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VP CrewCREWs: VP-73 Crew ThumbnailCameraVP-73 Crew "...Wonder if you guys have ever seen this one...I know you will recognize a few...they transferred over to VP-84 after being relieved and heading out to Port Lyutey. I flew off and on as fill in with a few of them too. The real strange story is.....in 1952, with VP-34 Port o Spain, T'dad, I was standing duty CPO with the OOD in the hangar one nite. This pic was hanging on wall in the duty office . As I got relieved at 0730 next day the CO walked in ...I asked where the photo came from and he said it had been around for years ...even in Norfolk before then went south. Nobody in VP-34 new where it came from or who the people were. Capt. Walline asked me if I knew anything about it. Hell yessir...I flew with a bunch of the same guys as fill in RM on some flights. He said, "Take it, it's yours ". Had it ever since. The names are: L to R...MARTIN ARM1/C, R. CLARK AMM2/C, LTJG BRAD DYER PP2P, ---??? ---, LT. ROBT. HOPGOOD PPC, L. L. PRESNELL ARM2/C, CDR DAN GALLERY -FAB CO, K. TERWILLIGER AO2/C, LT. ROB McCRACKEN , CORNELIUS SIMMONS AMM2/C....Awarded for sight sub sank same .... etc... Special Movie was shown that night in honor of the crew "Boom Town"..." Bill O'Neil [AB4FK- HAM RADIO Call] ab4fk@norfolk.infi.net [14JUN99]

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