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ALTIZER, Chris chris1nchris2@cox.net "...I was lucky enough to serve my firt tour in the Navy with VP-93. To date it was the best squadron I have been in and best bunch of guys I have ever worked with..." [09MAY2003]

Memorial Picture "...ANDERSON, AOC Dennis...VP-93 - Once again it is my sorrowful duty to inform the VP Community of the passing of AOC Dennis Anderson, 20NOV03. Chief Anderson succommed to Cancer and will leave a large hole in our hearts and rememberence in the Squadron Shipmates. Chief Anderson will be missed in future Reunions, but will not be forgotton. Good Bye Denny. Rest your oars...AWCM Thomas Kaiser III, USNR, Retired tka107@aol.com..." [25NOV2003]

Memorial Picture "...ARCHIBALDS, Jess...With Jess Archibalds' passing we were recently reminded of the briefness of ones'life, and the accomplishments of a fellow Shipmate. I am sorry my schedule did not allow me to get out there, to help as a group, pay our, and my own respects. MOTTERN, AW1 Carl Retired cfmottern@yahoo.com..." [05AUG2002]

AVERY, Joe HAWAIIJOE3@AOL.COM "...I served with VP-93 till 1994 and loved it. Then went to VPU-2 here in Hawaii where I stayed when I got out. Just selling Hawaii on ebay now:) Hay.. any old buds please drop me a line ok. Mahalo..." [06NOV2001]

Memorial Picture "...BARNETT, AM1 Edward...My father, AM1 Edward Barnett (deceased), served in the original VP-93 in 1942. Mark S. Barnett msbarnett_genealogy@yahoo.com..." [13NOV2007]

BATES, CDR Geoff Retired gbates@clinic.net "...P-3B and P-3 "Super B" TACCO in COMPATWINGSLANT (1988-1992), OINC VP-93 (1985-1988), VP-66 (1982-1985), RESASWTRACEN (1980-82), VP-64 (1976-1979), & VP-10 (1973-1977)..." [17MAR98]

BAYLESS, REAR ADMIRAL Jon W. Jr. http://www.chinfo.navy.mil/navpalib/people/flags/biographies/baylessjw.html "...Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in May 1979 with a degree in Systems Engineering. He was designated a Naval Aviator in April of 1981 and completed Fleet Replacement training at VP-30 in November of that same year. From December 1981 to December 1984, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless was assigned to VP-16 in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. During his tour he was designated a Patrol Plane Commander and Mission Commander making deployments to NAS Bermuda, NS Rota, Spain, and NAS Keflavik, Iceland. The "War Eagles" were recognized with a Battle E, the Golden Wrench, and three Meritorious Unit Commendations during this period. In January of 1985, he reported to VT-27 in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas as an Instructor Pilot in the T-34C Mentor. As a Flight Leader and solo check pilot, he instructed in Basic Familiarization, Radio Instruments, Night Navigation, and Precision Acrobatics. After affiliating with the Naval Reserve, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless reported to the "Executioners" of VP-93 in November of 1989 at NAF Detroit, Michigan. During this tour, he served as Department Head for Administration, Operations, and Maintenance. He led armed patrols in Operation Sharp Guard supporting UN sanctions against the former Yugoslav Republics and also flew sorties during Support Democracy and Able Manner supporting the UN sanctioned embargo of Haiti. With the disestablishment of VP-93, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless received orders in the spring of 1994 to VP-68 at NAF Andrews, Maryland. He served as an Executive Assistant and then as the Executive Officer of the "Black Hawks". While attached to VP-68, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless supported multiple operations throughout the Mediterranean and the Caribbean to include counter narcotics missions from Roosevelt Roads, Key West, and Howard AFB in Panama. In June of 1996, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless reported aboard VP-66 in NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, as the PCO and took command the following month. The "Liberty Bells" won the CNO Safety Award for 1996 and 1997 as well as the MPA International Symposium Competition for ASW Excellence during his tenure. In November of 1997, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless assumed the duties of Executive Officer NR CINCUSNAVEUR 513 (CNE 513) at Great Lakes, Ill. The command received the Leo V. Bilger Award for outstanding Surface Augment Unit that year. During this period, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless was selected to become the first East Coast Facilitator of the Navy's Culture Workshop process representing COMNAVAIRLANT. His next assignment was CO of NR Tactical Support Center 472 (TSC 472) from October 1998 to September of 1999. TSC 472 provided watch officers for NATO Operations Allied Force and Noble Anvil from TSC Sigonella in support of highly visible Balkan missions. Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless then commanded NR Battle Group Staff Eight (BGS-8) at Forest Park, Ill., from October 1999 to September 2001. While supporting COMCRUDESGRU EIGHT, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless deployed with IKEBATGRU and also served as the Deputy JFACC for Unified Endeavor. He subsequently took command of NR CINCUSNAVEUR Joint Task Force Contingency Unit 413 (CNE JTFCU 413) in October 2001. During this command tour, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless was recalled to active duty from April 2002 to March 2003 as Deputy Commander, Task Force Five Seven at NAVCENT NSA Bahrain in support of Enduring Freedom. He was nominated for Flag rank in February 2003. Among his awards are four Meritorious Service Medals and the Navy Achievement Medal. He has attended the National Defense University's NATO Staff Officer Course, the Reserve Components National Security Course, and CINCLANTFLT's Senior Officer Course. Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless is also the Vice President of the Detroit Metro Chapter of the Navy League and has sat on numerous promotion and selection boards. In his civilian occupation, he is an AIRBUS 320 Captain for Northwest Airlines..." [01JUN2003]

BLOCK, AE2 Ric ric@cham-cor.com "...Station N.A.D.C. 1983-1985, VP-23 1985-1989, and VP-93 1991-1995 . Have a lot of good times would like to here from old Shipmates. Looking for Pat Roberts. If anyone has heard from him please let me know..." [14MAY2000]

BOOKER, AW1 Caryl L. Retired cbooker@neo.rr.com Shipmate Pix "...Enlisted July 1964 at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan, Basic Training from October 1964 through November 1964 at NAS Memphis, Tennessee, Aviation Elec. A School from November 1964 through May 1965 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, VS-736 from May 1965 through September 1968 at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan, VS 64Y2 from September 1968 through August 1973 at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan, VS-73 from August 1973 through June 1976 at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan, VP-93 (Plank Owner) from June 1976 through January 1991 at NAF Detroit, Michigan, VTU-7373 (Non-Pay) from January 1991 through July 1994 at NAF Detroit, Michigan, IRR from July 1994 through July 1999, and retired with 35 years. Aircraft flown: S2F, S2E, S2G, P-3A, P-3B (2,000 hrs.)..." [E-Mail Updated 03AUG2003 | 10DEC99]

BORTEL, AW1 Jack Wesley Retired jacs8652@comcast.net "...I started my U.S. Naval Aviation experience as an Aviation Ordnanceman serving with VA-147 from '69-'72. While assigned to the Argonauts of VA-147 we deployed on two TONKIN GULF ASSIGNMENTS with CAG-9 aboard the USS AMERICA and the USS CONSTELLATION. After a 5 year hiatus I returned to Naval Aviation as a USNR-TAR as an Anti-Submarine Warfare Operator serving with VP-93 '78-'82, NAS Jacksonville, Florida / VP-0516 '82-'86, VP-90 '86-90 and NAS Glenview, Illinois '90-'91..." [18JUN2007]

BORTNER, AECS(AW) Wayne A. aecs@sbcglobal.net "...Enlisted in Navy July 1963, Recruit Training (Great Lakes Company 1963-340), NAS Corpus Christi, Texas (1964-1966) in Hangar 58 NAS Operations, VR-52 (1974-1983) Detachment NAF Detroit, Michigan, VP-93 (1983-1986), VR-62 (1986-1994) and retired from Navy in 1996. I also retired from Disney/ABC in 2011 and now residing in Corpus Christi, Texas. I am also a Volunteer at the USS LEXINGTON Museum On The Bay..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 25SEP2011]

