2 A3D-1Q. I crossed over and shared the A3 flying with ATC Thomas and AT1 Heavenor. Some of my Shipmates were AM2 Bob Stoltz, AT3 Rod Harrod, PNSN Bob Fedak, and AO3 Cruz. I played on the Squadron basketball & softball teams. I went on to VW-15, VR-3, VP-45, VAH-21 and VAW-111 Det 19. I retired in 1977 as an ATCS..." [E-Mail Updated 25MAR2013 | E-Mail Updated 07APR2008 | E-Mail Updated 12AUG2007 | E-Mail Updated 09FEB2006 | 29MAR2004]

TULLY, AFCM Roger "nee Kress" Retired rxtully@comcast.net "...I served with VP-45 (04/1950-05/1954), VP-836 (12/1957) at NAS New York, New York and HAL-5 at NAS Point Mugu, California. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 21AUG2013 | 23MAR2001]

TURBEE, Norman airboss72@yahoo.com "...I have been blessed to fly with VP-23 and VP-45. An experince that as an air Traffic Controller (1968-72) changed my heart. I recently was drawn to an Canadian Forces (CF) P-3 (Aurora) at the Syracuse Airport Air Show where a crewmen of Squadron 415 gave me a private tour of "the tube." A nosalgic return to the day's of "the Mission." I am most grateful for the Military experience and the P-3 soujourners..." [10JUL2002]

TURNER, CDR Mark L. http://www.nol.navy.mil/homepages/vp-45/home/pages/xobio.htm "...Commander Mark L. Turner was born in Greenwich, Connecticut. He graduated from Marquette University in May 1987 with a B.A. in Political Science. He received his commission through the Reserve Officer Training Corps and was designated a Naval Flight Officer in February 1999.

In September 1989, he reported to the "Golden Pelicans" of VP-44 at NAS Brunswick, Maine. Flying the P-3C Update II Orions, he deployed to NAS Keflavik, Iceland. Upon the disestablishment of VP-44 he reported to the "Proud Pegasus" of VP-11 where he made a deployment to NS Roosevelt Roads, PR. During these tours he was designated an Instructor Tacco and Mission Commander and served as Conventional Weapons Officer, Communications Officer, and Readiness Officer.

Commander Turner then reported to the Bureau of Naval Personnel, Washington D.C. in May 1992. He served as Assistant Patrol Aviation Placement Officer and Flight Student Placement Officer. During this time he earned is Masters Degree in Business Administration from Averett College, Danville, Virginia.

In May 1995, Commander Turner was assigned as Operations Administration Officer on the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN-73). He qualified as Officer of the Deck, and earned his Surface Warfare Officer designation. He completed a deployment to the Mediterranean Sea and Arabian Gulf in support of operations JOINT ENDEAVOR and SOUTHERN WATCH.

Following his disassociated sea tour, Commander Turner reported to the P-3 Replacement Squadron, VP-30 for instructor duty where he served as Training Director.

In March 1998, Commander Turner reported to the "Golden Swordsmen" of VP-47 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. During this tour he served as Administration Officer, Training Officer, and Operations Officer and completed deployments to NSF Diego Garcia and NAF Misawa, Japan.

Commander Turner then reported to the CNO as the Assistant P-3 and Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA) Requirements Officer in November 1999. Upon completion of the MMA Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), he was assigned to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Requirements, initiating development of a Broad Area Maritime Surveillance UAV program.

In July 2002, Commander Turner reported to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Command, Control, Communications and Computer (C4) Systems Directorate (J-6). He served as Informations Operations Action Officer until his transfer to the Force Structure, Resources and Assessment Directorate (J-8) where he served as the Executive Assistant to the Vice Director for the Force Structure, Resources and Assessment Directorate. In March 2005, he reported to VP-45 as the Executive Officer.

Commander Turner's personal awards include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, four Navy-Marine Corps Commendation medals, Navy Achievement medal and various campaign and unit awards.

