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Note NOTICE: "...I was asked if I knew of a Navy squadron who flew from NAS Patuxent River, Maryland in the 60's and 70's with the tailcode "LP." Didn't take long to track you down. I'd like to present a print of a VP-49 P-3 to our friend Linda of Linda's Cafe. Asking for the VP-49 Alumni to forward any Pax River recollections I might include as part of the presentation..." Contributed by CAPT Craig "Ditch" Lee (VQ-1 / VQ-2 / VPU-1) craig.e.lee@navy.mil, Vice Commander at Naval Air Warfare Center - Aircraft Division - NAS Patuxent River, Maryland [22JAN2018]

Note NOTICE: "...Saw a window decal (a P-3 and words Woodpeckers, VP-49, all white, rectangular about 6 X 3 inches). Does anyone know where I can purchase one? I was Julie/ECM Operator with Crew-3 and made the 1966 NAS Adak, Alaska deployment..." Contributed by Robert Betsko rwbetsko@gmail.com [12SEP2017]

Note NOTICE: "...I served with VP-49 (1967-1971) with 1,520 hours as an FE. I have hearing loss and Tinnitus. I also have a neighbor, Viet Nam Army, one tour, no significant noise exposure, was in supply, with a $200/month VA disability. I'm working on putting a case together. One reference: http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/getting-veterans-disability-compensation-vision-hearing-loss.html. Any help would be greatly appreciated..." Contributed by BINKS, AMS2 Doug djbn53db@hotmail.com [27APR2016]

Note NOTICE: "...I found a ring yesterday with VP-49 on one side. I would like to return it to its owner (or family). I am a Navy Mom myself and understand the importance of this ring and its return. If it is yours (or you know the possible owner) - please contact me with a description (initials inside ring, etc.). Thanks!..." Contributed by Joan Woods joan.woods@rocketmail.com [06JUL2013]

Note NOTICE: "...We represent the family of a former serviceman (Raybert Howell) in their lawsuit due to his exposure to asbestos. I saw various postings on the vpnavy.com website for VP-49 Shipmates and was hoping to contact some of them to see if they recall Mr. Howell and/or asbestos used on the aircrafts or elsewhere he may have encountered it..." Contributed by Amy M. Dorin adorin@gpwlaw.com [31MAR2012]

Note NOTICE: VP-49 Logo ThumbnailCamera "...I am remaking the 2nd VP-49 patch worn during the seaplane era from 1940's into the early 1960. This new patch will be 4" and the colors as close to the original colors as possible. The big thing is, the patch will be embroidered with no backing, so it will look and feel just like the old patch. Anyone who orders a patch will see the cost price from the company. My next project is to have the old VP-49 Lightning Bolt ball caps made! If you are interested in obtaining one, please contact me..." Contributed by Bob Reay reaybuff@gmail.com [E-Mail Updated 30MAY2012 | 16FEB2011]

Note NOTICE: "...Looking for the Bureau Number (BuNo) of EA-5 in which Alden M. Donston, AO2, was fataly injured due to an explosion in the electronics gear during a hurricane evacuation from NAS Bermuda on Sept 16, 1957. The plane was bound for NAS Norfolk, Virginia and was diverted to NAS Elizabeth City, NC as a result of the accident. Can anybody help?...MARRERO, Lou lmarrvp49@hotmail.com..." [08NOV2006]

Note NOTICE: "...Trying to find anyone who served with my brother Glen Wilson with VP-49 U-Tapao Royal Thailand Air Force Base, Thailand 1967-68...James Wilson dragondust_2000@yahoo.com..." [28OCT2006]

Note NOTICE: "...I am looking for crew member from VP-49 from years 1954-1957: John Yuhas of Jim Thorpe, PA; Jim Grove of Beaver Falls, PA; or Ralph Kuhns of Allentown, PA. Any help will be appreciated...MATHIEU, Ted tedmathieu@usa.com..." [18OCT2006]

