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ADAMS, AT2 Rusty cobra2472@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-69 (1972-1975) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and (reservist) with VR-51 (1975-1978) at NAS Dallas, Texas..." [09OCT2013]

ANDERSON, Eric eandb@excelonline.com "...Spent 3 years in VP-46 (92-95) in NAS Moffett Field, California and NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, then on to Wing 10 in NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. I'm now a TAR in VP-91 in NAS Moffett Field, California but will be heading back to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington to VP-69 in March 99 when VP-91 decoms. Looking to get back in touch with friends from the past...drop me a line..." [E-Mail Updated 22MAY2000 | 24OCT98]

APPEL, AT1 Bob Retired rappel353@gmail.com "...I served with VP-69 (07/1977-02/1980), VP-62 (11/1982-11/1983) and VP-64 (11/1983-01/1995). I flew as a IFT aboard the P-3A/B. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 08APR2016 | E-Mail Updated 08MAR2007 | E-Mail Updated 17JUN2004 | 08FEB2000]

BACH, Jeffrey jefbach@aol.com "...To all my former Shipmates. I was in VP-69 from 1986-1991 and NAR from 1991-1994. Now stationed in VP-91 soon to retired early in FEB 99. I sure like here from anyone that I served during these periods. See Ya..." [20OCT98]

BANTA, ISCS Norm bantanj@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-69 from 1997 to 1999 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. I wish NAS Whidbey Island, Washington had the Privateers presence noted in the air station history..." [25AUG2003]

BLANKENSHIP, James sedrojim@comcast.net "...I served with VP-69 (SAR) in 1980 when I was an 18 year old..." [17MAY2010]

Memorial Picture "...BOISSONNEAULT, CWO3 Al...My father, CWO3 Al Boissonneault, passed away January 6, 2015 and was interred at National Arlington Cemetery on September 29, 2015. Dad served with VP-92, VR-51, VP-69 and VAQ-137. I would like to hear from those who served with him and stories/pictures you may have..." Contributed by CDR Kevin Boissonneault kboissonneault@hotmail.com [13FEB2016]

BOISSONNEAULT, CWO3 Al Retired clvn5510@comcast.net "...I served with RTU-92 at NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts and VP-92 before transfering to VR-51 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. When I flew with VP-92 my duties were as a FCPC. One of the pilots that I flew with was RADM S. T. Keith. He has come a long way and is now the guy in New Orleans. My enlisted rate went from ADR to ADJ to AD. I then served with VP-69 as the Maintenance Chief when I was selected to ADCS in 1978. I stayed with VP-69 until I was commissioned in 1981. I then went from the good Navy to the ship Navy and served aboard the USS Ranger (CV-61, USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) and that was with VAQ-137. I then did a tour with AIMD at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. My final tour was with the VA-52 (Knight Riders). I retired in 1990..." [E-Mail Updated 03MAY2005 | E-Mail Updated 22MAY2004 | E-Mail Updated 03AUG2002 | 19JAN98]

BOLTS, AMH2 Phillip boltsfab5@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-22 (11/1977-07/1981) and worked in Communications, Corrosion Control, Airframes and finally in the AIMD Hydraulic Shop. I was in the Active Navy Reserves and served with VP-69 until September 1985. My years with the Blue Geese went by very fast, but I will never forget that time in my life. To the men that I served with, I salute you..." [BIO Updated 28JUL2011 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 04MAR2009 | 06MAR2007]

Memorial Picture "...BORGFORD, CPO Clyde F...My Father, CPO Clyde F. Borgford, passed away on May 17, 2010 at his home in Wasilla, Alaska. My father entered the Navy in July 1943 and retired to the inactive reserve April 1, 1974. During the war he served aboard PC-571 known after the war as the USS Ankola. After the war he was assingned to HU-891 and later HS-892 at NAS Sand Point, Seattle, Washington. In 1969 he was assigned as an original member of VP-69 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington until his retirement in 1974. I would like to hear from any of his former Shipmates..." Contributed by Mike A. Borgford clancey_dog@yahoo.com [18JUN2010]


BUTLER, MS1(AW) LaVina rbd381mgb@digitalexp.com "...Enjoyed taking a stroll down memory lane. People like Cahill, Dyer, Holt, Millbach, Spear, Strand....AMS1 Jim Butler would remember with more memories than I as he worked with all of you in VP-69. I remember the plane crash well at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. It was scary for all of us. Still remember working with all the VP-69 reserve cooks. Keep in touch. Who knows I may be out there in the near future to visit all who stayed..." [07AUG98]

CAHILL, Kevin R. kevin1fe@aol.com "...I retired after spending all 26 years in P-3 Orions. I was lucky to have spent all my tours in great squadrons. Started my flying career as a second mech in VP-44, 71-75, then moved on to become a TAR in VP-92. Qualified as a Flight Engineer Jan 76. Orders then to VP-69 from 79-82. A follow on tour back to VP-92 from 82-87. Moved from there to VP-68 from 87-91. Didn't have enough so went back "home" to VP-92 from 91-96 when I finally retired to a great job as an Aviation Safety Inspector with the FAA in Boston. As I look back did it all from pumping a grease gun on the flight line, to Maintenance Chief, all while in a flying billet. Logged almost 9000 flight hours as a P-3 FE and am proud of it. In my later years as the MMCPO I was extremely proud of the maintenance folks that gave the extra effort to get the aircraft "up". The best part was when I preflighted then flew the aircraft on a PMCF. Usually never having a gripe to write up when we were done. The VP-Navy was my Navy and am proud to have been a part of it. Thanks Shipmates!..." [07FEB98]

CLEVER, Keith keithclever@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-69 (11/1983-05/1986), VP-MAU (05/1986-09/1991) including being called back to active duty (12/1990) for the Gulf War, VP-91 (09/1991-12/1998), VR-55 (1999-2000) and VP-65. Tried to hang on but HYT got me Retired 2006. I started a Yahoo Group (VP MAU Moffett) and a Facebook Page (VP MAU Moffett) (You know you were VP Navy if...) - former members please join! Love to hear from all the friends that have gone but haven't forgotten. Remembering my brother and mentor, AX2 Tom "The Rocket" Rohr. Long live the ones who've flown on ahead of us. Older I get, longer that list is..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 28APR2018 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 12NOV2004 | 18OCT98]

COATES, Richard (Dick) Retired rcoates654@yahoo.com "...I started my NAVY journey 9/55 with 3 yrs at GMAU-0411, Oceana (GF3); 12/58 GM div. USS Intrepid (GF2/AT2); 8/60 Kitty Hawk CVA-63 pre-com; 2/62; AT(B), (AT1); 12/62 VA-127 NAS Lemoore, California; My life changed 1/66 when I got orders to VP-17 via VP-31 at NORIS. I was destined to have the time of my life in the VP Navy. My wife was worried that I could get hurt flying in "one of those things!" I said "flying in a P2V is safer than walking the store." The next day there was a picture of a sinking VP-31 P2V on the front page of the local rag. They had cross feed problems, and the fans quit turnin'. They set her down alongside a Coast Guard cutter loaded with PSA stewardeses on a survival training cruise! (I don't think they even got wet.) After the RAG, I was assigned to VP-17 crew 12 with a great bunch of guys. PPC Charlie Cook, P2P Lee Houston, NAV Rick Tolly, TACCO is fuzzy, he was LT. ex QM, PC Snick Gramms ADJ1 (NY good guy), JULIE AT3 Rothlesburger, JEZ-(brain lapse.. I saw him in 79 at NORIS CPO club (he was a AWCS), AO1 Jim Young, and last, but not least AE2 Robert J. Prestovic our token electrician and fantastic scrounger. (He "borrowed" a trailing wire weight from the Coastes at NS Sangley Point, Philippines! I needed a spare, but I made him take it back anyway.) (Ski is USCG ret now.) We had a good deployment to TSN Saigon, but when the skipper said we were going home and returning asap (6 Mo) I was struck with this gawd awfull dumb-ass attack and said, "I not goin', my enlistment is up in 6 mo." JUNE 1967 I transferred to reserve VP-891 at NAS Sand Point, WA. Which became VP-69. Flew with a bunch of good guys there for 3 years, but I missed the REAL NAVY! July 70 transferred to VP-6 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. I flew for a while, but not assigned to a crew. If I remember right they had more than enough flyers, and short on folks to keep em flyin' so I spent most of my 3 years there in WC210 with AXC Domier, AT2 O.T. Frampton III, AT2 Moore (UH student), AT3 Don Inaura, (now AVCM ret, a good friend and neighbor), many IFT and RDO crews, too many more, I don't remember. I left VP-6 July 73 for NATTC NAS Memphis, Tennessee and AVC7 school. Three years of Instructor duty at AVC7. Then on to - VF-1 (The NAVY should never send VP sailors to fix F14's) Finished my BS Ed in San Diego. I put on the Hat in 77 and retired 12/79. The Navy had exacted their revenge for breaking the faith in 1967. Any one out there that wants to tell sea stories, send me an e-mail or stop by I'm your friendly travel agent at NAS Miramar. I would really like to hear a better one than I can tell..." [E-Mail Updated 04JUL2001 | 01JUN2001]

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CREECH, Bobby bobbycreech@yahoo.com "...Did two Westpacs with VP-42 Crew 5 from 1965 to 1967, TAR with VP-69 from 1971 to 1975, transfered to VP-91 released from active duty in 1978 and retired as a reservist with VP-91 in June 1995..." [E-Mail Updated 15APR2006 | 02JAN98]

CHRISTIANSON, LCDR Don Retired dchris@fairpoint.net "...I served with VP-69 (Plank Owner) from November 1, 1970 and served until my retirement in October 1994. I began with VP-69 as CWO2 and held numerous Maintenance Department positions, including Maintenance Officer. In my 24 years with the squadron, there were a lot of great times. I am currently living in Selah, WA and would enjoy hearing from former Shipmates. I also monitor the entries on the VP-69 Alumni Facebook at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vp68alumni/..." [BIO Updated 17AUG2011 | E-Mail Updated 13JAN2008 | 05NOV2000]

