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MILLER, TD2 Pamela pamanne3@gmail.com "...I served with VR-911 and the Training Command at NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts from 1959 to 1963. I ran flight sims and the film library in the big blimp hanger. I was there when the Naval Air Development Unit (NADU) unit wrecked one on the 450ft experimental blimps while trying to get it into the hanger. I took pictures of that accident and later went to the Admirals review board on it. I am the person whose idea it was to build the two ASW flight sims from junk aircraft and I did the conceptual design and most of the electronic installation on them. Everyone thought I had gone nuts when I suggested the idea which came to me on a crew sim mission to NAS Brunswick, Maine when I spotted a P2V hulk in the dump there. We used to fly up there to use their P2V crew sims..." [12MAY2009]

ST. LAWRENCE, CDR Robert (Bob) Fletcher (Deceased) c/o His Son Rob St. Lawrence robstlawrence@cox.net "...I am currently trying to research my father's Naval career: Robert (Bob) Fletcher St. Lawrence. I have written the National Personnel Record Center-Military Section, but as yet have not received a reply. I stumbled across this web-site while researching the PV-1 Ventura. I have a squadron patch from VPB-150, a B/W photograph of the insignia, a couple pictures of a PV-1 or PV-2 bearing the number Y474, and also a few pictures of whom I would assume were his commanding officers. He would have served as either a pilot or flight engineer. He was on active duty from January 1943 until November 1946. He was recalled to active duty in 1951 through 1956, based in NAS Patuxent River, Maryland with VR-1. He was again mobilized in April 1962 in NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts where I believe he was the CO of VR-914. His rank at that time was CDR. My father passed away in early 1963 from a heart attack at age 42. Any information you can provide regarding him, more details regarding VPB-150, pictures, etc. would be very interesting and helpful to me. I have enjoyed viewing your sight and looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!..." [18FEB2002]

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