Note NOTICE: "...Looking for AME3 Todd Smith (VP-5 mid 1980's), PC3 Cheryl Martin (VP-45 late 1980's early 1990's), AME2 Robert Rewinkle VP-49 - 1985-1989), AS3 Eddie Martinez VP-49 - 1987-1990) and AS3 Mark Hughes VP-49 - 1987-1990). Thanks...Dobie Hicks mrbezze62@excite.com..." [21AUG2005]

Note NOTICE: "...Navy Establishing Augment Units For All FRS's Including VP-30..." Contributed by LCDR Robert J. Cable cablerj@vp30.navy.mil [03DEC2003]

VP-30 SAU The Navy is scheduling the establishment of a Squadron Augment Unit (SAU) attached to VP-30 for 1 October, 2004. Final numbers have yet to be released, but the SAU is likely to total near 150 personnel composed of Officer and Enlisted instructors and maintenance personnel. The SAU has begun recruiting the advance party of 20 maintainers in the AD, AE, AT, AM, and AME rates. If you are interested in serving as a Selected Reservist in VP-30 SAU, have P-3 NEC's and P-3 experience within the last 6 years, and are within drilling distance of NAS Jacksonville, Florida, please call Naval Reserve Recruiting Area SE at 904-542-3320 ext 490 or the SAU OIC at 904-542-0990.

AD - Aviation Machinist's Mate    AE - Aviation Electrician's Mate    AT - Aviation Electronics Technician    AM - Aviation Structural Mechanic

Note NOTICE: "...I am a former member of VP-45 and was stationed at NAS Norfolk, Virginia 1956-1957. While at NOB I photographed activities there and general photography for my VP-45 Album. On November 9, 1956 I was down by the ramp area taking some photos and wanted to document how a P5M was put in the water and launched. I photographed EA 8 and I have in my album about seven photos of the last launch of EA 8 on that fateful day documenting the launching and first phase of the last flight of EA 8 as it left the area. I know that the photographs are of historical significance to the members of VP-49 and I would like for someone to contact me. I realize that these photos are probably the only ones in existence and I would consider donating the photos or copies to the VP-49 Association. I am a current member of the VP-45 Association and the Mariner/Marlin Association . Thank You...Freddie C. Wallace freddie935@aol.com..." [07DEC2001]

Note NOTICE: "...Any chance anyone can help me find a copy of the VP-49 WestPac 1968 Deployment book published by Tiffany Publishing Company of Norfolk, VA???? Norm Jeweler W3NRS@aol.com VP-49 RM2 1968-1970. Thanks..." [27AUG2001]

Note"...I am the CMC of FASOTRAGRUPAC in San Diego and I have a civilian employee whose husband is getting ready to retire. Instead of the usual shadow box he'd like to "retire his jersey" and have his Blues jumper "retired". The problem they are having is that he doesn't have Unit Identification Marks (Rockers) for all his commands, one of them being VP-49!!!. If anyone can help me out - it sure would mean a lot to a former shipmate! Sincerely, Clint Tatro fason008@sd.navy.mil - FCCM(SW) - CMC FASOTRAGRUPAC..."[12FEB99]

UPDATE "...My co-worker was able to get a VP-49 "Rocker"!!!! Thanks for everyone's help...." [08MAR99]

Note NOTICE: "...I am looking for a Dolly Hester that was my best friend as a child and was in from 1987 to 1992 with VP-49. I am looking for a current email address as I havent spoken with her for ages and have lost all current information to contact her since she has left the Navy. Please help me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!..Jodi Hollibaugh jlnelson2769@hotmail.com..." [03NOV2004]

Note NOTICE: "...I am looking for John (Jack) Barry or Chuck Long (served with VP-49? I went through SERE with them in 1986 at Warner Springs, Ca. I need to get in touch with them. Thanks. Richard Brown vanman153@yahoo.com..." [16JUL2004]

