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Naval Aviation News May 1957 "...Naval Aviation News - May 1957..." WebSite: http://www.history.navy.mil/nan/backissues/1950s/1955/may57.pdf [10AUG2004]

VP LogosLOGOs: VP-57 Logo ThumbnailCameraVP-57 Patch Contributed by Jim Lutes jelutes@ivic.net [12APR99]

VP LogosLOGOs: VP-57 Logo ThumbnailCameraVP-57 Patch "...The VP-931 logo was a Football as shown and so identified on your very fine web site. When reserve squadron VP-931 was deactivated along with its original members, there remained those who had been gradually added to that squadron throughout its call up and were not yet due to be released from active duty. They formed the core of a new squadron VP-57. Not too long after the formation of VP-57, a contest was held among members of that squadron to design a logo for VP-57. The logo that won is shown in the enclosed photograph. The logo depicts some of the capabilities of VP-57: ability to detect (see) submarines both visually and electronically in all types of weather, both night and day. During my years in the squadron, these were chores carried out by VP-57 during its various deployments along with perimeter protection of the task force, various types of patrol work and the gathering of electronic intelligence. VP-57 trained regarding all these skills between deployments along with developing abilities in harbor mining, rocketry, bombing, and air to air gunnery. The VP-57 logo in the enclosed picture is not a photo of a patch but rather a picture of an exact logo replica made of wood by some squadron members whose names I have not heard. It was about two feet in diameter and very nicely done. I hope someone who sees this can identify those who made it so those craftsmen receive due credit..." Contributed by Daniel Jessup pipepurr@hotmail.com [11MAR2000]

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