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VP LogosLOGOs: VP-73 Patch ThumbnailCameraVP-73 Patch Contributed by William T. Larkins wtl@ccnet.com [10SEP98]
Books U.S. Navy Aircraft 1921-1941, U.S. Marine Corps Aircraft 1914-1959: Two Classics in One Volume [Appendix D Squadron Insignia] by William T. Larkins "...Patrol Squadron Fifteenused the Kneeling Indian with his hand shading his eyes, looking out to sea. The Indian is representative of areas around Norfolk where the squadron was based. The Indian's attitude is one of "look-see," or patrol. His bow and arrows represent combat or a striking force. Colors: Outer circle is red with a small black border. VP-15 is black, shaded with red. The Indian is copper brown; his mocasins, bow, quiver, headband are yellow. The loin, cloth, arrows, tip of feather and warpaint on race are red. The hair and all shadows are black. The background is white. VP-15F to VP-53 to VP-73..." [10SEP98]

VP LogosLOGOs: Squadron Patch ThumbnailCameraVP-73 Patch "...The National Geographic Magazine June, 1943 Pages 715 through 722" http://www.nationalgeographic.com/,,," [07MAY99]

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