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ANDERSON, AT1 Eric (JAFO) andercon05@earthlink.net "...I served in VP-50 from 1983-1986 as an IFT on CAC 6 and CAC 8. Since leaving VP-50, I've served in AIMD, USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), left active duty in 1987. I've been a reservist in VP-62 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida for about six years, spent two years in Florida Army National Guard, and returned bact to the Naval Reserve. I was assigned to TSC-0574 NS Roosevelt Roads, PR; did another four years with VR-58 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, and have finally come back again to VP-62. I'd like to get in touch with some of my old Shipmates from NAS Moffett Field, California and NAS Jacksonville, Florida. They can reach me at the e-mail address provided. Thanks..." [24FEB2001]

BACON, David W. thislldo@wctel.net "...I served with VP-91, (1977 - 1979), VP-30 (1977), VS-22, VS-72, VS-73, VR-48, VR-58, NAS New Orleans, Louisiana (COMRESTACSUPWING) and XO Naval Air Reserve NAS Jacksonville, Florida..." [E-Mail Updated 14SEP2010 | E-Mail Updated 28OCT2001 | 31JUL98]

BIRCH, ADR3 (AC) Gene C. gummer@prodigy.net "...I joined the navy in 1960. After boot camp at Great Lakes (Company 435) I got orders to VS-36 NAS Norfolk, Virginia and the USS Randolph. I then went to VRC-40. In 1965 I was ordered to VX-1 NAS Key West. I was assigned FCPC on the last P2V7 if any one recalls the (fiberglass props). I was FCPC till it went to the bone yard. I refused to change rate to ADJ so Capt Lanny got me orders to VS-37 USS Hornet West packing in Vietnam. I took an early out in April 1970. I went USNR-TAR in 1972. I went to C118 Flight Simmulator at NAS Glenview, Illinois. I was ordered to VR-52 NAS Memphis, Tennessee and attended AMH A school in 1976. I was ordered to VR-54 NAS Atlanta, Ga in 1978. I was ordered to VR-53 NAF Detroit, Michigan. I was assinged Flight Engineer for Unitas XX. I sent the last C118 to the bone yard. I went TAD to VR-58 NAS Jacksonville, Florida. I could see no challange to flying the C-9 so I retired in 1982..." [07JAN2001]

CHALUT, AVCM Michael Retired chalut@bellsouth.net "...I served with with VP-28 (Hawaiian Warriors) in 1965. We deployed to NS Sangley Point, Philippines as a Radioman on Crew 6, NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii with AEWBarRonPac in 1963, VR-21 from 1966 to 1970, and VA-203 / HS-85 / VAQ-209 / VF-202 / VR Wing CM/C / VR-58 from 1970 to 1994..." [E-Mail Updated 18JUL2003 | E-Mail Updated 26MAY99 | 25OCT98]

EIDE, AZ1 Steven J. Retired stveide@gmail.com "...I served with VP-11 from January 1970 to 1974 (Deployments: NS Rota, Spain, NAS Bermuda, NS Roosevelt Roads, PR, NAS Cubi Point, Philippines with detatchments to NAS Sigonella, Sicily, NS Roosevelt Roads, PR and NAF Naples, Italy), NAS Atsugi, Japan from 1974 to 1978, HS-74 at NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts from 1979 to 1984, VR-58 from 1984-1989, VP-92 from 1989-1991 and NAR NAS Jacksonville, Florida from 1991 to 1993..." [01JUN2009]

Memorial Picture "...JOHNSTON, AMCS Brian "Pig Farmer"...Brian "Pig Farmer" Johnston was an Airframer extraordinaire and the FE Deluxe. They've only made a couple of those. He flew for VP-64 (twice), VP-67, VP-91, VP-62, RESPATWING, HC-85, and VR-58. He was the most laid-back FE I have ever known, and one of the best friends you could ever want. He died in June, 2005 of natural causes; albeit at a very young age. Brian would lay some FE knowledge on you, and no matter how far behind the power curve you (I) might have been, he would never make you (me) feel stupid. He posessed no ego whatsoever, and once he put on khaki, he never forgot where he came from. True to that credo, he always tried to pull others up to where he was. In every respect, he was a true Chief and Blue Card FE. More importantly, he was a friend. Pig Farmer is sorely missed by all of those who had the opportunity to know him..." WebSite: CenterSeat (CENTERSEAT FORUM - Main Category - IN MEMORY) http://www.centerseat.net/ [07AUG2008]

KISOR, AE2 Dave skyhawkmaintainer@gmail.com "...I served with VR-58 (01/1978-08/1979). We had no airplanes until April and when we went to get the tail work stand for the C-9B at NAS Norfolk, Virginia, they resented us so much for taking their best people to form the squadron that they didn'tlift a finger to help. Hopefully that resentment has gone away. That Sunday when our bird came for us, the forklift ran out of gas, so we had to find fuel the only place there was. From a C-131 with 3 stars on the tail. We go the job done, but the forklift siezed up on the way back to the hangar..." [02APR2016]