DANIELS, Danny dansfarm@hotmail.com "...I became a VP'er right out of A-School in 1967. I was originally assigned to VP-30 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, until I joined the TAR program in 1972 while stationed with VP-62 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. In 1976 I graduated from FE school and became an original plankower of VP-93 from 1976 to 1979. In 1979 I was transferred to VP-69 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. In 1982 I again was reassigned to VP-67 at NAS Memphis, Tennessee. From 1985 until my retirement in 1989 I was a VP-94 Crawfisher. I will always look fondly at my career in the squadrons and friends I was blessed to be associated with..." [E-Mail Updated 24JUN2009 | 03MAY99]

DEGLER, AK1 Paul Retired pddegler@msn.com "...I served with VP-69 and retired in 1994. There have been many memories of the times spent with my Shipmates there. I have a picture of BUNO: 151386 on my wall as a reminder of my Navy career..." [06MAY2010]

DLHOPOLSKY, AT3 Jim jdsky@windstream.net "...I served with VP-69 from 1985 to 1988. I am married with 3 kids (twin girls and a son) and living in Eastern PA..." [04MAR2010]

DOUGHTY, LT Tom Retired lttomdoughty@aol.com "...Began my career in 1967 at NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, RESASWTACEAST (1969-1975), AIMD NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts (1975-1976), VP-92 (1976-1977) and VP-69 (1978-1982). Great tours with the reserve community, especially with VP-69 Totem Shipmates: CW0-4 Donald Grant(former Sun Downer), AMSC Doug Welshans (USS Forrestal), AX1 George Terril (VAH-xx), AMCS John Anderson (VP-92), ADRCS Allen Boissoneault(VA-52, VAQ-137), AK1 Kathy Mc`Neil, ATCS Don Davis. Advanced to CWO-2 in 1982 following a P.I. deployment. PCS'd to VQ-3 (TACAMO) in NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. On to VP-48 NAS Moffett Field, California in 1985, suffered through two NAS Adak, Alaska winter deployments and one enjoyable P.I. deployment in 1987. Advanced to LT LDO while in P.I., had the best wetting down party in Subic City...thanks skipper, CDR Bob Lunning, that's all I'm going to say about that. Transfrered to NADC (Warminister) Johnsville, Pennsylvania in 1989, the best kept shore duty secret in the fleet. CDR Tim Cudia was the MO at that time, followed by CDR Bill Saye, both super LDO M.O's. Retired in Nov 1991 as an LT with 24 years service. Looking forward to hearing from former Shipmates. Looking for Boomer Shipmates from September 1985 - September 1989. AT1 Mike O'lLeary, AT2 Brian Mueller, AMCS Dave Gallagher, ATCS Larry Lacroix, CDR Isle and CDR Lunning..." [BIO Updated 09AUG2012 | 07AUG2007]

DUECK, AW2 J jdueck@concentric.net "..01/91 - 04/94 VP 69.."

DUREE, AD1 Gary R. Retired gduree@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-1 (1977-12/1978) with deployments toNAS Cubi Point, Philippines, NAS Atsugi, Japan and NAS Agana, Guam, VP-8 (01/1979-05/1980, VP-69 (01/1982-02/1999) and retired. Worked mech shop supervisor, CDI dutys and QA at retirement. To many deployments to list. Many yrs in the logging industry. Retrained in the wast water industry. For CH2MHILL engineering. Managed two waste water plants in the Columbia river area. Ret in 2018. To north central Or. a small community of Tygh Valley 30+ yr as a volunteer Fire fighter and district chief. Still active as EMS with the volunteer ambulance services as a medical responder. Would be great to hear from old ship mates..." [12APR2022]

DYER, AW1 Don "Double-D" Retired Diardi@Hotmail.com "...Started out as an AX3 at NARTU NAS Alameda, California (W/C 660, IFC in C-118's and P2's)..should have taken the transfer to NAS Moffett Field, California for the P-3's then but didn't...., went to NAS Glenview, Illinois (Plankholder in VP-90 as an AW2 in W/C 210 with 12 P2V7's), then back to NARDET/VP-91 a href="nasmoffett.html"> NAS Moffett Field, California (P-3 Evaluator and A/C instr),TX'd up to VP-69 (P2's into P-3's, aircrew trng) off to VP-67 NAS Memphis, Tennessee (aircrew trng and w/c 210 assist once in awhile), back to P2's (and another transition to the P-3) and finally back to a retirement in VP-69 in May of 84. Hi to all and "FUBIJAR."..." [E-Mail Updated 06JUL2000 | 30JUN98]

ERVIN, ADR1 RAY jervin@uswest.com "...ENLISTED: US NAVY 1957...ACTIVE DUTY: NAS Corpus Christi, Texas 1957 - 1959...VR 24-1959-1962... NAS Alameda, California: 1964 - 1968 (USNR-TAR)... NAS Twin Cities, Minnesota: 1968 - 1970 (EBU)... NAS Whidbey Island, Washington: VP-69 - 1970-1975... NAS New Orleans, Louisiana: 1975-1979 AND RETIRED. ..." [BIO Updated 04AUG98 | 14JUL98]

FADER, Eric "DARTH" efader@hotmail.com "...Hail to all Reserve P-3 guys!!! and a rousing HELLO! To all that I have served with. All the Executioners of VP-93 from Sep'84 - Jul'92...the Totems of VP-69 from Jul'92 - Jul'96 and the Broadarrows of VP-62 from Jul-'96 to now. It has been my honor being a small part of some of the Greatest Maritime Patrol Squadrons ever assembled...through the hard times and the good times (they all were good once you take the time to remember). It would be great to here from you so drop a line...DARTH..." [26APR98]

FAIRCHILD, AWCS Gary Retired glfairchild@comcast.net "...VPer from 1975-1996, Retired AWCS VP-4 1975-78, CPRWPacific Det 1978-82, VP-69 1982-86, CPRWAtlantic 1986-90, CNARF 1990-94, VP-94 1994-96. Live in Portland, OR. Work for Intel as mechanic..." [13FEB2009]

FANSLER, Ronald Retired anchordwn@home.com "...I was in VP-69 from 1976 to 1980 and enjoyed every minute of it. Before that it was VP-17 from 1969-1976, and after VP-69 it was VP-93 untill December 1988. Retired from the Navy and started flying cargo on DC-8's, L-1011's, and now 747's. VP-69 was a great time..." [BIO Updated 19FEB2002 | 27OCT2001]

FISLER, James gotofizzy57@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-69 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from 1977 to 1983..." [20MAY2004]

FOWELLS, LCDR Frank L. Retired c/o His Daughter Jody Fowells jodyspec4@hotmail.com "...Hi, found this great web site trying to find some of my father's old VP buddies. Here's his bio: LCDR Frank L. Fowells (RET). Started out with VT-6 at NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida from about '72-'74. From there went to VP-19 at NAS Moffett Field, California from '75-'79. He was PC on Crew 6. Deployed to NAS Adak, Alaska and to NAS Misawa, Japan at least once. Left active duty for the private sector and joined VP-69 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from '80-'81. He currenly flies for USAirways. He doesn't have a computer, but would love to here fromany of his old Shipmates. He can be contacted through me until I get his permission to give out his address..." [23OCT2000]

GAILEY, AW1(AW/NAC) Lance Retired zlancer@hotmail.com "...I served with HSL-34, VP-48, VP-69, VP-65, TSC NSF Diego Garcia, TSC NAS Agana, Guam, ASWM USS Eisenhower and VP-10. Great to hear from Shipmates..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 27DEC99]

GARDELLA, Joseph F. gardella1@aol.com "...Served with and looking for Shipmates of VP-69 at NAS Squantum, Massachusetts from July 1948 to Sept 1950 as an active reservist. Recalled to active duty with FASRON-915 in Sept 1950 and deployed to NAS Trinidad, British West Indies until April 1952..." [16MAY2005]

GEORGE, AT2(AW) Amanda Elder Retired c9flier@earthlink.net "...Though I was only with VP-69 for two years (1992-1994) it will always be home. God Bless to all of my Shipmates I served with. Hope to hear from you soon!!!..." [18JUL98]

GOODMAN, CDR William (Bill) Retired goodman@frugal.com "...1973 Pilot assigned to VP-22 flying P-3A's, two deployments to NAF Naha, Okinawa, Japan with Hong Kong & Bangkok R&R's . SAR with VP-69 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from 1973 to 1981 flying SP2H and the P-3A and P-3B. Retired as CDR in 1988. Worked for computer company in Portland Oregon 74 to 76, FAA Air Traffic Controller 76 to 78, Pilot for TransInternational Airlines in 1978, Boeing Computer Engineer 78 to 86, Pilot with PSA/USAirways 86 to present. Living in the Seattle area. Send me an email, I would very much like to hear from former Shipmates..." [16JAN2001]

GRAY, AT1 Daniel Retired ddgray@comcast.net "...I served with VP-69 (1979) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, Selected Reserve (SELRES) (1980-1986), VP-91 (1986-1990) at NAS Moffett Field, California (TAR IFT), VP-69 (1990-1994) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington Reserve AntiSubmarine Warfare TRAining CEnter (RESASWTRACEN) at NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania (1994-1999) and VP-66 at NAS NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania until I retired..." [14AUG2012]

GRIGSBY, Joe Joeg@hsaeug.com "...VP-69 from '70 - '75. Then to NARU, NAS Alameda, California until it closed in '79. Finished my second enlistment at VAK-308, NAS Alameda, California. Does anybody remember the water tower at NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts?..." [18AUG98]

GUDMESTAD, Bob bobg@pioneernet.net "...I joined the Reserves in NAS Seattle, Washington in 1963 and was assigned to VP-891. After a tour in reg NAV, I was back in VP-891. In 1970 as a TAR I was again in VP as we moved to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Retired 8/4/89 AVCM(AW) as VP-69 CMC. Glad to see familiar names here, expect to see more..." [16APR98]