BROCK, IS3 Bernard thebrock@earthlink.net "...My rate when I left the Naval Reserves was IS3. I began my Naval career at NAS Selfridge in Michigan with VS-73 and was transferred with many other shipmates to VP-93. I didn't get to know many in VP-93 (my loss) before my discharge but I would love to hear from Milt Thomas or Vince Smith or any of the others that might remember me. Also I would love to hear from anyone that attended the Air Intelligence School at Lowery Air Force Base in Denver, CO..." [10JUL99]

BOOKER, AW1 Caryl L. Retired cbooker@neo.rr.com Shipmate Pix "...Enlisted July 1964 at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan, Basic Training from October 1964 through November 1964 at NAS Memphis, Tennessee, Aviation Elec. A School from November 1964 through May 1965 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, VS-736 from May 1965 through September 1968 at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan, VS 64Y2 from September 1968 through August 1973 at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan, VS-73 from August 1973 through June 1976 at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan, VP-93 (Plank Owner) from June 1976 through January 1991 at NAF Detroit, Michigan, VTU-7373 (Non-Pay) from January 1991 through July 1994 at NAF Detroit, Michigan, IRR from July 1994 through July 1999, and retired with 35 years. Aircraft flown: S2F, S2E, S2G, P-3A, P-3B (2,000 hrs.)..." [E-Mail Updated 03AUG2003 | 10DEC99]

BOOKER, AMSC Howard Retired (Deceased) C/O His Son Caryl L. Booker cbooker@neo.rr.com Shipmate Pix "...Enlisted August 1942, Aviation Metalsmith School March 1943 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, Hedron FAW-2 from April 1943 through September 1945 at MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, VF53B from August 1949 through November 1949 at NAS Akron, ZP-665 from Novewmber 1949 through December 1956 at NAS Akron, ZP-651 from December 1956 through June 1957 at NAS Akron, VS-652 from June 1957 through December 1957 at NAS Akron, VS 732 from December 1957 through October 1961 at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan, VS-733 from October 1961 through August 1962 (Berlin Recall) at NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts, VS-736 from August 1962 through September 1968 at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan, VS-64Y2 from September 1968 through August 1973 at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan, VS-73 from August 1973 through June 1976 at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan, VP-93 June 1976 through November 1978 (Plank Owner) at NAF Detroit, Michigan, VTU-7373 from November 1978 through November 1980 (Non Pay) at NAF Detroit, Michigan, and retired November 1980 with 34 yrs. 5 mo. 13 days. Aircraft flown: PBY-5, PBY-5A, PBY-5B, PB4Y,PV1, PB2Y3, PBM-P-3, K Type Blimps, S2F, S3E, S2G, P2A, P3B..." [E-Mail Updated 03AUG2003 | 15MAR98]

UPDATE "...It is my sad duty to report that Howard L. Booker AMSC Ret. passed away January 9, 2000..." [27JAN2000]

BOYLE, Hugh P. hughboyle@earthlink.net "...It was my great pleasure to fly with many wonderful guys in VP-93, NAF Detroit, Michigan from 1981-1983 and 1985-1989. I also spent some time with VP-0516 SAU, NAS Jacksonville, Florida in 1983 and VP-62, NAS Jacksonville, Florida from 1984-1985..." [24APR2001]

BRADWELL, AZ1(AW) Roosevelt Retired Drbwel@aol.com "...I served with VP-93, Selfridge ANGB, MI (NAFDET) 1979-1984, and VP-62 NAS Jacksonville, Florida 1984-1988. Looking for sailors from these units and time periods..." [27MAY2002]

BRZEG, AW1 Victor vshoreline@netscape.net "...I served with VP-8 (1983-1988), VX-1 (1988-1991), VP-93 (1991-1993), VP-68 (1993-1995), VP-64 (1995-1999), and TSC-1173 (1999-2002). I was on LC-81 on 15FEB85 when it crashed in Rota Spain. I was in the starbord observer set when it crashed. A fellow Shipmate AW2 Philbrick was in the port observer seat. I could plainly see the #3 engine bounce over the wing.....what a ride. Drop a line some time..." [05DEC2002]

BUMGARDNER, CWO2 GARY M. bummy@pioneernet.net "...VP-1 (9603-9805) / VP-10 (AEC/9301-9601) / VP-11 (8912-9212) / VP-93 (8804-8911) / VP-64 (7808-8804) / VP-93 (7310-7807) / VP-64 (7008-7309). NICE TO SEE SO MANY GREAT FRIENDS ARE STILL OUT THERE AND KICKING..." [01DEC98]

BUNKER, Mark mbunker@usa.net "...I served on active duty with VP-9 from 1979 to 1982 at NAS Moffett Field, California. Later, as a reserve officer, I served as a TacNav with VP-93 at NAF Detroit, Michigan (1985-1990) and later as a TACCO with VP-67 at NAS Memphis, Tennessee until their disestablishment in 1994 -- a sad day. I am sad to see all of my old favorite bases no longer in use as the VP community shrinks..." [14MAY2007]

CAMPBELL, CAPTAIN Chip ccampbe1@juno.com "...TACCO; Served with VP-24 "Batman" Jul 78 - Jul 81; two deployments to NAS Sigonella, Sicily ('78; '79), and the "infamous" 4-crew, 3-plane Det to WestPac/ NAS Bermuda ('81 -- 3 months between NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan, Diego, NAS Cubi Point, Philippines; followed for 4 great months in NAS Bermuda -- not much more a bacholer could ask for!!). Spent alot of hours "trapping" in LR5! With VP-93 "Executioners" as a SELRES Aug 84 - Decommisioning (Sept 94). Had great AT's in NAS Bermuda, NS Rota, Spain, Lajes, UK (during Desert Storm), Key West (Haiti), NAS Sigonella, Sicily (Operation Sharp Guard -- where we were hosted by none other than my old squadron VP-24). VP was a great ride, and a wonderful family. The flying days are over (since VP was shut down at Selfridge ANGB (Detroit), but the spirit lives on! Sorry to see both my squadrons decommissioned. Did command NR TSC 1173 ( NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii) from 94-96, and "rejoined" the VP community at RIMPAC96. The TSC world and RIMPAC96 was like a VP Reunion! Presently CO of NR CVN69 USS Dwight D. Eisenhower 0373 at Selfridge ANGB. Based on my at-sea period aboard IKE last year, I think the VP community had more than the "extra bucks" going for it..." [05MAR98]

CAMPOBASSO, ASCS(AW) David Dwcampo@aol.com "...I've been around VP squadrons my whole career.. All AIMDs.. NAF Detroit, Michigan, Mi...VP-93 Feb 80 - Dec 86 .... NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts...VP-92 Dec 86 - Jul 94... NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania...VP-64 and VP-66 Jul 94 to Present... I'm currently the Maintenance Senior Chief at AIMD NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania..." [28JAN98]

CAVANAGH, AMEC Earl Retired enc550@sover.net "...I served with VP-93 from 1980 until 1983 at Selfridge AFB. Retired February 1987. Would like to hear from old Shipmates..." [12SEP2003]

CHRISTENSEN, Bruce D. Chris_bg@bellsouth.net "...I was a product of the 4x6 program and served with VP-45X2/ VP-94 from 2/67 thru 2/73. I was discharged as an ADR1 and served in many positions during that time. I enjoyed my with aircraft and later obtained a license and ratings that I had to give up because of hypertension. I would welcome hearing from anyone who served with the squadron during that period..." [01DEC99]

