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HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...One of the Navy's greatest squadrons, which kept open the vital sea lanes at the peak of the German submarine campaign, was VP-84, flying the faithful slow, cumbersome, and vulnerable PBY Catalina. But with this airplane VP-84 chalked up an astonishing record of achievement. Operating in conjunction with two Royal Air Force squadrons of Hudsons and Liberators, VP-84 served under operational control of RAF Coastal Command. When the U. S. squadron was relieved, one of the RAF pilots who had flown from the same base wrote: "No. 84 co-operated with us from Reykjavik for 11 months, in which time it made 31 attacks and killed 5 [later assessments made it 6] U-boats, a really magnificant record for one squadron in Iceland. We see them and their old PBY's going with real regret." VP-94 served for 45 consecutive months. It patrolled the North and Middle Atlantic, served in the Caribbean, covered the approaches to the Panama Canal. The squadron flew in the far reaches of the Pacific from Galapagos Islands to Northern California. VP-84 was cited "for extraordinary heroism in action against enemy forces in Atlantic waters." VP-84 was an outstanding squadron, but it was only representative of the patrol bombers that did such tremendous work during the war..." "Golden Wings - A Pictorial History of the United States Navy and Marine Corps in the Air" by Martin Caidin in co-operation with the U.S. Navy ISBN 0-405-03755-4.

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