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Memorial Picture "...BURKE, ADCS Donald K...My father, Donald K. Burke, passed away November 18, 2012. Dad served in the Navy for 28 years. He proudly served with VP-209, VPB-99, VPB-98, VPB-100, VPB-28, VW-4, VA-51, VA-44, VA-135, VA-15, HT-8, VP-44 and VP-8. I would love to hear from anyone that may have served with Dad..." Contributed by Donald Burke, Jr. donnieburke2@gmail.com [02JUN2017]

BUSKIRK, Carl "Buzz" Von Jr. [Deceased] c/o His Daughter Nancy Berg naner@silverlink.net or his Son Richard Von Buskirk RNelsonn@cs.com "...My father, Carl Nelson Von Buskirk, Jr., served in the USN during WWII with VP-83 and VH-4. My brother has his log book and we decided to do a little research. Dad never really spoke about his time in the Navy...My father, like most men of his generation, spoke little of his personal involvement in that tumultuous time. My three brothers, my sister and I have all, at one time or another, asked my father about those years that so shaped his the lives of his generation. Other than talking about some of the sights he had seen or places he had been, like Brazil and Hawaii, he had very little to say. He made it clear that it was a time of duty and once done, it was time to move on. I know, having my father live me for the last few years of his life, that he served with pride, with honor, and was moved by the various memories that the conflict branded on his heart and soul. He would never speak of battles fought or talk about the fear and horrors common to those men of that era. I don't know of personal loss or tragedy or other elements of the self sacrifice necessary in those days. It was personal to him; those were memories that belonged to him and his generation. My father passed away in 1994. Several years later I found some personal things of his, including a brown, cloth covered "Aviators Flight Log Book" with several notations inside and, scrawled in his hand on the front, the letters, in descending order, "VP-83, VPB-83, VB-107, VPB-107, VPB-2(?), VPB-98, VPB-100, and VH-4." I gather these are various squadrons that he belonged to. Over the years some of these letters have faded, as this book is approaching 60 years old. There are several entries in the book, beginning in March of 1942 and ending February 1946. Brevity best describes the remarks column, but the entries give the flavor of locations, duties, and even lengths of patrols, ranging from .2 hours on Jan 18, 1945 ( "Crashed in ocean off Okinawa, Picked up by Flag Plane) to rump numbing flights lasting 16.5 hours ( May 15-16, 1946, PBM-5 lt. Cmdr Sterling, Kaneohe to San Francisco). It is facinating reading. My father saw quite a bit of the world at war and it's aftermath, including flying over Hiroshima, (Nov 4, 1945 PBM-5) and Nagasaki (Nov 23, 1945 same plane)..." [BIO Updated 23JAN2001 | 21JAN2001]

CORY, ARM2 Bob jobob52@earthlink.net "...I served in the USNR from June 1944 to June 1946 as part of the V-6 program (CAC). Boot camp at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, Radio school at NATTC Millington (Memphis), TN, then to NAS Corpus Christi, Texas. Became Aviation Radioman (ARM) on a PBM-3. LT Kracker was our PPC from March 1945 to July 1945. Ended operational training and shipped to NAS North Island, San Diego, California as part of crew of 180-C in August and September 1945, but Squadron VPB-98 was disestablished after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Was shipped back to Chicago, IL, where I was assigned to Shore Patrol duty until discharged as an ARM 2/C in Minneapolis, MN, June of 1946. Wonder if any of the crewmen are still around: Leo Trottier, Richard Marston, Eddie Stone, Bill Mehlenbeck, Eldon Waters, Gordon Stillwell, Howie Levine, and Ogdon Hansen. Recently visited the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, AZ, where the only refurbished PBM is on display. Quite a thrill after all these years. Would like to hear from any of the crew!..." [02JUN2001]

FRIEDMAN, ARM3 Irv Telleyfoto@webtv.net "...I was an ARM/3c that started training in PBM3s in 1944 at NAS Banana River, Florida. Went on to VPB-98 San Diego, VPB-100 MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, and VPB-25 in the Philippines. We flew in BUNO: 59213. We were attached to the followingtenders: San Carlos, USS Currituck (AV-7), USS San Pablo (AVP-30), USS Half Moon (AVP-26), and USS Pocomoke
. This was a very interesting site to find. It brought back many memories..." [20MAR2001]

FURR, AMM3 Franklin E. fef228@comporium.net "...I served with VPB-4, VP-98, VP-99 and VP-100. I was FE on a PBM at Tokyo Bay (1944-1946) operating off the USS Pine Island (AV-12) and USS Norton Sound (AV-11). Crashed our PBM J11 on takeoff from the river in Shanghai..." [16NOV2013]