COMSTOCK, AVCM Chuck Retired chuckcomstock@hotmail.com "...VP-93 Plankowner, having transitioned from VS-73, I worked in the "Tron Shop" made up of AT/AX's in our modern new hanger with the best men and women in the Navy. Selected as VP-93's SOY in 1980 and Wing Master Chief in 1988 until Decom in 1994. Transfered to CV-62(NR) as CMC located at the newly formed NARA Detroit. Former members of VP-93 and I went on 'AT' aboard our first carrier, The Roosevelt, after completing Shipboard Fire Fighting and Damage Control Schools in Norfolk. You would have been as proud as I was with your former shipmates and friends as we stepped up to the challenge and in true "VP-93" fashion showed everyone aboard why VP-93 people are the best. In every workcenter our people were assigned we displayed a "can-do" attitude and stood out like stars! A year later we were off again on 'AT' aboard The America. Ditto!! After 30 1/2 years I retired from the Navy and had to say "good-bye" to the best extended family anyone could wish for. To all of my Shipmates who mentored me as I came up through the ranks; and to everyone I was able to help along the way; to my Shipmates and my friends; I thank YOU for the memories which will last a lifetime. Please keep in touch..." [01AUG2000]

COUCH, Phillip Retired phillip.couch@navy.mil "...I served with VP-64, VP-66, VP-67, and VP-93. I retired in 1992..." [06APR2004]

Memorial Picture "...Shipmate Pix CRAIG, AX/AT-1 (NAC) John J...John Joseph Craig, 49, Indianapolis. Was born November 22, 1953 in Detroit, Michigan to Lynn and Anna Craig. Mr. Craig grew up in Warren, Ohio. He served in the United States Navy as a Naval Aviator (VP-10 Crew 11 from 1974-1978, VP-11 Crew 9 from 1978-1980, and VP-93 Crew 11 from 1990-1993) until November 1980. Mr. Craig was a member of the Association of Naval Aviators and VP International. He has worked as a Service Technician for Anacomp Inc. since 1981. His parents preceded John in death. His wife, Kathy; son, Justin; daughters, Tiffany and Jasmine; daughter-in-law, Jennifer; and grandchildren, Graydon and Victoria survive him. David Levesque dlvqaz56@gmail.com..." [14NOV2003]

CRAIG, AX/AT-1 (NAC) John J. (Deceased 01NOV2003) av8trr@comcast.net "...I served with VP-10 Crew 11 from 1974-1978, VP-11 Crew 9 from 1978-1980, and VP-93 Crew 11 from 1990-1993. I would Like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 25JUL2002 | E-Mail Updated 23APR2000 | 10SEP98]

DALE, Dwayne (Bucket) bucket@sheltonbbs.com "...I served with VP-93 from 1989 - 1994. I worked in 12C almost my whole time there! It would be really great to hear from some of you guys!..." [12MAR2003]

DANIELS, Danny dansfarm@hotmail.com "...I became a VP'er right out of A-School in 1967. I was originally assigned to VP-30 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, until I joined the TAR program in 1972 while stationed with VP-62 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. In 1976 I graduated from FE school and became an original plankower of VP-93 from 1976 to 1979. In 1979 I was transferred to VP-69 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. In 1982 I again was reassigned to VP-67 at NAS Memphis, Tennessee. From 1985 until my retirement in 1989 I was a VP-94 Crawfisher. I will always look fondly at my career in the squadrons and friends I was blessed to be associated with..." [E-Mail Updated 24JUN2009 | 03MAY99]

DAVIS, CAPTAIN Robert "Bob" Retired r.w.davis828@gmail.com "...I served with VP-49, VP-30, VP-68 (1973-1980) and Commanding Officer VP-93 NAF Detroit, Michigan..." [17DEC2013]

DEKKER, LCDR Donald G. Retired dekkerdo@msu.edu "...I entered the Navy in 1981, earned my commission through AOCS in 1982. I was designated a Naval Flight Officer in 1983. I served with VP-8 ('84-'87) deploying to NAS Sigonella, Sicily, NS Rota, Spain / NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal and NAS Keflavik, Iceland. I was on CAC's 1, 10, 4 and 2. I served with VP-93 ('89-'92) deploying to NS Rota, Spain, NAS Bermuda and the Carribean. I was on CAC 2. I served with VP-66 ('95-'97) flying the EP-3J's. We made detachments to NAS Agana, Guam, Hawaii, East & West coast. I transfered to CPRW-5 in NAS Brunswick, Maine where I retired in 2001 from NAR Brunswick. Currently working for the US Forest Service in Minnesota. Would love to hear from any old Shipmates..." [18SEP2010]

DORAN, AMS1 Charles W. Jr. Retired alumni93@comcast.net "...I served with VP-30 (FE Training) from 1977 to 1978, VP-64/VP-66 at NAS Willow Grove from 1978 to 1986 and VP-93 until its Diestablishment in 1994. I currently publish a Newsletter and send to members of the Executioner family. I'm looking for any and all members of VP-93 so please send your address that I may keep our data base currrent..." {E-Mail Updated 16MAR2009 | 00XX97]

DRISCOLL, AE1 Bob Retired bobbyd1050@aol.com "...I served with VP-22 (1971-1974), VP-93, VP-68, VP-92 and retired (2000)..." [29JUN2014]

DROUSE, AW2 Edward (SS-1/2) Shipmate PixCirca 1988 jedrouse@netzero.net "...I served in VP-5 from July '87 to Apr '91. Was assigned to CAC-7 as a SS-2 for NAS Sigonella, Sicily deployment. I was the SS-1 on CAC-8 in NAS Bermuda. Had alot of wild times with this squadron! I left active duty and served in VP-93 from JUN '91 - SEP '94. Went from flying Update IIII P-3C's to P-3B's 'Superbees" A/C. Good squadron with a 'work hard/play hard' philosophy. One of the best kept secrets in the Navy. Miss the "Sunday Musters" at the 'Molehole.' Rolled into VP-68 in OCT '94 upon disestablishment of VP-93. About half of the "Detroit Crew" airlifted to NAF Andrews, Maryland until we shut the lights off there in NOV '96. Made my first NAS Keflavik, Iceland det with VP-68. After shutting down VP-68, got orders to VP-92 at NAS Brunswick, Maine in DEC '96. I drilled there until JAN '98 when I went IRR. Re-affiliated with the Naval Air Reserves in OCT 2004, got orders to VP-62 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Currently serving proudly as a "Broad-Arrow" in the ASW capital of the fleet..." [PIX Added 31DEC2004 | BIO Updated 02DEC2004 | 16DEC2001]

DUMIGAN, L. dumigan@rochester.rr.com "...I served with VP-19 from 1984-1988 and VP-93 from 1990-1996..." [E-Mail Updated 10MAR2003 | 20MAY99]

DUNHAM, ABCS Jesse R. Retired zoomzoom02@swfla.rr.com "...I served with many squadrons over the years including VP-93 for 10 years (plank owner). Retired from the Naval Reserve in 1990 NAF Detroit, Michigan. I will always remember the good times and there were many. I would love to hear from any former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 19OCT2003 | 28JAN98]

DURHAM, AVCM Roy Retired gsd1941@mediaone.net "...VP-93 plank owner 1976-1977. VP-62 1972-1976. P2 Neptune aircrew NAS New Orleans, Louisiana and NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania..." [18JUL98]

DUXBURY, CAPTAIN Richard B. c/o His Son CAPT Bill Duxbury dux@sprynet.com "...Served with VP-56, VP-44, VP-68, and VP-93, flying P5M, P2V, and P-3..." [15MAY2000]

DYER, LCDR Dave (USNR) Retired dcd50@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-23 at NAS Brunswick, Maine, VP-66 at NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, VP-93 at NAF Detroit, Michigan, VP-62 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, ASWOC 374 (CPRW-11) at NAS Jacksonville, Florida and then retired..." [28JUN2011]

EUVRARD, LeRoy "Roy" leroy.euvrard@gmail.com "...I served with VP-46 (1967-1970) as a Nav and then TACCO. I then served in Reserve Squadrons VP-92, VP-64, VP-93 and VP-60..." [26JUN2018]