HAMMOND, AOCS Edwin G. Retired 67sled@comcast.net "...I was stationed with VQ-1 in 1962-63 in NAS Atsugi, Japan. I was Aide-De-Camp to Master Chief Renner and worked in the Ordnance Shop. I served with Heavy Attack squadrons VAH-4, VAH-10 and VAH-123 and A6A's in VA-145 from 1960 til 1969, on Active Duty. I was with VP-69 as an Ordnance Aircrewman from Feb 1970 til retirement in Dec of 1989. Active with the PBY Memorial Foundation Command Display at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington Seaplane base as a Docent for the Command Display..." [BIO Updated 24NOV2009 | E-Mail Updated 24JUL2007 | 01FEB98]

HAMPEL, AWCS John D. johndhampel@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-9 (AW2/Sensor Three) NAS Moffett Field, California from 1977 to 1980, VP-90 (AW1) NAS Glenview, Illinois from 1984 to 1988, VP-91 (AWC) NAS Moffett Field, California/Moffett Federal Airfield from 1988 to 1998, and currently with VP-69 (AWCS) NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from November 1998 to ????..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 09DEC2003 | BIO Updated 17NOV98 | 00XX97]

HAND, AKC(AW) Larry J. Retired ljhand_2000@yahoo.com "...Assigned to VP-69 1987. Completed many deployments with the squadron. Assigned to the squadron until 1994 or 1995. We had P-3A, right after I left they transitioned to the P-3C. I retired in 1998 assigned to NAVRESCRUITCOM Det Two. Had some good times with the squadron. Sure miss my Shipmates from the squadron. Have a good P-3 Navy day..." [12DEC2006]

HARDEN, AZ2 Mary (Dellenbusch) Retired bloominwhereimplanted@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-69 from 1984 thru 1990. I was at first AR Harden an undesignated Airman working up in Admin then was an AZ striker. Made 3rd got married so some Shipmates will know me also as AZ3 Dellenbusch. From NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, I went to VR-60 in NAS Memphis, Tennessee until we disestablished it in June of 1995. Then to AIMD Santa Clara until it disestablished in June of 1999. I also served at ABFC FMP MMF ALPHA at NAS Point Mugu, California and VR-55 until I retired July 2004. I am currently attending College. I'd love to hear from anyone from that part of my career..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 27DEC2004 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 03JAN2003 | 06MAY2000]

HARRINGTON, ISC Don donharrington1@comcast.net "...Came in to VP-69 from VAQ-309 as an AZ2 via a couple of NAR units thanks to (then) AZ1 Tom Kulz (now AZC, ret.) in 1994. Got my EAWS as a reservist (check the board in the entryway). Wasn't advancing (999.99, and all that), so decided to change rate to IS. Made AZ1 right before conversion was approved in 1999. Spent three years as an IS1 and made ISC on my first attempt. Best move I ever made, since they are still only making one or two AZCs in the Reserve each year. Spent a few years down in a joint intel unit at Ft. Lewis, but am now back at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington in the basement of the NAR. Miss the folks and the airplanes, but ya' gotta' do what ya' gotta' do, eh? Look me up at the NAR or the CPO club on the first DWE or drop me a line..." [30SEP2005]

HEACOCK, AMS2 Clint clintheacock@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-69 from 1986-1991 in the Airframes Shop. I got out as an AMS2 in November of 1991. I would like to get in touch with some of the guys whom I served with, that would be great..." [09FEB2006]

HORVATH, Mike Retired whidbey_mike@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-47 (1975-1980) as an "I" level tech and then IFT, NAval Air Mainenance TRAining GRoUup DETachment (NAMTRAGRUDET) 1011 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida where I was accepted to AOCS, VP-31 for training, VP-9 (10/1985-03/1989) as a NAVCOM, VP-31 (04/1989-06/1992) Instructor, VP-69 as a TAR and CPRW as Officer in Charge of a training det at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Retired January 1, 2000 on 15 acres here at Whidbey Island. I often times find myself missing a lot of old friends and early morning preflights..." [E-Mail Updated 06MAR2017 | 21OCT2004]

HURLEY, Kim (Holt) ickus@gte.net "...I was on active duty in VP-69 (AX2) from May of '77 to July of '81. I was a reserve there for a couple of more years..." [11JAN98]

HURST, CAPTAIN Rich Retired richards400@hotmail.com "...I served (Active Duty) with VP-42 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington the day before the squadron deployed to Vietnam and left just days before the squadron deactivated in September 1969. I flew (Naval Reserve) with VP-69 until 1989 when I retired...." [13NOV2013]

IVASKEWITZ, AZ (Then) NC1 Joe Retired louie@aiservices.com "...stationed at NAS Point Mugu, California at VP-65. This is fantastic! You've done a wonderful job with this web site. I was stationed at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington APR 72-Feb77. VR-51 and then VP-69. I was then transferred to San Diego in Feb 77 and served at VF-301 until MAR 80. I transferred up to NAS Point Mugu, California and VP-65 and served with the Tridents until APR-83. I have already found a few of my old Shipmates and hope to find more. I am looking for AZC Eddie Isaacson for one and AO-1 Bill Mullin just for starters. By the way the friend of mine in Houston is married to AXCM James Brock. Keep 'em flying! Fair Winds and Following Seas to all, Active and Retired..." [29OCT98]

JOHANSEN, AW Aaron skibuma@comcast.net "...I served with VP-69 (Sensor 2/3) from 1986 to 1992..." [06MAY2010]

KALTENBACH, LT Kevin kkbach@gci.net "...Flew with VP-69 from 94-97 as TAR pilot and currently as a SELRES. Formerly at VP-1 88-91. Thanks to those who built this web page. Hello to all the fine VP'ers I've served with..." [E-Mail Updated 16MAR2000 | E-Mail Updated 03DEC98 | 31MAR98]

KEPKA, CDR Robert L. Retired VP-892/VP-69/VP-0122 roblk@wa.freei.net "...Was in USNR-R for 42 years, with 30-some years on flight status. I was told it was a NAS Whidbey Island, Washington record..." [16SEP99]

KESSNER, ADC George gakessner@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-93 (Plankowner) from March 1976 to March 1980. Best work center 110 in the fleet, MikeHuffron, Mike Childs, Doug (shake n bake), Ray Wooley and more. What a great group of guys. I also served with VP-92, VP-62, VP-69, VP-94 and VP-MAU. Good times all around. I worked on the P-3A, P-3B, P-3C and P-3 Update III..." [07MAY2010]

Shipmate Requested Name Removal  [Shipmate Removed 23SEP99 | 09JUL99]

KISHA, Ted tkisha@gmail.com "...I served with VXN-8 (1971-1976) and VP-69 (1980). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 31MAY2013 | 13NOV2003]

KLINE, Ron lizandron@aol.com "...TAR in VP-69 from 70 to 75 in W/C 220. We had a heck of a shop with Dan, Joe, the other Ron, Prince, Johnny Walker, Ed the married man, and all the SARs that showed up every weekend. Left the squadron in 75 for the regular Navy. Made cruises on the Connie, Kennedy, and IKE with some shore duty sandwiched in between. Retired in 91 as a LCDR..." [06MAR99]

KRAVITZ, Ron Retired p3flyer@verizon.net "...I entered the Naval Air program in 1960 as a P2V-7 Ordnance Air Crewman with VP-18. I was released from active duty in 1963 and went active reserves in 1966. I served with VP-934 which was redesignated VP-66 and redesignated again to VP-64 (when another squadron was moved down from New York). I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1974 and served with VP-65 in NAS Point Mugu, California. I went to P-3 flight Engineer School in 1975 and was recalled to active duty in January 1976. I stayed on active duty touring with VP-64, VP-69 and NAS Dallas, Texas. I was part of the team that opened up NAS Fort Worth JRB. I retired in August of 1996. I would enjoy hearing from some of my old Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 25OCT2008 | E-Mail Updated 10JAN2003 | 08NOV98]

KRUEGER, CDR Michael J. Shipmate PixCirca 2005 http://reserves.navy.mil/ "...Commander Michael (Freddy) Krueger was born in Moorhead, MN and grew up in Bloomington, MN. He graduated from the University of Colorado in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History. He was designated a Naval Aviator in 1985. Following P-3 fleet replacement training at VP-30, NAS Jacksonville, Florida, he reported to VP-49, homeported at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. He held several positions at VP-49 including Aviation Electric Branch Officer, Power Plants Branch Officer, Personnel Officer and Quality Assurance Officer. He qualified as a P-3C Plane Commander and Instructor Pilot. During this tour he completed deployments to NAS Bermuda and NAS Sigonella, Sicily, along with numerous detachments in Europe and the Caribbean. After leaving VP-49 in 1989, Commander Krueger served as a Primary and Intermediate Flight Instructor at Training Squadron Two, NAS Whiting Field. There he instructed in Basic Familiarization, Basic Instruments, Aerobatics, Radio Instruments, Night Familiarization, Airways Navigation, Visual Navigation and Intermediate Radio Instruments. Commander Krueger reported on board USS Nimitz (CVN-68) in January 1992 as a Catapult and Arresting Gear Officer. He served as Arresting Gear Branch Officer, Waist Catapult Branch Officer, Bow Catapult Branch Officer and V-1 Division Officer during a deployment to the Persian Gulf in support of Operation Southern Watch. He qualified as a Helicopter Control Officer and Assistant Command Duty Officer. In January 1995, following release from active duty, Commander Krueger joined VP-69, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. He has qualified as a Patrol Plane Commander, Mission Commander and Instructor Pilot. He completed detachments in the Pacific, Caribbean, South American and European theaters. He served as Operations Officer, Maintenance Officer, Administration Officer, Executive Assistant and Executive Officer prior to his recent selection as Commanding Officer. His military decorations include the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal and various other personal and unit awards. In civilian life, Commander Krueger is employed by Southwest Airlines as a B-737 First Officer based in Oakland, California. He is married to the former Jennifer Willey of Centralia, Washington, and they reside in Woodinville, Washington..." [19JUN2005]

