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MishapsMISHAPs: 21 AUG 41 A/C: PBY-5 pby Location: SEYDISFJORDUR, ICELAND Strike: Yes BUNO: 2338 CAUSE: LANDING ACCIDENT "STRIKE" PILOT GERALD H.DUFFY Ens. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [02APR98]

MishapsMISHAPs: 28 AUG 41 A/C: PBY-5 pby Location: Seydisfjordur (spelling may be incorrect), Iceland Strike: Yes BUNO: 2338 CAUSE: "British Mission" Airplane landed downwind, heavily loaded with 1300 gal. of gasoline, two 500lb bombs and eleven people on board. The turbulent air and rough waters caused plane to bounce and on second landing the force with which the plane dropped, punctured the hull and twisted the keel and hull between bulkheads #4 and #6. Prompt action of the crew in closing all water tight doors made it possible to keep the airplane afloat until it was pulled out on the marine railway. Major overhaul...plane was later Stricken on 9 Feb 1942. Crew & pass ok. Pilot Ens Gerald H. Duffy AV-N USNR, Ens T. F. Wilson (2nd pilot) USNR, NAP. Hutchens, COL Muray USMC, MAJ Ferguson USMC, LT Bone (Paymaster) RNVR British Navy and 6/crewmen. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [INFO Updated 18NOV2002 | INFO Updated 14JUN2001]

MishapsMISHAPs: 09 DEC 41 A/C: PBY-5 pby Location: REYKJAVIK, ICELAND Strike: Yes Deaths: 00 BUNO: 73-P-1 CAUSE: SANK IN GALE Contributed by Ragnar J. Ragnarsson ragsie@centrum.is [02JUL98]

MishapsMISHAPs: 15 JAN 42 A/C: PBY-5 pby Location: REYKJAVIK, ICELAND Strike: Yes Deaths: 00 BUNO: 2331 CAUSE: SANK IN GALE Contributed by Ragnar J. Ragnarsson ragsie@centrum.is [02JUL98]

MishapsMISHAPs: 15 JAN 42 A/C: PBY-5 pby Location: REYKJAVIK, ICELAND Strike: Yes Deaths: 00 BUNO: 2326 CAUSE: SANK IN GALE Contributed by Ragnar J. Ragnarsson ragsie@centrum.is [02JUL98]

MishapsMISHAPs: 15 JAN 42 A/C: PBY-5 pby Location: REYKJAVIK, ICELAND Strike: Yes Deaths: 00 BUNO: 2337 CAUSE: SANK IN GALE Contributed by Ragnar J. Ragnarsson ragsie@centrum.is [02JUL98]

MishapsMISHAPs: 22 JAN 42 A/C: PBY-5A pby Location: NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island Strike: Yes 2464 BUNO: 2337 CAUSE: On morning in question water was exceptionally glassy, so it was necessary to make a power landing. A flat landing will exert considerable pressure on the nose wheel doors and in this case this pressure was further accentuated by a slightly nose down attitude of the plane touching the water. The nose doors buckled and carried away. The wheels doors could with stand the full force of the water and gave also, flooding the pilots compartment. The plane sank, all of the hull from the blisters forward, being submerged. Major damage. Damage: Salt water immersion. Bottom smashed in first step. Nose wheel well suffered most damage. Distorted bulkheads and fittings, doors and fittings, doors and fitting ripped out lost. Crew: Pilot: Ens Walter B. Huey, Jr., AV-N USNR (minor glass cuts on hands & body), NAP A. S. Allbrition, USN/Ok, AMM3c E. L. Swann, USN (wrenched back), AMM3c R. K. Gordon, USN/Ok, Sea2c P. B. Dennis, USN/Ok, PM3c W. Sargent, USN/Ok, and Sea2c G. K. Marks, USN/Ok. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [26NOV2002]

MishapsMISHAPs: 28 MAR 42 A/C: PBY-5A pby Location: AT SEA, POS. 6019N 2609W Strike: Yes BUNO: 2462 73-P-11 Cause: CRASHED ON LANDING AT SEA TO PICK UP PATIENT FROM DD. CREW RESCUED Contributed by Ragnar J. Ragnarsson ragsie@centrum.is [02JUL98]

UPDATE "...Air escort duty: Water lopped landing and sank at 60-19N 26-39W...Damage:"Lost at sea" 60-19N 26-39W Pilot ENS Ralph B. Boyd/Minor inj, ENS Joseph D. Brummett/No serious inj, ENS Ted Appelquist/Minor inj, AMM3 James B. Norman/No serious inj, AMM2 Charles I. Sandler/No serious inj, RM1 Kenwood B. Keveren/No serious inj, RM2 David R. Reilly/No serious inj, AMM1 Henry A. Buller/Minor inj, MSMTH1 Robert Odes Morgan/No serious inj, and AMM2 James L.Walker/Minor inj..." Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [Updated 18JUN2001 | 06JAN2001]