FADER, Eric "DARTH" efader@hotmail.com "...Hail to all Reserve P-3 guys!!! and a rousing HELLO! To all that I have served with. All the Executioners of VP-93 from Sep'84 - Jul'92...the Totems of VP-69 from Jul'92 - Jul'96 and the Broadarrows of VP-62 from Jul-'96 to now. It has been my honor being a small part of some of the Greatest Maritime Patrol Squadrons ever assembled...through the hard times and the good times (they all were good once you take the time to remember). It would be great to here from you so drop a line...DARTH..." [26APR98]

FANSLER, Ronald Retired anchordwn@home.com "...I was in VP-69 from 1976 to 1980 and enjoyed every minute of it. Before that it was VP-17 from 1969-1976, and after VP-69 it was VP-93 untill December 1988. Retired from the Navy and started flying cargo on DC-8's, L-1011's, and now 747's. VP-69 was a great time..." [BIO Updated 19FEB2002 | 27OCT2001]

FLETCHER, AWC Mike Retired awcfletch@aol.com "...I served with VP-50 (1974-1978) and flew with Crew (Easy) Three (Doc Frye and Tom Meadows were my SeaDaddies and Danny Peterson (Animal) my SS1), VP-93 (01/1978-12/1986) and flew with Crew (Randys Roaches) Six, Reserve Antisubmarine Warfare Training Center (RESASWTRACEN) at NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania (1986-1989), VP-62 (1989-1993) and retired in 1993..." [13MAR2012]

FRASER, AMH2 Darell "Skip" skippersclippers53@yahoo.com "...Went to the first 2nd mech school in NAS Patuxent River, Maryland 1972 then to VP-11 72-75. FE school at NAS Moffett Field, California 1981 then VP-91, VP-93, VP-60, VP-90, VP-67. southeast asia cruise 1972 with VP-11..." [09FEB2009]

FUCHS, ADC Dave Retired dfuchs@lxpk.veridian.com "...I flew P-3's from November 1973 to July 1990. Logged 1 or 2 hours as an Instructor FE. VP-90, VP-93, VP-64, VP-66, and VP-68. Retired as ADC at VP-68 NAF Washington, D.C.. Presently working in FMS and the F/A-18 Hornet program at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland..." [13OCT99]

GORMAN, Jeffrey A. jaggcmi@juno.com "...VP-44: 1979-1982, VX-1 1982-1984, VP-93 1985-1994..." [10JAN2000]

GOTELAER, AO2 Paul "The Goat" pgotelaere@wowway.com "...I served with VP-93 for 14 years and retired from Detroit Police Department (DPD) in January 1994 (can't say i miss it cause i don't). I am now part time Bus Driver for Macomb County, Michigan driving three and four year olds. I have one daughter and still married (celebrated our 37th Wedding Aniversary)..." [08OCT2009]

HAMPTON, AE1 (AW/NAC) George R. Retired georgehampton@msn.com "...I served with VP-67 (1979-1981). VP-67 was my first squadron and I retired February of 2001. I was a Ready Reserve with VP-67. Iíve forgotten a lot of names, these are just a few of the names. I remember Bud Mitchell, Jim Downing, Jimmy Meyer, Kenny Lumpkin, Jon White, Eric Hansen, Gregory Crutcher and Jerry Buckwalter. I also, spent some time a RAIMD providing I-level support to the squadrons at NAS Memphis, Tennessee. I spent 4 years at AIMD NAS Atlanta, Georgia, before going to Naval Aircrew School, P-3 Second Mech School at NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, VP-30 FE School and then to VP-65 (1989-1993) then to VP-93 (the Godfather CDR Carlone, and CDR Cluster) (Operation Restore Hope) October 1993 until March of 1994. We got the word the Executioners were to be decommissioned. Thanks to Jon White (AWCM I think he was by then) I ended up back in NAS Atlanta, Georgia where I retired as a Loadmaster with VR-46. I was an amazing career and I was fortunate to share time with some amazing friends..." [04SEP2020]

Memorial Picture "...HARE, Franklin W...Once again it has become my sad duty to inform all "Executioners" (VP-93) of the passing of LCDR Franklin W. Hare. LCDR Hare died in his sleep on December 7th, 2002 of an aparent heart attack. His wife Ev passed the following: Thursday December 12th, 2002 viewing at Mullins and Thompson Funeral Home, 186 Shelton Shop Rd., Stafford, VA 22554 PH 540.659.7690. Friday December 13th, 2002 he will bew interned at The Quantico National Cemetary after services at the funeral home at 1300hrs. Frank was a Officer's officer. As a Marine he served in Korea servicing Marine Fighter bombers as an enlisted maintenenceman. After discharge he attended school on California and earned a BSEE and a MSEE. He was hired by Ford Motor Co. as an Electrical Engineer and served till retirement in 1997. He entered the Naval Reserve as a APG, PO1 Electronics Technician and when he turned forty nine yrs old applied for and won an appointment as an Ensign. His career ended with retirement as a Leutenant Commander. Throught his entire military and civilian careers Frank was the most honest person I have ever met and, He stayed a Marine (his Tis Clasp was the Marine, Eagle/Globe) to the end. There is a "Special" place in heaven for you Frank. Bravo Zulu, Rest Easy Shipmate with your brothers...AWCM Thomas Kaiser III tka107@aol.com..." [10DEC2002]

HARTSHORN, LCDR Steve burnman57@hotmail.com "...I served with VT-27, VT-28, VP-30, VP-8 from 1982-1985, VA-128 from 1985-1988, VP-93 from 1988-1992, NR NAS Whidbey Island, Washington 1992-1994, and NAS Atlanta, Georgia 1994-1995. Left service as LCDR and took up job as Deputy Sheriff in Portland Oregon as to date. Miss the Navy, would like to hear from former squadron mates, and hi to all those I served with..." [21JUL2002]

HEFFRON, AFCM (AW) Michael G. phmann@farmlandpheasant.com "...Flight Engineer P-3 A/B. Served with VP-91 from 72'-76, Plankholder with VP-93 from 76'-80', VP-68 from 80'-82', VP-93 from 82'-86', HM-18 from 86'-89', VR-62 thru 92, and retired in Yale, MI. Manage game perserve in Brown City. Drop a line. Lets go hunting..." [E-Mail Updated 15JUL99 | 09MAY98]

HOOD, Ray rhoodnc@yahoo.com "...Began my Navy flying with VP-40 (8/61-2/63); then on to VP-48 (2/63-5/64). This finished my active time. Missed flying so joined the reserves at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan flying in S2-E's.When they closed Grosse Ile we all moved to NAF Detroit, Michigan at Seldfridge AFB. Became part of VS-73 when they came out with the "One Navy" concept. I will say that 73 was the best VS squadron in the Navy reserve. When they eliminated the VS we transitioned to the P-3 as VP-93. I was with VP-93 from commissioning in 1976 until I moved to N. Carolina in 1980. I than joined VP-64 and stayed with them until 1984 when the Navy deceieded that I was out of their area and they could no longer fly the airlift to pick me up. There was no VP around with any open billits so I joined ASWOC 0966 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. This is where I finished my Navy career, retiring in May, 1988..." [E-Mail/Bio Updated 21APR99 | 08JAN99]

