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Memorial Picture "...HAMMOND, Thomas Alva c/o his Grandson Jeff Hammond jeffrey.r.hammond@uscg.mil...My Grandfather, Thomas Alva Hammond, was a part of VPB-6 during WWII. I am looking for someone who might have new him. He passed away in 1956 and I have very little information to go on. I have bits and pieces from his service record. Thank you!..." [22DEC2006]

HOCHSTUHL, William C. c/o Matt Getty matthew.getty@gmail.com "...My grandfather, William C. Hochstuhl, was a Coast Guard member of VPB-6(CG) stationed in Thule Greenland during WWII. He is still alive and I was just wondering if onyone out there possibly knew him. Thanks..." [E-Mail Updated 01OCT2009 | 03MAR2007]

Memorial Picture "...PUGLIESE, AMM2 Robert A. c/o his son John V. Pugliese jvpugliese@comcast.net...Shipmate PixCirca 1944 ...My father served with VPB-6(CG) (a U. S. Coast Guard Squadron) out of NAF Narsarssuak, Greenland. His name was Robert A. Pugliese, AMM2, USCGR and he was awarded the Air Medal for his actions. He was proud of his service and so am I..." [07MAY2010]

RIGGS, LT(jg) James "Jimmie" Leslie USCG c/o his GrandSon Marc Lofland Shipmate Pix augustsn@datasync.com "...I am trying to research my grandfathers military history. I have all but one of his 6 log books. I would like to find out who his crewmembers are and where they are from. I would like to see what his missions were if possible. I know from looking at his logs that he was stationed all over the continental US including Pensacola, Miami, El Paso, Port Angeles, Traverse City, and Biloxi Coast Guard Stations. I also know that he flew ASW as a member of VPB-6 in Argentia. For a while he was Eleanor Roosevelt's private pilot. Bull Halsey USN was in his flight school. And although I have not seen it personally, my parents tell me that his name is on a plaque at the NAS museum as being one of the first thirteen enlisted pilots in the United States. Among the many planes he flew were, Catalina 5A's Grumman Goose, JRF and so on..." [18JAN2001]

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