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BooksBOOKs: Title: "The Road to 311 No. York St" by HOOVER, ATCS Don Retired scpohoover@gmail.com - This book has been written to describe a person's life that began in a small, out of the mainstream, rural community where parental emphasis was on the work ethic rather than on education. Education was considered for the more affluent or gifted children. An effort has been made to express how a person with this start in life views the successes that he has been fortunate to enjoy, and the failures and hardships that he has endured in his attempt to share a part of the "Great American Dream." It is also an attempt to rationalize his decision for making a career of the Navy and raising a family under, at times very stringent conditions. It makes many statements describing his Patriotic feelings toward his country that had been ingrained in his makeup from the first grade in school, where "Under God" was a very important phrase. It may reflect a bit of sarcasm, disgust and mistrust toward the new breed of politicians that are willing to sell our country for economic gains, to buy friends or to become a part of the world community at the expense of our middle class citizens. Squadrons mentioned include: VR-2, VR-21, VW-11, VW-13, VW-13, VW-15, and VS-24. [04AUG2003]

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