JOLLIE, CW04, Robert O. Retired Bobjollie@aol.com "...I started my career in Patrol Squadrons at NAS Seattle, Washington. I was originally in VP-891 and I was a plank holder in VP-69. I would love to hear from people that were part of that experience from 1960 to 1980. We had a great time!..." [30JUN99]

JOHNSON, Rod vito1@techline.com "...I served with VQ-1 at NAS Agana, Guam Jan73 to Feb 75. I flew was an Elint Operator on Crew 32 and bounced around a little between Crew 33 and 31 on the EP-3Bs and then went back to NAS Moffett Field, California on one the acceptance crews to bring the EP-3Es out to Guan. Was in Guam when we lost our A-3 training bird on a nav training flight off Kobi Japan, and when one of our radio operators was shot and killed by a Phillipino PC out in town. Remember a lot of people trying to remember a few more. Like to hear from some of the folks there around about that time. Left VQ-1 to got to VQ-4 and EC 130's and always wanted back. Finally went to VP-69 as an FCO and Inflight Tech. Sure miss the flying..." [18AUG2000]

JONES, AXCS Rick jonesr@olg.com): "...I began my VP service as a Reserve AO2 with VP-69 flying SP2Hs (P2V7) in 1972-1973. I returned to active duty with a short tour in VA-305 in 1973. I changed rate to AX in 1974 and was sent to VP-66 where we flew P-3As and I qualified as an Inflight Tech. I then did tours with VP-65, AIMD NAS Glenview, Illinois, VP-60, Mobile Maintenance Facility Foxtrot, and completed my active duty at COMRESPATWINGPAC in 1990. I am now a Senior Associate with the management consulting firm of Booz-Allen & Hamilton supporting a Navy client at NAWCAD NAS Patuxent River, Maryland..." [05MAR2000]

JONES, CDR Scott D. Shipmate PixCirca 2005 http://reserves.navy.mil/ "...Commander Scott Jones was born and raised in Sacramento, California. At 17 years old, Commander Jones quit high school and enlisted in the navy where he served 6 years as an Electronic Warfare Technician. He completed Western Pacific cruises aboard the USS O'Callahan (FF-1051) and the USS David R. Ray (DD-971). Commander Jones attended night school for most of his enlisted years and in October 1987 graduated from National University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. He completed Aviation Officer Candidate School in 1988 and was designated a Naval Aviator in October 1989. After P-3 replacement training at VP-30 in NAS Jacksonville, Florida, he reported to VP-44 in NAS Brunswick, Maine. While attached to the Golden Pelicans he served as the Security Manager and Personnel Officer. Upon the disestablishment of VP-44 in 1991, he reported to the VP-8 Tigers assigned to Jeddah Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Storm. While assigned to VP-8, Commander Jones served in several positions including Plans and Readiness Officer, Pilot Training Officer, Pilot Natops Officer and Safety/ Natops Department Head. He qualified as a P-3C Patrol Plane Commander, Natops Instructor Pilot and Beartrap Mission Commander. During his tour with VP-8 he completed deployments to NS Rota, Spain and NS Roosevelt Roads, PR with detachments to Europe, Greenland, and NAS Bermuda. After completing his tour with VP-8, Commander Jones reported to VT-27 NAS Corpus Christi, Texas where he served as a Primary and Intermediate Flight Instructor. While attached to VT-27, he was qualified to instruct in Basic Familiarization, Basic Instruments, Precision Aerobatics, Radio Instruments, Night Familiarization, Airways Navigation, and Formation flight. He concurrently held positions as the Assistant Safety Officer and Flight Leader. In August 1995, upon his release from active duty, Commander Jones affiliated with the fighting Totems of VP-69. He has qualified as Mission Commander, Patrol Plane Commander and Natops Instructor Pilot while serving as a Totem. He has completed detachments to Australia, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Pacific and the Caribbean. He served as Operations Officer, Maintenance Officer, Pilot Standardization Officer and Executive Assistant prior to his recent selection as Executive Officer. His military decorations include Navy Achievement Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal and various other personal and unit awards. In civilian life, Commander Jones is a 747-400 First Officer for United Airlines based in San Francisco, California..." [19JUN2005]

JOYNER, AE2 Richard rickjoyner@charter.net "...I served with VP-69 from 1985 to 1988 also spent time in AIMD..." [27MAY2009]

LILLY, AE3 sdlevh5150@aol.com "...Hey there P-3'ers been A long time,I was part of VP-69 and was sent to AIMD for most of my time there (91-93). I had alot of fun with everybody there. Drop me A line. I'm a civ. now but enjoy this site to relive some of the days!..." [06FEB98]

LISIUS, Joe grdn24@pacbell.net "...Awesome page Nevins, lots of folks remembered. Toured with ORION BROTHERHOOD OF ENGINEERS CHAPTERS VP-64, VP-93, VP-69, & CRPWP (Commander Reserve Patrol Wing Pacific)..."

LOVE, CAPTAIN Craig R. Shipmate Pix http://reserves.navy.mil/ Public/ Staff/ Centers/ Forces+Command/Centers/ Naval+Air+Reserves/ Centers/ NAR+Jacksonville/ WelcomeAboard/ CommandingOfficer/ default.htm "...Captain Craig R. Love was born in Greenville, Pennsylvania in 1953. He has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida Technical University and a Master of Arts degree from Pepperdine University. Prior to commissioning in 1980, he was enlisted in both the Air Force and later in the Navy. During his enlisted Navy career he was attached to VP-49 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, as a non-acoustic operator on the P-3C aircraft. After graduating from Aviation Officer Candidate School and Naval Flight Officer training, he reported to VP-24. In August 1984, he was selected for the Training and Administration of Reserves (TAR) program. From 1985 to 1988, Captain Love was assigned to TSC NAS Bermuda. He served as Mission Control and Evaluation Officer responsible for the effective tactical employment of assigned U.S. and allied air and surfaces assets. In April 1988, Captain Love reported to Naval Air Reserve Jacksonville, Florida, where he served as a program manager and as the Deputy Reserve Program Director. He joined VP-62 in February 1989. While attached to VP-62, he was designated as a Naval Air Reserve Force P-3C UIII NATOPS evaluator and was selected by the Association of Naval Aviation as the 1990 Jacksonville Reserve Naval Flight Officer of the Year. Captain Love detached from VP-62 in May 1991 to join the staff of Commander, Reserve Patrol Wing Pacific. While attached to the wing he served as Operations Officer. It was during this tour he was selected to serve as a squadron Officer-in-Charge. He reported to VP-69 in July 1993 where he served as Officer-in-Charge from October 1993 to July 1995. In August 1995, he reported to CPW-11 as the Operational Support Officer. In July 1997, he reported to the staff of Commander, Naval Air Reserve Force where he served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations responsible for 19,000 Naval Air Reservists and over 250 aircraft. In September 1999, he was assigned as Executive Officer of Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Fort Worth. Captain Love reported back to the staff of Commander, Naval Air Force Reserve in September 2001 where he was assigned as Chief of Staff. Captain Love has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal (four awards), Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal with gold star, Navy Expeditionary Medal, National Defense Service Medal with two bronze stars, Armed Forces Reserve Medal and various unit awards. Captain Love assumed command of Naval Air Reserve Jacksonville on June 12, 2004..." [25APR2005]

MACAULAY, ATC (AW) D.A. xpc01dmac@erols.com"...1985 thru 1990, AT3-AT2, full systems "I" level Tech. P-3A/B at AIMD..."

MANNING, LCDR Richard (Dick) B. Retired rb.mann@fidalgo.net "...My first tour in VP was with VP-42 from March 1962 until January 1965 at NAS North Island, San Diego, California. I was one of the first TACCO's in the Squadron and in the Navy as well. I first flew in P5M's and then transitioned to P2's. Was assigned to Crew-8 but was substituting for another TACCO when Crew-8, BUNO: 131513 crashed in the South China Sea (SEE: In Memorial for lost friends September 8th, 1964). We lost 4 men from our crew and a passenger. The aircraft impacted the water while on a night rigging run. After a tour at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington as a Radar Watch Officer, I was assigned to VP-2 from August 1968 to October 1969. VP-2 made the last WestPac deployment of P2's and set new records for performance that were ever made by a P2 Squadron CanDo VP-2, Second to None. Worst part of my VP experience was that I'm still trying to put 10 lbs into a 5 lb. bag. Retired from VP-69 in the Reserves in 1977 and so far have beaten the longevity odds. The VP Navy is the best even if we did have to fly 13 hr. hops. Be sure to get a copy of Brian McGuniess's book "Coffee On the Wing Beam". Lots of great memory joggers. To all VP-2ers, get on board the VP-2 Association. We just had a terrific reunion in San Jose, CA. E-mail me for info..." [E-Mail Updated 11JAN2008 | E-Mail Updated 30DEC2001 | 19SEP98]

MARTIN, AMC Chad cm0828@msn.com "...I served with VP-91 (1991-1996) at NAS Moffett Field, California (Airframes Shop), VP-69 (1996-2000) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, VR-61 (2000-2005) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, VR-55 (2005-2009) at NAS Point Mugu, California and VR-61 (2009-2013)..." [08OCT2010]


MAY, AWCM Mike MAYM@CNRF.NAVY.MIL "...Spent some time with CPW-2 from 1977-1979, VP-91 from 1980-1983, VP-90 from 1983-1987, CRPWP from 1987-1990, and VP-69 from 1990-1995..." [E-Mail Updated 31JUL2002 |07SEP97 ]

McGUINESS, CAPTAIN Brian Retired (360)856-4010 "...VP-17 12/66 through 12/69 SP2H and P-3A Plane Commander VP-71 01/70 through 11/70 SP2H CoPilot VP-91 12/70 through 03/72 P-3A CoPilot VP-69 04/72 through 06/84 SP2H and P-3A Plane Commander, Ninth Commanding Officer. Retired August 1, 1987 with 24 years total active and reserve duty..." [16SEP98]


