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MishapsMISHAPs: 23 APR 48 A/C: P2V-2 P Neptune Location: NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island Strike: Yes BUNO: 39325 Cause: Operational navigation mission. 40-31N 70-34W Analysis: Pilot returning from round trip navigation flight, Quonset Point to Bermuda and returning, at an altitude of 12,000-ft. At approximately 1825R about 110mi. from Quonset Pt., starboard engine manifold pressure dropped from 30" to 25". This drop was followed immediately by engine oil pressure dropping gradually to zero. Fuel flow meter also dropped 200lbs, about a minute later port engine went through the same apparent sequence of events except for initial drop manifold pressure. Gradual loss of power noted on both engines. Extreme vibration occurred in both engines. Pilot shut down engines and feathered both propellers and had crew standby for ditching. Pilot glided towards a tanker from 11,000-ft at 120kts at 1000-ft minimum down. Landing was made into the wind at indicated air speed of 55kts, utilizing no flaps, but using full nose up elevator varicum. Only one impact was felt and nose dug in momentarily. Pilots went out through the overheard escape hatches and rest of crew went through astro-hatch. Hatches had been jettisoned on the way down. Crew was rescued by SS Washington. Crew OK: Pilot Lt Harvey H. Rouzer USNR VP(ML) 7, Ens Phillipe J. Fagan (co-pilot) USN, Ens Sherman P. Dudley (naviagtor), ADC Thomas T. Thurston (plane capt) USN, and ALC William Delligatti (radioman) USN. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [17FEB2002]

UPDATE Naval Aviation News July 1943 "...Ditching A Neptune - Page 20 - Naval Aviation News - July 1948..." WebSite: http://www.history.navy.mil/nan/backissues/1940s/1948/jul48.pdf [11JUL2004]

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UPDATE "...The Neptunes Squadron Book - August 1950..." [15MAY2002]

"A Hairy Experience..."

VP History ThumbnailCamera "...Standing, left to right: LCDR Dahl Pilot of VP-7 search plane; ENS Dudley Navigator of ditched P2V; LT Rouzer Pilot of ditched P2V; LCDR Morrison Pilot of VX-4 PB1W search plane. Kneeling, left to right: Delli Gatti Radioman of ditched P2V; Thurston Plane Captain of ditched P2V..."

At 1220,23 April 1948, a VP-7 P2V, BuNo 39325 tool off from Quonset Point on a routine Navigation training flighl The crew, Lieutenant Rouzer, Ensign Fagan, Ensign Dudley, plan captam Thurston, and radioman Delli-Gatti, will long remembe this day.

The flight ran along smoothly until on the return leg, on hundred miles south-southeast of Quonset Point, trouble wa encountered. While cruising at 12,000 feet the starboard mani fold pressure dropped off, the oil pressure of the same engin gradually dropped to zero, and the fuel flow-meter droPJ?ed tw, hundred pounds. Approximately one minute later the port engin ran through the same sequence of events. Soon after, extrem vibration was encountered in both engines, so they were botl secured, and the propellors feathered.

The crew was ordered to ditching stations, the plane' position was sent out, and emergency procedures followed. Th glide was made directly into the wind, and toward a previousl siqhted tanker.

"Heroic Actions..."

VP History ThumbnailCamera "...In highest navy tradition - among the joint rescue team who risked their lives to save the pilot and co-pilot of a burning P2 Neptune, three outstanding seamen were cited by CDR R. J. Slagle with a letter of Commendation for their heroic actions. Suffering from second and third degree burns is Charles L. Brill, who attempted to enter the nose of the blazing wreckage. At his bedside is Jay E. Alverson (right) and James J. Heimann (extreme right). The three men are in the squadron's line crew team..."

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