LOMBARDI, Emil "Al" ealombardi58@gmail.com "...I was an Airframes troubleshooter in VT-6 at NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida from 1976 to 79. Worked on the T-28's at the time. T-34's were being transistioned when I transfered out. Great outfit and fun bunch of guys in the squadron. I also played in a rock band on base at the EM Club each month as a side gig. Later on 2 years with VR-58 in Airframes and Aircrew on the C-9 B's. Great outfit and nice NS Rota, Spain deployments!..." [16FEB2017]

MOLINARI, James R. jmolinrnl@aol.com "...I served with AOCS Class 13-90 from May 9, 1990 to August 24, 1990, VT-27 NAS Corpus Christi, Texas from August 90 to August 1991, VT-31 NAS Corpus Christi, Texas from September 1991 to April 1992, Wings of Gold February 14, 1992, VP-30 NAS Jacksonville, Florida from May 1992 to September 1992, VP-24 NAS Jacksonville, Florida from October 1992 to March 1995, VP-40 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from March 1995 to October 1996, DLI Washington from October 1996 to May 1997; Dutch PEP tour with VSQ-320 and VSQ-321 from June 1997 to December 1999, VR-58 NAS Jacksonville, Florida from July 2000 to May 2002, American Eagle Airlines from March 2000 to November 2000, Delta Airlines from March 2001 to November 2001; and furloughed November 1, 2001. Returned to active duty (Air Force this time) from May 2002 to present (452nd Flight Test Squadron, Edwards AFB, CA.)..." [BIO Updated 17MAY2004 | 15SEP2000]

NEEDHAM, AMH-1 Mike Retired (Submitted by his Son Michael Needham) amh-1@juno.com "...My dad, Mike Needham Sr. (AMH-1 ret.) served with VP-93 from 80-83, VR-58 in NAS Jacksonville, Florida from 83-87 and at AIMD at NAS Glenview, Illinois from 87-90. He was also in a VR squadron at NAS Alameda, California from 76-80, but I was too young at the time to remember which one. If anyone remembers my Dad or would like to get in touch with him, he can be emailed at amh-1@juno.com. I'm sure he'd love to hear from some old Shipmates, as he has had a hard time finding any. Thanks..." [19MAR2001]

PATTERSON, AD1 Rayford "Pat" Retired jeejinyobo@hotmail.com "...I entered the Navy and was assigned to VA-203 from 1974 to 1976. I made E-3 in 1977 and transfer'd to VR-58 where I was the lowest ranked guy there. Plenty of aircraft washes for me! I served with a bunch of great guys there. I helped design the current "Sunseeker Patch" and painted a mural in the old hangar stairwell. Later (1979) I got transfer'd to VR-59 in Dallas which wasn't ready so I TAD'ed to VR-54 C-118's for 3 years. Finally the C-9's came (3 brand new birds) and went to VR-59. I did design its current Texas "Star" patch. Left there in 1984 or so and went to NAF Detroit, Michigan to start up VR-62. Got 50 Bucks for helpng design that patch. Left VR-62 to go to VR-60 in NAS Memphis, Tennessee. The left NAS Memphis, Tennessee and returned to NAF Detroit, Michigan AIMD and closed that base. I gues you could say I was a pofessional C-9 Squadron Starter with 3 under my belt. All the people I worked with in the Navy were a great buch of Guy's and Gal's. After I etired I went to work for Connie Kallita at AIA for many years. Currently I am in Riyadh Saudi Arabia working with Pratt and Whitney. Aviation has been my life. Please any of my old shipmates feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you...." [31MAY2004]

PIPKIN, AZC Bill pipkinb@ameritel.net "...I was a member of VAW-13 from December 1965 until mid 1968. I began as a parachute rigger and Plane Captain changed to AZ then transferred to NAS Memphis, Tennessee for duration. Made one trip to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines in 1966. I reinlisted in 1973, did a tour in VS-73 ( NAF Detroit, Michigan), VP-93 ( NAF Detroit, Michigan), VR-58 ( NAS Jacksonville, Florida), VP-68 NAS Patuxent River, Maryland / NAF Washington, D.C.) and retired in 1989 as AZC. Is anyone still out there from VAW-13 or NAF Detroit, Michigan that may remember me? If so, contact me for old sea stories..." [21MAR2003]

RUARK, John D. john.ruark@navy.mil "...I served with VT-6 at NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida from 1976 to 1980. I completed my 20 years of service in 1997 with VR-58 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. I still work for the US Navy (F18's) at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. It has been quite a journey my friends..." [03MAR2011]

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