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Note NOTICE: "...I am looking for VP-56 squadron patches that would have been issued from NAS Norva from 1963 to 1967. Also, COMFAIRWINGSLANT issued during same period. Also, COMFAIRWING 5. Thanks. Ron Lancaster PastorRon_Paula@hotmail.com..." [07FEB2002]

VP LogosLOGOs: Squadron ThumbnailCameraVP-56 Logo "...Photo from the TailHook Association http://www.tailhook.org/..." Contributed by Mahlon K. Miller mkwsmiller@cox.net [09APR2002]

VP LogosLOGOs: VP-56 Logo ThumbnailCameraVP-56 Logo Contributed by KOON, AMS2 Dave dkoon2007@comcast.net

VP LogosLOGOs: VP-56 Logo ThumbnailCameraVP-56 Logo "...that we had while I was in the squadron..." Contributed by John Carcano jcarcano@metrolink.net

VP LogosLOGOs: VP-56 logo ThumbnailCameraVP-56 Logo Contributed by DANA A. SANDLEBEN dasme@comcast.net [11JUN98]

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