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ReunionsREUNIONs: "...Third Annual VP-93 Alumni Association "Fall Muster" (Reunion) November 2nd, 2002. VP-93 Alumni Association meets first Thursday of each quarter (Dec-Mar-Jun-Sep) Selfridge Air Museum Selfridge ANGB, MI. Contact RUNDELL, CAPTAIN Howard "Hobart" g5av8or@aol.com for further information..." [26AUG2002]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "..."99 Executioners" Today brought the sad news that the Selfridge O'Club burned down last evening (8-14). Beside being a tragic historical loss, this of course was the site of our planned 4 Nov VP-93 alumni Association "Fall Muster." The "good news" is no one was hurt but I do suspect the (last) official VP-93 dice cup is among the smouldering embers. :-( This is as much as I know after talking this AM (8-15) with Margret Shirkey, the club manager. 1. We are going to press on with the 4 Nov "Muster" plans. The irony is I am on vacation this week and had planned to start nailing down the details starting with a phone call to the club re catering today! 2. In fine (typical) military fashion, the Selfridge "heavies" are going to meet (when?) to decide what to do with the events scheduled for the Club. I called already this AM to ask about using the new golf course facility but as you can imagine, no answer was forthcoming. "We will get back to you as soon as we know something" was the predictable answer. I only called to get our association's bid in ASAP. 3. I am going to start looking for an alternative site for the same date. Any ideas!? 4. Among the "things" I was going to do this week was get out via e-mail and a possible mailing, the official "invitation" to the "Muster." I still plan to do that, asking for a prompt return of the RSVP and "$"! I still have to make commitments to the Club (?) and to the D.J.'s. I will keep detailed records and if necessary, will provide an immediate refund of your money. In fact, payment will be asked to be made by personal check. I simply will not cash any of them until alternative plans are set. Looking for an alternative site requires even more than ever that I have a good approximation of how many "Executioners" and guests for which to plan. PLEASE HELP ME OUT ON THIS ISSUE. Look for the invitation soon. Since the location is at this point uncertain, I'm guessing the price is going to be around $25.00 a person. Still a "good Navy deal" for a "good Navy time!" Stand-by. R/R ... Chuck Comstock chuckcomstock@hotmail.com..." [16AUG2000]

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