VPNAVY VP-9 Mishap - Soviet Shot Down 22JUN55 - No Loss Of Life
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MishapsMISHAPs: 00 APR 56 A/C: P2V-5P Neptune LOCATION: NAS Adiak, Alaska DEATHS: 00 TYPE: Slide off the runway SRIKE: No CAUSE: Weather

UPDATE "...Spent some time in crew 10 (?) LTJG Bell PC. We were the guys that wiped out our aircraft shortly before we returned to the states. Slide off the runway at NAS Kodiak, Alaska and terminated the radome and various other parts of the underside of aircraft. Sat on the runway for an hour waiting for a crash truck because the tower thought we had taxied since we were on GCA..." Contributed by Douglas Grace DAG1@pro-site.com [29MAR97]

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