HOTTON, CAPTAIN Randy Retired pilotyip@aol.com "...VP-45 Oct 68 to Oct 71. Made deployments to NS Sangley Point, Philippines where we flew in Operation Market Time. We flew over 100 hours per month. I was a XO's Navigator on Crew 20, loved the Cel Nav. Crashed on our airplane (June 2nd, 1969) LN-20 151363 in NAS Adak, Alaska on the way home. Was home four months and went into a split Det out of NS Rota, Spain, qualified a PPC came home for five months and back to the Med 6 months in NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I was given my own crew and airplane the last six months I was in the squadron. Went into Recruiting and was assigned to NRD NAF Detroit, Michigan, had my own T-34 and run around hte State of Michigan talking guys into being Navy pilots. Then I got orders to the career-enhancing billet, TSC Ops officer on the USS Enterprise for initial West Coast deployment of the S-3A. Qual OOD (U), TPC in the C-1A. Things didn't work out on the boat and I was forced out in 1977. Joined the reserves at NAF Detroit, Michigan and starting flying the P-3 again in VP-93, had a couple command tours in the reserves and retired as a Captain. What a fantastic adventure, I was truly a lucky guy to live through those experiences. In my civilian career I bounced around a bunch of airlines few people ever heard of. Flew the Electra for TransAmerican and Zantop. Thinking of putting together a Crew 20 reunion, if I can still find anyone besides the XO and Bob Hartl who was on Crew 20. 1968 to 1969. VP-2644 was disestablished in 1981 and became VP-2473. I served in VP-2644 from Aug 1977 until I transefered to VP-93 in 1981. Served as Training Officer and Operations Officer..." [BIO Updated 29APR2010 | 13MAR2010]

HOWE, AD1 David Retired howe6310@charter.net "...I served with VP-5 (Second Mechanic) from 1975 to 1979, VP-62 (SELRES) fom June 1979 to November 1979, VP-93 (F/E Both as a SELRES and then a TAR) from January 1980 to December 1989, VP-65 from 1989 to December 1993 and finishing with VP-94 NAS New Orleans, Louisiana..." [E-Mail Updated 13JUN2008 | E-Mail Updated 11APR2000 | 02OCT98]

HUMPHREY, W. E. JR. (BILL) OLNAVBILL@AOL.COM "...I was attached to VP-19 DEC. 1970 to SEPT. 1973. Iwakuni- NAS Cubi Point, Philippines - NAHA deployments. Reserve Squadrons VP-2019 (VP-65) NAS Point Mugu, California, VP-91 NAS Moffett Field, California, VP-93 Selfridge (NAF-Detroit). Retired from the reserve in 1996 at Naval Reserve Center St. Louis, MO. I would like to hear from any former Shipmates. Smooth sailing to all..." [15AUG98]

JONES, ADCS AW/NAC Jack Lee Retired blackcreekjack@aol.com "...I served (FE) with VP-62, VP-93, Commander, Naval Air Forces (CNARF) P-3 Class Desk and retired in 2002..." [21JUL2013]

JONES, Kerry J. bbstacker_2000@hotmail.com "...Served with VP-93..." [E-Mail Updated 10JAN2001 | E-Mail Updated 29DEC2000 | 27MAY2000]

KAISER, AWCM Thomas III Retired tka107@aol.com "...I was priviledged to fly all positions on the "Pappa-Two-Victor-Five-Fox" with the reserve squadron, VP-731 at NAS Grosse ILe, Michigan in the late fifties and early sixties. A few of us took the classes at NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania and were checked out in all positions except Pilot. We decommissioned and flew our five birds to NAS Alameda, California and transitioned to S2F "Trackers". I left the Navy as an ADR in 1965 and returned in 1969 to S2E "Trackers" and was administratively switched to AW1. We had 136 aircrew at the new navy base at Selfrige Air National Guard Base, Mt Clemens, MI. and supported many Navy training evolutions that, according to the messages, could not occur without the Aircrew of SANG. In 1973 The Navy brought a Rresforon, CVSGR-70, VS73 to SANG and we went into the history books with "The Last of the Great Stoof Drivers" by delivering one of our aircraft to the Naval Air Museum, Pensacola, FL and another to the Yorktown Carrier Museum at Charlotte, NC. VS73 Transitioned to VP-93 in 1976 and I left the squadron (HYT) in 1990 and finished my naval career on March 8, 1998 with The Naval Intel Unit attached to the Michigan Air National Guard, SANG. It was my priviledge to serve with the Best Sailors in the Midwest..." [27APR99]

KELLEY, AME1 John jopaco@tm.net "...I was in VP-93 from 1980-1985 as a SELRES, then 1985-1989 as a TAR. I was the Career Counselor for most of those years except when Bob Donnelon and I ran the line shack. Mike Kurtz and I put together the greatest Christmas parties the squadron ever seen! I then went to VP-68 from 1989-1993. From there I went to VP-92 from 1993 to current. I transferred VP-92 from NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts to NAS Brunswick, Maine. I look forward to hearing from all of you. One more tour and it's retirement time...I left VP-92 1 Aug 99 and went to NARA Selfridge, Michigan after completing Instructor school in Great Lakes..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 22SEP99 | 30JAN99]

KERNER, Mike mikerner@aol.com "...Great Lakes 1957 Co. 422, NATC NAS Norman, Oklahoma, NATTC Memphis Co. 58-10BTG-7, NAS Memphis, Tennessee, VP-93 1980-94, USR CVN-70, 69, NAS Oceana..." [02MAR2009]

KERR, CDR Tim timkerr81@gmail.com "...I served with VP-22 (11/1982-11/1985) at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii in W/C 210, VP-31 (12/1985-05/1988) at NAS Moffett Field, California, VP-93 (01/1989-12/1993) at NAF Detroit, Michigan and received a Commission (12/1993), Commanding Officer of the Naval Reserve NCIS Command 1274 (12/2008-11/2011) at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, Executive Officer U.S. European Command 0592 (12/2011-11/2013) at NAF Detroit, Michigan, Commanding Officer ONI (12/2013-11/2015) at St. Louis, MO and currently assigned in Washington D.C. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [24MAR2016]

KESSNER, ADC George gakessner@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-93 (Plankowner) from March 1976 to March 1980. Best work center 110 in the fleet, MikeHuffron, Mike Childs, Doug (shake n bake), Ray Wooley and more. What a great group of guys. I also served with VP-92, VP-62, VP-69, VP-94 and VP-MAU. Good times all around. I worked on the P-3A, P-3B, P-3C and P-3 Update III..." [07MAY2010]

KIRKLAND, CDR Douglas I. Retired dkirkland@tampabay.rr.com "...I served with VP-23 (1974-1977), VP-30 (1977-1979) and VP-93 (1981-1988). I would like to hear from former Shipmates. SKULL/OX/MEGAPHONE MAN/HR..." [E-Mail Updated 02MAR2019 | 23AUG99]

KNIGHT, AW1 Terry knightstar07@verizon.net "...I served with a Squadron Augment Unit (1980-1981), VP-66 (1981-1985), VP-93 (1985-1988), ASWOC (1988), NADC (1988-1989) and VP-64 (1989-present). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 12MAR2012 | 13MAY98]

KRAMAR, AZ1(AW) Kim Retired K3msugrad@hotmail.com "...I served with NAS Lemoore, California from 1972-1976, VP-6 from 1976-1979, NAF Detroit, Michigan VP-SAU from 1979-1986, VP-0622 NAS Glenview, Illinois from 1986-1990, and VP-93 from 1990-1992 (plus all the training squadrons in between). I am currently attending Michigan State University as a fulltime student in Construction Management for the 2000-2001 year. Expected graduation date May 2001. This is my 2nd goal in life the 1st being retiring from the Navy..." [E-Mail Updated 02JAN2003 | BIO/E-Mail Updated 28JUL2000 | Updated 23JUN98][ICQ# 14042472]


LeCOMPTE, CDR Malcolm A. Retired malecompte@aol.com "...Originally an EA-6B ECMO, cruised with VAQ-136 on the USS Kitty Hawk in 1974, I affiliated with the reserves as a TAC-NAV assigned to VP-4046 out of NAS Glenview, Illinois, from March 1980 to October 1981. I was attached to VP-90 also at NAS Glenview, Illinois. I did two cruises with the Squadron to the PI and one to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, before transferring to VP-92 at NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts, where I flew with CAC-5 during two cruises to the NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal and one to NAS Bermuda. I was with VP-92 until the Spring of 1987 when I transferred to VP-93. In VP-93 I flew with CAC-6 until summer 1991, making two cruises to NS Rota, Spain. I retired from the Naval War College Reserve Support Unit in October 1998..." [22MAY2010]

LEMERAND, AW2 Jim jameslemerand@gmail.com "...I served with VP-1 (1971-1973) at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii flying with Crew-7 and VP-93 at NAF Detroit, Michigan. While serving with VP-93 my employer was not sympathetic to my need for time off to drill. I missed more and more drills until they became both difficult to make up and very unfair to my crew. All hope was lost when I was transferred to Denver. Still, made a couple of "cruises" and more than a few flights. It was a good thing..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 01SEP2017 | 25MAY2000]

LISIUS, Joe grdn24@pacbell.net "...Awesome page Nevins, lots of folks remembered. Toured with ORION BROTHERHOOD OF ENGINEERS CHAPTERS VP-64, VP-93, VP-69, & CRPWP (Commander Reserve Patrol Wing Pacific)..."