Commander Turner is married to the former Joanne Mosca of Westport, Connecticut..." [19MAR2005]

TUTEN, AW2 Kenneth ktuten1@tutencentral.com "...I served with VP-45 from 1980 where I joined the squadron on the NAS Bermuda deployment until 1985. I addition to that initial deployment I was also deployed on two NAS Sigonella, Sicily and one NS Rota, Spain / NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal deployments. I then transferred to VP-30 for Instructor duty. This tour ended my VP career as I was willingly transferred to LAMPS for the remainder of my career..." [23FEB2009]

TYSON, Russell A. tysons@bellsouth.net or Rtyson@ediltd.com "...Served in VP-45 on CAC-4 from 1989-92. Had some seriously fun times in NS Rota, Spain, NAS Sigonella, Sicily (well mabye not so fun in NAS Sigonella, Sicily), NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal, NAS Keflavik, Iceland, and a Spectacular time in Scottland. Looking for some old Shipmates..." [05APR99]

VALLEY, R. rickvalley@tds.net "...I served with VP-672 (Reserves) and VP-45 (1960) (CDR Jones - Crew-10). We moved from the P5M to the P-3. We lost Crew-3 (SEE: In Memorial for lost friends November 17th, 1964... while deployed to NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada..." [30SEP2012]

VanDIVER, AECS/(FE) Harold "Kris" Retired scpohv@aol.com "...I served with VPU-2 (05/1982-11/1985). Countless bear hunts and PE ops. Good times. Never quite mastered the 9 hole course on Midway. Goonies often in the way. Retired 1995 while assigned to VP-26 at NAS Brunswick, Maine. Now teach public school. National Board Certified Teacher since 2006. Still have, after all of these years, P-3 performance numbers in my head. Miss the flying and my Shipmates. In the landing pattern here in Jax. Will miss the purr of those dash-14's when the P-8 assumes the watch. I served with VP-44, VXN-8, VPU-2, VP-45, VP-30 and VP-26. Flew aboard the P-3A/B/C, RP-3A/D, EP-3 and UP-3A..." [BIO Updated 06SEP2011 | 10JUN98]

VERMILLION, Harry "Harry Evan" north40@ezlink.com "...I served with VP-45 (1970-1973) as Julie/ECM aboard Crew-33..." [E-Mail Updated 10AUG2011 | 25NOV97]

VICKERS, Mike voiger@aol.com "...I was in VP-45 from September 1972 to January 1976. It was my first duty station and I came aboard as an airman and left as an AD3. After leaving VP-45 I went to AIMD at NAS Sherman Field, Pensacola, Fla. from 76-80 where I managed to make it to AD2 before leaving the Navy in Jan80. After leaving the Navy I worked for various major aircraft manufactures til 1993. In 1994 I started driving big rigs over the road and I now own and operate a small trucking company. Through it all I have had lots of good times as well as bad times. Some of the best times and memories come from my time in VP-45. If there is anyone visiting this site that remembers me, please drop me a line. I would enjoy hearing from you..." [27SEP2000]

VIDRINE, Stephen M. viddy1@aol.com "...Retired 2 years ago out of VP-45..." [21NOV99]

WARING, ATCS Brian D. (Fred) Retired fllotboy@aol.com "...With VP-45 61-67 and 78- 81. Some of the best years of my life. Enjoyed seeing some names that were just a dim memory. Don't hesitate to give me a yell if you remember me..." [03JUN99]

WALLACE, Freddie C. FREDDIE935@aol.com "...I served in VP-45 in NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone 1955-1956. I worked out of the air frames shop, as well as flew lots of missions as 2'ND mech and as an observor on the P5M. I surely can remember some harrowing night flights during those panamanian tropical depressions, they were surely not for the faint at heart. Transitioned to NAS Bermuda with the squadron, flew some aircrew missions there and still remember that night flight from NOB to Bermuda to escape hurricane Hazel. I remember counting parachutes in flight and we were one short for the crew, was not a good feeling!!!. After leaving NAS Bermuda I served on Corey Field in Pensacola Fl., then at NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida in pilot training squadrons with SNJ's and T28'S. In later years I joined the Naval Reserves in NAS Jacksonville, Florida and served in VP-0516, an augmentation sqdn. to VP-62 assigned to P-3's. Thanks to those early beginnings and training in the NAVY I have enjoyed an interesting career in the missile industry, working lots of programs including the Saturn 5 program to the moon, Apollo Soyuz, Skylab, and Have worked with the Space Shuttles on all flights from the start until today. A special thanks to all who have served and supported VP-45, and especially the P5M's and their crews and support personnel..." [E-Mail Updated 07DEC2001 | 14NOV99]

