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Note NOTICE: "...I am a Navy vet (P-3's AT2 VPU-1 / VX-20) that is volunteering my time working as an historian with an aircraft restoration group called Boneyard Safari. We are restoring a C-47A/R4D-5L/LC-47H #12441 (SEE: An in-depth look at US Navy R4D12441. I am researching her history and seeking out anyone who may have served with her or flew on this aircraft...." Contributed by john.srader@boneyardsafari.com [30AUG2015]

Squadrons and duty stations assigned as follows:

We are also seeking out information such as squadron markings calls signs and any graphics or images of patches that where affiliated with her service.

Also we are seeking out squadron duty rosters to try and contact as many old shipmates that served with her.

John Srader

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