Memorial Picture Shipmate PixCirca 1945 "...HAMMONTREE, ADR1 Jack Retired, My father passed away on May 18th, 1992. Dad enlisted in the Navy (07JAN1942), Class B School (12FEB1942-02AUG1942), Nav School (12FEB1942-15AUG1942), Gunnary Schools (17AUG1942-04JAN1943), Fleet Service School (05JAN1943-23JAN1943), TRANSition TRAINing SquadRON ATLANTic (23JAN1943-03NOV1943), VP-215 (08NOV1943-04OCT1944), VP-98 (05OCT1944-28DEC1944), FAW-14 (01JAN1945-21JAN1945), CASU(F)3 (22JAN1945-21NOV1945), Naval Air Base (SEAPLANE) NAVY NO. 1170 (21NOV1945-24JUN1946), CASU(F)11/FASRON-122 (24JUN1946-01NOV1946), VS-37 (16NOV1956-00NOV1959) and retired (15AUG1961). Some of Dad's awards included the WWII Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, WWII Victory Medal, WWII Occupation Medal, WWII American Campaign Medal, Navy Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Medal and Armed Forces Expeditionary Service Medal...." Contributed by Jerry Hammontree jerryh@fastmail.com [19DEC2021]

Memorial Picture "...HAUCK, ADR1 John William Jr...My Grandfather, John William Hauck, Jr., a Combat Air Crewman passed away. According to his records he not only served with the United States Air Force but also with the United States Navy (both Active and Reserve). His records indicate he served with VPB-18, VPB-98, VU-6, VPB-2 Operational Training Unit (OTU)-3 and FAW-2. He also served aboard numerous Naval Air Stations including NAS Banana River, Florida, NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, NAS Jacksonville, Florida, NAS Lake City, Florida (Aircrew Training), NAS Norfolk, Virginia . He received numerous awards while serving with VPB-18 as a Plane Captain including the Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon, Air Medal (April 3-17, 1945), Gold Star in lieu of the Second Air Medal (April 21-27, 1945), Gold Star in lieu of the Third Air Medal (May 2-20, 1945), Distinguised Flying Cross (April 5 through July 4, 1945), Asiatic Pacific Ribbon (April 1 through July 31, 1945), Good Conduct and American Theatre Okinawa. I would like to hear from any of his former Shipmates..." Contributed by William O'Daniel Jr. williamodaniel@insightbb.com [10OCT2008]

IBERGER, Jacob c/o His Son Greg Iberger giberger@mindspring.com "...My father (Jacob Iberger) flew on a PBM during WWII with VPB-98, VPB-100, and VPB-28. He was in the asiatic pacific theater. His position was as an Aviation Radioman out of or near Guam. I would be interested if any of his old Shipmates..." [26NOV2000]

KNAPP, Lawrence Jr. c/o His Daughter Winonah Sacks wsacks61@hotmail.com "...I would really appreciate any information I can get that will help me "flesh out" my Father's time in the Navy during WWII. My Dad, Lawrence Knapp Jr., was a pilot of PBMs in the Pacific in 1944 and 1945. His log book has stamps in it that say VPB-2 OTU#3 NAS Banana River, Florida. Signed by B Q. (?)Moynahan. Later in the log book there are stamps saying VPB-98. These are signed by R. W. Leeman, Commander,USN. Also, I have a voucher for per diem dated September 4, 1945 that named VPB-20. I can't understand all the changes in numbers but I would love to hear from anyone who had anything to do with any of these squadrons or who has ever heard of my father. Thank you..." [07APR2003]

KNEF, Andrew W. jatoamk@comcast.net "...I served with VPB-214 on November 8, 1943 at NAS Norfolk, Virginia. My pilot was Lt. E. G. Loftus. We flew the PBM aircraft. I was a Seaman 1/c then AMM as a tailgunner. My last flight was on September 15, 1944 with Pilot LTjg Gilmore. We flew anti-sub patrol for convoys while stationed at Norway. I was transfered to VPB-99 in October 12, 1944 and finally transferred to VPB-98. This was followed by a 19.8 hour trans-pac flight from San Diego to MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. On August 28, 1945, we landed in SagamiBay, Japan. While there we flew over airfields to check aircraft to see if they were flyable. They never allowed to fly over the Emporias Palace. We went back to the States from there...Flew with VP-208 from 2/45 till 9/45. I served under Commander Anton J. Sintic in Air Crew Sugar. Crew Skipper, Q. F. Baker our crew picture, on page 28 in Peter Bogey Mike book. Would love to hear from any of the old crew members. Standing by. God Bless this site Andy (the BB kid)..." [E-Mail Updated 02NOV2003 | E-Mail Updated 27JUL99 | BIO Updated 24JUN99 | 23JUN99]

