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Note"...My friend, Edith Chepult, is the widow of ADC Nicholas Chepult, Jr. who was lost with his Crew (SEE: VP-48 In Memorial for lost friends April 6, 1958). If anyone has pictures of Chief Chepult, etc. - I would be happy to forward them to his widow. Thank you..." Contributed by Pamela Reisen sandiego_reisen@yahoo.com [26JAN2012]

Note NOTICE: "...I am a former AW, assigned to the mighty SH-3H sea King helicopter. I was a crewman and rescue swimmer. I spent most of my fling career with HS-12, embarked in USS Midway (CV-41) (from 1984-1992). My hobby is collecting and preserving Naval aviation film footage (8mm, 16mm, whatever). Which leads to why a am writing. I just acquired several 8mm film reels that are marked "LTJG R.C. HECTOR, VP-48". It looks like these were filmed in Japan, and he flew a seaplane, perhaps a PBM. There is footage of the aircraft in the water, landing in the water, taking a launch out to the plane, flying footage from the plane (nice shots of Mt. Fuji), and footage around a flight line and BOQ, which includes several officer/pilots. Also a good shot of the PBM on the flight line, and liberty scenes in around Japan. Anyway, if anyone is interested in this footage, please contact me anytime. I intend to convert it to digital, and anyone who can help me identify the aircraft and people will be given a copy. I have a VERY large collection of 8mm film, but it is almost all carrier-based footage. This is the only seaplane footage I have. Best regards...Gary Schreffler talachan@verizon.net..." [23OCT2006]

Note NOTICE: "...Fellow VP Navy Sailors..." Contributed by AMS2 Tom Andrews - VP-48 1978 to 1981 tomandrews48@gmail.com [03NOV2005]

I bring you the urgent request of the wife of a VP Sailor, Georgeine Marbeiter. Geogeine is the loving wife of Gene Marbeiter, the focus of this request. I met Gene while serving with VP-48 from 1978 to 1981. Gene was my Shop Supervisior and friend during that time. We were asigned to the Corrosion Control Shop. Gene was an AMS1 at that time and made the Navy his profession. He had also served as a Door Gunner on the CH-46 off the New Orleans during Vietnam.

The point to this request is this: Gene is now battling a brain tumor. He has had quite a rough go of it. Over the past year or so. Gene has lost most of his memory. If you knew Gene, even well, he probably wouldn't recall who you were. This wretched desease has nearly taken it's final toll.

Georgeine is also fighting a battle, with the VA. The VA is not convenced Gene's service had much if anything to do with his illness. This brings up the nature of Goergeine's request. She would like as my letters as possible from Gene's former Shipmates, stating what chemicals and conditions we were exposed to on a daily basis. If you worked in corrosion control, or around aircraft maintenance then you know the chemicals that we used. Substances like MEK, Toluene and Epoxy paints just to name a few.

Georgeine needs a lot of what are called "Buddy Letters" sent to her on Gene's behalf. These would basicly state that "Yes I knew Gene and we were exposed to and worked with X." You fill in the blanks. Georgeine needs these letters at flank speed. Time is running out.

Goergeine's address:

    Georgeine Marbeiter
    488 MacLeod Terrace
    Dunedin, FL 34698
I hope many of you will be able to help.

UPDATE "...It is my bittersweet duty to inform you that, Gene Marbieter is no longer suffering. He went home to be with the Lord at 2:37AM, this morning, 04-24-06. Those wishing to, may contact Moss Feaster Funeral Home at: 1320 Main, Denedin, FL 34698. Telephone: 727-446-2375. Thanks to you and VP Navy for your support. AMS2 Tom Andrews - VP-48 1978 to 1981 tomandrews48@gmail.com..." [25APR2006]

UPDATE "...I emailed Georgiene Marbeiter and asked her for an update on Gene and the VA. Below is the reply I received. I wanted to pass it along..." Contributed by AMS2 Tom Andrews - VP-48 1978 to 1981 tomandrews48@gmail.com [19APR2006]

The VA????????????????? It is still before the review board in DC, the VBA, I should be hearing something soon, they did expeidte it, or so they wrote and told me they did. I will let you know when I know. I just pray that we have God's favor with it.