MishapsMISHAPs: 20 JUN 42 A/C: PBY-5A pby Location: SOUTH COAST OF ICELAND Strike: Yes BUNO: 2458 73-P-8 Cause: SHOT AT BY FRIENDLY CONVOY AND BEACHED ON ICELAND'S SOUTH COAST Contributed by Ragnar J. Ragnarsson ragsie@centrum.is [02JUL98]

UPDATE "...Hit by enemy fire, landed on beach and later salvaged by USN: DBR 4/seriously inj, 1/minor inj, 3/No injuries..." Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [06JAN2001]

MishapsMISHAPs: 06 NOV 42 A/C: PBY-5 pby Location: Penfro, North Wales, UK Strike: No Deaths: None BUNO: 02971 CAUSE: Rupture in hose connection in starboard oil return line between outlet side of oil pump and oil tank occurred after plane had been in the air for about 1hr and 25 minutes. Later the propeller was feathered and engine cut. On arriving at the nearest airfield, pilot unfeathered propeller, started engine and attempted a landing. The slick runway afforded little traction, consequently, plane skidded sideways and port wing struck a hanger. Plane swung, sharply to port and came to a standstill on a 60-ft embankment. Major Damage: Skin wrinkled around circumference just forward of blisters; corresponding bulkhead buckled. Keel bent and broken at station #6. outer panel port wing damaged. Outer panel starboard wing damaged. Lower portion on rudder crushed. No injuries: Pilot Lt(jg) Thomas H. Foster, AV-N USNR & crew Ok. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [03DEC2002]

MishapsMISHAPs: 27 MAR 43 A/C: PBY-5 pby Location: NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco Strike: No BUNO: 2466 CAUSE: Senior pilot (Lt.Boyd) was in the 2nd pilot's seat allowing the 3rd pilot (Lt(jg) Drew) to make landing. Approach to runway was good except that in it's final stages pilot favored his own side of the runway. There was a very slight cross-wind to drift plane toward leeward edge of runway. Runway was only partially completed with runway lights located on outer edge of completed runway and inner edge of graded strip, making a definite break in the line of lights. Port wheel hit runway light a dew seconds after landing, extinguishing the entire system. Bow of plane struck concrete agitator, wiping out bow wheel; plane swerved to left through a 90deg arc, riding over on starboard wing float. Plane came to rest against a two foot bank further damaging the bow. Damage: Replace major parts. Crew Ok. Pilot Lt Ralph B. Boyd, AV-N USNR, Lt(jg) Mark A. Boyer, USNR, Lt(jg) John W. Drew, USNR, CAP Dwight R. McGinnis, S. R. Hawes, W. E. McCartney, J. D. Odom, L. F. Godsey, E. G. Sutherland, and J. W. Thomas (slight contusions on left ankle). Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [06DEC2002]

MishapsMISHAPs: 01 OCT 43 A/C: PBY-5 pby Location: NAAF Agadir, French Morocco Strike: Yes Deaths: 00 BUNO: 08047 CAUSE: Three witnesses stated the take-off was normal. Two men observed an unusually bright exhaust from the left engine and one man stated the port engine sputtered for a few seconds during the take-off. The statements of three witnesses agree that one engine cut out completely for about two seconds after plane became airborne. Plane maintained a westerly course for about one and a half minutes after leaving runway and climbed to about 350 to 400-ft. Within a minute after completing the turn, the plane was near enough to the field for the engines to be heard quite distinctly. Eight witnesses agreed the engines were not synchronized and that at least one was being operated at or near full power. After the plane had flown an easterly heading for two minutes, three men stated a fire broke out in or near the plane and that the plane entered a steep diving right hand turn and crashed. Five other witnesses saw the plane suddenly dive to the ground in a steep right turn but observed no fire prior to the crash. Four members of the French Foreign Legion were within one mile of the scene of the crash. All were positive that one engine was not running properly when the plane passed nearly overhead. One of these men saw a fire on the plane a few seconds before the crash. The other three stated they did not see a fire. The statement of all agree the plane suddenly entered a steep diving right turn and stuck the ground. The only person known to have seen the plane from ahead immediately prior to the accident, was an Arab sentry stationed about one and a half miles from the scene of the crash. This man insisted that there was a fire in or on the plane before it suddenly whipped to the right and dived into the ground. The plane was within four miles of the field during the entire time it was airborne. The port wing light or tail light or both, were seen from the field from the time of take-off until it crashed.It is believed that one depth bomb detonated at time of crash. The second exploded two minutes later and the third eighteen minutes later. The fourth did not exploded, although it was scorched by fire. Damage:Completely destroyed by fire. Crew killed: Pilot Lt(jg) Robert S. Fuchs A-V(N) Usnr, Ens R. B. Wade, Ens H. A. Bradtke, Amm1c E. M. Muller, Amm3c H. Bell, Amm3c B. M. Howle, Rm3c R. C. McKibben, Rm3c R. A. Downer, and Aom3c C. E. Pariseau. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [27JUL2001]

UPDATE Contributed by Peter Scheeelle peterscheele@comcast.net [22FEB2020]

08047 (VP-73) suffered engine fire on takeoff, spun in and burned 10/1/1943 Agadir, French Morocco. 8 killed. Aircraft: Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina flying boat.
10/1/1943 PBY-5A: 08047 VP-73 MOROCCO, NW AFR LT(jg) FUCHS Pilot.