Note NOTICE: "...I am looking for the location of any/all of the following former Shipmates: Jimy D. Jarrett, Earnest Paul Pruitt, Don Donavan, O. C. Hare, Stan Cwynar, C. D. Eubanks, Jim Powers, and all others who were in VP-49...BRIGANCE, AE1 Donald drbnc@aol.com..." [30MAR2004]

Note NOTICE: "...If anyone rememeber a Radioman Vicky Insley (sp) she was ships company, please let me know. Thanks...KWIATKOWSKI, Paul pmk_125@yahoo.com..." [15JUN2003]

Note NOTICE: "...I am looking for Dennis (Denny) Bisek. After receiving our wings in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, our first duty station was NAS Bermudaa. Dennis was in VP-49 and I was assigned to VP-45. I left NAS Bermuda in 1959 and have lost contact with him. If anyone knows anything about him, please contact me. Thanks...NEWMAN, George gnewman6@bellsouth.net..." [13JUN2003]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to find a Shipmate by the name of Fred Cloer. He was from North Carolina...WADE, Bill bebaw1@msn.com..." [26FEB2003]

Note NOTICE: "...Looking for Dominic Giacoppo. I remember the fun we had together in 1983-84. Would love to hear from you and catch up on all the news. Megan Stevenson meganandwarwick@yahoo.com.au..." [22NOV2002]

