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Note NOTICE: History ThumbnailCameraVP-92 News Article "...I have been trying to confirm a fact that my Dad mentioned in that CloudBusters Newsletter. He states that as a result of their sinking the French Submarine on 13 Nov 1942. He and crew received the Navy Combat AirCrewman Wings with one star. I have not been able to confirm that and would like any info anyone might share..." Contributed by Rick Eagan edugeek48@live.com [09AUG2012]

Note NOTICE: "...The VP Association, which is an organization of veterans who served with the Naval Air Reserve patrol squadrons based over the years at NAS Squantum, Massachusetts, NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts, and NAS Brunswick, Maine, have reproduced two rare vintage official U.S. Navy publications associated with the Naval Air Reserve in New England. These are "The Defender's History" and "Squantum Weekend Warriors". These books were originally produced in 1952 and 1996, respectively, just before each base closed. All profits from the sales of both books go to the VP Association's administrative fund. To order copies of these books on-line using your credit card (the only way to buy them at the present time), go to http://www.lulu.com/content/3393595 for the NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts book and to http://www.lulu.com/content/3392920 for the NAS Squantum, Massachusetts book. Descriptions of the books are provided on the web pages. At only $12 each one is a real bargain..." Contributed by FRATTASIO, AW1 Marc "Frat" J. vpassociation2@gmail.com [02AUG2008]
SEE: Jump To VP AssociationVP Association WebSite [Updated 28SEP2010]

Note NOTICE: "...Disestablishment of Commander Reserve Patrol Wing (SEE: OPNAVNOTE 3111)..." Contributed by Merrill Kruse kruse@navmar.com [03FEB2007]

Disestablishment of Commander Reserve Patrol Wing
Squadron Logo

This invitation is extended to ALL personnel active duty, FTS/TAR & SelRes who served in any Reserve VP Squadron (VP-60, VP-62, VP-64, VP-65, VP-66, VP-67, VP-68, VP-69, VP-90, VP-91, VP-92, VP-93, VP-94, VP-MAU, VP-SAU/SRU), any Reserve VP Training Command (RATCEN, RESASWTAC, RESASWTAC East/RESASWTAC West) or any Reserve VP Support Unit (TSC units, MOCC units).

On 23 June 2007, following the Change of Command for Capt. Ken Lewko (VP-92,VP-66, CO RATCEN, Wing CSO, etc.) there will be a "celebration" of sorts, to commemorate Commander Reserve Patrol Wing (formerly COMRESPATWINGLANT & COMRESPATWINGPAC) at its Disestablishment. It is thought that this would be the best "Last Chance" for those that have served in the Reserve Force Maritime Patrol Aviation community across the years to get together one last time and remember the long and proud heritage of which each of us is a part.

Plans are underway, with a major question being "how many will attend?" If you plan on attending please send an email response to:

CDR Phillips

You should then receive an evite invitation which will provide additional details and costs. You must return the evite with payment in order to ensure access to the event.

Date: 23 June 2007
Place: NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
Time: TBA

Note NOTICE: "...The Minutemen of Patrol Squadron 92..." Contributed by FRATTASIO, AW1 Marc "Frat" J. fm@gis.net [07NOV2006]

VP-92 is scheduled to be disestablished (shut-down) during November 2007. I authored ("The New Haven Railroad in the McGinnis Era" and "Dining on the Shore Line Route") and formerly an AW with VP-92 between 1991 and 1999. I am currently working on an illustrated book about the squadron. This book, tentatively entitled "The Minutemen of Patrol Squadron 92 - 1970 to 2007", should go into print during the late spring or early summer of 2007 if all goes according to plan. My book will be organized into chapters as follows:

I am actively seeking photographs of VP-922 people, aircraft, events, etc. (as well as a representative selection of material involving VP-92's predecessor units such as VPB-92, VP-911, etc.) to use in illustrating this book. I am also looking for amusing VP-92 "sea stories". If you've got something that you'd like to share, contact me at fm@gis.net.

Marc Frattasio fm@gis.net [06NOV2006]

Note NOTICE: CameraP2V Tour Information "...Damsel in Distress - Last A.S.W. Equipped Flying P2V Neptune is in need of restoration! A Gallant Lady who is the last ASW equipped flying P2V-7 Neptune needs our help. Would you believe there is only one, yes only one, ASW equipped P2V-7 still flying.

The P2 is located at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum in Reading Pa. We open the P2V for tours (this year - June 4th through the 6th, 2004) during selected airshows. This equates to thousands of viewers each year. Besides drawing former P2V crewmen, we also attract people who have no idea of what we went through. Remember this the Last of the Gallant ladies that is A.S.W. equipped and still flying (thanks to the Mid Atlantic Air Museum).

Bureau number 145915 was placed in service in 1954 and served in VP-7, VP-18, VP-21, VP-23, VP-30, VP-56, VP-66, VP-67, VP-92, or VP-94.

This Neptune is our last link to a grand and glorious period in Naval history. We draw thousands of people each year to view this aircraft. Our P2V is shown at the Museum and on tours. In order to continue to tour this aircraft it needs repairs.