MILLER, AMS2 Kelvin kdmiller8251@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-10 (1990 to 1993), VP-94 (2003 to 2006) and now VP-69 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. I got tired of the civilian rat race and came back in! Any old Shipmates feel free to contact me!..." [BIO Updated 20SEP2006 | Rate Updated 25DEC2004 | E-Mail Updated 18MAY2002 | 27APR98]

MILLS, ADC Brian D. BMillsP3FE@comcast.net "...I am a Flight Engineer currently with VP-64. I served with VP-66 from 1984-1988, VP-69 from 1988-1992, NAS Glenview, Illinois from 1992-1994. I would have loved to have flown back in the old days before all this Drawdown, Base Closure, Squadron decom. crap. My dad was a PR in the early/mid 1960's stationed in NAS Point Mugu, California. Any old Shipmates drop a line...I was stationed on board NAS Glenview, Illinois from 1992-1994 assigned to the Aircrew Training Department as a P-3 Flight Engineer/Simulator Instructor. I had the pleasures of flying with VP-60 and VP-90 up until the end. I was the last FE to set power for takeoff on LU-64 (BUNO: 161130) during the Base Closure ceremony. After that I was given a chunk of RWY 35/17 which all the crew signed and I have on my desk now. I am trying to find a NAS Glenview, Illinois patch for my collection. Any info or old Shipmates, drop a line..." [E-Mail Updated 26MAY2002 | BIO Updated 29AUG2001 | 00XXX97]

MODRELL, AW2 Patrick H. doser@msn.com "...Was in HS3 from 1968-1970, at NAS Sand Point. Mid 1970 Sand Point was closed, moved to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and transfered to VP-69. Was an ECM-JULIE operator till 1974. Was AW-2 in rank. We had several trips to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, NS Rota, Spain, NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts, and lots of small trips. One of my pilots was an ex F4F pilot-at times I think he thought he was still in an F4-what a ride!! We had the P2V Neptunes in my day. Never got the chance to ride in a P-3. Still it was a lot of fun. Now I'm just one of the "old guys" looking back at the way it was..." [26OCT2004]

MORSE, AE1(AW) Bill Retired bnkwellness@hotmail.com "...I served 10 years with the regular Navy from 1958-1968. I joined the Reserves in 1974, went into TAR in 1977 as P-3 FE while with VP-91, VP-94 at NAS New Orleans, Louisiana, VP-91 late 1978, and VP-69 in 1981 until retirement in 1987. I went to work at Boeing, primarily on 747 on flightline as inspector, retiring in 2001 and moved to Hawaii. Miss the people and the flying, very much. Would love to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 25JAN2003 | 24OCT98]

MURPHY, AWC Raymond F. Retired ray@wiztronics.com "...Joined VP-69 in 1981 as AW1 out of LAMPS community. Served with the Totems till June of 1992 when transferred to ASWOC/TSC NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Thoroughly enjoyed flying as SS3 in the P-3. Retired out of the ASWOC/TSC on 1 November 1992 as an AWC. Will always consider VP-69 to be one of the finest Squadrons I ever served with. And I served with VAH-2, VAH-10 and RVAH-3 as an A3 Crewman. Also served with HSL-31 and HSL-35 as a LAMPS MK1 Sensor/SAR Crewman. Had the honor of being the initial Flight Test Crewman for the SH-60B program back at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland in the late seventies..." [14APR2000]

NELSON, AT1 John "J.R." jrnelson@hctc.com "...Shipmates! VA-164/CVA-19 '70-71, VP-31, VP-9 '71-73 1971 MCAS Iwakuni, Japan ( NAS Cubi Point, Philippines / Utapao), 1972 VP-9 / Wing "Det" To NAS Cubi Point, Philippines/Utapao. 1973 NAS Iwakuni, Japan / NAS Cubi Point, Philippines. 1973 NavPro Burbank S-3A initial Crew VS-41 '73-75, VS-33 Screwbirds (S-3) '75-79. 1985-89 VP-69 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington NAF Misawa, Japan '85, '87, '88. T AC-NAV-MOD, '89-'91 VP-MAU NAS Moffett Field, California NUD-UDIII. Here's to all my "shippies" - Ex, retired and especially those still serving! Remember Tom "Radar" Rohr AX-2/GS-12 1958-1995..." [E-Mail Updated 02JUN2005 | 21MAR98]

NELSON, John P. jpnelson6@home.com "...I started my navy career in 1966 as enlisted man in the Submarine Reserve at Lake Union, Wa. Entered OCS, Newport, R.I., June 1970, commissioned Oct. 1970, immediately shipped off to Viet Nam. Received pilot's wings May 1972 and joined VXN-8, NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. Left VXN-8 in 1975 and reported to VP-48, NAS Moffett Field, California. Discharged from VP-48 and the active duty navy in Oct. 1977, joined P-3 reserve squadron VP-69, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Hired by Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) in Feb. 1978, merged with US Air in April 1988. Currently flying the Airbus for US Airways. One wife, four kids, fond and everlasting memories of my navy Shipmates..." [28JUN2001]

NEVELS, Nick nicknevels@hotmail.com "...I was an AE assigned to VC-5 Det NAS Cubi Point, Philippines from September 1970 to July 1973 where I started flying as an aircrewman in the US-2C & RC-45J. (What wild times those were back then in the PI). VAQ-134, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from January 1976 to May 1978. Went TAR and reported to VP-69 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. VP-31 for FE school at NAS Moffett Field, California from August 1984 to January 1985. VP-69 January 1985 to February 1988 flying the P-3A baseline and then transitioned to the P-3A TACNAVMOD. VP-91 NAS Moffett Field, California from February 1988 to August 1991 flying the "Super B's" and eventually transitioned to the Update III's, where we got the last two P-3C's, BUNO's 163294 and 163295. Back to VP-69 in August 1991, where I retired as an AEC in January 1994. Flying as a P-3 FE was truly an experience all of us who flew as "Forward Center Observer" will never forget..." [01JUL99]


NOWELL, AME2(AW) Cameron cameron.nowell@mailexcite.com "...I was in VP-11 from August '91 to April '95. I then went on to shore duty at NAS Pensacola, Florida, earned my Associates Degree, then moved on into the civilian world in May '98. I moved to Boulder, CO to play for the summer, then to Breckenridge for the winter, to put that degree to good use as a snowboard bum. Needless to say, it was a good winter. When the snow started melting I decided to try out the part-time navy and am now back in the "center seat" at VP-69 in NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Any old Shipmates in "lovin' eleven," I would love to hear from you and tell you about this little secret here in the northwest...In September 1999, I reenlisted in the TAR Navy and have since took orders to VP-65 in NAS Point Mugu, California..." [BIO Updated 18AUG2000 | BIO Updated 22JUL99 | 09MAY99]

OISTEN, AMS1 C. E. (Gene) Retired ornry@oakharbor.net "...Still alive and reasonably well. I was with VP-91 from 1975-1979, VP-65 from 1979-1984 & 1987-1989, and VP-69 from 1984-1987. I've seen a lot of familiar names on this site and will try to contact a few. Feel free to contact me..." [22APR2002]

OLAIVAR, Marvic molaivar@aol.com "...Served with VP-91 from September 1988 to December 1998 then VP-69 from December 1998 to present..." [12JUL2003]

PALMER, Don mauser9@aol.com "...I served with VP-2 (68-69). Fond memories of NS Sangley Point, Philippines, CRB, and Tainan. After serving 24 yrs in the Navy, the VP was the best. Other sqds were VA-122, VAH-10, VP-69, VF-301, VA-303 and VAK-208. Staff duty in NAR NAS Alameda, California, CVWR-30, NAR San Diego, and COMHELWINGRES NORIS. Anyone know what happened to VP-2 Shipmates Lt Swanner or AN Jim Nolan?..." [27NOV98]

PALMER, AE2 Stephen L. "Steve" slpalmer333@juno.com "...I served with VP-30 (08/1968-10/1968) at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, VP-5 (10/1968-06/69), VP-42 (06/1969-10/1969), VP-1 (10/1969-06/1971) and VP-69 (1971-1974) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. I will be retiring from my job as an Engineering Designer after almost 40 years on November 27, 2013..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 08NOV2013 | 1998]

PANANEN, Lauren W. lpan@aol.com "...Hello everyone from VP-17 from May 1968 thru March 1971. Served a little while in P2H's then transitioned to P-3A's at NAS Moffett Field, California in the Fall of 1968. Moved home port to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. Served in Crew 1 (see Crew 1 picture on VP-17 page, I'm the skinny one, 1st row far right) with Robert May, Ken Hurst and Fred Steuber as GATOR. Became PPC of Crew 4 where the O's on last cruise were F. R. Schenck, D. M. Schwartz, D. L. Dillard and R. S. Peck. Deployed to NAS Iwakuni, Japan, NS Sangley Point, Philippines and Utapao, perhaps not in that order. Retired from VP-69 Reserve Patron (really) from NAS Whidbey Island, Washington in 1987 and am now waiting for my check. Has anyone seen it? I visited Ken Hurst in Indiana some years ago with his wife Laurie who is city council person in Nolbesville. Working at PacifiCorp (Pacific Power/Utah Power) as meter engineer in Portland but living in Vancouver USA. Kids all grown up and I just became a Granddad: Zachary Scott Frederick. Zachary visited in January 1999 and brought his parents: Julie (my daughter) and Scott. Drop me a line at my email address or at my work email. There is telephone communications too at work 503-813-6600 near the Lloyd Center. Bye for now..." [05FEB99]