BELL, Horace, Aviation Machinistís Mate 3c
Aviation Radioman Third Class from Florida
Date of Death: October 1, 1943
Buried: Plot F Row 3 Grave 10
North Africa American Cemetery
Carthage,Tunis, Tunisia

LT(jg) Robert Smith Fuchs from Pennsylvania
Date of Death: October 1, 1943
Buried: Plot C Row 11 Grave 7
North Africa American Cemetery
Carthage, Tunis, Tunisia

UPDATEShipmate HistoryCameraRoman Andrew Downer "...This is the posthumous Presidential citation for Roman Andrew Downer which was given to my grandparents in Roman's honor..." Contributed by Roman James Downer roman.downer@rapistan.com [07APR2002]

MishapsMISHAPs: 25 APR 44 A/C: PBY-5 pby Location: Nas Beaufort, SC Strike: Yes BUNO: 048376 CAUSE: The Trouble Board found that the accident occurred in pilot's statement. Statements from crewmembers, showed that a regular pre-flight inspection had been made. Approximately eight seconds after becoming airborne starboard engine manifold pressure and RPM began fluctuating. RPM dropped to between 1800 and 1900-rpms and manifold pressure fluctuated so rapidly it was impossible to correctly state what manifold pressure existed at the moment. Although from the time engine first began cutting out until landing was made, it operated only spasmodically. Lt.Cmdr. Odess released all bombs and took the flight controls over from Tinsman within about ten seconds after engine began to cut out. At the same time set rudder tab full left and applied full power on port engine, during next moments I flew by instruments ( take-off was before dawn) which were indicating eighty-five knots airspeed and one-hundred-fifty feet of altitude. After releasing Tinsman from the flight controls, Odess instructed Tinsman to contact tower (Beaufort) and notify tower of our predicament. Odess continued shallow turn to left attempting to maintain altitude and a safe airspeed. When it became obvious that altitude could not be maintained for sufficient time to permit landing at the air-station, Odess prepared for a crash landing on terrain below using the following procedure. Hold plane on straight and level course; when altimeter registered fifty feet and tops of trees could be faintly distinguished passing closely underneath plane and contact with ground seemed imminent, landing gear was lowered, all power cut and nose pulled up slightly; airspeed indicated seventy to seventy-five knots as we touched ground and rolled straight forward about eighty to one-hundred yards when starboard wheel hit an unseen object, which later turned out the be a large stump. We were thrown back into the air, skidded and ground-looped to the right and crashed on port wing and port fuselage. Damage:Plane and engines completely destroyed by crash and fire: "Total Loss" Crew all received minor injuries. Pilot LCDR John Edward Odess USN, Lt(jg) Daniel W. Tinsman A-V(N) USNR, Ens Alton G. Laliberte USNR, Amm1c Charles M. MacArthur,Jr. USN, Amm2c Donald E. Groft USNR, Rm2c Ernest Tanner Baum USNR, Rm3c John L. Reilly USNR, and Aom2c William A. Schultz USNR. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [07AUG2001]

MishapsMISHAPs: 24 JAN 45 A/C: PBY-5A pby Location: New York Strike: Yes BUNO: 048417 CAUSE: Take-off from Nas New York, normal climb to 2000-ft. While circling, starboard engine started cutting out, backfiring through the intake. A turn was made seaward to drop the depth charges and pilot called field tower to warn of impending emergency landing. Engine oil pressure dropped to zero during landing approach with gear down. Plane started to lose altitude rapidly and could not make the field, pilot was forced to attempt a water landing with wheels down. Plane crashed in Jamaica Bay at 0605."Strike" Crew: Pilot Lt(jg) L. E. Smith USN/Killed, Lt J. C. Brown,Jr USNR/Killed, Lt(jg) K. A. Perry USN/Minor inj, Amm2c V. S. Cook USNR/Minor inj, Amm3c F. C. Conner USNR/Minor inj, Amm3c G. C. Robinson USNR/Minor Inj, Rm3c R. L. Meiston USN/Killed, Rm3c E. S. baker USNR/Killed, and Aom2c L. W. Copperhwheat/Minor inj. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [16AUG2001]

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