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VP Association WebSite
Linkhttp://www.vpassociation.org The VP Association, an organization composed of veterans of the reserve patrol squadrons that were based at NAS Squantum, Massachusetts, NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts, and NAS Brunswick, Maine (VP-919, VP-ML-69, VP-911, VP-912, VP-913, VP-914, VP-916, VP-917, VP-63Z1, VP-63Z2, VP-63Z3, VP-11Z4, VP-92, and VP-MAU) now has its own web site. Contributed by FRATTASIO, AW1 Marc "Frat" J. vpassociation2@gmail.com [03OCT2009]

VP-92 Official WebSite
Linkhttp://navyreserve.navy.mil/Public/Staff/Centers/Forces+Command/Centers/Reserve+Patrol+Wing/Centers/VP-92/WelcomeAboard/default.htm [Updated 18OCT2006]

VP-92 Minutemen an Online Tribute WebSite
Linkhttp://www.vermontel.net/~tomh/VP92/VP92Front.html Contributed by Tom Hildreth hildrethtom@hotmail.com [11SEP2007]

VP-92 Minuteman Deactivation WebSite
Linkhttp://www.vp92.com/ [Updated 19MAY2007]

VP-92 Personal [HullNumber WebSite] VP-92 WebSite
Link http://www.hullnumber.com/cgi-bin/aviation1?VP-92&92&MINUTEMEN [14APR2002]

Naval Reserve Jobs Information Resource WebSite
Link http://www.cnrrc.com/

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