Gene is resting well, but so weak and run down. It is so ahrd to see him this way. But we continue to fight.



UPDATE "...Gene, as of this date is still hangin' in there. I fear time is growing short. Gene's case has been reviewed several times by the VA and turned down. I believe Georgene is meeting this week with the VA for what has got to be Gene's last shot at getting the assistance he and his wife need. If anything breaks, I'll let you know. I have received several inputs from fellow VP sailors and have forwarded them on to Georgene. Let's hope...God's speed, AMS2 Tom Andrews tomandrews48@gmail.com..." [07MAR2006]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to find a VP-48 patch from 1980s. I served with VP-48 from 1984-1989 but can not find my patches. Anyone got an extra one for sale? I am looking for the one with the pelican, not just the Boomer checks....GRISSETT, Tracy DELETE_vwcbiker@hotmail.com..." [15MAY2003]

Note NOTICE: "...When VP-48 had the P5Ms they were called the PREGNANT PELICANS..." Contributed by ROBERT [N] BELL captbell@tampabay.rr.com [31MAR99]

Note NOTICE: "...I am looking for a good source of military coins for my shadow box. Does any one know of a good source? I need VP-48 and VP-31 coins if they even exist...Jim Bolin jim.bolin@navy.mil..." [21APR2005]

Note NOTICE: "...Just wanted to inform my former squadron mates from VP-48, VP-31, VP-16, VX-20 (NFATS) that I will be retiring on May 6, 2005 at 1000 in the VX-20 Hangar NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. It has been a great career and a lot of fun. LCDR (ex AT1)...Jim Bolin jim.bolin@navy.mil..." [25FEB2005]

Note NOTICE: "...I'm trying to get a line on Mike Pierce. He was the XO / CO 74-76. Email, phone number or address would be great. I need to tell him he was right. Thx, Mark Smetana m0smetana@gmail.com..." [09OCT2004]

Note NOTICE: "...Navy Establishing Augment Units For All FRS's Including VP-30..." Contributed by LCDR Robert J. Cable cablerj@vp30.navy.mil [03DEC2003]

VP-30 SAU The Navy is scheduling the establishment of a Squadron Augment Unit (SAU) attached to VP-30 for 1 October, 2004. Final numbers have yet to be released, but the SAU is likely to total near 150 personnel composed of Officer and Enlisted instructors and maintenance personnel. The SAU has begun recruiting the advance party of 20 maintainers in the AD, AE, AT, AM, and AME rates. If you are interested in serving as a Selected Reservist in VP-30 SAU, have P-3 NEC's and P-3 experience within the last 6 years, and are within drilling distance of NAS Jacksonville, Florida, please call Naval Reserve Recruiting Area SE at 904-542-3320 ext 490 or the SAU OIC at 904-542-0990.

AD - Aviation Machinist's Mate    AE - Aviation Electrician's Mate    AT - Aviation Electronics Technician    AM - Aviation Structural Mechanic

Note NOTICE: "...VP-48 1978 cruise book inside of front and rear cover is a picture of SF 5 under the lights on the NAS Misawa, Japan flight line. If anyone has a copy of this picture could you please scan or copy it to me?. This is the last VP squadron that I served in and my Wife and I are trying to put together a wall board using this photo as the center piece. Thanks for any help in advance, Rick Johnson, ADC USN Retired Kachina5@aol.com..." [30MAY2001]

Note NOTICE: "...Does anyone have a bead on Dan Speed?. He was VP-31 XO and CO of VP-48 in early eighties...SULLIVAN, CAPTAIN Ken Retired ksulli124@aol.com..." [31JUL2002]