MARSH, Ersel W. ewm@solarstop.net "...I started my military career with VS-736 as a SELRES at NAS Grose Ile until I went active duty in '67. I was stationed onboard the USS Bennington Until Nov. '68. After release from active duty I backed away from the reserves for a couple of years then got affiliated with a unit here in Toledo designated CV 1314. I stayed with them until there was an opening in VP-4114 at NAS Detroit. I then transferred to them and eventually to VP-93 as an AD3. While attached to VP-93 I worked on the flight line and in the jet shop. I went to Career Counseling School and was a Career Counselor for a brief period. I had to tender my resignation due to personal problems in my civilian life. I miss the military life I had and all the friends I met with VP-93..." [18APR99]

MARTIN, AME2 Michael "Kelly" kmartin@bigtube.net "...I served with VP-93 (02/1977-11/1978) at NAF Detroit, Michigan and worked in WC-130. I am pleased to say I have worked as a docent at the Military Air Museum since 2014, giving tours of our beloved LH-02 P-3. Got time on your hands, shipmates? Get onboard and reconnect by helping tell the Patrol Service story..." [19JUN2016]


McCRACKEN, Chris Chris_McCracken_@Hotmail.com "...Spent a three and a half great years in VP-93 (Nov 91 to Jul 94). Sure miss it..." [06MAY99]

Memorial Picture "...McPEAK, Thomas...My Father, Thomas McPeak, served with VP-93 (1942-1944). He was given a Medical Discharge after being shot over Africa. I would love to hear from anyone that knew and/or served with Dad. Thank you..." Contributed by Tom Meadath tom.meadath@gmail.com [24JUN2013]

MILLER, AX1 Dennis denniscm@bellsouth.net "...Started my NAVY career with VAW-124 after a tour with the USAF on Dew-Line radar sites. Got smart and went TAR with VP-93 Dec 79 - Aug 82. Transferred to VP-92 Aug 82 - Aug 85. Spent a short tour at Portsmouth Naval Hosp and then transferred to ComResPatWingLant for a tour Jan 86 - Jul 86. Then finished off at CNARF Natops from Jul 86 - Jun 90. Currently working as a computer consultant here in Jax. Would like to hear from any of the old crews I flew and/or worked with..." [05DEC98]

MITCHELL, CAPTAIN Dave Shipmate Pix p3dave@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-17 from 1980-1983 as a TN/TC/MC and Schedules Officer. Also served with VP-93 from 1990-1994 and VP-66 from 1994-1999 where I was CO. During 2003 I served as Deputy Commander of CTF-57 in NSA Bahrain, Oman where we were flying the P-3 flying overland Iraq and Afghanistan supporting the ground war and maritime patrol throughout the CENTCOM AOR. The Task Force was a coalition of 40 plus aircraft from 8 countries flying out of 7 sites with 1,200 personnel. Sadly, since I left CTF-57 I have not been in a P-3. I've been attached to CSG-12, COMPHIBGRUTWO and Second Fleet. Currently I'm serving a year long deployment on the ground in Afghanistan with CJTF Phoenix mentoring the Afghan National Security Forces (Army, Police, Intel) in setting up a new joint coordination network. Cheers to all my Shipmates past, present and future..." [PIX/BIO Updated 28FEB2009 | 06APR2003]

MITCHELL, AT3 Thomas M. tmitchell0608@wowway.com "...I served with VP-1 from 1972 to 1974 on the "Hallmark" Crew Ten as Radio Operator then onto VP-9 at NAS Moffett Field, California. I left Active Duty and affiliated with VP-93 at Selfridge ANGB outside of Detroit. Left there in 1984 and was with the Air National Guard until retiring in 1995..." [E-Mail Updated 16SEP2004 | 29MAR99]

MOORE, AECS Dan Retired aecs8251@netpenny.net"...I served with VP-46 from 1978 to 1982, VP-64 from 1985 to 1990, VP-93 from 1990 to 1992, and currently serving with VP-64 NAS Willow Grove since 1992 [8251 P-3 B/C Flight Engineer]..." [E-Mail Updated 25OCT2003 | E-Mail Updated 03DEC2000 | E-Mail Updated 15JAN2000 | 00XXX97]

MOORE, CDR Dick Retired moore_richard@bah.com "...I would like to say hello to all those old squadron mates that I pissed off at one time or another. VP-30 (RAG) NAS Patuxent River, Maryland Jan-Jun '71, VP-45 NAS Jacksonville, Florida Jun '71- Sep '75, VP-93 Selfridge Apr'76-Mar'81, VP-92 NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts Mar'81-Nov'85, VP-68 Andrews AFB Nov'85-Mar'86, Navy Command Center NCC-106 Pentagon Mar'86-Jan'90, OP-06-106 Pentagon Jan'90-Aug'93. Recalled to Dessert Shield/Storm Aug'90-Jul'91 JCS Crisis Action Team..." [E-Mail Updated 30APR2001 | E-Mail Updated 29JUN2000 | E-Mail Updated 18DEC98 | 03SEP98]

MOSS, Todd M. tmoss@ameritech.net "...I served in VP-11 from Oct 89 to Sep 92, VP-93 from Jan 93 to Apr 94, VP-92 from May 94 to Oct 99, and am currently the Admin Department Head in NR NAS Sigonella, Sicily 0192..." [BIO Updated 17OCT2000 | 13OCT2000]

MOTTERN, AW1 Carl Retired Shipmate Pix VP-8 1980 Shipmate Pix VP-93 1994 cfmottern@yahoo.com "...I was an SS-3 from 1979 to my retirement as a reserve AW1 in Febuary 1996. I garaduated from VP-30 as the last east coast BRAVO SS-3 student from where I went to VP-8 in NAS Brunswick, Maine. Flew with CAC 1/2 from 79 to 11-81 when I transferred to NRD Buffalo s a recruiter. Bailed out from there and reupped as a reserve with VP-93 where I flew in some of VP-8s' old "B"s. When VP-93 decommed in in 1994 I went to VP-64 at NAS JRB Willow Grove, Pennsylvania from where I retired in February 96. Prior to VP I had beemn a rotor head with HS-15 and a T.A.D. stint in HS-1. With HS-15 I deployed on board USS Ameica and Independence. Would love to hear from old friends in all old units..." [E-Mail Updated 01FEB2005 | PIX ADDED 26FEB2000 | 27OCT99]

NEEDHAM, AMH-1 Mike Retired (Submitted by his Son Michael Needham) amh-1@juno.com "...My dad, Mike Needham Sr. (AMH-1 ret.) served with VP-93 from 80-83, VR-58 in NAS Jacksonville, Florida from 83-87 and at AIMD at NAS Glenview, Illinois from 87-90. He was also in a VR squadron at NAS Alameda, California from 76-80, but I was too young at the time to remember which one. If anyone remembers my Dad or would like to get in touch with him, he can be emailed at amh-1@juno.com. I'm sure he'd love to hear from some old Shipmates, as he has had a hard time finding any. Thanks..." [19MAR2001]

NEWMAN, AO2 William navair1@aol.com "...I was with VP-93 from '81-'86 as an AO2. Would like to hear from fellow members..." [03AUG2005]