Note NOTICE: "...I've been diagnosed with a terminal illness related, as it would, to my time spent on-board VP-49 from August 1990 to August 1992 (sorry to say). I don't want your sympathy, but bear with me, to clue you in on some details. I found out in August 2000 that I've got a Regional/Focal Brain Lesion of the Right Temporal Lobe area of the brain, which, at that time was only 3MM in diameter as viewed on a series of MRI's and MRA's. By August the next year, it had tripled in size to 9MM. Which means, it is growing. Like I said, no sympathy here! Just your attention please! It seems quite evident, viewing my service records and VA Health records, that it stems from a VIRAL Syndrome that I was "EXPOSED" to during my sevice with VP-49. Which initially manifested itself on December 17, 1990 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida as Beta Strep with symptoms of headache, nausea, fever, dizziness, chills, sinusitis, sore throat, and other complications signaling the presence of bacterial invasion of the brain via paranasal sinuses, as set down in Principles of Neurology. Later at NS Rota, Spain, going by my Flight Line Clinic Sick call records, after being sick most of the month of December, I returned to Sick Call with symptoms increasing in severity and number. I was documented as having an exposure to a Viral Syndrome within the past few months. It is progressing further. Upon being shipped home on emergency leave, I had numerous sets of EKG's come back Abnormal (Bradycardi/Tachycardis) and was returned to Sick Call a number of other times. Each time my condition was worsening, the number of symptoms increading, and was subsequently disacharged under medical conditions. I returned home and was later, November 1998, after having the manifestations of a Partial/Complex Seizure disorder, and abnormal EEG's (Brain Scans) come back with abnormal sharps/wave spikes; was put on Total/Permanent Disability SSDib. My Symptoms steadily worsened with the p/c seizures, petit, and Grand Mal to the point of COMA in September 2000. After having numerous MRI's/MRA's come back abnormal, and being given a terminal diagnoses, what was I to do but file for my VA Pension and Service Connected Disability Compensation. My claim helped establish new legislation for Gulf War Vets. I have each and every sign/symptom of the GW Illness since the early stages of Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Having just re-enlisted in July 1990, with an impecable record, 3 outstanding Physical Readiness Achievements, and an Overall stamp of 3 yrs Good Health on my 1st enlistment with no episodes and 4.0 evals mind you. I was later transferred to NAS Jacksonville, Florida VP-30, VP-49, NamTra, AIMD NAS Jacksonville, Florida by December 1990. Where was I exposed? And this is where you guys come in. The only things I can think of is that some of our squadrons had given over some of our aircraft to the Pakistani Navy at the start of the Gulf War to ensure their coalition participation - correct me if I'm wrong. It was during this time (November 1990) I went to NamTra where our Pakistani Coalition "partners" were training. I even "helped" re-write one of their courses for this and recieved a letter of apprecication. It was only a week or two later that I first became sick with Viral Syndrome. This is well-known to be the "preponderant causeative organism" leading to Bacterial Invasion of the Brain, and Regional, Focal Lesions; primarily of the frontal, and temporal lobes, via the paranasal sinuses! Along with a host of other maladies paralleled to the Gulf War illness. The only other exposure I can think of is that we had quite alot of our aircraft flying missions in/around the Persian Gulf and Red Sea Region from the begining of Desert Shield. On August 7th, along w/the P-3s were our HS Crews. I'm sure plenty of you spent your time, on-station in and around the Red Sea, Arabian, or the Persian Gulf? I also recall that quite alot of our avionics gear, equipment, and black boxes coming back home (especially at AIMD NS Rota, Spain). We would be inundated with failing Avionics packages, and as memory recalls, quite alot of them were due to Hostile Environmental Exposures (sea, salt, sand, and soot). The AIC-22's especially would be coated with soot, sea spray, and salts and would quite frequently be shorted out within the chassis between the wires and switches by more sand then we could clean. Could this be why I got sick overseas? The only other possibility would be from secondary exposure through a "carrier" or "host". It should be no surprise that at the same time my "girlfriend" who was originally at VP-30, got sick too, was subsequently discharged under Medical Conditions, and granted Service Connected Disability (50% Sinuses/Menstrual D/O, and Fibromyalgia) as well as being put on Social Security Disability. To our misfortune we had a son who was also infected at birth to Group B Strep, and suffered from multiple complications (Toxic Shock Syndrome) and now has ADHD. My X-wife, who had two Healthy children prior to the Gulf War, has since had several miscarriages and was finally blessed with our "miracle" baby, SARA, as she was born premature with no visible life signs at birth due to Placenta Abruptia and other combinations relating to Group B Strep/Toxic Shock Syndrome. She enjoyed the first 12 days of her life (on life-support). She has since recovered, showing little, or no signs. Because of my disability my X couldn't cope, we've since seperated, and I am now with a remarkable young lady. She spent her time oversseas, as well, in the Air Force. Had a Medical Discharge, as well, due to pregnancy. Her son Michael was born with a very rare condition, and had multiple birth defects which required open heart surgery as his heart was "reversed" in his chest and on the "right" side. Along with a few other complications, Group B Strep was to blame, and now is diagnosed with ADHD, like Michael (my son). I am waiting to appeal my claim for more thourough and solid evidence. If any of you have any suggestions - I would be more than happy to here from you or write to William Young, 201 West Lexington Ave, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901. I've got alot of evidence backing my claim but the illness itself is flat KICKIN' MY A*S! If I can be of any assistance to anyone else, that would be great. Well, that's enuff for now guys and gals, I'm gettin' kinda tired. Fair Winds and Following Seas. God Bless, and God's Speed!...YOUNG, AT3 Wm Wyoungstudios@semo.net..." [03NOV2002]

Note NOTICE: "...Searching for info on my missing father Arthur Ernest Rayner. He served with VP-6 and VP-49 and he was stationed at the NAS Bermuda in 1954. He was 26 yrs old in 1954, race:- Black and married my mother Cora Burgess in November 1954 here in Bermuda...Arthur Raynor araynor@ibl.bm..." [23JAN2002]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to find some information on Admiral Jake Tobin. I served with him when he was the CO of VP-49 and again when he was CO of VP-30. I last saw him in Brunswick, ME. I had heard he was transferred to Virginia sometime in the late '80's. If anyone has any information on the Admiral please email me. Thank you...AVCM(AW) Carl Groth carl.groth@cingular.com..." [11JAN2002]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to locate some old Shipmates from VP-49, 1967-1970. They are ADJ-1 Bob (Moe) Stanley and AW-3 Steve Duckett. If you have any information about them please drop me an e-mail. Thank you...Bob Ray Robert.Ray@baesystems.com..." [15SEP2001]