Memorial Picture "...NICHOLSON, John Howell...Shipmate Pix...My Dad, John Howell Nicholson, is deceased. He took Basic at NAS Great Lakes, Illinois, Communications Training at NAS Seattle, Washington, reaching MCBH Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii in February, 1942. He joined Patrol Wing 1/FAW-1 and flew missions with them from NOB Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides Islands and NAB Henderson/Carney Field, Guadalcanal. Afterward, he went to HedRon FAW-8 at NAS Alameda, California, and later flew with VPB-98, VPB-99 and VPB-100. He was in combat with VPB-18 from March to August, 1945, and received the Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross. He retired from active duty in December, 1960...Jon Nicholson nicholson_jon@yahoo.com..." [29MAY2009]

SMITH, Richard T. (Dick) dicsmith@netsync.net "...Trained in PBM's at NAS Banana River, Florida 1945 was Aviation Radioman 3C. Was in VPB-98. War was over, ended up in NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, flying in TBF Avengers. TorpRon 53. After war joined reserve and flew in PBY's from NAS Floyd Bennett Field, New York. VP ML 63 Appreciate contact any of my old Shipmates..." [26JAN2002]

Memorial Picture "...STAVANA, Joseph...Shipmate Pix My Father, Joseph Stavana flew out of NAS North Island, San Diego, California during 1944 and 1945. Dad served with VPB-4, VPB-98 (Tb & FFA) and Hedron 14-1 FAW-14. Prior to west coast operations, he was trained for radioman, radar, combat aircrew and gunnery schools at NAS Memphis, Tennessee, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and NAS Jacksonville, Florida. My Father died of cancer a while back, but I'd be interested in anyone familiar with his squadron, activity, or who may even have known him. Thanks..." Contributed by Jack Stavana jmstavana@aol.com [BIO Updated 09JUN2010 | 05NOV2000]

WAACK, Richard E. c/o his son Matthew Waack, CAPT MC USN (FS) Matthew.waack@brooks.af.mil "...My father, Richard E. Waack, who was one of the original 300 Navy Aerial Navigators, flew with VPB-98 and VPB-143. He was at NAS Banana River, Florida from Sept 45 to Nov 45 and joined VPB-143 in in Dec 1945. Here is his Navy assignment history...August 1943, to June 1944 V-5 Training (Cadet ) - Student...June 1944 to August 1944 NTC, Great Lakes A/s Reclassification...August 1944 to December 1944 NATTC, Norman, OK Seaman 1/c, Student...Jan 1945 to June 1945 Ft. Lauderdale S1/c Temporary, AOM...June 1945 to Sept 1945 NAS NANS, Clinton, OK - Commissioned as an Aerial Navigator, August 25, 1945...Sept 45 to Nov 45 NAS Banana River, Florida Air Bombing Training Unit (Student)...Nov 45 to Dec 45 to FAW-2 (West Coast) San Diego - VPB-98 Dec 45 to March 46 -VPB-143 (Flew out of MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii-Canton Island, Palmyra Island, etc.). Went into the ready reserve 1954. 1954 to 1957 VP-762, Lincoln Nebraska. 1957 to summer 1965 VR 723 NAS Glenview, Illinois 1965 to retirement (officially 1971) last flew in 1969. NAS Dallas, Texas. Squadrons in Dallas: VR 701 VR 701 VR21D2 While at Lincoln and Glenview, mostly flew in P2V4s, and some in R5D-3s, also SNB-5s. Later years at NAS Glenview, Illinois flew in C54Qs. In 1965 (summer of) started flying in C118s and that is all that they flew out of Dallas. They flew all over the world..." [07JAN2000]

Memorial Picture "...WAITE, LT Gene R...My dad, LT Gene R. Waite, passed away July 21, 1997 at Capital Region Medical Center-Southwest, MO. Dad served with VPB-2 OTU at NAS Pensacola, Florida, VPB-98 at NAS North Island, San Diego, California, and NAS Olathe, Kansas (1942-1943). Any information about former Shipmates would be appreciated..." Contributed by Mike Waite mike.waite@ngaus.org [E-Mail/BIO Updated 22MAY2014 | 28JAN2009]

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