PASSMORE, Rear Admiral Robert O. http://www.chinfo.navy.mil/navpalib/people/flags/biographies/passmorero.html "...Rear Admiral Robert O. Passmore is a native of Ellensburg, Wash. He attended the University of Washington on an NROTC scholarship, and received both his commission in the Navy and a Bachelor of Science degree in Oceanography in June 1972. Earning his pilot wings in October 1973, Rear Adm. Passmore's first assignment was instructor duty at VT-2, NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida. In 1975, Rear Adm. Passmore was ordered to VP-50, NAS Moffett Field, California. In 1979, he became a Drilling Reservist serving with both VP-91 at NAS Moffett Field, California and VP-69 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. In 1980, he joined VP-68 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland as one of the Full-Time Support Officers. In August 1983, Rear Adm. Passmore transferred to VP-67 at NAS Memphis, Tennessee. During this tour he completed a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. Released from active duty in October 1985, Rear Adm. Passmore affiliated with VP-69. He assumed command of VP-69 in December 1989. In June 1991, he reported to VTU-8989 where he drilled until being selected as Commanding Officer of NR CVN-68, USS Nimitz 0289 in January 1994. In October 1995 Rear Adm. Passmore took on duties as Commanding Officer of Naval Reserve NAS Whidbey Island, Washington 4089. Two years later he was selected to be the Navy Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer (NEPLO) for the State of Washington. In October of 1998, he assumed the position of Deputy for Mission Effectiveness at Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region Twenty-two, Naval Station Everett, Wash. Rear Adm. Passmore's first flag assigned was Deputy Commander, Maritime Surveillance and Reconnaissance Forces, Sixth Fleet, and Deputy Commander, Fleet Air Mediterranean in NAF Naples, Italy, from 1 October 2000 to 30 September 2003. In May 2002, he was assigned Additional Duty as Commander, Naval Reserve Readiness Command Northwest. Rear Adm. Passmore is currently assigned as Reserve Deputy Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe, and Vice Commander, Navy Region Europe. His personal awards include the Meritorious Service Medal (2nd award), Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (3rd award), Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (2nd award). Rear Adm. Passmore is a captain on the 767 aircraft with United Airlines..." [12FEB2005]

PATTULLO, Jim plj@pacifier.com "...VP-69, VP-91, VP-64, CRPWP, NARCEN NAS Moffett Field, California, CRPWP DET NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, CRPWP DET NAS Moffett Field, California, and THE WORLD..." [27MAR98]

PECK, Andy smurfjet@prodigy.net "...I enjoyed seeing comments from squadron mates that I remember. I affiliated with VP-0122 in 1979 after an active duty career of flying helos and C-1/S-2's. I was transferred to VP-69 a couple of years later, and remained there until I transferred to the IRR in 1988. I retired in 1992. Currently, I am living in a suburb of Seattle, and am flying 757/767's for USAirways, based on the East Coast. In a time when an aviation career was extremely unstable, the only "constants" in my life were my wife and my friends in the Navy reserves. Over the years, I've encountered several former squadron mates in the airline world. I've enjoyed that!..." [01MAY2000]

PEDRIN, Bob bpedrin@comcast.net "...I served with VP-69 (1970-1976) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and was a Plan Owner (3rd person on-board). I left the Navy and spent 10 years as a fireman (reaching the rank of LT) spending part of that time as a rescue diver, played with a band for a few years and drove truck (Carhauler) until I retired in Feb 2013. And yes Joe Grigsby, I remember the water tower at NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts and the tennis courts, the base bell and all the VP-69 "gotcha’s" we did on the base and planes. I would love to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 22JUN2015 | 14JUN2005]

PHILLIPS, AWC Larry Retired lwphill@yahoo.com "...Retired in 1989 at VP-69, also served in VP-68, VP-91, VP-90, CRPWP and RTU65/VP-65..." [10SEP2001]

PIAZZA, AMH2 Frank De gr84349506@msn.com "...Some of the best times were spent in VP-69. The people and assighnment's were the most fun..." [21JAN2001]

PIERCE, AMS1 Greg Retired TrijetPFE1@aol.com "...AMS1(RET) Greg Pierce reporting on board. Would like to hear from any old Shipmates (VP-30/VP-66/VP-93/VP-69). I am currently plumbing on a B727 for American Trans Air..." [13APR99]

RAMSDELL, John ramsdell.john@ssd.loral.com "...I was stationed in VP-50, VP-69, VP-91, and VP-MAU ( NAS Moffett Field, California). Would like to hear from any old Shipmates..." [27JAN98]

Memorial Picture "...REEVES, AT1 George Ray...We lost Shipmate George Ray Reeves (VP-19, VAQ-129 and VP-19) on July 12, 2010. George was born on February 3, 1948 and was last known to be living in Coupeville, Washington. He joined the U.S. Navy, where he served for 13 years. He served as a radio operator aboard P-3Bs with VP-19 at NAS Moffett Field, California and was an avionics instructor with VAQ-129 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and in the Reserves with VP-69. After leaving the Navy, George remained in the Coupeville area with his wife Joan and family, working as a database administrator for the government. He is survived by his wife Joan. Memorial services were held for George at the Oak Harbor Elks Lodge on Wednesday, July 21st at 2:00 PM. George was a happy, intelligent man with broad interests..." Contributed by SANBORN, AT3 Pete psanborn2@earthlink.net [11SEP2010]

REEVES, George R. uhu@whidbey.net "...March 6, 1969 VP-31 RP-07 P-3B Bureau Number 152765 crashed at NAS Lemoore, California. I was also scheduled to be on that flight. As I recall, I reported to the duty office to pick up my box lunch about 0430 and was told that instead of a "RADIO/OBSERVER" FAM, the flight was rescheduled for a "Pilot Trainer". We, about 7 or 8 of us (can't remember the number for sure), had been bumped from that flight to attend a GSE class. Upon returning to the classroom (about 10:00 a.m.) from a smoke break, the instrutor said "you all were supposed to be on RP7, weren't you? It just crashed - every one was killed". I believe, again not really sure, that Dwane Yoder (went to VP-40 "Radio Operator") was also origianlly schedule to be on that FAM flight. I went on to VP-19. I served with Crew 7, Crew 2, and Crew 1 and deployed NAS Adak, Alaska, NAS Iwakuni, Japan, and NAS Cubi Point, Philippines. Also served with VAQ-129 and VP-69. Visit my website (http://www2.whidbey.net/urraca/) if you think you remember me. I really do like hearing from Shipmates. Any one remember Steve SMALLEY VP-22? I witnessed the following P-3 Mishaps: VP-45 NAS Adak, Alaska - Ground looped (pitch locked/smoke remove hatch blew open on roll out. SOP to pop the PL circuit breakers because of the cold. They had a flag sticking out the smoke removal hatch the previous day. Must have forgotten to secure it; VP-19 NAS Iwakuni, Japan - Nose gear colapsed on landing (both nose tires blew on a night take off) The crew had to wait for daylight to confirm that both tires blew. CO suggested that the crew bail out before doing a foam landing. The crew's COMMENTS "*7#@^%" could be heard on the maintenance control radio in the back ground. They did eat all of their "unprepareds" (breakfast/lunch/dinner and most likely all the PBJ) while burning off fuel; and VP-6 NAS Cubi Point, Philippines "DITCH" (AT2 Carver and I were standing at the top a P-3 boarding ladder) watched them make the turn to Grandy Island. Saw them impact the water. Couldn't believe that there were survivors. I got to fly with CDR Montgomery when he was a reserve with VP-69. He got us through a pretty spiffy storm near Midway one night..." Personal Website: http://www2.whidbey.net/urraca/ [18OCT2001]

RICHARDS, JIM slimrjc@aol.com "...WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM ANYONE FROM VP-18 1966-1968, VP-94 1975-1979, and VP-69 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington 1979 - 1982..." [E-Mail Updated 01NOV2001 | BIO Updated 21DEC98 | 20DEC98]

RISCHE, Carl W. carlr@whidbey.net "...Joined the VP Navy in May of 1975 as a TAR with VP-69 while they were still flying the P-2V7. Transitioned to P-3A's and spent the remainder of my Navy time working on and flying in P-3's with the following squadrons. VP-69 May 75 thru Aug 77, VP-64 Sept 77 thru Oct 81, VP-92 Nov 81 thru Sept 85, VP-69 Oct 85 till I retired on March 31, 1990 as an AMHC..." [01FEB98]

ROGERS, CPO Tom "TJ" Retired tomrogers@wihfr.com "...I served with VP-22 (1970-1972) with deployments to NS Sangley Point, Philippines and NAF Naha, Okinawa, Japan, VP-31 (1972-1976), VP-91 (1976-1980) and VP-69 (1980-1990). I was a FE (Stage Coach Driver) - some of you know what I'm talking about. The only thing I miss about the Navy is the twenty some odd years I spent with the finest Shipmates one could ask for..." [15SEP2011]

ROST, AT1(AW) Les lrost@aboutmontana.net "...Hello to all the VP'rs out there. It's really a fairly small community, and the same names pop up fairly often. I was attached to VP-47 from '73 to '76 as w/c 210 ground-pounder/supervisor. I'd like to hear from anybody who'd care to swap lies about how much fun we had in NAS Adak, Alaska after being in Guam for so long. I'm still in the reserves after taking a long vacation. I'm now with the Totems of VP-69 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. A great squadron, if any of you want to smell a little jp exhaust in the morning, just for old-times sake..." [14FEB2001]

RUNGE, Tom trunge@cox.net "...I was in VP-69 from July 1975 to Dec 1979, and then in VP-91 from Jan 1980 to Aug 1982. Retired as an AECS in 1997. I now reside in New Orleans, where there is a good time to be had every weekend of the year! I was a TAR, and we sure had some fun back in those days, going on deployment with our SELRES personnel. Many many fond memories..." [E-Mail Updated 26OCT2004 | 28AUG99]

SCHADEWITZ, PH Mark 09rubicon@comcast.net "...I served with VP-69 (1977) Reserves, Active Duty (1978-1982) and back to VP-69 working out of Base Photo Lab..." [01OCT2012]

SCHNABEL, AW1 Mark Retired mark.schnabel@gmail.com "...Joined the Totems (VP-69) in 1988 and retired from the squadron in 2006. Lots of great memories!..." [03SEP2008]