Note NOTICE: "...I'm seeking any info about my friend Gary Fulcher (VP-49). We graduated High School, Boot Camp, and AW training together (1976). Gary transferred to NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and was reportedly killed in a motorcycle crash. If you knew Gary, please drop me an e-mail...KERNS, Kevin upnatm@hotmail.com..." [25AUG2001]

Note NOTICE: "...If anyone knows any information regarding the death or PR1 Gary Martin Scott (with VP-49) death was November 1992 please e-mail me. thank you...Dona C. Herron (Huffman) foresthunter@casscomm.com..." [16AUG2001]

Note NOTICE: "...I am in search of a couple of shipmates-Don Colin Campbell from Halifax Nova Scotia, I believe VP-45 or VP-49, NAS Jacksonville, Florida, 1966 to about 1968. Last I heard he was sailing around the country. Also Bill Brueggeman-stationed in NAS Patuxent River, Maryland (I think)-he was from Iowa and loved to fish and listen to Dylan. Same time period. I appreciate any assistance...Jack Montfort montforj@yahoo.com..." [18JUL2001]

Note NOTICE: "...I had a high school buddy that joined the Navy about 4 months before me and he went to VP-49 in NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. I actually went to electronic school in Memphis with him but we lost touch with one another. John Spencer of Pampa Texas was his name. I have looked for him but have not been able to find him ...Ray Callahan kb4ygo@yahoo.com..." [26MAY2001]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to locate some information on my father Arthur Ernest Rayner. He served at the NAS Bermuda in 1954. He married Bermudian Cora Elizabeth Burgess in Bermuda on Nov 18th, 1954. He may have served with VP-49...Arthur Raynor araynor@ibl.bm..." [25MAY2001]

Note NOTICE: "...I'm looking for a friend I met up with in NAS Memphis, Tennessee, then NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and finally in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. His name was Mike Grimm from La Crosse, WI and he was an AX with VP-49 last time I saw him in '73. I think VP-49 had just returned from NAS Keflavik, Iceland and VP-45 was headed for NAS Sigonella, Sicily (I was going home). Haven't seen his name in Shipmates (along with a thousand other guys I've been looking for)...Harry Vermillion "Harry Evan", Julie/ECM Crew 33 north40@ezlink.com..." [29JUL2000]

UPDATE "...I received a message this morning putting him in Cambridge Springs, PA with a phone number. Thanks..." [30JUL2000]

UPDATE "...Found him! Thanks for everyone's help...." [06AUG2000]

Note NOTICE: "...I'm e-mailing on hopes to locate a friend of my Fathers. My Father Frank L Gilliland, was killed on Active Duty, 13 Dec. 65, while assigned to Patrol Squadron 49, Pax River, MD. The gentlemen I am trying to find information on is Gerald Dwayne Jackson. My mother is actually seeking the information for old time sake, in hopes to learn how Mr. Jackson and his family are doing after all these years. The last duty assignment she had for Mr. Jackson was Jacksonville, FL...Please contact SFC Nicholas Gilliland gillilandns@pa-arng.ngb.amy.mil...Thanks you very much" [28FEB2000]

Note NOTICE: "...I'm looking for a friend of mine that I was stationed with in VP-49 named Kelvin Norwood with the AE rating. The last I heard he was in VP-62. Could you give some feedback on his whereabouts or let him know I'm trying to reach him. Tell him Big Mo is looking for him. Thank you so much...Eric Moore APR2298@GATEWAY.NET..." [27DEC99]

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