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CLAIR, SrMsgt Bruce Du Retired bnpduclair@earthlink.net "...I served with VP-873 (1962-1970) and flew with CDR Braughn, AO1 Jim Franklin and AOC Stan Alsing. We all left VP-873 (I was a AW1) to join the USAF Reserves (301st Military Airlift) flying the C-141 and then C5A. I retired in 1992 as a SrMsgt (E-8) as well as Franklin and Alsing. Both Stan and Jim both were ARTS which were like TARS..." [28APR2012]

DuCLAIR, E9 Bruce Retired bnpduclair@earthlink.net "...After getting off active duty as an AE2 I was assigned to VP-873 NARTU NAS Alameda, California. I was very proud to fly the P2V-7 lator the SP2. I Cross trained to the AW rate and finally passed the 1st Class test in 1970. I also saw the hand writting on the wall. The life of the Neptune was about to become very short and that I flew as a TACO/NAV (as we were short of officers). I then transfered to a reserve VA Squadron flying the A6A. The reserve VA Squdron's were short of Navigators. The regular navy had Enlisted Navigator/Bomberdeers, so I quit and joined the USAF Reserves at Travis AFB CA. This was the same reserve unit AOC Stan Alsing and AO1 Jim Franklin. Both were in VP-71G3 as I was. I became Loadmasters flying C141 Aircraft. In 1973 I transfred to a squadron that flew C5A. I was the first pure reserve to be qualified to fly as the primary loadmaster. I flew C5A's for 12 years then travsfred to the Civil Engeering Squadron. In 1992 retired from the reserves as a Chief MasterSgt (E9). 35 years of active and reserve time. I miss the reserves . If anyone out there from VP-873 or VP-71G3 is still around please e-mail me..." [E-Mail Updated 16OCT2002 | 16MAR99]

FRANKLIN, AO1 Jim jimbo@123access.net "...Shipmates of VP-873, NARTU, NAS Alameda, California would like to hear from you. Especially CMDR John Braun's crew..." [20MAR99]

HALE, Ron ronaldclyde@centurylink.net "...I served with VP-873 at NAS Alameda, California and was recalled to active duty at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. I worked for United Airlines until 1982 and now I'm retired and living in Colorado Springs, Co..." [25JUL2017]

HENNEBERRY, Joseph P. Jr. joseph.jr4297@sbcglobal.net "...I served with VP-873 from March 1956 until April 1962. I was the only one missing on the P2 that went down in March of 1962 on a flight from NAS Seattle, Washington to NAS Alameda, California. I flew out of both NAS Oakland, California and NAS Alameda, California..." [28JUN2007]

PERRY, Richard perrysrb@gmail.com "...I served with VP-4G4 (1968-1974) at NAS Alameda, California (MAD Operator) and VP-873 (1968-1970)..." [BIO Updated 17DEC2013 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 14NOV2012 | 07JUL2009]

SAFER, ATR2 Donald L. dlsafer@juno.com "...I reported to VT-31 after boot camp. I was with the line crew, December '62 until May '63 while waiting for an opening at NATTC NAS Millington, Tennessee for avionics training. While with the line crew I got to jump in Corpus Christi Bay to assist in launch and recovery of P5 Marlins. I also walked wings and rode brakes on P2 Neptunes. I got to wash both types of aircraft. I was also responsible for maintaining proper air pressure in the P5 wheel mounts. NATTC NAS Millington, Tennessee radar "A" school June '63 until January '64. I arrived at VAW-11, NAS North Island, San Diego, California, in February '64 a week or two after the first E-2A Hawkeye (Super Fudd). Since I was a highly trained radar technician, I was assigned to the radio shop. The first E-2A did not deploy until October '65 with me in Det C aboard the Kitty Hawk. We returned to San Diego in June '66. I secured from active duty in September as an ATR2. A few months later I joined VP-873, a P2 reserve squadron at NAS Alameda, California until September '68. This is the short version. More can be found on my web site http://www.donsafer.com/..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 23JUL2010 | 13MAR2000]

SALAS, AEC Fedele E. Retired eloysent@aol.com "...I was assigned to VP-873, NAS Alameda, California from July 64 to 69. Hope to hear from others assigned there at that time..."

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