SCHVAB, John (Nathan) schvab5@sbcglobal.net "...Howdy, VP-MAU (NAS Moffett Field, California), probably the best time in the Navy besides HCS-5. VP-MAU NAS Moffett Field, California especially 1987-1989 the crew was great. Sometimes my memory comes back and I say "Did I do that?" VP-69 was alright 1991-1992. Still in the Navy sittiing in Springfield Missouri at the NMCRC getting ready to retire. If you can stay in touch..." [19JAN2005]

SCHWIND-DiCESARE, Kathy alias Kathy Kay kschwind@mail.arc.nasa.gov "...I was a reserve with VP-69, VP-MAU, and VP-92. I was also a civilian working in the Supply Dept at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. I was wondering if anyone who is at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington now would know any retired EA6B Trainer pilots or maintenance crew from VA-128 or any other of the VA squadrons? (Yes, I know that I said the wrong squadrons. But what do you expect from a blond....ha ha ha.) If you all do please contract me through my email address or work number DSN 359-3675 or commerical 650 604-3675. I am working at Raytheon Aerospace at NAS Moffett Field, California. Sure, do miss the Navy here at the base. Let me know as soon as possible. Love to all of you. Take care..." [03JUN2000]

SCHMIDT, Martin R. Retired martins@whidbeyisland.net "...I served with VP-17 from 1969 to 1971 (Crew 7 TACCO). I joined the Reserve Squadron VP-69 here on NAS Whidbey Island, Washington when I left active duty and subsequently retired in late 1987 from the Reserves. It was fun, but I sure do like civilian life. Retired life here on Whidbey Island is very nice. It is a strange ghost-like feeling however, to go onto the Naval Air Station here at Oak Harbor where I spent so much time in uniform and in a flight suit..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 06NOV2005 | 23OCT2001]

SHADOFF, AW1 Jim jshadoffsr@home.com "...I joined VP-891 at NAS Seattle, Washington in Sep 1962. Flew missions to NAS Adak, Alaska and NAS Kodiak, Alaska and to NS Rota, Spain as RADAR/JULIE, MAD, and ECM operator. In 1970 we moved to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington as VP-69 and have many warm memories about the time flying out of AULT FIELD. In 1973 joined the USAFR to fly in the C-141A/B and I am retiring this year with 38 Yrs..." [30APR2001]

SHARP, CDR Keith "Rusty" Retired rustysharp_downsouth@yahoo.com "...I was an AW (SS3 type) with VP-1 (11/1976-02/1981) with 2 WestPac's and 2 Dets to NAS Agana, Guam and VP-65 (04/1981-10/1985) while going thru college. After a stop at AOCS at NAS Pensacola, Florida to earn a commission, I did the NFO pipeline and was winged in September 1987 at Mather AFB. I served with VP-10 (04/1988-06/1991) with a deployments to NAS Keflavik, Iceland and a split deployment to NS Rota, Spain / NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal, CPRW-2 (07/1991-07/1994) at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii as the WST Team Leader at the Trainer Facility, and as a Briefing Officer/Debriefing Office and Watch Officer at the TSC, VP-69 (02/1995-08/2004) and retired from service in May 2005. I'm presently employed with Boeing, and live in Southern California. Would love to hear from former Shipmates..." [BIO Updated 21MAY2015 | BIO Updated 02OCT2005 | Promoted 28MAR2003 | E-Mail Updated 18JUL2001]

SHOUBROUEK, Barry Van bvandtinst@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-69 from 1979 to 1984 and worked in w/c 210 and aircrew. Had some really great times and miss the area a lot..." [10JUN2007]

SILKINSON, Tracy "Smut" Fzonian@msn.com "...Was an AO2 on Independece, now am a flyin' ordie in the reserve Navy, with the "Fightin' Totems" of VP-69, flying the Update III and the new AVX-1 bird. Go Red Rock!..." [24APR98]

SINGER, Maury maury@gte.net "...I have been an AW since '76. Active and Reserve. USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69 Plankowner 77-80, VP-50 Crews 1 & 2, BearTrap 80 - 82 Acoustic SS1&2. NADC, NAF Naval Air Development Center, Warminster, Pennsylvania 82 -85, Project PO for the Update III SASP & Ran the Beartrap Lab. Left Active Duty to work for Boeing on the Update IV Program (Lab Manager and UYS-1/Acoustic systems analysist) (Was flying on the Test Bed Aircraft when the "Stop Work order came out). Now an AWC with VP-69 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington..." [20FEB99]

Shipmate Requested Name Removal  [Shipmate Removed 18DEC2003 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 24SEP2002 | 20APR98]

SMALL, Robert "Bob" Wildbobtiny@aol.com "...Just want to say it has been a great experience to work with the great bunch of people of VP-69 1994-1997. I came from tail-hooks to the P-3 community and found out the real side of naval aviation! Thanks to all of the people for they're support for the F.E. training I received (you know who you are). I am also proud to report that I have been recalled to active duty to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington Security Department under orders for Operation Noble Eagle. I would like to hear from any shipmates of VP-69 to share stories and events. Thanks..." [20DEC2001]

SMAT, AZ1 Jeffrey A. shipmate jeff@smatman.com "...I served with VP-69, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from Aug 1984 - Mar 1988, VP-92, NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts (R.I.P.) from Mar 1988 - Jun 1992..." WebSite: http://www.smatman.com [URL and E-Mail Updated 31MAR2001 | E-Mail Updated 27OCT98 | 18JAN98] [ICQ# 1972924]

SMITH, AMCS Kurtis Retired kurtis55@hotmail.com "...I was a Trident (VP-65) from June 1974 to February 1975 (right at the time of transition from P2's to P-3A's) as a SelRes, then returned in May 1982 as a TAR Flight Engineer after 3 years in VA-305 and 4 years at VP-69 (2 & 1/2 years as a Flight Engineer). I left active duty in September 1986 but continued to drill as a SelRes until late in 1992, when my own business required more & more time and could not regularly attend drills. I finished the last year and a half inactive reserve and retired. Please let me know of any activities that might be going on for former Squadron members..." [02OCT2002]

SMITH, AW1 (NAC) Michael Clark smit9530@uidaho.edu "...I served '88 to '91 in VP-46 in NAS Moffett Field, California, '91 to '93 in FASOTRAGRUPAC Moffett Field, and Commander, Patrol Wing Ten (CPW-10) NAS Moffett Field, California from '93 to '95 during the transition from NAS Moffett Field, California to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Presently, I am attached to VP-69 in NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and there I will most likely remain, as a Reservist, for the duration. Gotta love that weekend stuff!..." [10MAY99]

SNELL, AE1 Gylum "Gybo" Retired iamgybo@bellsouth.net "...I was a P-3 Flight Engineer and retired August 1999. I served with VP-69, VP-62, VP-65, and then retired back in VP-62. I'm a A&P and FCC licensed Maintenance Technician for U. S. Customs Service, based in Jacksonville, Florida..." [E-Mail Updated 21DEC2006 | 08NOV2000]

SPAULDING, Jerome L. Jerome@sisna.com "...Would like to hear from my shipmates of VP-69. I retired from there in 1986 as the Squadron Master Chief..."

SPEAR, AD1 Clinton L. Retired clintspear1@msn.com "...I was at NAS Moffett Field, California and served in VP-46 from 1967 to 1970. Did the NAS Adak, Alaska run on that one. Next, AIMD then on to VP-40 from 1976 to 1977 in the Power Plant shop. I remember a group that used to play in the squadron. Mike Martin, Lt. Scott Evans, and Jim Young. They were "The Marlins". Good down home playin'. I married Diana L. Lasko who herself was in VP-91 at the time. After VP-40, I went on to VP-31 from 1977 to 1980 when I decided to get out and join the Naval Reserve at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. VP-69 from 1980 to 1981. From there to VAQ-133 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and we have been here ever since. Retired due to a bad ticker. Would love to hear from any Shipmates who remember me by the names "Sammy" (from AIMD) and "Pops". Had a diverse Naval career but having a more diverse retirement. You can reach me thru my wifes email address..." [E-Mail Updated 28APR2007 | E-Mail Updated 03APR99 | 01MAY98]

SPEAR, Diana Retired dilynne63@msn.com "...I was really pleased to see the VP website online. I was an AZ with VP-91 at NAS Moffett Field, California in the '70's and VP-69, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from 81 til I retired in 1994. My first husband (AMS2 William S. Lasko) was a Flight Engineer with VP-31 when his plane disappeared in 1972 (SEE: In Memorial for lost friends May 26, 1972). In spite of that unfortunate incident, I've always loved the P-3 and eventually ended up serving in a squadron or two. Thanks so much for the website. It gives me a nice feeling that it's there..." [E-Mail Updated 28APR2007 | E-Mail Updated 03APR99 | 26APR98]

SPERRY, Mick csperry@jvl.net "...I served with VP-90 from 1979 to 1986, transferred to VP-69 from 1986 to 1990, transferred to VP-65 from 1990-1991, transferred to NAS Glenview, Illinois from 1991 to 1995 flying with both VP-60 & VP-90 until squadrons were decomissioned, transferred back to VP-69 where I retired as an ADC in November, 1996. I currently fly as a 727-200 Flight Engineer with a major airline. It would be great to hear from any of my old squadron mates..." [24NOV98]

STAI, AZ3 Micheal ibmicheal@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-69 and was there when they designed the squadron patch..." [16JAN2011]

STINSON, CDR Michael fishnfly2002@yahoo.com "...Hello to fellow Tridents! I was in VP-26 from April 85 to Dec 88 and did some interesting deployments to NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan, NS Rota, Spain and NAS Keflavik, Iceland. Afterwards did a two year stint/boondoggle flying the TC-4c at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington with VA-128. And finally finished my Navy career as a Commander out of VP-69 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Currently living in Salt Lake and commuting to NYC/JFK to fly the 767-er for Delta to Europe, Africa and the mid east. I sure had a great time in Brunswick and remember the good friends. Keep me in mind if you are passing through SLC or on the way to Europe out of JFK. Cheers..." [12FEB2009]