WARD, AMHC Keith W. Retired sogbu6030@aol.com "...Served as a Flight Engineer with VP-45 Pelicans from 1976-1979, VP-30 as a FRS Flight Engineer Instructor from 1979-1981, VP-49 Woodpeckers from 1981-1986, VP-30 from 1986-1990 then retired. Sure miss Flying! Met alot of Hero's and made some friends. Working at NADEP NAS Jacksonville, Florida now and looking for old Shipmates I served with through out my short Naval career. More than proud to have been a part of the Flight Engineer family. Drop a line I would love to hear from everyone. "The Flying Circus Lives." Rock are ya out there?..." [E-Mail Updated 24OCT2003 | 26AUG2000]

WAUGH, CWO4 Don Retired warrantwo@aol.com "...Served as a Flight Eng in VP-1, VP-31, VP-50, F/E Detailer, NMPC SDC NAS Point Mugu, California, MMCO in VP-45 and retired as MMCO OF CPW-11 Jacksonville, Fl. Would love to hear from past Shipmates..." [13JUL98]

WEBB, LT Bill p3bill@msn.com "...I served with VP-45 (PPC/MC) and currently with VT-2. If anyone has a spare 1000 Hour P-3 Patch or know where I can get one - please contact me. Thanks..." [13JUL2009]

WEHRLE, Dick r2dweh@earthlink.net "...I served in VP-22 69-84 and VP-45 85-89. A lot of old memories refreshed seeing names of old Shipmates. I will probably be having some flashbacks from this visit. Hope to hear from some of you..." [E-Mail Updated 28APR2001 | 09MAY98]

WEICHT, Steve so_comfort@yahoo.com "...I joined the VP-45 in May of '78 as an AEAN out of FRAMP school in Jax. I meet the the sqn. in Aigenollea, and returned that July to Jax...left the Navy (sadly) Dec '83..."

WERTH, BOBBY Rroadforeman@aol.com "...I WAS IN VP-24 1979 TO 1985, VP-30 1985 TO 1989, VP-45 1989 TO 1992, AND VP-30 1992 TO 1995. I HAVE ALOT OF PEOPLE THAT I HAVE BEEN STATIONED WITH OVER THE YEARS. IT'S TIME TO GET IN TOUCH AGAIN. IF ANY OF MY OLD Shipmates GET A CHANCE TO CONTACT ME PLEASE DO IT..." [E-Mail Updated 28MAY2001 | 13JUN98]


WHEATLEY, AO1 James M. Retired JWFLYP3@AOL.COM "...Served as an aircrew AO with VP-30, VP-45, and VP-11 from 1979-1988. Made many deployments including NAS Sigonella, Sicily, NAS Bermuda, NAS Keflavik, Iceland, and NS Rota, Spain. Now working for the Tampa VA Hospital. Would like to hear from any Shipmates out there..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 01JUL2002 | 11OCT98]

WILLIAMS, Greg Retiredwillms@koyote.com "...Did VP-22 from 79 to 82, VP-45 from 82 to 85, VP-30 from 85 to 89 and VP-49 from 89 to 92. Retired from CPW-11 in 95. Stuck out here in "injun" country with Raytheon E-Systems and the P-3 SRP contract. Give us a shout !!..."

