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MishapsMISHAPs: 21 MAR 62 P2V P Neptune Location: Spud Mountain in Southwestern Washington State STRIKE: Yes DEATHS: 10 BUNO: Unknown Cause: Unknown [16NOV99]

CREW: LT James G. Kendrick, LT Jock McGregor, AO2 Barnett L. Moore, AD3 Harvey L. Thompson, AM1 Murry Burg, AO3 Thomas E. Rossman, AE2 Fred L. Savory, AT2 Fred L. Savory, AT3 Cornelius Dunn, AM2 Paul Basquez and AOC Herbert L. Yeager.

UPDATE "...I am trying to locate other children of the men who died in the plane crash in Washington State from VP-874 on March 21, 1962. My father, AE2 Fred L. Savory, died in the crash..." Contributed by Charlee Savory Yeatts charleebroth@aol.com [30MAR2011]

UPDATE "...What I know of the accident is that the bomber hit bad weather, lost an engine, electrical, and radio. National Guard jets were dispatched to guide the bomber. The jets couldn't fly as slow as the crippled bomber. They were trying to signal the bomber to climb by passing under the bomber and pitching up in front of them. Whether they didn't understand or were unable to climb is unknown. My father was the Commander of this squadron and it was his crew that parished in the crash..." Contributed by Ann Barbero joe_annb@sbcglobal.net [13AUG2007]


    Squadron before the accident.
    Mixed crew picture before the accident. Paul D. Basquez is third from the left. (Note the darkening sky)
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UPDATE "...March 21st, 1962 Mishap News Articles..." Contributed by Joe Henneberry joseph.jr4297@sbcglobal.net [07JUL2007]

LEFT PHOTOGRAPH: Bay Reservists - Alameda Navy Bomber Lost - The San Francisco Chronicle - Thursday, March 22, 1962 Page 25.
RIGHT PHOTOGRAPH: Big Hunt for Navy Plane That Vanished With Ten - 3-23-1962

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UPDATE "...I am researching the crash of my father's P2V on March 21, 1962 on Spud Mountain in Southwestern Washington State. The plane was attached to Anti-Submarine Patrol Squadron 874 from NAS Alameda, California and was returning from NAS Whidbey Island, Washington with 10 Navy reservists aboard. All died including my father, Paul D. Basquez (P.D.), Aviation Structural Mechanic, Second Class. I am hoping to contact anyone who may have known him or was involved in the search and rescue efforts..." Contributed by P. D. Miller pdmiller@dmworkshop.com [16NOV99]

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