STRAND, Dennis dstrand@pipergroup.com "...I was assigned to VP-22 1969-1971 and VP-69 1972-1991..." [20JAN98]

STRAIN, YNC Pete Retired pstrain@kscable.com "...Served with VP-69, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington 1980 timeframe. Was the YNC in Admin. Would like to hear from any former squadron mates..." [21NOV2000]

SWANSON, AZ1 Jeff guzzi4me@comcast.net "...I served with VP-91, VP-69, VR-61, VP-MAU MMF A. I was a TAR from 07-77 to 11-87 and currently with SELRES..." [E-Mail Updated 23MAR2015 | E-Mail Updated 01JUN2008 | 12MAR2000]

SWINK, Darren airharness@earthlink.net "...Dear VP-69: I was an avoinics flight line tech from 1987 to 1991 and had a great time at VP-69. I think about VP-69 and NAS Whidbey Island, Washington frequently and miss it. I hope the sqaudron is having as much fun as we did then. It is great to see you on the Web. The Navy gave me the skills, education and determination to be a successful aviation manager and leader and I now it will do the same for you..." [18JUN99]

SUTTON, LT Mike dtw757@comcast.net "...I served with VP-22 as a pilot from 1980-1983 (mostly Crew 1). I left to go back as an Instructor at NAS Pensacola, Florida and then to the Airlines (currently flying 747-400s - give me multi-engine any day). I flew some Reserves with both the SAU and VP-69 in 1985 out of NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Looking for any information on AT2 Daniel Barefoot, LT Michael Tobia, and LT Douglas Atkins..." [E-Mail Updated 01AUG2003 | Updated E-Mail 20OCT2000 | Updated E-Mail 14AUG99 | 21JAN99]

SZPAK, Michael Kent salsender@q.com "...I served with VP-69 from 1987 to 1991 and then drilled out of the NRU Central Point, OR until my retirement in 1999. Saw Chief Larry Hand just the other day in Medford, Or. He's now living in Montana. He's in good health and looking just fine. Would like to here from all fellow Shipmates..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 25MAR2009 | 25DEC2006]

TERRILL, AX1 George Retired geoterr@sbcglobal.net "...I spent the first half of my career in the VA (attack) community. Then one day I found out that the navy had airplanes that didn't have tailhooks and didn't go on the BIG, GREY, and UNDERWAY. Affiliated with the VP Navy in 1973 at NARU NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Recalled as a TAR in 1977 and assigned to VP-69, where I flew as an FCO and IFT in the P-3A. Was transferred to NARCEN NAS Moffett Field, California and was later ordered to VP-91 where I retired in Nov 1985. Enjoyed my many deployments to NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan, NAS Adak, Alaska, Etc. The Folks that I flew with in the VP Navy were undoubtedly the best folks on earth. If any body knows where CWO4 Don Grant (MAINT OFF in VP-69, and AFCM Clarence Lowrey (CMC) in VP-69 are please let me know. This site brought back many fine memories for me..." [E-Mail Updated 22DEC2009 | E-Mail Updated 29AUG98 | 11AUG98]

THARP, John jtharp13@msn.com "...I served with VP-93 from 1990 to disestablishment. I was a mechanic. I still get the newsletters. I am now serving with VP-69 for the second time. I am getting ready to retire in 2 years. Hope to hear from former Excutioners that are still around..." [09JAN2004]

TOLLEFSON, Val valenma@bainbridgeisland.net "...I was a pilot in VP-19 during 1966-68. We made two NAS Iwakuni, Japan deployments, with dets. to NS Sangley Point, Philippines and Utapao. We were in NAS Iwakuni, Japan when the PUEBLO was stolen, which was an interesting time. Also spent many happy hours flying in little circles high over Guam. I was Power Plants Officer (worked for ADJC Swigert), Q.C. officer, and NATOPS officer. Did a short stint as a flight instructor in VT-1, and left active duty in late 1969. Flew P2s with VP-69 at Sand Point, and then NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, from 1969 to about 1974. It would be interesting to reconnect with some of the VP-19 folks from that era, especially Crew 10. (new email address, may not work for a day or two)..." [29DEC98]

TORSTENSON, Al "Chief T" a.torstenson@comcast.net "...I served with VP-17 in 1967, VP-2 in 1968, VP-69 in 1983 (P-3 FE and became (TAR)), VP-69, VP-64, VP-68 and VR-61 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. I retired in the Seattle area and am loving it. Twenty four years is plenty. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 01MAY2009 | 04FEB98]

TOSDALE, AW Eric R. etosdale65@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-69 from 1982 to 1986..." [03DEC2009]

TULL, AECS Carter (CJ) Retired carter.j.tull@boeing.com "...To my VP friends: I went on active duty in September 1965 at NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania as a TAR. The setup at the time was that TARs weren't assigned to a squadron so I got to work on several different types of planes. Was a P2 Radar/Julie operator on the side, briefly! VF-931 was activeted and I went to NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida with them. After three years, got out and went to college. Five years later went active with HS-74 at NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts. After three years there, then a year 'break' joined the reserves with VP-64 at NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Two years later, 1980. Went to work for Boeing in Seattle, partly because there was a P-3 squadron there! Spent 12 years with VP-69 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington before 'retiring'. See lots of familiar names on here I'll have to write to!..." [08SEP2004]

VanLANDINGHAM, Jim "The Porker" jim.vanlandingham@att.net "...I served with VP-91 (06/1970-03/1972) at NAS Moffett Field, California (my father was the Station Executive Officer), AIMD NAS Moffett Field, California (1972-1976), left Navy briefly, VP-91 (FRS P-3 Flight Engineer School at VP-31 (07/1977-11/1977), VP-69 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and spent the next 6 years there (I'd have spent more but the TAR Navy wouldn't allow it). After leaving fingernail scratch marks starting at Hiway 20 in Whidbey, and stretching 2,846 miles, I found myself at VP-94 (10/1983-11/1987) at NAS New Orleans, Louisiana, VP-66 (12/1987-03/1990) at NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, REServe AntiSubmarine Warfare TRAining CENter (RESASWTRACEN) (03/1990-1994), NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, VP-64 and retired (26 years) in December of 1995. I am currently a Project Director for Raytheon Technical Services Company. I still get to travel the world but never, ever will it be as much fun as it was in my years in the VP Navy. I'd love to hear from former Shipmates...." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 25FEB2014 | BIO Updated 18DEC2001 | 30MAY2001]

WALL, AVCM Daniel Retired bulkhed@comcast.net "...(02/1963-10/1985) - I served with VP-65 (12/1974-06/1976) as the W/C 220 supervisor during the transition from the P2s to the P-3 iron bombers. CDR Frohlich was CO and was relieved by Cdr. Borroughs during my tour. Made AEC and was assigned to NAVAIRES NAS Point Mugu, California as Training Department Chief in charge through August 1977 with Captain Janiec, Commanding. Other commands included CMC of VP-91 till retirement, VA-304 Maint Chief E9, VR-55 Maint Chief E8, VC-13 Maint Chief E8/E7 VP-69 plank-owner E6, NAS Seattle, Washington VR/VP line E6, USS Ranger E5, VA-873 A4C Weapons Release Systems Tech E5, NAS Alameda, California W/C 620 TechE5/E4, USS Walton (DE361) BM Striker E3 and USS Edmonds (DE406) BM Striker E2/E1..." [BIO Updated 08MAY2018 | BIO Updated 02FEB2016 | E-Mail Updated 12JUN2015 | 1997]

WATTS, Greg Retired gregory.j.watts@gmail.com "...I served as an AW3 to AW2 with VP-48 from 1973 to 1978, NARU NAS Whidbey Island, Washington flying with VP-69 from 1978 to 1980 as an AW1. I left active duty and stayed affiliated with the USNR with VP-69 as an AWC then received a direct commission. Was affiliated with NAVAIRSYSCOM after that until I retired. However, I am still involved with P-3's/Mairitme Patrol Aircraft working for The Boeing Company. I've worked on the P-3UDIV program on the UYS-2 Acoustic Processor, several proposal efforts including the RNZAF, RAAF (AP-3C), USN AIP, Nimrod and Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA). I was responsible for the ESM subsystem on the Nimrod RAF MRA-4 program and now I am the Sensors Manager for the Boeing 737MMA. I call the sensors all the "fun bits" for the new program. I would like to hear from any of my fellow Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 12MAR2010 | E-Mail Updated 15JUL2004 | 18APR2000]

WAUGH, Charlie charlie.bev@verizon.net "...I served with VP-19 with Val Tollefson from 1968-1970 with one tour in NAS Adak, Alaska from June to December 1969 flying P-3B's and VP-69 (plank owner)from 1970 to 1986 as a P2 and P-3 PPC. Now living in Bothell, WA near Seattle. Sure do miss the flying and the WestPac cruises. Would love to hear from those of you I didn't scare in the pattern..." [16SEP2003]

WEED, CDR Peter W. Retired (USNR) fireweed@cox.net "...I served with VP-24 (1967-1989), VP-30, NAS Sigonella, Sicily, NADC (Warminister) Johnsville, Pennsylvania, VP SAU NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, VP-69, CNAVRES NAS New Orleans, Louisiana and retired out of NAVAIRES NAS Norfolk, Virginia. I reside in Virginia Beach, VA. I wish all former and current Shipmates. Good fortune and fair winds in this challenging world arena. Keep your wings level!..." [11OCT2010]

WHITT, AT2 Forrest forrest_whitt@hotmail.com "...I served with VAQ-134 (01/1972-07/1976) NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and VP-69 (08/1976-1981) flying as FCO while attending the University of Washington..." [19DEC2013]

SWINKELS, AMH2 Richard ab7oh@comcast.net "...I served with VP-69 (05/1975-04/1977) and VP-64 (04/1977-04/1981). I was Honorably Discharged and became a Transit Bus Driver..." [23NOV2012]

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