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REUNION: "...VP-7 "Black Falcons" / VPB-119 / VP-HL-9 "Dragon Patrol Squadron" Reunion will be held in conjunction with the 2015 Maritime Patrol Association Symposium in Jacksonville, FL April 2015. Tentative dates for the Reunion are April 15 check-in, April 19 check-out, Reunion/MPA events on the 16th and 17th, Reunion events on the 18th. To my Shipmates - if you don't go, you won't be there. Cardfilers welcome..." Contributed by WOODRUFF, William H. (Woody) whw00dy@att.net [27MAY2014]

REUNION: "...VP-7 "Black Falcons" / VPB-119 / VP-HL-9 "Dragon Patrol Squadron" (1944-1969) Reunion will be held in Pensacola, FL May 5th through 9th, 2013. Our reunion be held in the Ashton Inn and Suites, 910 North Navy Blvd. Phone 850-455-4561 for room reservations on http://www.ashtoninnsuites.com/. Additional Reunion information can be found on our WebSite at: http://beachbumtrolley.com/vp7.htm. Just drop Chief Dick Heintze heintzer@pohick.org or Woody Woodruff whw00dy@att.net an e-mail for additional information..." Contributed by WOODRUFF, William H. (Woody) whw00dy@att.net [02MAR2013]

REUNION: "...VPB-119, VP-119, VP-HL-9, VP-ML-7, and VP-7: 2004 is the year to honor the 25-year history of our Squadron, 1944 - 1969, on the 60th Anniversary of its establishment..." Contributed by WOODRUFF, William H. (Woody) whw00dy@att.net [05MAR2003]

UPDATE "...Reunion Update!..." [02JUN2004]

Our 60th Anniversary Reunion, scheduled for 14-17 OCT 04. The venue is the Bay Beach Inn in Gulf Breeze FL, reservations number 1-866-932-2214 (You need to mention that you are with the VP-7/VPB-119 party). The latest version of the information form for the Reunion is attached. You should be able to fill it out by illuminating the text boxes and tabbing through them.

Microsoft Word DocumentVP7_VPB119_Reunion_Form_V5.doc 30 KB

The form has three purposes:
1. To communicate your personal information for the updated Roster.
2. To express the likelihood that you will attend the Reunion (this is new).
3. To join the VPB-119/VP-7 Association, if you wish.

If you have submitted the previous form, you don't have to do it again. You can return the form to me as an email attachment, or by regular mail to Pete Travis (name and address on the form)

Please note that you don't have to join the Association to return the form. We want to get your Roster information updated, and determine how many will be attending Reunion, regardless of whether you want to join the Association (Association membership helps to defray Reunion-associated expenses, such as mailings, and up-front expenses such as ordering mementos).

I am looking to seeing you all in Pensacola, October 14-17. The venue is the Bay Beach Inn in Gulf Breeze, and the banquet will be held at the Naval Aviation Museum on Mainside NAS Pensacola, Saturday evening 10/16.

UPDATE "...Reunion Update!..." [25DEC2003]

This is the SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT of the VPB-119/VP-7 Reunion. PLEASE

NOTE: Reunion And Attendance Form PDF Format 16KB

Our Reunion in October 2004 will celebrate the 60th anniversary of our Squadron's commissioning, and its 25 hears of distinguished service. We hope to have good attendance from all eras of VPB-119/VP-HL-9/VP-7 history.

Reunion dates are 14-17 October, 2004. The venue is the Bay Beach Inn on Pensacola Beach. Our agreement with the Bay Beach Inn gives us quite reasonable rates: $59 for a standard double, $79 for a poolside double, and $99 for a suite as well as gathering rooms, etc. We expect the banquet price to be approximately $30 per person.

The Reunion Banquet will be the evening of October 16, at the Museum of Naval Aviation, NAS Pensacola. The banquet will be catered by the Mustin Beach Officers' Club.

Recreational activities in the area include golf, tennis, the Naval Aviation Museum, the USS Alabama (in Mobile bay), beach activities, fishing - - - and legendary watering holes. More details will be coming in later mailings.

We are taking this opportunity to start The VPB-119/VP-7 Association. THE ATTACHED FORM HAS THREE PURPOSES - TO GIVE US YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION, TO TELL US WHETHER YOU EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO ATTEND THE REUNION, AND TO JOIN THE VPB-119/VP-7 ASSOCIATION IF YOU WISH. Those who join the Association will be sent the items listed on the form. The form (which is a MS Word document) should be printed and sent to Pete Travis by regular mail, or returned to me as an email attachment.

For more information, please contact Reunion Honcho Frank Houle, fhoul933@bellsouth.net.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in Pensacola in October!

Dimviewably yours,

WOODRUFF, William H. (Woody) whw00dy@att.net

Our 60th Anniversary Reunion is set for Pensacola the weekend of October 15-17, 2004. Chief Frank Houle fhoule@bellsouth.net is the Honcho, and Banquet Night will be at the Naval Aviation Museum, Saturday October 16, 2004. Additional details are being arranged.

Our Squadron has a distinguished and heroic history that most of us only know in bits and pieces. At the Reunion, we will try to make the whole story known to all. Anybody with historical information, photos, cruise books, or other items, or rosters, addresses, email contacts, etc., should contact whw00dy@att.net. For the purpose of spreading the word and staying in touch, we will be organizing a VPB-119 / VP-HL-9 / VP-7 Association that *all* of you will want to join.

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