WILLIAMS, CMDCM (AW) Jerry http://www.nasjax.navy.mil/vp5/foxes.htm "...A native of Aiken, South Carolina and a graduate of Aiken High School, Master Chief Williams enlisted in the Navy on 4 November 1975. Upon graduation from Basic Training in Orlando, Florida, he transferred to Millington, Tennessee for Aviation Ordnanceman "A" School. In August 1976, he commenced his first sea assignment onboard VP-5. He completed deployments to NAS Sigonella, Sicily, and NAS Keflavik, Iceland. In December 1979, he reported for shore duty to the "Pro's Nest" of VP-30 as the Ordnance Night Check Supervisor. After completion of Aircrew Candidate School, Master Chief Williams earned his Naval Aircrew wings in November of 1982. He later transferred to the "Batmen" of VP-24 as an in-flight ordnanceman. While there he was selected as a Squadron Ordnance NATOPS Evaluator. Master Chief Williams's next assignment was as a Recruit Company Commander at Great Lakes, Illinois, from July 1985 to January 1989. He successfully trained five Rifle Companies, four Ceremonial Units, and 15 Ceremonial Drill Team Units (three earning the coveted "Hall of Fame" Award). He was twice selected as the distinguished leader of the graduating companies, and subsequently selected as the Recruit Training Command and Naval Training Center 1987 Sailor of the Year. In January 1989, Master Chief Williams received orders to the "Pelicans" of VP-45 as the Ordnance Branch Chief Petty Officer. After a successful sea tour with the "Pelicans" he reported to CPW-11 as Assistant Weapons Officer and Training Department Leading Chief Petty Officer. Master Chief Williams received orders in May 1995 to the Pre-commissioning Unit for USS JOHN C. STENNIS (CVN 74) serving as the Weapons Department Leading Chief Petty Officer. In November 1996, he assumed duties as Command Master Chief of the World Famous BULLS of VFA-37 and deployed to the Mediterranean aboard the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN 71). In November 1998, Master Chief Williams reported as the Command Master Chief of Commander Helicopter Anti-Submarine Light Wing, U. S. Atlantic Fleet. In July 2001, Master Chief Williams was selected as Command Master Chief for the "Mad Foxes" of VP-5. He has earned the Enlisted Aviation Warfare specialist, Naval Aircrew Wings, Master Training Specialist badge and is a Graduate of the Senior Enlisted Academy, class 87. Personal decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (Four Awards), Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, and various unit commendations and service medals..." [02JUN2003]

WILSON, Don wilsondo@essex.navy.mil "...I was stationed at CPRW-11 from 1996-1999 and had the opportunity to det with the Pelicans of VP-45 to NAS Keflavik, Iceland. I also participated in the training phase of the A.I.P. before removing those 3 letters from my vocabulary. I would like to here from anyone that was stationed there during that time. I am now stationed onboard the USS Essex (Iron Gator), homeported in Sasebo, Japan..." [21JUN2001]

WINN, Thomas "Mike" Retired tmwinn1@gmail.com "...I served with VP-16, VP-30, VP-45, VP-56, VT-27, VT-31, ASWOC NAS Keflavik, Iceland, VP-16, VAQ-33 and then retired. I am currently flying with DAL F/O 767-400..." [E-Mail Updated 16FEB2009 | 18FEB2007]

WOLFE, ATCS Michael Retired mwolfe@lsijax.com "...VP-30 1971 to 1975, VP-45 1975 to 1979, AIMD JAX 1979 to 1982, AIMD NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal 1982 to 1986, NRD Columbus 1986 to 1989, AIMD SIG 1989 to 1994, NAMO 1994 to 1997. Worked "I" level ASW and DIFAR..."