OGLESBY, John T. Jr. joglesby001@triad.rr.com "...Regarding the 03March43 (VB-126) A/C: PBY-5A Location Greenland - Near Julianehaab by Ragner J. Ragnarsson - I have just recently discovered the VPNavy site and while browsing through, ran across your report of the PBY-5A crash on March 3, 1943. I served in VP-93 (later VP-126). I was supposed to be on this flight, but because of an illness (cat fever), was left in Boston to recuperate. As I recall, the Plane Captain was Leininger and Moore was the 2nd Mec. I don't recall the others, but Schutz and McEnroe (radio operators) may have been aboard. I believe that 12 souls were lost on this flight. When I recovered several days after the flight, I came back to my hometown of Morehead City, NC on leave. A week or so later after coming back from leave, I flew on our new PV-1 to NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada and then on April 22nd, went on to Greenland. Only then did I learn of the fateful accident and my close call. I served on PBY-5A's as Plane Captain from March 42 until April 43. Next I was Plane Captain on the PV-1 until the end of the war. From September 46 until leaving service in March 47, I also was Plane Captain on PBM's. I was in VP-93 until August 1943. Thereafter Bartlett (Leading Chief) two others, and myself were the start-up group for VP-149. I was in VP-149 until August 1945. Except for training in the US, all of my service in VP-149 was in the Pacific Theater. I would appreciate a note from others telling of your involvement in VP-93 (VP-126) and VB-149 from March 1943 until August 1945. Regards..." [E-Mail Updated 01JAN2012 | 22FEB2001]

OIEN, Don retnav2001@comcast.net "...I served with VP-91 from 1981 to 1985, VP-92 from 1985 to 1989, VP-66 from 1989 to 1991, VP-93 from 1991 to 1994 and then became an Instructor (after downsizing) for the last 6 years..." [14OCT2009]

PATTERSON, AMCS J. H. Retired prideint@aol.com "...I served with VP-93 from August 1986 to August 1989 - best tour of duty in my colorful Naval career. Gumbo greeting to all of you Executioners..." [08NOV2001]

Memorial Picture "...PATTERSON, AD1 Sam...VP-93 - Once again it is my sorrowful duty to inform the VP Community of the passing of AD1 Sam Patterson, 26SEP03. Petty Officer Patterson suffered a heart attack and sucommed and will leave a large hole in our hearts and rememberence in the Squadron Shipmates. Petty Officer Patterson will be missed in future Reunions, but will not be forgotton. Good Bye Sam. Rest your oars...AWCM Thomas Kaiser III, USNR, Retired tka107@aol.com..." [25NOV2003]

PENAVS, Marie mpenavs@micron.net "...Hello shipmates! I was at VP-93 Nas Detroit 87-90; VP-67 NAS Millington 91-95. Just wanted to say my hellos & hear from anyone out there who may remember me!..."

PENINGER, NC1 Steve ste72@mailexcite.com "...I was the CCC with VP-93 from 1991-1994. If it hadn't been for the closure I could have stayed with the better part of the Navy, brown-shoe part that is. Best thing that ended up happening was finishing my 20 on NAS and having some links to the VP community. Good times!..." [05FEB98]

PERKINS, Bill w.perkins3@gte.net "...Attached to VP-65 1992 to present. VP-93 1986 to 1991. Student at VP-31 1991 to 1992. To all those fellow P-3ers out there. Drop me line. Things are well here in sunny CA..." [30NOV98]

PERRY, AW1(AW) Jim JPERRY1446@AOL.COM "...I was a proud member of VP-93 from 1976 to 1988 as a SELRES and as a TAR. Then, flew with VP-60 and VP-90 in Glenview IL. After that, did a tour with VP-66 at NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania and transfered to RATCEN (The AW Boneyard) for my final few years. I plan to come home to Detroit soon. (If I dont screw up and make Chief.)..." [19SEP99]

PETERSON, CAPTAIN Donald O. Retired donp@mwsco.com "...I enlisted in the Naval Air Reserve in January of 1953, as an AR and retired as Captain in August of 1992. I served on active duty '56 to '59 as an ET3P1, then went back to AT3/AT1 and became a qualified crewmember in P2V-4, 5, and 7's flying radar and radio positions with VP-811 and VP-814. I also flew radar in S2F aircraft. I recieved a commision in July 1964, and became assistant maintenance officer in VP-811, all stationed at NAS Twin Cities, Minnesota. In 1966 I transfered to Detroit Michigan, and affiliated with NARMU 731 and its successor names until selected for maintenance officer of VP-3414 and then VP-93 as a plankholder.('76-'82) Following promotion to CDR. and some VTU duty I served in the Maintenance officer billet for VR-56, and was cross assigned to VR 51 at NAS Glenview, Illinois to assist in the transition from C118 to C9 aircraft. My next duty was with the Air Systems Command VTU prior to my last assignment as the Naval Laiason Officer for the State of Minnesota. I was thrilled to review the entries and note the progress made in the careers of many of the sailors that I served with. I still own my welding Supply distributorship with headquarters in Winona, MN, and stores in Winona, Red Wing, and Rochester MN, La Crosse Wisconsin, and Dacorah, Iowa..." WebSite: http://www.mwsco.com/ [03SEP99]

PETERSON, Patrick pat_peterson@prodigy.com"...Was in VP-46 --72-75 and VP-60 75-79, VP-8 79-82 and VP-93 88-90...hope to talk to a lot of friends..."

PIERCE, AMS1 Greg Retired TrijetPFE1@aol.com "...AMS1(RET) Greg Pierce reporting on board. Would like to hear from any old Shipmates (VP-30/VP-66/VP-93/VP-69). I am currently plumbing on a B727 for American Trans Air..." [13APR99]

PIPKIN, AZC Bill pipkinb@ameritel.net "...I was a member of VAW-13 from December 1965 until mid 1968. I began as a parachute rigger and Plane Captain changed to AZ then transferred to NAS Memphis, Tennessee for duration. Made one trip to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines in 1966. I reinlisted in 1973, did a tour in VS-73 ( NAF Detroit, Michigan), VP-93 ( NAF Detroit, Michigan), VR-58 ( NAS Jacksonville, Florida), VP-68 NAS Patuxent River, Maryland / NAF Washington, D.C.) and retired in 1989 as AZC. Is anyone still out there from VAW-13 or NAF Detroit, Michigan that may remember me? If so, contact me for old sea stories..." [21MAR2003]

RASMUSSEN, ATC(AW/NAC) Erik "Ike" RASMUSSE@CNRF.NOLA.NAVY.MIL "...began Naval service as a SELRES at NAF Detroit, Michigan with VP-4114 in July 1975 remained, until the commissioning of VP-93. Came on active duty as a TAR with VP-93 during 1977-81. Qualified as P-3A/B/B-TACNAVMOD In-Flight Tech. Just wrapping up a 7 year tour with COMNAVAIRESFOR in NOLA. Please drop me a line to shoot the breeze about the good ole days..." [09JUN98]

REVILL, Shane Patrick "Tin Mann" oldtinmann@juno.com "...Entered the Navy in 1985. Attached to the VP-68 "Blackhawks" in 1985 thur 1990. I was an In-Flight technician for Crew-4 "The Sky-Pigs". In 1990 I started Drilling with the VP-93 "Executioners". Flying with Crew 8 I served there until it's decommissioning in 1994. From 1994 to 1996 I served with a helicopter mining sguadron HM-18 out of NAS Norfolk, Virginia. Today I'm an Avionics Tecnician for Kalitta Air in Oscoda MI, working on Boeing 747's. God's speed to all my former Shipmates, I would love to hear from you..." [12JUL2003]