Note NOTICE: "...I have been trying to find a person named ADC Greg Poitras. I served with him in VP-48, he transfered to NAS Memphis, Tennessee. then to VP-17 and finally to CTF 72 in Kamasaya, Japan. I retired in May 1999 and I am presently flying for U.S. Customs in Corpus Christi, Tx. We were both Flight Engineers. Thanks!...Dan C. Pray, USN, Retired daniel_pray@sbcglobal.net..." [25DEC2000]

Note NOTICE: "...I am looking for an old friend, who was stationed at NAS Moffett Field, California. I met him in Montana on a hunting trip. He was stationed there with VP-48. If there is anyone out there who knows where he is, I'd love to find an old friend. His name is Gary James. Thank you...MaryAnn Smith friendsgizmo4@hotmail.com..." [02NOV2000]

Note NOTICE: "...Would like to communicate with any Shipmates who were at NAS Moffett Field, California (VP-48, VP-31, VP-40) from 80 to 89...Doc Holliday wolfdad@navyspecialoperations.com..." [11AUG2000]

Note NOTICE: "...Trying to contact Chief Joseph Franke..." Contributed by Jack Lambton jackandbonnie@lambtongroup.com [29APR2000]

Note NOTICE: "...Looking for the CO of VP-48, Thad Mills, ('74-'75) If you have any idea of his location would appreciate a lead...Lon Walters lon@sedona.net..." [05SEP99]

UPDATE "...Can remove the "location?" for Thad Mills former CO of VP-48...found him in Seattle WA area flying for Microsoft...many thanks...Lon Walters lon@sedona.net..." [30DEC99]

Note NOTICE: "...I am looking for information that will help me locate my Father's (LCDR Raymond Bryant Jr. Ret) friends. He served with VP-48. His career began as an enlisted sailor in 1948 at NAS Bermuda. He was ATC at Kansas and (I believe) he then was involved with PBY's. He was promoted to the Officer ranks in Texas where I was born. This was followed by flight training in Florida (where else) ;-). All his time was spent with at P3 stations. He served in San Diego 1960-1964, NAS Patuxent River, Maryland 1964-1967, NAS Norfolk, Virginia 1967, and retired in 1974. I remember names like Dave Stromberg and Jack Rennie. I would like Dad's friends to write him as he has had a massive stroke and I feel this may help. Additional Information Provided [22JUN98]: I found the pilot logs VP-45 10-17-47 TO 3-31-53, VP-8 4-23-53 TO 3-31-55, VP-48 6-26-61 TO 8-24-64, WSJ might be a "T" here (PAX-RIVER) 9-21-64 TO 7-31-67, FCPCLANT 8 8-67 TO RETIREMENT 1974. Thank you.....Wanda (Raye) Bryant, daughter #5 sound@albemarlenet.com..."

UPDATE 20JUN98 Wanda has heard from one shipmate who might have known her Dad...Thanks!

UPDATE 22JUN98 I heard from a co-worker and friend who worked with Dad on the P-3 Projects as a civilian with RBC INC.

UPDATE 12JUL98 We spent the afternoon with Ret Capt Zeisel, who remembers my Dad from PAX River days. We really had fun especially Dick and Ray. The web site has helped me find several of my Dad's friends. Thanks for everyones help. Wanda

Note NOTICE: "...LOOKING FOR ANYONE WITH INFO ON GLEN HOWARD, WAS ATTACHED TO VP-48 APPRX 1954-55, NAS Alameda, California. I CAN BE REACHED AT THE HOUSING OFFICE NAS Lemoore, California (209)998-4922/23. WOULD APPRECIATE ANY HELP LOCATING HIM. THANKS! LYNN RAINEY lrainey@housing.lemoore.navy.mil, NAS Lemoore, California..."

Note NOTICE: "...Looking for the CO of VP-48, Thad Mills, ('74-'75) If you have any idea of his location would appreciate a lead...Lon Walters lon@sedona.net..." [05SEP99]

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