For further information, please contact Jack Steventon buddlake130@aol.com..." Contributed by Jack Steventon buddlake130@aol.com [10APR2003]

UPDATE "...P2V Neptune will be open for tours June 6th through the 8th, 2003 at Reading, Pa. See Flyer: P2V Tour Information..." Contributed by Jack Steventon buddlake130@aol.com [11APR2004]

UPDATE "...P2V Neptune will be open for tours June 4th through the 6th, 2004 at Reading, Pa. See Flyer: P2V Tour Information..." Contributed by Jack Steventon buddlake130@aol.com [07APR2003]

UPDATE "...P2V Neptune will be open for tours June 7th through the 9th, 2002 at Reading, Pa. See Flyer: P2V Tour Information..." Contributed by Jack Steventon buddlake130@aol.com [22JAN2002]

UPDATE "...P2V Neptune will be open for tours June 8th through the 10th, 2001 at Reading, Pa. See Flyer: P2V Tour Information..." Contributed by Jack Steventon buddlake130@aol.com

UPDATE "...P2V Neptune will be open for tours June 2th through the 4th, 2000 at Reading, Pa. See Flyer: P2V Tour Information..." Contributed by Jack Steventon buddlake130@aol.com [25FEB2000]

UPDATE "...Fund Raiser entry removed - see Update above..." [Updated 16SEP2002 | 11JAN99]

UPDATE "...Fund Raiser entry removed - see Update above..." [Updated 16SEP2002 | 14DEC98]

Note NOTICE: "...Navy Establishing Augment Units For All FRS's Including VP-30..." Contributed by LCDR Robert J. Cable cablerj@vp30.navy.mil [03DEC2003]

VP-30 SAU The Navy is scheduling the establishment of a Squadron Augment Unit (SAU) attached to VP-30 for 1 October, 2004. Final numbers have yet to be released, but the SAU is likely to total near 150 personnel composed of Officer and Enlisted instructors and maintenance personnel. The SAU has begun recruiting the advance party of 20 maintainers in the AD, AE, AT, AM, and AME rates. If you are interested in serving as a Selected Reservist in VP-30 SAU, have P-3 NEC's and P-3 experience within the last 6 years, and are within drilling distance of NAS Jacksonville, Florida, please call Naval Reserve Recruiting Area SE at 904-542-3320 ext 490 or the SAU OIC at 904-542-0990.

AD - Aviation Machinist's Mate    AE - Aviation Electrician's Mate    AT - Aviation Electronics Technician    AM - Aviation Structural Mechanic

Note NOTICE: "...I have been told the following is the schedule for the Reserve Patrol Squadrons to disestablish over the next 6 years..." Contributed by James Turnbull dxorion@nbnet.nb.ca [19SEP2003]

2004  -  No units will disestablish.
2005  -  VP-64 and VP-92 will disestablish.
2006  -  VP-62 and VP-66 will disestablish.
2007  -  VP-65 and VP-69 will disestablish.
2008  -  VP-94 will disestablish

Note NOTICE: "...I am a bat-biologist, (hence my bat-patch page at: http://Classes.sdstate.edu/Zoo221/Resources/Insignia.html) (hence my interest in the ASM-2 BAT), but know I have a new field site on the island of Antigua. On 2 September 1940 the U.S. and Britain signed the "Destroyers for Bases" agreement which provided the U.S. with access to bases in Antigua, the Bahamas, Bermuda, British Guinea, Jamaica, Newfoundland, St. Lucia and Trinidad in return for 50 American destroyers. NAF Antigua (British West Indies) was one of two NAFs established to support NAS San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was established on 1 February 1942. NAF Antigua was redesignated an NAAF on 20 January 1944 and then redesignated an NAF on 1 July 1946. It was disestablished on 15 July 1947. During the Cold War, t6he Naval Facility/Naval Support Facility was part of the Atlantic Fleet Oceanographic System and conducted undersea surveillance for many years until it was transformed into a training/support base in the mid 1980s and in the 90s I believe was transferred to the newly independent Government of Antigua. 12/1941 VPB-105 , 2/1942 Designated NAF Antiqua, 3/1942 VPB-92, 10/1942 VPB-34, 12/1942 VP-44, 9/1943 VPB-212, 1/1944 Designated NAAF Antiqua, 7/1946 re-Designated NAF Antiqua, and 6/1947 Disestablished. I would like to contact any VP Shipmates that might have served on Antigua during any time period and get their recollections of the small base and the island. ..." Contributed by Scott C. Pedersen, Ph.D. Scott_Pedersen@sdstate.edu [16JUN2000]

Note NOTICE: "...I am looking for anyone that may have served with a certain Cecil Ray Haycraft. He joined the Navy in 1930 and served through the late 1950's. He was an ACMM during WW2, and retired as a LCDR. He died in 1981. From what I've found, he served with VP-3 in NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone in the late 30's. During WW2, he served with VP-73 as a plane captain, VB-105 as "Assistant Engineer", and HEDRON 5 in "Engineering". At the end of the War, through his retirement, he served with FAW-5, VP-51 and VP-92" at their Headquarters (not quite sure what that means, but that's what I've found.) I believe he participated transporting PBY's to the Soviet Union in 1944/45. If anyone may have served with him, or perhaps has them on a crew roster, a picture of him, knows about the lend-lease program to the Russians- I'm looking for any information you can give me! Appreciate the help!...LT Dave Schwind fco@laboon.navy.mil..." [14NOV2002]

Note NOTICE: "...I would appreciate hearing from any folks who may have known of my grandfather who was a Naval Aviator. His name is Captain Richard S. Stuart and he was in VP-15 ('38-'40) , VP-92 ('41-'43) and retired in 1961. He passed away in 1966, three years before I was born and I know a few things about him. I would like to learn even more for it is the stories of him that got me into this business as well. Thanks...LT J. A. Stuart, USN crabstu@erols.com..." [Updated 11APR98]

UPDATE LT Stuart received information from Mr. Tallent (coordinating a VP-92 Reunion)...Thanks!

UPDATE LT Stuart received information from Mr. George Winter pbycat@worldnet.att.net(Editor of VP-91's Up-Floats Newsletter). Information pertains to a pilot that flew with Lt. Stuarts Grandfather (name and address supplied)...Thanks![13DEC97]

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