WURZBACHER, Robert T. rtwurzbach@cs.com "...I served with VP-45, VP-661/56, and later with VP-48..." [29MAR2002]

YAREMCHUK, PO1 Nick Jr. Retired nickyarem1725@yahoo.com "...I served aboard the USS Kearsarge (CVS-33) (1967-1968), A School (1968), VXN-8 (1968-1971), NAS Patuxent River, Maryland TAD AIMD, USS Guam (LPH-9) (1971-1972), B School (1972), VP-30 (1973-1976) at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland / NAS Jacksonville, Florida, VP-45 (1976-1980) at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, OMD (1980-1983) at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, VP-44 (1983-1986) at NAS Brunswick, Maine, VT-23 (1986-1987) at NAS Kingsville, Texas, Training Air Wing Four Contracts (1987-1989) at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas and retired November 1989..." [E-Mail Updated 20SEP2015 | E-Mail Updated 03MAY2015 | E-Mail Updated 23MAR2013 | E-Mail Updated 23SEP2011 | E-Mail Updated 21JUL2010 | 17MAY2009]

Memorial Picture "...ZIMMERMAN, AEC Zeke...Just to inform you and all Shipmates of the loss of AEC Zeke Zimmerman (FE) passed away in November 2016. Zeke served with VP-45 (1971-1974), VP-30 (1974-1978), VP-24 (1978-1979), VP-4 (1979-1981) and VP-17 (1984-1987)..." Contributed by RAMOS, SCPO Ysmael P. ysmael.ramos@suddenlink.net [06JAN2017]

ZIMMERMAN, Zeke emrzim@aol.com "...Was in VP-4 79-81 as a flight engineer. Don't remember which crew but definately had a good time as a flight engineer. Still doing the same thing but with the U. S. Customs. Plan on retiring again in 2005. Hello and fair winds to all my old Shipmates. VP-45 71-74, VP-30 74-78, VP-24 78-79, VP-4 79-81, and VP-17 84-87. Hope to hear from you'all..." [05MAR98]

ZIRZOW, CDR William A. http://www.navy.mil/homepages/vp-45/home/pages/xobio.htm "...Commander William A. Zirzow hails from Saratoga, California. He graduated from San Jose State University in May 1984 with a B.A. in Economics. He received his commission through the Aviation Officer Candidate Program in August 1986 and was designated a Naval Aviator in August 1987. In March 1988, he reported to the "Golden Swordsmen" of VP-47 at NAS Moffett Field, California. During this tour he earned qualifications as a Patrol Plane Commander, Instructor Pilot and Mission Commander in the P-3C aircraft and completed deployments to NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan and NAS Adak, Alaska. He completed this tour as the squadron's Pilot Training Officer and Assistant Training Officer. Commander Zirzow then reported to the P-3 Fleet Replacement Squadron, VP-31, for instructor duty in June 1991, where he was assigned as the squadron's Pilot Training Officer and Pilot Standardization/Evaluation Officer. Upon decommissioning of VP-31, he reported to the staff of Commander Patrol Wings, U.S. Pacific Fleet, at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, as the Fleet P-3 Standardization/Evaluation Officer. The USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) was his next assignment, where he served as the Assistant Navigator. He qualified as Officer of the Deck and Command Duty Officer Underway, the first junior officer to receive this dual qualification. He completed a Persian Gulf deployment in support of Operation SOUTHERN WATCH. In 1996 he was awarded the Pacific Fleet's "Shiphandler of the Year" award. In September 1997, Commander Zirzow reported to the "Golden Swordsmen" of VP-47 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. He served as the Maintenance Department Head and Assistant Operations Officer. During this tour, he completed a Persian Gulf deployment in support of Operation SOUTHERN WATCH and served as the P-3 Liaison Officer onboard USS Independence (CV-62). Commander Zirzow reported to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Command, Control, Communications and Computer (C4) Systems Directorate (J-6) in June of 1999. He served as an Action Officer for the Global Command and Control Division. In December 2001, Commander Zirzow was selected as a Navy Legislative Fellow. After completion of the Georgetown School of Governmental Affairs, he reported to the office of Senator Susan Collins of Maine where he was part of the Department of Defense Legislative Fellows Program. In February 2002, he was temporarily assigned to Commander Fifth Fleet, Al Udeid, Qatar in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom during combat operations. In April 2004, he reported to VP-45 as the Executive Officer. Commander Zirzow's personal awards include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, three Navy-Marine Corps Commendation medals, two Navy Achievement medals and various campaign and unit awards..." [17APR2004]

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