RUNDELL, CAPTAIN Howard "Hobart" g5av8or@aol.com "...I served with VP-49 from August 1973-July 1976 (CAC-11/3P), NAS Keflavik, Iceland 1974 (CAC-9/PPC/MC) NAS Sigonella, Sicily 1975, VP-5 July 1976-September 1976 PPC (three months (?) it's an interesting story!), VP-93, VP-2473 (SAU) September 1976-April 1989 (CAC-10A/PPC/MC), CO VP-2473 June 1985-March 1986, CO VP-93 September 1987-April 1989. CO NR VR-24 (C-12's) February 1990-July 1991, CO NR NAS Sigonella, Sicily September 1991-September 1993, CO NR CVN69 "IKE" September 1993-September 1995, XO NR DCNO N4 Pentagon September 1995-September 1998, and XO NR SACLANT DET 113 Battle Creek September 1998-October 1999 - 30 years! A great "run" made possible by the support of my many crewmates and squadronmates. True "Shipmates" all! ASW WAS OUR LIFE! BZ!..." [E-Mail Updated 26AUG2002 | 13OCT98]

SCHNECKENBURGER, ADC Douglas "Shake" Retired akashakenbake@bellsouth.net "...I served with VP-17 (1965-1967), VP-64 (1976-1978), VP-93 (1978-1982), VP-62 (1982-1986) and VP-64 (1986-1989)..." [Updated E-Mail/BIO 02FEB2014 | 05JUN2000]

SCHNEIDER, Phil Retired jepsan@ibm.net or jeppgs@ibm.net "...Was with VP-47 when we shifted out of P5M boats and into first P-3A's 1965-66. Left service in 68 but couldn't stay away. Returned in late 1973 with VP-60, then VP-90. After that went to Detroit (VP-93) and retired with 25 years in Reserves. On the outside world I worked very much in aviation industry with P-3 Super B........ (The best of the best)!!!..." WebSite: http://www.jepsan.com[Updated 25JAN98]

SCHULWITZ, AMS2 Wayne R. wrs924@yahoo.com "...I was with VP-6 from 1977 to 1978. I joined the command in NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan. I also was with VP-40 from 1978 to 1980. Join the reserves drilled with other commands. In 1991 drilled with VP-93 untill 1993. I retired in July 1999..." [06MAR2010]

SINCLAIR, AT2 Daniel T. Retired Captdanl@cdlcorp.com "...VP-93 (Plank Owner) 1976 to 1993 Radio Operator *Crew Five*..."

SMITH, JR jrcbarltx@ont.com "...With VP-93 (WC 230) 1980-1985, NAF Detroit, Michigan..." [03AUG2005]

SMITH, AO2 John R. Jr. jjscbarltx@ont.com "...AO2, wc-230 NAF Detroit, Michigan, VP-93, 1979-1984..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 06DEC2005 | 12OCT2001]

SPILLANE, AWCS Chris spillanecp@verizion.net "...I served with VS-73 at NAF Detroit, Michigan and in 1976 assigned to the VP-93 re-establishment. The next 18 months prior to ROI were busy. I signed for the first P-3 for the squadron. I retired in 1978 from VP-93. I reside in Pennyslvania..." [01OCT2009]

St. GERMAIN, CDR Bob Retired rstgermain@houston.rr.com "...I served with served with VP-56 from 1975-1978 (deployed to NAS Keflavik, Iceland 1975-76) and VP-93 from 1979-1980 (deployed to NAS Sigonella, Sicily 1976-77)..." [30NOV2002]

STAINSBY, James jstain@aol.com "...I was in VP-93 until they were disestablished. I then transferred to VP-64. I retired in 96 and am now pursuing my Masters work in business law. I worked for the best with the best. I hope to hear from some of hem some day..." [22MAY2000]

Memorial Picture "...STIFFLER, Robert C...It with the deapest regret that I inform all members of former VP-93 and the older portions of The USNR that: On the 29OCT99, AWCM Robert C. Stiffler passed away from a massive heart attack at his retirement home in Venice, Fla. His wife Deloris returned his remains to Michigan where services were held at The First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth and interned at Acacia Park Cemetary, Beverly Hills, MI on 03NOV99. Bob, those of us that knew you and hunted the biggest of all game along side you........will deeply miss you. Good Bye Bob...AWCM Thomas Kaiser III tka107@aol.com..." [07NOV99]

SULLIVAN, LCDR John V. Jr. Retired jvsullivanjr@gmail.com "...I served (pilot) with Pilot VP-19 (1977-1980) at NAS Moffett Field, California with deployments to NAS Adak, Alaska, NAF Misawa, Japan, NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan and Detachments to NSF Diego Garcia and NAS Cubi Point, Philippines, VT-2 (1980-1981) at NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida, VP-90 (1982-1985) at NAS Glenview, Illinois, VP-92 (1985-1987) at NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts and VP-93 (1987-1994) at NAF Detroit, Michigan. I flew with Delta Airlines from 1985-2017 to retirement..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 21SEP2020 | 05AUG2015]

SUMMERS, AFCM Tom Retired Summetho@Aquinas.edu "...As a VP crewdog, SP2E NAS Dallas 64-68, SP2H VP-60 plankowner 70-72, P3A VP 93 plankowner 76-79 I appreciate the site and any opportunity to hear from former shipmates. Fair winds..."

THARP, John jtharp13@msn.com "...I served with VP-93 from 1990 to disestablishment. I was a mechanic. I still get the newsletters. I am now serving with VP-69 for the second time. I am getting ready to retire in 2 years. Hope to hear from former Excutioners that are still around..." [09JAN2004]

THOMPSON, AMCS(AW) Dave Retired davethompson@military.com "...The VP Navy was very, very good to me. Met a lot of GREAT people and had a lot of GREAT times. I served proudly with VP-62 from March 1980 to September 1984, VP-67 from September 1984 to July 1986, and VP-93 from July 1986 to Nov 1990. I've been in contact with a few of you since I retired in Oct 1997, even had the opportunity to work with a couple of you again. Drop a line if you find the time, I'd love to hear from you..." [04MAR2002]

ULRICH, AW2 David R. trvlplx@whitleynet.org Shipmate PixCirca 1980 "...I served with VP-93 (1976-1982) and VP-67 (1982-1986) at NAS Memphis, Tennessee. I do miss the days of being in the the air and the good times that were had on deployments..." [08APR2013]

VALDEZ, AOCS Thomas Retired 1224tom@comcast.net "...I served with VP-46 from August 1974 to September 1977 (NAS Iwakuni, Japan in 1975 and NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan 1976), VP-93 (Reservist) from October 1977 to 1994 (Disestablishment) and VP-92 from 1994 to November 1997 (Reservist) when I retired. I worked for the Michigan State Police as a state trooper in Northern Michigan and retired September 2003 as a Lieutenant..." [E-Mail Updated 08MAY2009 | E-Mail Updated 20MAY2005 | 15DEC2004]

WALLACE, AT2 Daniel "Wally" racefand@frognet.net "...I served with VP-1 from February 1963 to June 1965 (Crew-3 and Crew-7 - Pilots Reid and Riess and Techs were Rice and Drews) and VP-93 at NAF Detroit, Michigan. I am now retired and living in my home town of Athens, OH..." [09FEB2010]

WARE, David dware22269@aol.com "...Looking to get in contact with any and all VP-93 members especially those i flew with from 89 to 94. I miss all of you guys. Too bad it had to end. "We were good."..." [11JAN99]

WEBB, AFCM(AW) Ron Retired rwebb@misi.net "...I served as the Command Master Chief for VP-93 from Jan 93 till its decom in Sept 94. Served as the Command Master Chief of VP-68 from Oct 94 until its decom in Dec 96. Currently serving as Command Master Chief of Naval Air Reserve Activity Selrfidge, Selfridge ANGB, MI. I was good to see some of my old Shipmates e-mail addresses..." [25JAN98]

WRIGHT, ADJ1 Henry L. "Hank" Retired hanklwright@gmail.com "...Retired from VP-93 on May 1982. I flew with Mike Hefron. If anyone has contact with Senior Chief Dunham let him know I am still kicking and would like to hear from him..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 16DEC2009 | 09FEB2002]

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